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Just need to talk to my friends(6)
Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 9:01 PM
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Yes Lorita.  Harv doesn't know what his shoes, coat, and most food is anymore.  If he does get his shoes, he puts them on the wrong feet.  Always a struggle.  If I ask him to brush his teeth, he most likely will brush his hair, or try to brush his face with the toothbrush.  It really is so sad to watch.  I too, feel badly when I get upset at him for not knowing what he is doing.  I am trying to be better at that one.  Like Bob says, "We are all in the same boat."  Know that you aren't alone in this struggle.  Joan

Babs Willis
Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 10:20 PM
Joined: 1/21/2012
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Worked all day to finish my quilt I am giving to our Empty Bowls evening at school. It is to benefit our local soup kitchen. I used to go each year, but since I cannot this year I decided to make a quilt for their silent auction. Let's hope I can send this picture.
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Babs Willis
Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 10:21 PM
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Yippee! I did it!
Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 10:25 PM
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Babs, it's beautiful. Lovely colors. It would look nice on my bed!
Posted: Saturday, February 8, 2014 10:33 PM
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Thanks for asking about the kidney stone.  Funny, it hasn't bothered me.  I took a pain pill when I got home from the ER, and that is it.  I did pass a small flake, I would call it.  

Silver top, Ohhh, it hurts just to think of your fall, bless your heart.  As though you don't have any other problems.  

So far H remembers his cane, and can get his shoes on right, but needs help with his belt loops, and sometimes his socks.  He ask me if he has a cough or sneeze?  We both have colds.  I am so sick of staying indoors.  It got up to 32 today, and should be 40, warmer tomorrow.  HEAT WAVE.  Change that, they just said freezing drizzle tomorrow.  Lorita, be careful out in that stuff.

Goodnight, Bonnie

Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 9:26 AM
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Lorita, I, too, worry about my Mike not knowing what things are.  I will  ask him to sit down and he just stands there.,  If I sit down and ask him to sit down beside me, he usually does it.  He has put on two different shoes.  One time he tried to put on one of my shoes and one of his.  I know Mike's language skills are deteriorating.  He can't really speak a complete sentence that makes sense and I know he doesn't understand everything I say.  I try to use short sentences and give his brain time to sort it out.
Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 10:50 AM
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Good morning, 


Babs, the quilt is beautiful!   How long did it take you to make it?   I don't think I'd have the patience.   Many years ago while I was still working, most of us made our own clothes.  We'd work all day, stop at the fabric store on the way home, make the dress that night and wear it to work the next day.   I remember not long after Ray and I got married we were going to go to Texas to visit his brother and sisters.  I made a red, pull-on top for each of us and a white pair of pants for Ray and one for me.  I wouldn't even attempt that now.  Of course, at that time we had a wonderful fabric called double knit.  So easy to sew, didn't wrinkle, washed like a dream and lasted forever.  Why did they quit making that.   Then, sewing relaxed me.  I don't think it would now, anyway, I've forgotten how to thread my sewing machine. 


catlady, Ray often comes out with a shoe of a kind on - doesn't seem to bother him at all.  He can dress himself but sometimes needs help in getting his arms or legs in the right holes.  The other night I went in the bathroom and he was sitting on the stool, dressed, with a jacket on his lap, I thought.  He had put his legs in the armholes and pulled it up to his knees.  I have no idea how he even got his feet through the armholes.  I had a hard time getting it off.   He has trouble with beltloops, too.  It seems like these difficulties kind of come and go - one day he has problems and the next day he might not.  I dread the time when it stays the same - having problems. 


It feels a lot warmer out this morning - no wind.  Weather just now said it's 31 in Tulsa.  Even the water in the water tanks isn't frozen - but the cat's water is.  Cows are out grazing - guess they push the snow back to find the grass.  There's still lots of snow here.  News has shown pictures of McAlester and Tulsa and most of the snow is gone but probably 3/4ths of it that fell is still on here.  This has lasted so long this time.  I was out at the barn a while ago and came through a drift in front of the barn that was almost knee deep.  I know it's so much worse for all of you up north - don't know how you can stand it for months at a time.  I like for the snow to fall - big, pretty flakes, coat the ground and melt the next day.  Maybe after tomorrow when we're supposed to get 2-3" more, it will be over for the winter.  At least we can hope!  I'm so tired of putting on boots, heavy coat, trapper's hat and gloves every time I go outside and walking through the snow and ice.   It's really done a number on my knee - walking in the snow. 

I think Abigail may have her babies today.  She's following me around meowing.  Last night when I went to bed, I pulled the cover back and she was under it.  I've made a bigger bed for her in the bathroom.  I'll let you all know when she has them.   When I fed the cats this morning I didn't see Peaches (the yellow, long-haired cat).  I was later going out this morning so, hopefully, she's out hunting.

Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 3:30 PM
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Lost my post last time I tried.  What a day - it's cold, snowing, icy - and I'm remarkably black and blue from falling on the steps Friday night.  I'm amazed I didn't break my left upper arm or shoulder when it landed on the rail of the stairlift - about 10 inches higher than the steps where the rest of me went splat.


Babs - I love the quilt.  I've always wished I had started quilting when my hands were good.  I have a quilt made by my great grandmother.  She was 22 when she died of childbed fever in 1878.  The quilt is perfect - never washed, never used.  You can see faint markings she followed to quilt it.  I tried to get Antiques Roadshow tickets 2 years ago to take it, but no luck.  I really cherish it.


I had a semi coherent conversation with Jim when I got him up today.  He asked if he was too old to drive, and I told him yes.  He asked if that was the law, and I agreed it was.  He said that made sense and was I too old to drive?  I told him, "Not yet."  He said , "Good thing for us.  What happens when you are?"  He seemed reassured when I reminded him we qualify for Senior Transportation.  He's always been so furious about losing his license in 2010, blaming me, so I was really shocked.  He hasn't fallen again since Friday (Neither have I).


So we continue pretty housebound by the snow and cold.  I put on boots and bundle up just to get mail or take out trash, and I've started carrying my cell phone.  Stay warm.  Carolyn

Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 4:00 PM
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Babs:  Your quilt is beautiful.  I hope it brings a lot of money.  Joan
Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 6:03 PM
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The quilt is wonderful. I made a crib quilt once...big blocks of color and machine stitch in the ditch. Whew, that was enough. really must post a picture of you in your trapper hat.

Friends in sick bay....sending chicken soup

Friends in the still frozen north...sending some chili, hot off the stove, and homemade corn bread (Jiffy with a package of Splenda)

Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 8:08 PM
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Babs, love the quilt.  I am a quilter too.  I like the pattern as well as color.  Great job.

I have been trying to decide what my next pattern will be.

Had soup for supper, you made it just right, dh would only eat toast and jelly(sugar free).  That is all he has had today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, and the snow will miss us.


Linda Dee
Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 8:14 PM
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Bonnie, glad the kidney stone is not bothering you at present time. Dh & I both  have had k stones, not fun!

Carolyn, I know  the bruises must look awful, from the way you descriped them. Hope things are improving rapidly.

Babs, your quilt is beautiful! What pattern is it? I love how colorful it is. I have never made a quilt, but I plan too soon.

I have a Crazy Quilt inherited from mil. It is dated  1907.

I must tell this----I didn't get dh gooseberry pie made, so decided today I would make it. I went to the freezer to get gooseberries out, from the sack with the cherries. Got the filling going, it was almost done, thickening up nicely, put the gooseberries in. Decided I better taste the filling to make sure it was sweet enough, gooseberries can be tart. I had NOT purchased gooseberries, I had purchased English Peas!!  I was laughing so hard I about wet myself!  No, I did not continue with the pea pie.  Lesson learned; do not shop when tired and in a hurry. And read labels, even if green things are next to frozen cherries in freezer at the Amish Store, doesn't mean they are gooseberries! Oh My.....!

Lorita, did you find the molten cake recipe? I have one I can post on the recipe thread. Also, last years Westminster Dog show, which was replayed tonight, had a GP dog that looks just like Prince, and was from Willow Springs, MO.

Monday night the 2014 Westminster Dog Show will be on CNBC. Tuesday night show is on USA channel.      Blessed night to all,   Linda Dee

Babs Willis
Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 8:21 PM
Joined: 1/21/2012
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Thank you all for the comments on the quilt. I make them for friends and family as a form of therapy. I also can sit and work on them when Doug is in one of his wandering/agitated times and cannot be left alone. This is the first for a charity function and I am nervous about the price someone will pay - will I be humiliated, embarrassed or humble?

Carolyn, I hope you are feeling better. The pain from a fall doesn't usually set in for a few days, so take it as easy as you can.

Doug no longer speaks sense at all. I can barely hear him and if I can I don't understand anything he says. He no longer knows who I am unless I tell him. Much more sleeping lately.  We have a neuro appointment tomorrow and I hope we can get some answers as to his future and where we are in the whole process.

Some more snow falling tonight. I think spring is near though - I have started sneezing ever morning!

Good night and I wish I could make each of you a lap quilt to wrap you in the friendship I feel here.


Posted: Sunday, February 9, 2014 10:03 PM
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Lorita, has Abbie had her babies yet? I've been having dreaming about finding a way to get to Oklahoma to get a brown kitten...good dreams...some old friends have popped up in them. 


We had snow here last night in the PNW, they called it Winter Storm 2014, must be a slow news night, lol. 3-4 inches but what kills us here are the hills and it's wet snow, not the big flakes. i watched it fall all night....lovely..... knowing that it would be mostly gone today. Little crystal flakes, looked like someone dumped a huge bag of sugar. Having the snow on the ground makes the inside of the house so much brighter...a pleasant change from our usual gray. The snow here is a good thing since we're looking at a drought and water shortages. Have you seen the pictures of California? Doesn't look good.


Found out Thursday that Dad had cataracts in both eyes. Right eye is a lot worse so that accounts for vision loss but both are at the operable stage and MediCare should cover it all. And Dad has agreed to the's a big one. This is a good thing...his eyes have been watering for at least 3 years...I've been worried...but we found out that's normal. He probably has a clogged tear duct...easy fix if he will see a ophthamologist. Maybe they'll do both procedures at once...

Auntie and I have tried out a marijuana based cream on her hips and feet...she said she's feeling a lot of relief. I don't know how much to believe because of the dementia but we'll keep using it for awhile. I know she'll let me know when it does't work anymore.

Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 8:59 AM
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Good morning,


It's in the low 20s this morning with very low wind chills.  Barclee got me up in the middle of the night to go outside - twice - and talk about cold with only your gown and robe on.  We're supposed to have more snow tonight - up to 2" but 67 by Saturday or Sunday.


Did any of you watch the show about the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America last night?   It was really good.  I can't believe it's been 50 years - I remember that day they were on Ed Sullivan very well.  I was 21` years old - doesn't seem like I was ever that age.


Carolyn - how are you feeling today?  Hope you're not too awfully sore.  Be sure to always carry your cell phone - you just never know what's going to happen.  I've started carrying mine even when I go out to feed the cats.


Nessa - yes, Abigail  had her babies yesterday.  She followed me all morning and stayed in the chair with me.  I made her a bigger bed and she watched while I did it.    I put a couple of incontinent pads in the bed so I could take them out after she had them so the bed would be clean.  Worked really well.  She had the first one and it was very little.  Had trouble with the second one so I helped (quite a bit different from pulling a calf) and then she had the third one just fine.  The tiny one didn't make it but the other two are bigger and latched on shortly after they were born.  I picked her up to change the bed and they were latched on and hung on.  They're gray like she is and she is so proud of them.  I have her in the bathroom.  Just now I was in there and one of the outside/inside cats came in and she was very vigilant until I got the cat out.  I don't think she's been out of the bed at all.  I've fed and watered her but she won't get out.   Right now those babies are her whole world. She's never really associated with the other cats too much so now she has her own little gang.


Linda Dee - I laughed about your English peas/gooseberries.  Maybe an English pea pie would have been good.  You might have started a new trend.   Years ago Ray and I had some gooseberries bushes and he loved the pies.  You know if you let them ripen to a light purple color they're very sweet.


No, I never made the molten lava cake.  Couldn't decide on a recipe.  Would you mind posting yours?  I still want to make one.   I think I'll make some 15 bean soup today.  I found the package of beans in the refrigerator so that might be good.  Still have cornbread from a couple of days ago.


I didn't see the dog show but we do usually watch.  Wish I had seen the GP (maybe).  I have the picture of Prince and Bella on the refrigerator and I almost cry every time I look at it.  I saw Lance outside a while ago.  You know he came up right after we had the 7" snow.  Walked half a mile on three legs in the snow.  He's really tough.  Bella loves to go out and play with him.


Babs - I remember when I was a little girl mother and grandma made quilts and I helped a little bit.  They had a frame that hung from the living room ceiling so the quilt was suspended in the air and you could work on it all around.  Mother made a quilt one time out of scrap pieces of material from dresses that she had made  for my sister and I.  Little Dutch Boy and Girl I think the pattern was.  I'm not sure if I still have it or not.  If I do, it's stored in a trunk in our storage building.


Lap quilts would really have come in handy in all this cold weather.  Ray and I cover our legs with those flulffie throws I ordered from QVC.


I better go and get bundled up (jfkoc -  you wouldn't want to see a picture of me in that trapper's  hat.  I wear another knit one that has a bill and covers my mouth and nose so with both of them I'm scary looking) but the important thing is that it keeps me warm.  Cats are waiting for their warm food.  I dread going out again.  Our neighbor's wife said her husband has felt the cold more this year than ever before - I think it must be the awful wind chill.


Hope everyone has a good day - it's one day closer to spring and pretty flowers!

Jo C.
Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 1:55 PM
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A Peasberry Pie; imagine that!!!!!  Makes me grin.  What a shock to see what actually was in the bag.


I love the quilt, it really is beautiful; what lovely gifts you have made and I am sure the recipients were thrilled to receive them.  I wish I knew how to quilt.  I used to watch a quilting program on TV, and I was SO intimidated.  Those gals were measuring, and computing and figuring and it felt as though I would need an advanced math degree.  It was awesome, but scared me away.


It is good to hear that the kidney stone has been without major trauma; that is like being given a special gift.  Those calculi can be evil.


Gosh, I am sorry to hear of the fall and am so glad you were not badly hurt.  It is so easy to have happen and everything seems in slow motion as one is coming to the floor.  One day I was at the mall and my arms were full of packages.  The mall floor was marble and had just been waxed; I had on new shoes with leather soles . . . I was walking swiftly, hit a very polished spot on the floor, my foot slid and I just went air borne.  While heading toward the floor, all seemed in slo-mo and I was trying to stop the motion, but I sure did slam into that floor; packages everywhere.


It hurt, and as I was sitting up from my prone position and gathering packages, people just walked right past me including quite a few men; not one person stopped to try and assist or even ask if I were alright.   Don't want to do that again.


So more new babies at Lorita's house.  You make a great midwife, Lorita.  Bet those little kittens are adorable.  They are so tiny when brand new and I always wonder how in the world they make it to grown up.


It sounds as though Ray is doing okay, I'm glad he has stabilized and is doing well. 


I used to have a molten cake recipe from my MIL from back in the 50's, but cannot find it.  Cake on top, pudding on the bottom and so easy to make.  My family used to love it, but loved it best with a little vanilla ice cream on top.


Here we are, almost half way through February already; spring is not too far behind.  Old father winter is giving a big blast exerting himself this week, hopefully that will be the last of the worst for this year.


Of course, here comes Spring and flooding which makes us pine for Summer; next comes Summer with blistering heat making us pine for Mr. Winter once again.  I love the "in-between times" when Mother Nature actually acts as though she likes us. 


The Olympics are going nicely thus far, but I don't get to see much of it.  Husband doesn't want to watch and it is so hit and miss with the different competitions, it's hard to catch everything; the broadcast is like a butterfly with hiccups  . . I've caught a bit of the skating which I enjoy, but it is on so late and so hit and miss that I finally gave up.


Well; going to mosey along.  Still wishing SadHubby would let us know that he is okay and also thinking about our friend, Lizella.





Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 2:16 PM
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      I got kind of teary reading todays posts.  Guess I'm just tired, but I was thinking how much I loved all of you.  "Liked" didn't seem like the right word.


      When I got to Jo's fall in the Mall, I just had to comment.  I've been so amazed at able-bodied men just sitting there watching me struggle to get Mother through a door in her wheelchair.  It's not that I want their help.  It's just that I can't imagine what kind of man could watch and not offer to help.

      AND --- We used to eat out with Mother every week.  When Ev was with us, someone working for the restaurant would always run and hold the door for us.  (didn't need help with him there).  But if he had gone on to the car or hadn't caught up with us so that Mother and I were alone, no one EVER helped.  Women without a man are invisible in our society.  

      My vent for the day.



Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 7:39 PM
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Good evening,


Johanna - I can't imagine people just walking by when someone has fallen and needs help.  That's one thing I've always admired about Ray - he has always bent over backwards to help anyone - holding a door for an older person, helping with wheelchairs, stopping to help someoenm with car trouble,  you name it.  Must have been partly the way he was raised.  He's also very polite, always says "yes ma'am", etc.  Now, he's saying that to me.


Ray fell once in Walmart and several people rushed to help him, also just kind of slid to the ground by the pickup wheel once and a couple of young men came across the parking lot to help. One of them even went into the store and brought out an electric cart for him.    Another time we were coming out of the bank and he missed a step-off and rolled to the ground.  A couple of women were behind us and helped him to the car.  People should consider that the same thing might happen to them sometime and they'd need help - do unto others!


The two babies are so cute and tiny, but about the right size, I guess.  Abigail got out of the bed for the first time today and came into the living room and sat on my lap for a while.  She's done that several times today but she's listening every second.  She's off to the bed at the first little sound they make.  She's really making a good mother.  The other cats are curious but they're giving her plenty of room.


I made the 15 bean soup and we had it with cornbread tonight - really filling.  But I don't think I'll make it again.  I was reheating it and left the burner on too high and it kind of stuck so the rest will go to the cats or dogs.  Nothing ever goes to waste around here.


It's been cold today and windy.  I am so tired of trudging through the snow.  The UPS man came and got stuck, or almost, in our parking area but he was able to get out.  The HBPC RN also came but she did all right.  Said she was trying to get everyone seen before the snow tonight.  We're supposed to get up to another 2" tonight but I wish it would miss us.  All of the icicles and snow and ice on the house has fallen off so even though it was still freezing today, it did melt a little bit.   I'm looking forward to the 60s this weekend.


Going to read some more posts and then we'll go into the bedroom and watch TV in there.   Rest well, everyone,



Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 8:06 PM
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So, I guess Johanna does not want one of my pies!?!  I didn'want a peaberry pie, so I rinsed the peas, in a colunder and we ate them. Actually, they were very good. I threw the filling a way. I still have pie dough waiting, but it will keep, a few days.

Lorita, I will post Molten Cake recipe very soon. I am watching the 2014 Westminster Dog Show, on CNBC. Congrats on the new babies Abigail had! I love babies and baby animals.

Bonnie, we had more snow this morning.  Said for season total we have had 28".  Enough! Lets get Spring here! I do like changing seasons, but this Winter has been SOooo long.

Well, friends, Friday is Valentines Day. BUT, did you know it is also the Full Moon??  

Tis True.

Have a good night dear Friends.

Warm thoughts for Sad Hubby, we miss you.

Linda Dee

Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, February 10, 2014 10:08 PM
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  I posted  Molten Chocolate Cake recipe on the Recipe Thread, for anyone interested. It is very rich & does need to be served with ice cream or whipped cream, in small portions.

  Lorita, yes we have a pix well gooseberry bush, I know the berries are sweet when ripe, but we and most people pick them green. I have a friend that makes Mulberry Jam, she does not remove the stems, but it is still delicious. I put gooseberries in a pillow case, put them in the clothes dryer, on cool, and it removes some of the stems.

Have you named the new kittens yet, or will you wait to check their personalities?

 Peaceful night to all.

Linda Dee

Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 12:39 AM
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We really need another full moon.  Dh caught my cold, spent yesterday and to day in bed.  Last night I talked him into eating 2 pieces of toast with strawberry jam, that was it.  He did get up and take a shower, I went in about an hour later, the shower was still going full force.  Guess I will start checking, that was his first in 3 days.  Today I got up, one bathroom had shades of brown, dark shades on the rugs.   Went to the other bathroom his shoes, jeans with shades of brown, also on that rug.  He had been out taking the trash cans out.  Trash pickup is Wed. Was in bed, dying, didn't have much longer.  Couldn't get up all day, his legs were weak and he would fall and he was dizzy when he got up.  But yet, he would get up walk to the bathroom.  He was able to get toast and jelly down for lunch.  Finally I said you have to take your pills.  Afternoon, you want me to fix your pills'?  NO, a little later he manages to go fix and take his pills, BP, and BS.  Stayed up awhile then headed for bed.  I made chicken and noodles and talked him into eating.  Then he got to talking, ended up staying up till 10.  He goes to bed at 7:30.  Said he feels much better.  One of the rugs I washed, shades of brown again.  Does this mean we are starting something new?  Hope I haven't bored you, between all that and his loud heavy breathing with uhhh.

My cold is better, and I only pasted that one fingernail tip size stone.  No pain.


Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 12:52 AM
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I had to catch up! There are so many happenings, kidney stones and kittens, falls, and malls, quilts and colds, pea pies,  and tooooo much snow! 


I'm glad the stone and the kittens came out okay, everyone who fell is upright and healing.  


The quilt is lovely. I hope it brings top dollar.


Haha at the pea pie. A friend of mine put a jar of home canned apricot purée in her pumpkin pies.  The flavor was NOT good.  Dumping and rinsing was a good idea.  


My son took Jose to Taco Bell today.  The break was wonderful.  I actually got to touch the remote control!   I watched Magnum PI.   Hard to believe when the show first came on I thought he would have been cute if he wasn't so OLD. Haha.


I missed the Beatles special. I would have loved to see that!  I didn't see their first appearance. 

We must not have got the channel Ed Sullivan came on.  For years, we only had one channel.  I did get to see the special when they played at Shea Stadium.  

 I was sooo in love with Paul.   

I didn't get to go to very many movies when I was young, but I remember watching HELP and chewing Beech Nut fruit Striped Gum.  Good memory.





Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 4:39 AM
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Just my little post on has been so hot and dry here that all our grass is just a brown crunch as you walk on it (except for the bit outside the orchid house where I put the sprinkler on and forgot it...oops).  And there are cracks 2 ins wide in the paddock....But I just smelled rain!  Yes it is sprinkling. Halleluia.    Don't think there will be enough to do any good, but it is the best perfume out.
Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 7:52 AM
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So, folks, I am joining your fallen caregivers list. My driveway had been clear thanks to my and the neighbor's snow blowers. But we got a little snow Sunday night. I was ready to go see LO and backed my car down the driveway to retrieve my mail. I headed down the remainder of the driveway and forgot about the ice at the bottom that was covered by snow, my feet went flying and I went right down. Hit my back including the back of my head but bot too hard. Did not black out. A woman was driving by and pulled into my neighbors driveway to help me. She retrieved my glasses but I would not let her help me up because we would both fall down. Got someone to sand but they didn't do a great job. Will have my regular plow guy deal with the coming storm. Bug if LO was home and I fell in a not so visible part of the driveway even if he could walk not sure he would know where I was and then what would happen to both of us. I finally got to see him so all was ok. Starting to be a little sore. Hot showers in my future.
Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 9:36 AM
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Cannot believe we've had nearly 50 inches of snow this winter - more than double our usual snowfall.  Today is bright and sunny - but only 4 degrees.  So it's still icy outside.  Most of my bruises are purple but beginning to fade into green in places.  So today I'm going out.  I get 4 hours today of in-home respite from my regular health aide.  I have an appointment and then I'm going to Sam's club, Kohl's - what a wild day!


Jim hasn't fallen again.  But yesterday, just before his aide came, he decided to come downstairs.  I reminded him that we'd just have to get him back up when she came.  He got past the stairlift and made his way down.  It was terrifying to watch, so I didn't!  I couldn't have stopped him falling anyway.  He also started staggering around without his walker once he got down.  And of course the aide arrived just as he got seated.  I had our grandson, so I took him to another room and let the aide deal with it. 


What phase is the moon?  Maybe that's it.  I have to finish papers for the VA State Home, and I'm dragging my feet.  What I really need to do is call and see how close they are to an available bed.  Still can't see myself placing him.


Terromari - hope you're not too sore from your fall.  The only thing still hurting me is my left upper arm, and it's much better.  Come on, warm weather!  Carolyn

Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 12:17 PM
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Good afternoon,


Carolyn and terrormari - hope you both are better after your falls.  Soreness does happen but warm showers and Theragesic will help.  So far this winter I haven't fallen but I'm so tired of walking through snow and ice I could scream.  I think I'd be happy if I could just put on one layer of clothing.  The sun is actually shining here this morning.


Our UPS man brought some more dog food and QVC items this morning.  Probably was some bird feed, too, haven't looked.  He put all of it on a two wheeler and it was so hard to roll through the snow.  We talked about how nice it is to see the sun - he said, "what's it been - two months?"   It does feel like it's been that long.


Abigail is doing such a good job as a mother.  She came in very early this morning and got on the bed with us for a minute, then back to the babies.  I have to feed her in the bed because she won't get out long enough to eat.   Linda Dee - I will wait until they're up and around to see their personality before I name them.  They're exactly the same color as Abigail - light gray.  Peaches was at the barn last night but she had gotten into something and had a lot of black, gooey stuff around her ear.  I brought her to the house and cut it out and took her back.  Can't imagine what it was.


Linda Dee - this morning I was watching QVC (as usual) and Linda from Missouri called in.  Was that you?  That was the first thing I thought about - it was on a Denim & Co show.  I can't remember what she ordered - crop pants, I think.


I'll look for the Molten Lava Cake and may make it this afternoon.  Think I'll make some potato soup.   Not in much of a mood to do anything today but I have to anyway.  Wouldn't it be great to just take the day off and do nothing?   That's not going to happen though.  Ray has diarrhea this morning and keeps going to the bathroom - so far, he's made it all right.  He'll tell me he needs to go in there and I say, "hurry up" and he does. 


Another full moon?  Just seems like we had one.  I think it was mostly clear here last night because it really looked light outside.  I hope some of the snow melts today - if not, it will tomorrow.  No snow here last night but NW Okla. got up to 9" in places - they really needed it because they're in a drought.  



Linda Dee
Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 1:27 PM
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Hello, Dear Friends, 

Lorita,  no, not me calling QVC this morning! I got to sleep until 8:45am, so wonderful!

I have  Modern day recipe for Molten Cake that uses a Brownie Mix, that I will post at a later time. So, buy a Brownie Mix.

I am going to Springfield for that foot surgery.  Will have to wait a few days for pathology report.......Again..

More next time.

Linda Dee

Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 2:30 PM
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Hi. Thanks for your best wishes. Had an opportunity to go to the gym and soak in the whirlpool and do water exercises. Neck is a little stiff, but that's probably the worst. I just have to be more careful.
Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 6:49 PM
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Good evening,


Linda Dee - thanks for posting the recipe.  I have a brownie mix so may wait for the other one, however, I could use splenda and that would be better for Ray.   Hope your foot surgery goes all right - we'll be thinking of you.


Twink - I haven't noticed a post from you about your husband's ice fishing trip.  Did he catch a lot of fish and have a good time?


Terromari - glad you got to get some help for your soreness - hopefully it will be better tomorrow.


jfkoc - for some reason today I was thinking about Bonnie.  I think the weather mentioned snow in Talihina so that was probably why.  Have  you heard anything from here lately?   If so, how is she doing.  Let her know, please, that we miss her and hope things are going all right.


No news here except we had sunshine all day.  It's still cold - supposed to be in the teens tonight but there is improvement.  Ray went with me this evening to feed the cows and to the mailbox.  This is the first time he's been out since the lst of the month.  I think he enjoyed it.


Linda T - did you all have any snow yesterday or today?  Looked it was pretty close to Dallas and you.   I hope we're finished for the winter.


Hope everyone has a good night - Linda Dee - I envy you the 8:45 wake-up time.  My knee bothers me so much at night it's hard to sleep on my side, which is better for my pulled muscle.  If I sleep on my back for my knee it bothers my side.  Can't win for losing.  Maybe I should sleep in the recliner. 

Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 11:12 PM
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Boy, get away from this thread for a few days and during that time it sounds like everyone is falling apart!  I am so sorrry to hear it.  Somehow I have strained my shoulder and made a trip to the chiropractor last week and have an appointment Thursday.  Babs, I loved your quilt.  In our area they have an annual quilt auction called The Mennonite Relief Sale where all proceeds go for various Mennonite relief projects around the globe. You would not believe how much money some of those quilts bring.  But for all the time that is put into them they should bring in good money.  I really enjoyed the gooseberry/pea pie story.  That made me chuckle!


I have had a frustrating week or so.  LIke I said I strained my shoulder.  I think it was jacking the car up to get off a flat tire and take it to a garage to have it fixed.  It was so flat I would have ruined the tire trying to drive on it.  DH could not figure out how to get the car jacked up but he did remember how to take the lug nuts off the tire. Now that is a strange one to figure out. We had to take the tire back (this time on the car) because it was going flat again.  Yesterday I had the guys take the tire to a regular tire repair shop and they found a tiny little hole that they patched and repaired. Things like this really upset DH and he gets negative about everything.  We tell him it is okay, things like this happen and it was fixed and to let it go.  My computer printer  also took a dive and when I took it to the repair shop today it was going to take more to fix it than a new printer was so I went with the new printer.  It should be here in a few days but in the meantime I am getting further and further behind on my work.  If the printer is not back by Friday I will take the work and ue their printer to run the forms off on.


The hardest thing happened on Sunday and it was very sudden.  My little girl kitty did not come to greet me like she usually does.  I found her in the utility room between a box and the dryer and she was unresponsive.  We had to take her to an emergency animal clinic 40 miles away and ended up putting her to sleep. I was heart broken. She was only 13-1/2 years old and we got her when she was about 6 weeks old. Benji and I cried at home before we left. I cried at the animal clinic and was there with my little Autumn to the end. They think she had a stroke. She was blinded by the stroke and had no eye response for the vet, no pupil dilation or anything, and was basically a breathing shell. The vet said the kindest thing was to do what we did.  DH was so flat in his emotions. He really showed no response at all when he told Autumn goodbye. They were one of the first things to go. I knew for his mental health he needed to do it though.  How I miss having his support and his arms around me when I am hurting so bad. If I ask I just get pushed away.


Here is it midnight and I just finished working for the night so I am off to unwind a bit before heading to bed.  I just checked and it is  minus 9 right now.  For all you southerners, we have had at least 88 inches of snow this winter, which is high for us.  One of the last times the snow was accompanied by freezing rain and the roads were horrible for days. Lorita, I don't think I could even find my spring flowers because they are buried under snow!



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Bjsmom-  I'm so sorry about your kitty.  How sad for you.  I lost my cat several months ago, so I know something of what you're feeling, although my cat was very old.  I hope you're feeling better and staying warm.
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Good morning,


Janie - I'm so sorry about your little Autumn.  I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet.  These awful things happen and we just can't understand why.  It will take some time to get over it but you'll never forget her.  I remember all of the pets we've lose.


Luther still isn't well, either.  He eats a little bit but lays around a lot but does get up and move around some.  I called the vet this morning and we'll go in today and get some more medicine for him.  Hopefully, he'll pull through.


It's warmer and sunny here today.  It feels so good  and the sun makes it that much better.   We still have quite a bit of snow.  When the UPS man came yesterday he said all of the snow is gone where he lives and the same with the man who brought our liquid feed this morning.  So, I guess we had more than they did.  There was ice on the tanks this morning but not too thick.


I guess when we go after Luther's medicine, we'll get feed and what groceries we need.  I ordered four cases of catfood but it won't be at the store until tomorrow.  I'm not out so won't worry about that.   I dread how muddy it will be when all of this melts but it'll be better than the snow.


Looks like the south and east are going to get hit with some really bad, icy weather.  This morning on the weather there were already more than 40,000 homes without power.   I hate ice storms. 


Guess I'd better go shave Ray and get ready to go.  He just finished his breakfast.


Linda Dee
Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 11:47 AM
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Janie, sorry for the loss of your precious Autumn. Warm thoughts and hugs for you.

I posted another recipe for Molten Cake. Sorry, LORITA, I didnt post notice before you went to town, so you could buy ingredients, you might not have.

Foot surgery went well yesterday. I drove the truck going/coming. The worst part was climbing in/out. I hope today I can get the car out from garage. Lots of sunshine, and it is above freezing. I don't remember the last day it was above freezing!!  So, , I might start those seeds I have soon.

I stopped to buy fuel last night, dh was going to use the pump, so I wouldn't have to climb in/out. Dh could not understand how to make his fuel card sad. 

But, I am thankful for what he can do, and that he was able to be with me.

Hope all the rest of you have sunshine in your areas today.  And not, I hope you can have sunshine in your hearts!

Linda Dee

Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 12:30 PM
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Greetings from sub-zero land! It is deceptively sunny today in upstate NY. The temp was 17 below zero when I got up. I looked at the thermometer and saw 17 and thought the weatherman had given us a bum steer, but then I saw the minus.


Lorita, did you watch the Westminster Dog Show last night? The Pyr (as owners seem to call Great Pyrenese) was gorgeous! The winning wirehaired fox terrier was lovely too - we used to have one when I was a child, but she never looked that good. I look forward to that show every year, but this year it conflicts with the Olympics, which caused me to miss the sporting dog section. I'll try to find it On Demand.


I'm so sorry to hear about all your pet illnesses and even deaths. So sad, and I'm so sorry! Lorita, I continue to be impressed with your vet who checks in on you. With our sub zero weather and abundance of snow I kinda hunker down and hope my world melts soon. No such luck, though - more snow on the way. Lots of people have lost power, which makes me glad I forked out the $$$ to get a generator last year.


There have been a couple of bad barn fires around here. I don't know if people put heaters in their barns, or what. It's been SO cold that you feel sorry for the animals even if they're in the barn. I went to see the new foal next door yesterday - he is SO cute, just four days old. The barn manager said he got loose yesterday and ran down the road! With his dam, of course, and they came here for a visit, then up the road to the horse farm with Percherons, then came back to their own barn. Horses are herd animals and usually come back to their friends, fortunately. But think of it - a three day old foal running down the road! Can you tell he's a thoroughbred racehorse potential?!


Well, it's been nice chatting with you - I miss all of you! I've been dealing with way too much financial/legal stuff preparing my taxes. Then I go down to my pottery studio in the basement, crank the tunes and go into another world.

Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 12:53 PM
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Bought a brownie mix today and am going to bake them tonight to have them for during the snow that we are supposed to get tomorrow
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