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Just need to talk to my friends(6)
Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 6:24 AM
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I'll take some of your snow!! Ha,  of course I've always loved snow, BUT only at holiday time!!mother nature doesn't listen to me.  My dau inn. Mich is up to her waist in snow,talk about cabin fever!!
Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 9:44 AM
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Good morning,


I just came in from outside and it's COLD!   The wind isn't blowing too much but it really stings when it hits you.  The cats were really ready for their warm food and water.   Two cows were still in the barn - one in the barn and one just leaving (the one who has a hard time getting around).  I got her back in the barn and gave both of them some barn mix (has molasses in it).   All the others are on the south side of the house with the hay, liquid feed and water and they're out of the wind.    Today is feeding day but not sure if I'll feed or not.


I haven't gotten the scheduled delivery from Walmart yet this week - delayed because of the bad weather.  I didn't even go to the mailbox yesterday.  


I hope everyone is doing well this morning and those of us who are in the snow and/or have snow on the ground, please be careful and don't even go outside if you don't have to.   I've walked in the snow so much that my right knee is bothering me - not so much in the daytime but really quite a lot during the night so sometimes it's hard to sleep with the pulled muscle in my side and my knee - I need to lay on my side for my muscle and on my back for the knee (kind of hard to do both at the same time).


Ray and Barclee are still asleep and I'll let them stay in until they wake up.   Luther is laying beside me.  I was able to get his pill down easily this morning and he ate some.  He's not eating enough and is getting thin.  I'll check in later today to see if things are going all right with everyone.

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 11:20 AM
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    Hello y'all! Snowy day here - fine, grainy stuff, but only 4" so far. (Still comin' down though.) I was thinking of Babs this AM as I watched all the Closing announcements on the NH news, & had to chuckle. As usual, the whole state's closed except for us in the northernmost county. One of the weathermen made a crack along the lines of how up in Coos, everybody's got a 4 wheel drive & is used to the snow anyway! So Babs, I'm jealous of your snow days! (In all fairness, y'all are supposed to get quite a bit more snow than us today!)


   Bonnie, will be thinking good thoughts for your "grand-poodle"!


    Keeping it short for now. Tax season is in full swing & we're busier than a one-armed paper hanger here at the office. Hope all have as good a day as possible! Hugs, Twink

Linda Dee
Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 12:32 PM
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Twink,  I thought  the saying about being busier than a one arm paper hanger was a Midwest saying. Guess it rubbed off when you lived closer?lol

Lorita, I was worried about Luther hurting(killing)kittens, if they were not his. Abigail must be close to time if she is making a bed?  I love baby animals.

It will be below zero tonight, not accounting for wind chill. I will feed my two outside cats again around 9pm. I think they stay warmer with full stomachs. Then they can get into their shelter, and hopefully stay as snug as a bug in a rug.

Sun is shining so that is helpful for today.

I have received seeds I ordered, but I am afraid to start them right now!  Think I will wait until dark of the moon, in March.  Anyone started seeds??

 Linda T, wondering how things are with you, all your lo's & sil.

Bridget,   waiting to learn how your surgery went. Ck in when you are able!

Linda Dee

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 2:01 PM
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Thought I would try to paint a picture for your mind...

We have a big black dog, he's probably 70-75 lbs. We have a small house; living room, dining room and kitchen on one floor, about 25 x 35. Open concept...anyway I didn't get Buddy walked's just too cold (25*), even though it's beautiful outside, sun shining etc...So he keeps grabbing his ball and shoving it in my hand or on my lap and I throw it down the stairs into the family room. He chases it then he runs up the stairs around the coffee table, into the kitchen, into the dining room, around the dining room table where I'm sitting, back into the living room around the table again and back into the dining room and charges out the doggy door where he laps the yard and full steam charges back through the doggy door....just makes me laugh and laugh....he's normally a very klutzy dog but he does this without running into anything or knocking anything over...

We have a little rat terrier too (MIL's dog), she runs for cover under the chair I'm sitting in when Buddy does his runs...she used to run like this when she was younger, using the upstairs too, but she's 11 lbs. MIL would throw her blanket over her head and pull her feet was so funny to watch and we would all end up laughing!!!

Reading about Genealogy reminds me of the filing drawers that are filled with all the work my dad did before his stroke. He tracked down lots of information and even found cousins back on the east coast that he and my mom went to visit....they would plan their vacations around Genealogy research. He said he even had his DNA tested; I'd like to that sometime. I don't know what I'll do with it after he's gone...

Twink, what kind of Siamese is Sophie? There's a beautiful cat that comes and visits my dad every night...I went on the internet and it looks like he might be a Ragdoll Siamese...gorgeous cat with a real personality. Not a lap cat though. He has beautiful long fur that someone does a good job brushing. He just walks in like he owns the place. Dad really likes him but is glad he just visits. I'm glad Dad doesn't want a would be one more thing for me to take care

Lorita, when you say a brown cat, do you mean solid brown, or tabby brown? I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen a brown cat that wasn't siamese...

My dad agreed to get his eyes checked so I made an appointment for him for this Friday. I explained to the assistant my dad's quirks about being on time and not having to wait, so we made the appointment for the very first one after lunch...keep you fingers crossed. He must be worried about his eyes to even consider getting them checked. He asked my to buy Occuvite vitamins for him the other day...he'd seen a commercial on TV for them.

Auntie did her first PT yesterday...I was hoping she would go 2x's a week but the therapist wants to see her in 2 weeks...I have to think more about this...

oh wow, where did the morning go...gotta get back down to the folks...hang in there everyone, keep warm and safe.

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 2:27 PM
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Good afternoon,


Sun's shining, at least for a little while but it's still so cold.  I really dread going out to feed.  I'd wait until tomorrow but it's going to be coid then, too.


Linda Dee - I don't think Luther would bother the little kittens.  He was trying to be her boyfriend a while ago - maybe she's not going to have kittens?   But, she feels and looks like it.   All the other cats got upset when this happened.  I have her bed fixed but don't know when she's going to be ready.


We used to always start our tomato and pepper seeds.  We'd wait until about six weeks before time to put them in the garden and then plant.  At that time we had an east-facing screened-in porch so that's where we'd put them.   It's a lot of work but at least you can get the variety you want.  We've received several seed catalogs and I'm making a list of things I want to order - yucca, pussy willow and they have a Thailand giant elephant ear I think I'll order.  It's leaves go up to 5 x 4 feet.   I've been watching QVC this morning (big surprise) and they had Cottage Gardens on.  They have gorgeous plants and it's so tempting.


nessa- it sounds like your dog is really getting his exercise and having fun at the same time.   Ours run around in the yard and sometimes I let both of them out when I go to the mailbox or to feed.  Bella has a place she gets out anyway but Susie can't squeeze through.  I want to walk them some when the weather is warmer.


The cat is really a brown cat.  I'd never seen one either - not Siamese but has long  hair.   My sister has one that we took to her years ago that's also brown.  She's a sister to Suki who is dark gray.  I don't know where the brown came from.


Twink - you  mean even though you all have a lot of snow and everywhere else is closed up, you're not?   Everything around here has been closed.  Tulsa did have school yesterday but I don't know about the country schools.   How's the weather where you live in the summer?  Just wondering if it gets hot up there.


I made the soup and it's really good.  We had a little sample bowl.  I found a box of barley in the pantry and put some of it in.  Sometimes I put rice in but thought I'd try the barley.   Later today I'll make a pan of cornbread and maybe some corn muffins to freeze.


I've always said "as busy as a cranberry merchant".  Don't really know what busy they are but it's just a saying around here.  The one-armed paper hanger would be busy, wouldn't he?


I'm glad the Winter Olympics begin tomorrow.  It'll be something different to watch.  I've always enjoyed the winter Olympics more than the summer.   Is it two weeks that they last?

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 4:21 PM
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    Lorita, up here in the Great Northwoods, we rarely close anything for snow. It would have to be a quick accumulation of well over a foot for us to even consider a delayed opening! (I remember as a kid in school it seemed like everyone except us got snow days!)

    The flip side of the coin is that most folks up here don't take "extreme" heat well at all. A 100* day is very uncomfortable to most, & what's considered humid up here would make you laugh. I do fine w/ heat as I lived in the South for so many years, but anything over 85* has DH sweating & miserable!

    Nessa, still trying to figure out just what kind of Siamese Sophie is! She has the white feet of a Snowshoe, but just a tiny dot of white under her chin. Otherwise, she's marked like a Sealpoint, but has a big, round head & sturdy body of an Apple. Must be a mix, like me. I got into the geneaology for awhile, but only got a few branches of the family tree traced, as I have Irish, English & Scot on Mom's side, & French & Native American on Dad's.

    Linda Dee, I picked up lots of colorful expressions along the way. Most from AR I think. We do have our own little lingo up here though -Franglais - a mix of English & local French Dialect. A local girl actually wrote a book called "The Berlin Dictionary" so we could all laugh at ourselves! Hugs, Twink

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 8:00 PM
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Snow, snow and more snow coming....  I got the snow blower out and cleaned our driveway and sidewalks.  Measured the snow and it was 9 inches.  I don't like being snowed in. Might need to take Jim somewhere.   Don't want call 911 unless I have to.

He keeps saying his glasses are not right.    I got him a eye appt.   This dr. works with AD patients and is well thought of.   The dr. said  AD patients eye sight is like looking through goggles.  He is going downhill.  He has no energy.   We both had the flu last week.   Not Fun!!!     I think he still is weak from that.

We have 3 dogs....Maggie is Jim's favorite.   She is a schnazer, 10 years old.  I have Riley and Regan.   They are shih tzu. Riley is 4 and Regan is 2.  They need haircuts but it is too cold.  I am just going to trim their heads.  At least I can see their eyes.

Watching Purdue basketball game.   Purdue sure stinks this year.  I think I will get me a snack.


Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 9:47 PM
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Good evening,


Twink - I don't think I could handle cold, cold weather and snow all winter long.   We've had a terrible winter and I don't like it at all.   I do like the seasons though.   In Oklahoma we have such extremes - cold and snowy like this in the winter and over 100 in the summer, droughts, and, of course tornados.  You never know what to expect.


I had a terrible time feeding the cattle this afternoon.  I couldn't get the driver's side door of the PU open so had to get in the other side.  Then I decided I'd feed out of the CW.  Extra lifting and walking but it worked.  Guess I was outside about an hour.  FedEx brought the things from WM and I bet he thought I was a weird looking person.  I'd put on one of the masks that cover your whole face except the eyes and mouth but - whatever keeps you warmer.  


We've let Bella and Susie in for the night - even too cold to stay in their building.  They're both asleep on throwrugs now.  I hadn't lit the stove in the bedroom yet this winter but I did a while ago.  I'll warm up the room and then turn it off - we don't like to sleep in a very warm room - or in a freezing room either.


More snow coming tomorrow - but only 1-2" - hope we don't even get that.  They say it'll be another week before it begins to warm up.  Really make a person thankful they have a good, warm home.  Stay warm, everyone.

Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 1:31 AM
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This started out a nice day, I started with finishing the laundry, took a few more ornaments off the tree( yes, it's still up), I left lunch till about 2.  Started checking my geneaolgy and about half an hour later, my hip started with a big pain, started walking around to feel better, tried sitting down, then laid down, nothing worked.  Needed the bathroom, thought oh maybe gas, that didn't work.  Then I took a pain pill and my gabapentin.  About 20 or 30 mins. Up came lunch, then the bathroom again sitting, standing, and pain pill since I up chucked the first one, after another 15 mins.  Up it came, called someone from church to take us to ER.  LO wanted to drive me, or take the car to bring me home.  3 1/2 hours in the ER to learn I have a kidney stone.  Took pain pill when I got home.  It worked.  Also crocheted on a baby blanket, it, almost done.

Phoebe( dau. Poodle). They gave her the fluids, she was feeling better after, for now.  She had been an 8 lb., now is 6.1 lb.  dau. Is very worried.

Sophie sounds pretty, with personality to match.


Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 3:31 AM
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Oh, so painful!  I hope it passes soon.

I had to get out in the cold, today, to get Jose's Namenda.  They were out of it when I got the other prescriptions filled. The roads are clear, but ground still covered with ice on top of snow.


I was outside and Jose came out with just a long sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts over his thermal underwear. He said he was cold and I told him he didn't have a coat and he was in his underwear.

He looked down and said, "it's not too cold."

The sun was shining, but it was misirible cold.

My son got two spiral cut hams at Christmas from his workplace. We had one for Christmas, and I cut the fat off of the second one, today, so he could use it for lunch meat. We had the scrapier slices for supper and still have the bone with a big hock.

I'm thinking about trying to make gumbo for the first time, ever. I hope it turns out good. Any of y'all make it?


Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 8:45 AM
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Good morning,


Oh, Bonnie, I'm so sorry about the kidney stone.  I worked in Urology for years and I've seen great big, strong men cry with the pain from the stones so I know they're awful.  Hopefully, it will pass soon.      Hope Phoebe recovers soon. 


   I think Luther is better.  He took his Baytril this morning without a problem and ate some breakfast.    We kept Abigail in the bedroom with us last night so  Luther wouldn't bother her during the night.  She's still in there with Ray.   I let Bella and Susie in last night - it was so very cold.  They were really well behaved after the excitement of being in wore off.  They were so quiet just now I thought they were asleep - and there were - on the divan.   They don't want to go outside.   It's snowing againi - just now looked at the radar on the laptop and it looks like it may snow for a while.    Our veterinarian just now called to see if we needed any help and he said we had about an inch already and the roads were pretty slick - even the country roads.  It thawed a little bit yesterday but I don't know how.  There was actually some ground showing (looked good) but now that's all covered over.


I haven't been to the mailbox for two days - might go this afternoon.  I thought about driving the CW down late yesterday when I fed cubes but it was so cold and I'd been out so long decided not to.   I'm not expecting anything anyway so guess it doesn't matter.   I have our bills ready to mail, have had since Monday, but they're not due until at least the 12th so guess I won't worry about them.   I still haven't been out to feed the cats, hoping it would quit snowing but guess it won't for a while.


I'll have to run water and cut ice in the water tanks for the cows.  We have two bulls in one pasture without a water tank so thought I might have to cut ice on the pond for them.  I asked our vet and he said big bulls could break the ice around the edges so guess I won't - he did say the ice isn't very thick today. 


Kairn - I've never made gumbo but this would probably be a good day for it.  How much snow do you all have and is it snowing now.  If now, probably will be before long - especially if you're in northern Arkansas.   I'm ready for spring (I think I've said that several times already).


Everyone, stay in and try to keep warm.  I know some people aren't warm because of the high cost and shortage of propane.  Luckily, we prepaid for ours this year and just filled up not too long ago.   We only use propane for heating and I've only had on one stove until yesterday.  This morning I lit the one in the bedroom so it wouldn't be so cold.

Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 8:51 AM
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Last Saturday I went to a workshop "Positive Caregiving, Navigation the Course of Dementia."  It was given by Teepa Snow.  It was really good!  One of my friends had been to one of her workshops a couple of years ago and raved about her.  I know why.  She was very good. she is really funny and  she did lots of interactive things....demonstrating behaviors, had us with partners try different techniques, did roleplaying with different people in the audience.   It was definitely not sit in your chair and watch a PowerPoint.  At the end, she did show slides of the brain and explained why certain behaviors occur.  It's worth the cost of the workshop ($35.00  for 8:00 until  2:30).  Looking at Ms. Snow's website, it looks like she will be in the Atlanta area next if anyone is interested.
Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 12:31 PM
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Good morning,


catlady, I'm so glad you enjoyed your lecture by Teepa Snow.  I know you were really looking forward to it.   Sounds like it was good.  She probably gave some good tips.


My morning has been hectic with everything I had to do outside and then coming in to find I had to clean up Ray and change his clothes and clean the bathroom.  Also made a call about tow service (current one is running out and I'm considering changing).  All I wanted to know is where the assistance would come from.   I was bounced around a few times and never did get the answer.  Seems like it's a closely guarded secret - can't understand that at all.  Anyway, I'll stay with the current one.


I get aggravated because every call you make you have to wait and wait for someone to get to you after the call is answered.  I know it's just a small thing but small things add up to bigger ones when they pile up.  


Sorry - just needed to vent a little bit.  This is the third time I've typed this and finally got it shortened.   Maybe I'll relax a bit this afternoon and watch a good movie.  The snow has stopped but it's only 14 degrees with a very low windchill.   It was 6 or 7 when I went out this morning with a WC of 0 or below.

Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 4:05 PM
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    Hey y'all! Babs, how much snow did you get? We got almost a foot - so much for 5" prediction! Snow blower wouldn't start so I've been a shovelling fool - out to chicken coops, around house to woodshed,...gotta love winter in New England!

    DH is leaving in the AM for his annual out of town ice fishing trip, so should be a quiet wknd for us. Hope all have a great night!  Hugs, Twink

Babs Willis
Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 8:54 PM
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Down here in the flatlands we got 11 inches. Thank goodness the storm for Sunday is breaking apart - I can't face any more snow this month.  

Bonnie, hope that kidney stone passes soon. I understand that the world is not a fair place, but a kidney stone?! That is beyond unfair and into cruel and unusual punishment!

Ness a, we used to have a rag doll cat. She was so loving and expressive. Our vet fell in love with her and she with him. 

Doug slept for nearly 36 hours straight! Is the common? Is it the beginning of the next stage?

Off to my warm bed. Goodnight all, sweet dreams if you can


Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 10:03 PM
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Good evening,


Babs, I think we've all had about all of the snow we can handle this winter - I know I have.  I can't imagine 11 inches - the most we've had is about 7 and that was bad - most of it is still on and we had another 2" this morning but it did melt a little bit, how I don't know because it didn't get out of the teens.  We have long icicles on the south side of the house from the now melting off our metal roof and refreezing as it ran down.


But, each one of these cold days brings us that much closer to spring.    It won't be too awfully long before we're complaining of the hot weather and wishing it could cool off.  The weather tonight said it might be close to 60 on Valentine's Day - wouldn't that be nice?


Guess it's time for us to be off to bed, too.  Hope everyone rests well.

Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014 11:12 PM
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Watch out for this ice.  A good friend of mine, who reads but does not post, was on her way to see her dh.  She was in the nh parking lot and slipped on the ice.  Laid there about 10 minutes before some one saw her and came to help and called 911.  (The high today was 11). Broke her arm, can't drive.  I told her good time to get rested, she needs the rest badly.  So, be careful everyone.


Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 12:03 AM
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To Bonnie's friend,  

I'm so sorry about your  injury. Praying for speedy healing.

We have about 3 inches of snow with an ice crust. Yes, we will be complaining about the heat before too long, but the little boy in this video pretty much speaks for us all. 

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 9:41 AM
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I was going to put this on the "try a laugh for a change" thread but thought all of my New England neighbors could relate and the rest of you would get a good laugh.

                       THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH


August 15- Moved to New England. It's so beautiful here. The ocean waves are so majestic. I can hardly wait to see it snow covered. I am going to love it  here.


October 14- New England is definitely the most beautiful place on earth. The leaves have turned all the colors and shades of red and orange. Went for a ride through the park and saw some deer. They are so graceful. Certainly they are the most wonderful animals on earth. This must be paradise!


November 10- Deer season will start soon. Why would anyone want to shoot such a gorgeous animal. Hope it will snow soon. I love it here. Those red and orange leaves have covered my yard. Looks like a magnificent multi-colored carpet. HOW BEAUTIFUL! Raking and cleaning up the yard will be an opportunity for invigorating exercise in the cool crisp air.


November 15- AHHH more leaves, more exercise.


November 18-OH NO, still more leaves. Guess it's best to wait until they've all fallen before I rake again.


November 25- Finally, all of the trees lost their leaves and with today's final raking it's over for the season. My chiropractor suggested I might want to use a lawn maintenance service next year. Got four blisters on my hands. Should probably remember to wear gloves.


November 30- Where the H_ LL did all of those leaves come from? Had a little wind last night and the lawn is covered again. Oh well, they'll just have to wait til spring.


December 12-It snowed last night FINALLY. Woke up to find everything blanketed in white. It looks like a picture postcard. We went outside and cleaned off the steps and shoveled the driveway. Had a snowball fight. The snowplow came by, we had to shovel the end of the driveway again. What a beautiful place, I LOVE NEW ENGLAND!


December 14- More snow last night. I love it. The snow plow did his trick at the end of the driveway again. I love it here.


December 19- More snow again last night. Can't get out of the driveway. Can't get to work. I'm exhausted from shoveling. Beginning to hate that snowplow.


December 22- More of that damn white stuff fell again last night. As if dealing with the leaves weren't bad enough, now I've got blisters all over my hands from shoveling, must remember to wear gloves. Seems like the snowplow hides around the corner and waits until I'm finished shoveling the driveway.


December 25- Merry Christmas...... more DAM snow! If I ever get my hands on that man who drives the snow plow........GRRRRRRR!  Don't know why they don't use straight salt on the roads to melt all the damn ice.


December 27- More damn white stuff last night. Have been inside for three straight days except for shoveling out the driveway after the plow goes through every time. Damn gloves got wet and then froze to my hands. Doctor said it was just a mild case of frostbite and that the disfiguration is only temporary. Can't go anywhere, car is stuck in a mountain of snow. The weather man says to expect another 10 inches tonight. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SHOVELS FULL OF SNOW 10 INCHES IS?


December 28- The damn weatherman was wrong. We got 24 inches of the damn white stuff ! At this rate it won't melt 'til summer.The plow got stuck at the end of the street and the bum came to the door and asked to borrow a shovel. I told him to get lost. I'd already broken two of them, shoveling all that damn snow he pushed into the driveway.


January 4- Finally got out of the house today. Went to the store to get food and on the way back a deer ran out in front of the car. I went into a skid on the damn ice (we need more salt on the damn roads), and went off the road, hit a tree and did about $3000 in damage. I'm thinking the deer are less beautiful and more a dam menace.


May 3- Took the car to the garage in town. The thing is rusting out from all the damn salt they put all over the roads.


May 10- Moved to Punta Gorda Florida. Why would anyone in their right mind ever want to live in New England ?






Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 10:44 AM
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    Too funny, but sadly true! I can remember one year that XH (from AR) & I had come up for the holidays & a Noreaster came in. We woke up to 31" of snow, & I'll never forget the look of astonishment/horror on his face as he hollered "Oh my gawwwd! Y'all are plum crazy to live here!"

    Today, I might agree. Our town's claim to fame this AM was being the coldest spot on the eastern seaboard at a lovely -17*. Surrounding areas were -3*, 0, but not us - we have to go all out don't ya know! DH left for his icefishing wknd this AM, & even he was sputterin' about how much damn fun it was going to be standing out on a windy lake waiting for a stupid flag to pop up, probably get plenty of frostbite but no fish, & so on. Since I do have a bit of a sarcastic mean-streak, I told him to have a lovely time, try to keep all of his fingers & toes, & I'd pick up some haddock at the store for Sun. supper! (What can I say? Winter is begining to make me testy!)

   Hoping y'all have as great a day as possible! Hugs, Twink

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 12:21 PM
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Good afternoon,


Milly - that is so funny and I'm so glad you posted it.   I'm beginning to feel like that here in Oklahoma.   I love snow - as long as it's big flakes - all we've had this year was pellet-like - and stays on overnight and then melts.  Not so this year - we still have almost all of the snow from last week plus what fell yesterday.   But---spring is not far away--- at least we can hope.


Finally got the pickup door open.  I tried using a hair dryer - to no avail - so finally took a kettle of hot water out and poured it over the top of the door and lo and behold it opened!  Dried it off as good as I could so it wouldn't refreeze.   It's not nearly as bad today, at least the wind isn't blowing and there's not much windchill but it's still cold - almost 20 degree right now but it's cloudy.   I have to wear sunglasses when the snow's on and the sun shines.  I've had laser surgery on both eyes for narrow angles and that lets more light in than normal.  I can really see how a person could get snow blindness.


Girls and cats are all right.  The girls have even drifted away from the hay to try to graze.   Have to feed them this afternoon when it's the warmest.


I just called our neighbor to see how they're faring in this weather.  Her husband is at the dentist.  She told me that yesterday when he was feeding he went to cut ice on the pond and one little calf had fallen through and died and another was out on the ice.  He walked out on the ice to get it and, thankfully, didn't fall through.  She got after him and he told her he knew the water was only waist deep so he could have gotten out.   Reminds me of a few years ago I looked out the window and there was a little calf (probably 300 lbs.) in the water.  He'd gone out to drink and fell through.  I got my coat on and hurried down in the jeep and got in the water and got him out.  We got him in the jeep and to the house but he didn't make it.   I imagine lots of people have lots cattle this winter.  She said they had lost quite a few, cows and calves.  Thankfully, we don't have little calves this winter and I'm so glad. 


More snow south of us today with a dusting here today.  Have I said this before?  "I'm ready for spring".  


Twink, I'm sure ice fishing must be fun but I'm afraid I'm not cut out for that.  I hope your husband has a good time.  Have you ever gone?  I do remember one year we had a really cold winter and Ray was cutting ice with an axe.  The water was lot and he cut into a fish - that's about the extent of our ice fishing, if you could call it that.


Talked with my sister this morning.  Says she's getting low on groceries and cat food.   She'll get out this weekend and stock up, I hope.  I've told her and preached to her to buy extra things, especially in the winter but she's a city girl and thinks the grocery store is only a mile away but in the winter in the ice one mile might as well be twenty.  We've always bought extra things to have on hand.  We could probably live out of the freezer and pantry a month but I wouldn't want to.  Need to order more bird feed and catfood and dogfood.


Bridget - I found a website where I can order Taste of the Wild grain feed dog food that's cheaper than our local store.  It's, based in NJ but they have a warehouse in either Kansas or Colorado so can deliver within two days, 20% off the first order.  I think I'll give it a try.


Better go and get Ray some hot tea.  Take care, everyone.

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 1:08 PM
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Your story reminds me of the time my dad wanted to pick up and move to New Hampshire after he met some long lost family members. They had a "camp" on a river and sugared trees as a side business and invited Dad to join Dad basically told my mom they were moving "right now". 

Now my mom was a pretty smart lady. And she really liked New Hampshire, in the Spring, Summer and Fall...but she knew what Winter would be she told dad to go and spend a winter with the cousins and if he still wanted to live there she would pack up the house and be ready when he got back....he never even tried She always thought Seattle was the best place on earth...and she was born in England. 

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 1:22 PM
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Milly:  Colorado is beginning to sound like NJ.  We have had so much snow on the Western side of the state.  Snowed last night, still snowing, and supposed to have it all weekend.  Predicting around a foot down low and several feet in the higher mountains.  I am sick of it too.  Loved your story.


Lorita:  I was just thinking of all the little calves my dad had on the ranch where I grew up.  I loved that life as a child but would never want to do it as an adult.  So much hard work.  Winters were always hard on the little ones.  We seemed to have little critters in the house allot.  Mom would let them warm up on the front porch, and even let the baby pigs run around the kitchen.  I think she cleaned and mopped two or three times a day.  That was the good life, for sure.  Your story just reminded me of those times. Thanks.   Joan

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 2:50 PM
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    nessa, Your Mom WAS a smart lady! I like the way she handled the NH idea!

    Lorita, You & Ray cut a hole in the ice & got a fish, so that'll qualify as ice fishing! I used to do all that outdoor stuff before Mom moved in. Guess I'm just taking a "hiatus" from it now, although I do have a CG for a few hours on Sunday so I can take Norton to the bobhouse. Poor dog was heartbroken that he couldn't go w/ DH this AM! (He knows what the auger & traps are for, so he wasn't buying DH telling him he was going to work!) Anyway, I decided I'll just take Norton to the local pond where our bobhouse is & get him a few fish there.

    So sad to hear of the calf through the ice! We usually have a few deer & moose go through each year, w/ some successful rescues. Ice here now is at least a couple feet thick, so no worries about that anytime soon.

    Hoping all have as great a wknd as possible! We'll be enjoying the Winter Olympic coverage! (16 competitors w/ NH ties!)  Hugs, Twink

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 3:21 PM
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Lorita, I read somewhere that if you spray Pam cooking spray on the rubber gaskets in your door and then rub off the excess, you doors will not freeze!
Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 4:12 PM
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Made me think of all you gals up north and in Oklahoma.

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 8:36 PM
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 Good evening,


catlady - I'll spray the rubber gaskets first thing in the morning.  I also found the latch on the gate to the bull's pasture was frozen closed so had to pour hot water over it to get it open.  I'll spray it in the morning, too.


I let the bulls out in the parking area to eat tonight and ran a tub of water so they could drink (don't know if they did).  Decided I'd do that in case they couldn't break the ice on the pond.  Most of what they did was push on each other and play.


Twink - I can't imagine ice two feet thick.  The thickest I've ever seen it here is probably six inches - but not this year.  So - we've been ice fishing - I know the kind you all do is much more fun.  Hope your husband catches some fish and that Norton gets one, too. 


Linda - the cartoon really fits - I think everyone feels like that this year.


We watched all of the Olympics opening ceremonies except when they all marched in.  Maybe it's just the mood I'm in but I didn't care for it - didn't really get much out of it.  Some of them are so pretty.  We will watch the games though - we always enjoy them.


Today wasn't too awfully bad because the wind wasn't blowing but while I was out feeding it started to blow and really felt cold by the time I got back to the house.


Has anyone seen a post from Shirley lately?  Hope everything's okay with her.   Rest well, everyone - supposed to be above freezing here in Oklahoma tomorrow.




Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 10:48 PM
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I watched the whole thing, I am ready for the games to begin.

I am so sick of this cold weather, and my cold.  Plus waiting to pass that stone, did pass a tiny piece.

Enjoyed the laughs, we need a few laughs.

Lorita, my mother used to use the hot water treatment.  The spray sounds like it would work and be much easier.  Thank goodness next week looks better, 40 sounds like a heat wave.

Goodnight Bonnie

Jo C.
Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014 11:56 PM
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Oh man . . . . I am sending virtual hot toddies and cocoa to everyone back in snow country.  I am feeling guilty.  We are having weather in the mid 60's and everyone is complaining of being cold.    Finally had a bit of rain, it sure felt good even if the damp killed my knees.  Snow falling in the High Sierras for several days, so I hope it continues.  If it doesn't, California is going to have a miserable summer with water rationing.  We're back to the 70's next week, sure wish it would keep raining.


Bonnie - I am SO, SO, sorry that you have a kidney stone.  My poor son gets them from time to time and they are beyond miserable.  So hope it passes soon.


Mill; that New England "letter" was hilarious, thanks for the laugh.


Oh Lorita, all that work in the freezing weather; I am sorry.  I am glad to hear that the critters are doing okay, no small thing in constant weather like that.  Boiling water on the truck door to get it to open, sometimes a gal's got to do what a gal's got to do; glad it worked alright.  Smart move to wipe the water off the door before it froze up solid.


I had to grin at the Christmas tree decorations still coming down.   I have a basket of non-tree Christmas decorations in the back bedroom along with some Christmas throw pillows in a bag that still need to be put in their boxes and put up.  At least I got them upstairs and kind of "hidden."  Sure wish I could wiggle my nose and all decorations and the tree would go up and then the same thing in reverse.  I am always threatening to put up the tree and stuff in October and take it down in February.  I remember when putting it all up used to be fun!  I think that was before my knees decided to rebel forever.


Heavens, Belmont Shore, a town near the ocean and not far from me, is going to have a chocolate festival this weekend; I am planning to stay away, I would end up having rapture of the deep and they'd never find me again.  Can you imagine?   A chocolate festival!  Guess that beats the garlic festival in Gilroy!  I've been through Gilroy in central Ca where they grow all the garlic, and you can smell garlic before you ever get to town; good thing I like garlic.  They even have garlic ice cream in the ice cream parlor.  No thanks.


It's 10:00 pm, time for me to log off and get ready for bed.  To anyone still up and reading . . . .


Sweet dreams,



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Good Saturday morning,


I spoke too soon last night.  I thought that was all of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.  We turned over to Minute to Win it. I switched back and they were still going on after all the athletes marched in.   We watched some of it and it looked pretty.  We were really impressed with the lighting of the torch.  I always enjoy that part.  I'm sorry we won't be able to watch the different sports live but we'll watch anyway.  I like the winter games better than the summer.


Oh, Jo, how I envy you the 60 degree weather.  Our normal high for this time of year is about 52 so we've been far below that for a long time.  Went out again this morning and the ice on the water tanks wasn't too thick - for sure not like Twink's two feet.  Boys are back in their pasture eating hay.  Strange to me - we have some two or three year old hay and the new hay from this past year and they're eating the old hay - maybe it gets better with aging or maybe it's because they don't have to break the bales.  Cats are all right - the brown one hasn't had her babies yet.  I hope she waits until it's warmer.  Abigail is still going, too.


We had a light dusting of snow last night and the weather just now says there's a little freezing drizzle around.  Supposed to be above freezing this afternoon but 10-15 degrees below average.   Just said more snow for Monday and Tuesday with some accumulations.  The pickup door opened this morning but I forgot to take out the spray - will do that next time I "suit" up and go outside.


I ordered liquid feed for the cows yesterday with a couple of mineral tubs.  I don't know if they'll bring it today or not - they close at noon.  May wait until Monday.  I'm really getting into this ordering online.  Ordered some more things yesterday - canned cat food, etc.  Today I'll order some dog food from   Forgot to put out bird feed when I was outside.


Ray and Mr. Barclee are still asleep so I'll let them sleep until they wake.  I'm watching TV, visiting with my friends and having my hot tea - usual Saturday morning.


Hope everyone is okay.  Bonnie, I hope that stone passes soon so you'll be finished with the pain.  I know it must be awful.

Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 9:37 AM
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   Greetings from frozen Western PA.  My driveway is still a skating rink from the snow plus freezing rain on Wednesday.


Bonnie - I had my first and I hope only kidney stone 50 years ago when on a first date with a very nice guy - who ended up taking me to the ER and staying all night!  Never saw him again!


Today I am pretty solidly black and blue.  Jim fell twice - 5 pm he missed the chair in the kitchen; 11 pm he fell in his bedroom coming out of the attached bathroom.  I had to call 911 b0th times to pick him up.  At 5 I had three policemen and two paramedics come, and at 11 the same 2 paramedics.  These are the first falls since July, and he's not hurt.  But after everyone left, I went downstairs.  About 6 steps from the bottom, I slipped on tracked-in snow and flew.  Bruised my pelvis, ribcage, left ankle and upper left arm - it hit the chairlift track.  Sat and cried, then hobbled to the powder room where I tossed my supper.  Jim is fine today, but I'm stiff and sore.


On the happier side, my just one-year old grandson walked alone here yesterday.  He's been cruising forever so we knew it was coming soon.  I wouldn't have told my daughter except he took off while I was on the phone with her.  He really surprised himself!


If Jim keeps falling, I may have to consider other options for his care.  So far he hasn't broken anything else or hit his head, but I can't get him up.  This just keeps getting harder and harder.


So - enough for now.  Stay warm.  Carolyn



Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 1:27 PM
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Good afternoon, Carolyn,


My gosh, what a 24 hours you've had.  I hope you didn't break anything.  I'm thankful that Jim didn't but the falling, I know, has you worried.  Maybe he'll get over this phase since he hasn't fallen since last summer.  A person wouldn't think of slipping on snow inside the house, would they?

 I know sometimes when I come in with snow on my boots my feet kind of slip on the floor.  Maybe taking a very warm shower with the water running over you would help the soreness.  I'm always afraid to rub a bruise so that probably wouldn't be an option - Theragesic, I'm talking about.  I couldn't make it without Theregesic and BenGay.


I turned on QVC this morning - as you probably know they're in eastern PA, Philadelphia, I think.  They said they had had an ice storm and there were hundreds of thousands without power.   Did you have an ice storm there, too?   We still have most of the snow on and last night had a light dusting.  Nothing much can melt because it's been so cold.   However, the cows have gone out to graze instead of standing, eating hay, so there must be some areas without snow.    It was funny yesterday, no sun and cold as could be but some of the snow had melted off the tops of the big bales of hay.  The barn cats were lined up on top of it to get out of the snow so it must have been a little bit warmer.  Supposed to be 39 today.


I, along with everyone else, I'm sure, am so tired of cold weather and snow I could scream.   I feel like we're down in a big, white hole with no way out - and we have a good chance of more of it Monday and Tuesday.  Will spring ever come?  Looks like the Farmer's Almanac was right on the button.  Hopefully, this summer won't be too hot.


Ray has an appointment with his psychiatrist Thursday but I think I'll call and reschedule it and maybe talk with the doctor.  I see no reason to go in and expose both of us to the flu when all we do is sit and talk a few minutes.  We can do that on the phone.  We'll make the next appointment though because I think it's good that he at least sees Ray and talks with him a bit.   We will,  however, have to go in by midweek to get more feed for the cows and some more dry cat food.  My sister was going to go to the store today but she said it was foggy.  I told her about me going to work one time when there was freezing fog so she'll wait until tomorrow. 


Think I'll look for a recipe for molten chocolate cake and make one this afternoon - sounds good to me.

Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 5:17 PM
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Good afternoon, again,

Just got back in from doing my outside things.  I found a bottle of water I'd left in the car the last time we drove it and it was almost frozen solid.

This afternoon I think what Ray doesn't know really struck home.  I missed him and found him in the utility room holding an onion and looking at it.  I asked him if he knew what it was and he said he didn't.   It makes me wonder if he knows what almost anything is.  I can tell him to put on his shoes and he doesn't seem to understand and now I  think he doesn't know what they are.  If they realize what they don't know, and it looks like they would, how terribly awful that must be - to  not know what something is that you've always known from the time you were a little kid.  It must be like they're a little kid just learning about things but they don't learn or at least probably don't remember.

Have any of you found this to be true?   Makes me feel bad that I get upset with him when he doesn't remember or know.

Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 7:08 PM
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Lorita, I know exactly what you mean.  It's terrible to see the look on their face when they don't understand, I find this the saddest of all.  Today, my husband forgot his cane, and I asked him where his cane was.  He gave me the look, obviously didn't know what I was talking about, so I went and got it.  When I brought it in, he just said thanks, no recognition, just nothing.  I too wonder if sadness and regret are inside or if it's just kind of mush.   I hope Bob doesn't know what's happening to him, he would hate what he's become.  I don't think he's aware, I certainly hope he's not.
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