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Just need to talk to my friends(6)
Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 12:59 PM
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Good morning!


Lorita, we did not have snow yesterday but we did have sleet and ice.  Everything outside was coated with 1/4 to 1/2 inches of ice.  We had a large limb break off on 

e of our trees and hit the house.  The noise was awful.  I went outside to check on it and managed to slip on the leaves and hit the ground.  The roof nor I were damaged.  I do have some soreness this morning and a couple of bruises but nothing serious.  Thankfully Rod did not fall even though he had followed me outside.  He did not even realize that I had fallen.  I am waiting for some of the ice to melt before getting out today.


Life here has been crazy.  Rod seems to be losing skills and abilities every day.  Makes me grateful (more than in the past) for this forum in that the changes do not shock me but rather I know it is just progression.  The most difficult part of all is watching Rod knowing he is losing more and more.


Rod's parents are still struggling.  Thankfully their daughter is taking care of them.  I don't know what I would do without her.  I have tried to get her to come to this site because I really it would benefit her.  She needs the encouragement and understanding found here.

I had a follow-up with my gastric doctor earlier this week.  We are trying a different approach and hoping it is successful.  It is so much harder to meet all of Rod's needs when I am so weak and tired.  

We are enjoying watching the Olympics.  Rod likes to watch them with me.  I have always been the sports enthusiast  in the family.  As the disease progresses Rod has been so much more interested than before. It feels like a gift to me. 


Last night as we went to bed, Rod said "do you know how much I love you?".  That was my valentine for this year.


Lorita, I love baby animals especially kittens and lambs.  I am glad that Abigail is being a good mother for them.


I cannot imagine having 24" of snow much less 88".  This Texas girl would not know what to do with that.  We seldom have severe winter weather and when we do it usually melts the next day or the day after that.  I like it that way.


May we all have a day of peace and calm.



Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 1:10 PM
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    Hi y'all! Lizella, I'm in the same weather boat! -20* for a low, was still -12* & sunny as I was driving to work this AM! Expecting another foot of snow (maybe more) tomorrow, & just getting sick of winter!


    Janie, I'm so sorry to hear you lost Autumn! Big empathetic hugs to you!


    Lorita, DH had an okay ice fishing trip. Didn't catch anything worth bringing home. (He's mostly a catch & release guy anyway, except when it comes to deep sea fishing, or smelt.) The camp they stayed at is rustic. Wood heat only, uninsulated, no electricity or running water, & only an outhouse. It was a cold wknd so they kept the woodstove crankin'. His biggest complaint was that he'd be hot inside to the point of sweating, but his damp hair would be frozen after a trip to outhouse! (Doesn't sound like a fun getaway to me!)


    My wknd was stressful! Mom wanted to go to her house & visit my brother. (We usually go every wk or so & drop off some food for the barn cats.) Haven't spoken w/ bro. since providing him w/ a statement for DHHS/fuel asst. that was more detailed & truthful than he wanted - long story, posted on CG board. End result: He is very angry w/ me, & was just beyond nasty & ugly when we got there. Really upset Mom & threw her off for the whole wknd. (Aggitated, up all night,...) Just not a good time! (Most days I wish I were an only child!) Running out of room, so have as great a day as possible!  Hugs, Twink

Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 6:35 PM
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Hi everyone,


Lizella - so good to hear from you - we miss you!   Looks like you and all of the others on the east coast are about to have an awful ice/snow storm.  The weather has been so unusual this year - guess everyone should really pay attention to the Old Farmer's Almanac.  We still have snow but lots of it has melted today - not it's muddy, muddy.  I actually went outside after we got  home with a lighter-weight coat on, one hat and no gloves.  Still have on my thermals though.


We went by and got some more Baytril for Luther and some kind of gel that has needed vitamins and minerals for him until he starts to eat better.

We received bird feed and canned cat and dog food today.  I think ordering those big things online is the best thing since sliced bread.  The only problem I'm having is what to do with all the big boxes and packing paper.  I have this thing about boxes - just can't stand to throw them away but I'll have to get over that.  UPS was here for the third day in a row plus FedEx.  Soon I'll be on a first-name basis with the drivers.  The FedEx man said he almost got stuck in the mud somewhere out here in the country.  We got a load of feed and came home the usual way and it was very muddy.  I told Ray it wouldn't take much for someone to get stuck. 


Abigail is still in with her two babies.  When we got home she was in the utility room where the litter box is but she hurried back to the kids.  Needless to say Suki and Sasha aren't sleeping in the bathroom where she is like they used to.


Lizella - I haven't watched the Westminster Agility Championships but we will tonight.  Wish I'd seen the GP - maybe there'll be one on tonight.  I'm so happy with our two dogs, Bella and Susie.  I'll get them back on the leash this weekend.  Bella has a place she gets out at the frontgate that I need to fix.  She squeezes through and I think it's beginning to hurt her shoulder.  She's growing and still goes through the same place she did when she was smaller.


I think Ray gets kind of jealous (don't know if that's the right word) when I'm on the computer because he always starts talking about something - things I can't understand and always wanting me to look at something on the TV.  Today he doesn't seem able to put sentences together as well as he has been.  Sometimes it's just the same word three or four times in a row.  Maybe he'll be better tomorrow.


Linda Dee - I know I've been saying this for the last two days but tomorrow (when I have a little more time) I'm going to make the Molton Lava Cake - the one you posted from scratch.  I think that will be better for Ray because I can use Splenda, both white and brown.  I think I have everything for the other one but it sounds like it has a few calories - which I certainly don't need.  We got another carton of vanilla ice cream to eat with it and some whipped cream.


Guess I'll get off and warm up some potato soup, then put on my gown and robe and watch TV for a while.  Hope none of you in the south and east lose power.  Lizella, that was a good move - getting the generator.  I'm still thinking about one.


Stay warm!  It felt like a heat wave here today - still 41 degrees and it's dark.  Moon is almost full though.

Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 12:05 AM
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Janie, I'm so sorry for the loss of your furbaby.  Yes, you did the right thing. I know it still hurts. Sending hugs to you. 

Terromari, I'm glad you weren't hurt bad.  Concrete doesn't give any.

Oh, my, I hope we can get through winter with no more falls. 



Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 12:20 AM
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Well the almost full moon might answer the day I had.  Dh griped at me from daylight till dark, it has been awhile since he did that.  I took him to VA for his feet appt., called team Dr. Before we left, they said take him to. ER.  He has pneumonia in right lung.  Even the nurses, everyone noticed how he was treating me.  With all that sitting and not enough to drink, either my kidney stone(if I still have it,) or my fybromyalgia flaired up, took a pain pill when we got home and slept about an hour, feel fine now.  He never noticed.  So goes life with this dreadful disease.


Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 7:14 AM
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Best wishes to all of you in "cold country".  I hate to admit that it's pretty nice here in riverside county, calif... I would love to have a pet, but we are renting and honestly, don't know if I could handle litter boxes, etc, but it would be so nice to have a warm purring cat,  my son and DIL live close by, and they have 3 cats and 2 great Danes, so we go over there for our pet fix!! My grandogs and grand cats!!  Condo sold in Wickenburg, at a loss, but it's one less thing on my mind... Hubby doe not like the invasion of home health nurses, PT , today a "speech therapist".  Looking into a daycare for 2x a week, knowing he won't like that, but I also know,  somehow I need a reprieve...he wants to know what's going on, but then just gets upset and me upset, if I try to explain...grrrrrr. Lorita, I need more outdoor activity, I'll come feed your livestock!
Jo C.
Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 9:53 AM
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I am very sorry to hear of the loss of little Autumn; it is so sad to have that happen.


Linda, I am SO glad you were not hurt when you fell; that would have been awful.  Do you take a cell phone outside with you when there is so much ice about?


I spoke with an elderly friend of mine in the UP of Michigan yesterday.  They had been at,  -44.  She said they had not had any more snow, but the cold was deep, deep COLD and it had been an awful year; one of the worst for ice and cold she can remember.  Her heating oil has gone up to $6.00 a gallon!!!!  Yikes!


She is on limited income, so she must keep her thermostat set on 63 degrees; that with an outside temp of -44, she is so darned cold.  She said her hands, feet and nose will never be warm again!


The south and east are in another mess.  Old Man Winter doesn't want to die and he is doing his worst as he is getting ready  to go.  I cannot imagine what it must be like to be stuck in such a situation with no power.


Lizella, great for that generator.  Did you get one of those huge whole house gen's that can run for a long time?  They are awesome.  We here in SoCal have such teensy, teensy, tiny yards, that there is actually no place for something like that.  Even a small generator would make issues for us, but I wish we could have one.  Our biggest risk is the blistering, deadly heat in the summer when we lose power for the entire city or multiple cities.  It is so unhealthy and people have actually died.


I decided that this summer, we are going to keep the gas tank on the car full no matter what, and if we end up with power loss in such deadly heat again, we are going to b able to drive out of county to a place with electricity and check into a motel.  It has turned into a very real health issue.


Lorita, has Mr. Ray's speech improved any?  I sure hope he is doing alright.  It seems each day brings something new.  Your Mama cat is really being a good mother, she is so solicitous of her babies.  It sounds as  thought the kittens are doing well and that is just great.


Got our taxes done yesterday, such a relief to get it out of the way each year.  Not a favorite pastime, that's for sure.  I'm sure most everyone feels that way. 


Everyone stay warm and safe, be careful out there!



Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 10:39 AM
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Good morning everyone,


Cheznut - I'll take you up on that offer.   I don't think I'll feed cubes today.  My side is really bothering me.  Several years ago I pulled that same muscle and it hurt for a couple of months so I'm going to try not to lift anything heavy for a couple of days and see if that helps.  They have liquid feed, feeder tubs, all the hay they want and grass galore - so they'll be okay.  I try to keep them on a feeding (cube) schedule but sometimes I have to vary it.  They'll be out front at 4:30 though, ready to eat.


Bonnie - did your husband have to stay in the hospital for his pneumonia?  I'm always afraid of pneumonia.  Ray's had it a couple of times and had to be hospitalized and it's scary stuff.


Just got back in from outside.  The ice in the cat's watering pans has actually melted enough to let me get the ice out of them.  Spring thaw - maybe!  


We're watching Judge Ross and they have a man on there who has his entire body (head and all) completely covered with tattoos - even has fangs.   I can't imagine that.  Said he had to sit for 11 hours to have his head and face done.


We watched the Westminster dog show last night and really enjoyed watching all the dogs go through the obstacle course.  Lizella, is that what the GP did?    I got the gate area fixed so Bella can't get out of the yard now - hope she doesn't try to dig out.  


Johanna - Ray is talking better this morning.  His BP was 79 so didn't give insulin this am.   Usually runs around 120 before breakfast.   He's back on 25 mg. of Losartan for his BP and to help his heart beat better.  I have to take the BP twice daily to see if it's doing what they want it to. 

 His Nurse Practitioner is coming Tuesday to see him.   Bonnie - he doesn't seem to get tired or bothered with them (HBPC) coming but it keeps me hopping, keeping things clean and straightened but I guess that's good.  I like all of them and feel very comfortable talking with them and asking questions.


Today - the Molten Lava Cake for sure!  Think I'll make half a recipe so we won't eat so much of it.  I know I'll regret it because it sounds so good.  


Weather is so much better this morning - sunny and pretty warm but the ground is beginning to thaw and it will be muddy later today.  Looks like the snow storm is really building up steam as it goes north - not that it didn't have enough in the south.  I saw the pictures of Georgia last night and it looked awful.   I think the whole country will be ready for Spring - or rather, we have been ready for spring for a month or more.

Linda Dee
Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 11:54 AM
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Hello Friends

Maybe 'bold'type will stay on!  I hope all who try the Molten Cake recipe enjoys it.

39 degrees here now, with lots of sunshine. Yeah!

My foot is doing well. Dh helped me change bandage last night. Silk stiches on the outside of the incision, helps not be 'prickly'.

Lorita, as a friend, and with loving support, I would like too remind were suppose to have a colonoscopy several months ago. And you know about that word 

assume. You are assuming you have a pulled muscle????

Like we all say, WE must take care of US, so we can take care of our lo's.   Johanna.....comments?

Happy to report nothing new around here. Just taking things easy, as much as possible, while keeping my foot from being 'bumped'!

Happy Valentines Day to all.

Linda Dee

Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 12:54 PM
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    Linda Dee, so glad to hear your foot's coming along well! So sorry to hear of so many falls! (Winter sucks!) I'd slipped & gone down the outside stairs in early Jan. & just noticed this week that my tailbone doesn't hurt anymore! (Took lots of hot soaks w/ epsom salts.)


    Our snowstorm has started - should be over by noon tomorrow, 10 - 14 inches? Moms dayprogram will be closed, so had to call wknd CG. to cover my work hours. Brought in plenty of wood this AM, & strategically placed my snow shovels, so I'm ready. Bring it on, Old Man Winter!! Hope all have a great day!  Hugs, Twink

Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 12:57 PM
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Hi Linda Dee,  glad your surgery went well.  Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 2:14 PM
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Lorita, the agility part of the Westminster Dog Show is separate. The conformation part was on Monday and Tuesday. You can find it at (Westminster Kennel Club). A wirehaired fox terrier won but all the dogs in the show were beautiful! And of course none more beautiful than the GP 


Chez, I can't imagine life without pets. In fact, I've thought about starting a thread to talk about our pets and what a comfort they are as we go on this journey. My dog makes sure I get out and walk every day, and each evening as i sit down to watch TV, I have a big black dog at my feet, a black cat at my side, and a white cat on the back of my chair .... now that's living, I think!


Jo, yes, I got the big Generac generator that sits on a pad at the back of my house. It's about 30" high, 24" wide and 30" deep. You can have it power anything that's crucial when the power goes off, so I have the oil burner, the kitchen appliances, the garage door opener, and yep, the TV. It's powered by propane, since I couldn't visualize myself toting gas cans to it in a snowstorm.


And right now we have a foot of snow on the ground and are expecting another foot. Isn't winter fun? (College age grandson thinks so - he's gone snowboarding with friends, happy as a clam.)


Keep warm, everyone. Boy, am I glad I didn't spend February in Georgia, as we used to do.





Linda Dee
Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 4:46 PM
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I have been thinking about what might be done with large cardboard boxes, like what LORITA has.  I was going to suggest  Lorita flatten the boxes and use them on top of the muddy places from the house to the barn, and maybe other places like around the waterers. Anyone have any experience with cardboard used like this??  I wouldn't want her to slip or trip or hurt herself in any way!  And maybe Lorita might already know if this is a feasible idea.

I think I  might  have been sitting  to much today, keeping my foot elevated, and too much blood ran to my Or might be the full moon.

Thanks for all the well wishes after surgery.

Take care my Friends.

Linda Dee

Babs Willis
Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:40 PM
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Hi all from my little house in the snow! Six more inches today and even more expected tonight. I have stayed in all day. Doug has had a bad day, think it was because my brother-in-law was watching a war movie while Doug was sleeping. He awoke interror because his plane was out of control, his friends were missing and he was having blackouts. It was hours before he completely calmed down.

Linda, I am glad that your surgery went well and I hope your recovery is quick and uneventful.

Lorita, if you make the whole molten lava cake, just pack up half and send it to me. I promise to share it with my family.

I think I should go out and make snow angels. Want to join me?


Jo C.
Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:51 PM
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Lizella, great choice; I love those Generacs; they are the crème de la crème of generators.  Must really be a wonderful feeling knowing you have that.


I always wished I had a huge piece of property instead of our teensy hanky-sized yard for accommodation for one of those big boy Generacs; I saw that one can actually have the Generac (or others) plugged into power a whole two story house and I believe I read that they can go right into a gas line, but I'd have to double check that. 


I remember back a few years when there was marketing for a toilet that flushed by electricity - I think it was something new to deal with the government's edict for low flushes and the manufacturer was trying for something effective.


Could you just imagine having that type of toilet and having a power outage?????   It boggles the imagination.


A few years back something happened to the power grid in portions of LA County, and entire surrounding cities lost ALL power for absolutely everything within all cities for a huge area miles around us.  We had been out and about, and thankfully were close to home as all the traffic lights went down and government offices had gone out too; airports could not function; anything powered by electricity was down including all computer systems and it was really an insecure feeling as so many services were non-existent.  Some places had limited power because they had generator systems, but they were quite limited.  Hospitals were very concerned as it went on for quite awhile.  Law enforcement was hobbled and working harder than hard against difficult odds.


Fire stations were put on alert and all rigs were taken out of the stations and parked outside.  Ambulances were hobbled as calls were not working well at all.  I was SO glad that I had kept a couple of old-fashioned land lines as well as having those portable phones and cells that were not working.  Towers were out too, so that cut communication way down.  No TV; we had radio if one had battery operated ones.


No gas pumps at the gas stations and also, all stores and supermarkets closed and locked up tight; no cash registers.  People were asked to stay sheltered in place at work or at home and to stay off the roads.  It was truly a bit scary.  The only thing that stayed true to form were the "bad guys," who were taking advantage of things and no functional burglar alarms.  The lack of traffic signal lights was awful; people didn't have common sense to take turns as is usually done and there were miserable grid locks and tangles of angry folks all over.


We haven't come as far away from the caves as we think we have. 


I do wonder why in the world nothing much is done about the safety of the power grid across the U.S.  - if evil decided to take it all out, they could really do dreadful damage and it would be beyond imagination.  I think the same about the water systems being at risk.  So hope nothing like that ever happens. 


The news reports in the last couple of weeks just presented that a California power station was done in by what they feel was a domestic terrorist on a trial run to see what damage they could do . . . this was a couple of years ago, and they are only just now telling us what really happened.


It was so simple that it was awful.  Shots were fired and I think some sort of shell explosives took the entire thing out very swiftly and with horrible simplicity.  How are people crazy enough to want to do this, I find really hard to understand.


Yet; the powers that be, turn a blind eye and it really isn't on their agendas as a priority issue.  I find that so difficult to fathom.


And yes, Ms. Linda, you are correct; we need to take care of ourselves first.  I cannot scold our beloved Lorita for not having that scoping done, because I would feel SO bad doing that; but I do wish the scoping had been followed  through with.


One does not know what one does not know; we can "assume" anything we want to assume, but that does not make it true or make it a reality.  When one continues to have a repeated symptom, the body is trying to tell us something, but we are great at fooling ourselves until finally, we are in a position that we can no longer deny and then there we are.


I too have put myself in such a situation from time to time, so there's a mea culpa in here somewhere.  However . . . . .


This is a wonderful place to be and I love that everyone cares about one another and how we all feel concern on behalf of others and want the best for one another.  Just lovely, "salt of the earth," people. 


Have you guys seen jfkoc's thread that got off on an art tangent?  It is somewhat of a good read as dementia is not the discussion point; there is a bit of respite there in actually discussing other things.  In this thread, there is discussion of making Lorita's ongoing thread into a movie which I think would be wonderful . . . folks have already been casting actors to play the various characters because we are all in the film.  Looks like Lorita is being played by Meryl Streep.  Huzzah!


Well . . . off I go . . .



Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 6:05 PM
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Hi all,  Our county recycling center takes cardboard boxes.  I just fling them in the bin when we take the newspapers in.

Stay warm.

Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 8:42 PM
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Good evening, everyone,


Johanna - I've been reading the art thread and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'm so art illiterate that I can't participate but I'm enjoying it anyway.  I'm so envious of all of everyone's travels.   And, by the way, I love Meryl Streep.


I'm 90% sure what I have is a strain of the iliacus muscle.  I know exactly when it happened.  I turned over in a weird way in bed and I felt it pull and it hurt like the dickens.  I'm taking Ibuprofen and trying not to lift for a while.  Hard to explain to the girls this afternoon that I wouldn't feed them so I wouldn't have to lift the feed sacks - but I will tomorrow, regardless.  I had this same this on the same side two or three years ago and had an IVP and CT scan which were both negative.  A few months ago I  had it on the left side and that's when my doctor told me there was a muscle that ran from the waist downward.  I looked it up and it said it was the iliacus muscle.  I just can't make myself have the colonoscopy - it wouldn't help this anyway.  I'm afraid of the risk of a perforated colon which would require surgery.  If it's not better in a few days, I'll go see my doctor.  I do appreciate everyone's concern - you're all great.


We're being visited by wolves this evening - sounds like they're just behind the barn.  I did fix the yard gate so Bella couldn't get out and I'm glad of that.  I imagine they're coyotes but I call them wolves.  I saw a couple a morning or two ago going down toward the pond - not scared at all.



Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 8:58 PM
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Hi again,


This is infuriating.  I'm using IE and I get down so far and it stops me - I should use Google Chrome but I forget.


I started to type to Barbara - I didn't make the entire recipe of Linda Dee's Molten Cake - only made half the recipe but we had a big serving and there's still enough for a couple more.  I wish I could send some to you.  I used Splenda for both sugars and it was delicious but I imagine it would be better with regular sugars.  I'm thinking of another serving before bedtime.


I found a mix for Caramel Molten Cake in the pantry.  I have no idea when we bought it.  I don't see how that could be any better than the chocolate one though.


Lizella - I'll watch the part of the Westminster Dog Show you gave me the website for - I think all of the dogs are so pretty, too.  Do you ever watch the Dog Whisperer?   I'm getting up almost every morning at 6 to watch and then some days he's on a couple of more times.   And, do you ever watch Dr, Pol?   I think our vet should have such a show, too.


I think a thread about our pets would be great.  Almost everyone has pets and they're just part of the family so I think everyone would participate.  I talk about ours  all the time anyway.


Looks like all of you in the northeast are really getting it tonight.  I don't envy you at all.  We still have snow even though most of it did melt today.  Even the ice on the ponds is almost melted.  I don't want to rub it in but we're supposed to have weather in the 60s and even up to 70 the next week but they're already talking about cold weather again after that.  Will this winter ever end?   Oh, my daffodils are just fine - they had a cold blanket on them to protect them from the cold winds.  I can't wait until they bloom.  We've gotten lots of seed catalogs and I did find a Tropicana rose.  Think I'll order a couple and a couple of pink pussywillows.  We haven't had them for several years.  They also have a Giant Thailand Elephant Ear that has leaves up to 5' long.  Wouldn't that be gorgeous!  The problem is where to plant these things to have them in the sun and away from the cattle.  Most of our yard is shady which is a must in Oklahoma in the summer.


I'm going to get off and quit boring all of you.  Think I'll go read some more about all of you who are authors, artists, sculptors, pottery throwers (sorry) and all those good things.   Lizella, I always thought I would enjoy making pottery - I can imagine the time just flies when you get involved in making something beautiful.


Everyone, try to stay warm (we know Lizella will with her Generac) and be safe.  Very easy to fall on the ice and snow. 


Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 9:13 PM
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They didn't keep H, he was given antibiotics, one a day for 10 days.  He was in bed most of today, said Dr. Told him to stay in bed, but the Dr. Didn't.  Still on his war path, hope that moon changes soon.

I worry that all this staying in bed might make him worse.

Phoebe is doing better, she likes her new food, and may have put some weight on.  She is a very sweet dog, she taught my GGrand son to fetch and play tug of war, when he had just started walking.  Today was the MinPins time to go be a therapy dog for certain children at school.

Janie, I feel so bad for your loss of Autumn.  In time your arms may yearn for another Autumn.


Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014 11:12 AM
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I'd like to put in a good word for Lorita's muscles! You city slickers probably don't realize what it's like to heft 100 pound feedbags, or even 50 pounders, on a regular basis. When we had a dozen or more horses, oats only came in 100 lb bags, and they were BIG! I could get other kinds of feed in 50 lb bags, but after lifting several bags plus the oats, plus the dog/cat/bird food, I'd go to bed every night with achy breaky muscles. If I lifted just a little wrong, I could be sore for days.


Then too, we were building fences with 16 foot green oak boards. It got so bad that mu husband would help me into the car lying down to visit the chiropractor (who saved my life!) several times a week. Then every once in a while a horse would decide to bolt, whipping my arm out of its socket or knock me down on the ground. For five years I was dealing with all this alone because DH hadn't retired yet and was only coming to the farm on weekends.


So I completely sympathize with Lorita and figure if she thinks it's her muscles, it probably is. Although I do support the wisdom of getting a colonoscopy in the future, for now I believe Theragesic and rest might be the best solution.


Johanna, the thing about power losses in the country is that we rely on electric water pumps to get our water from the well. Also we need sump pumps to get rid of excess water when it floods. We've had times before we had a generator when we had a foot of water in the cellar flooding out the oil burner controls. Our volunteer fire department has been great at pumping us out.                   


In the country we have to learn to deal with all kinds of things - and I was city-born and bred! But I still wouldn't trade places with you urban dwellers - I love the fields, the views, the fresh air, everything about the country. And that's with two feet of snow outside!



Sea Field
Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014 11:20 AM
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Lorita,  I found a picture of you...



Linda Dee
Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014 11:56 AM
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Cynthia, good picture!

Lorita, glad the  Molten Cake turned  out so well! I have been wanting one. So, this Sunday is our dinner at church, guess I will take Molten Cake. May even double the recipe. If there is any cake left I will give it away. We have college students that always want left-overs. I cannot trust myself with Molten Cake in the house!!!!!


Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014 12:33 PM
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Hi all and thank you all for your kind words about the loss of Autumn.  She was a very loved and much spoiled cat and my lap was hers (she thought).  She was half torti/half tabby and she had the torti attitude.  Even though she was about 8 pounds she could still back her 14+ pound brothers up.    We still have the 4 boys and 3 of them are with me in the office area where they spend their days.  I have 2 of them now wanting to replace Autumn on my lap at night.  I usually push one lower than the other so my legs are covered by cat from my hips down to my toes.  Better than any blanket or throw any day and it is a free vibrator for my legs when they hurt.  Right now we are just going to wait a bit on another kitty.  If the Lord sends one my way, I will probably take it in.  If I adopted a cat I think I would want a little older cat, 3+.  With DH's condition not sure I really want to do that even.  Besides, if something happens to my dad (he will soon by 84) I inherit his 3 cats which will make a pretty full house!


We have had a couple of days where the temp was about freezing or above.  It almost felt balmy after all the below 0 nights and days we have been having.


I just want to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day. We are not going out tonight because everything will be full except for the fast food places.  I have a can of chicken in the cupboard along with the other needed ingredients for the cheesy chicken rice casserole and I think I will make that.  We might go out on Sunday.  Jo when I make the recipe, I just use Minute Rice and cook it according to the box. Benji does not like the "sticky" rice I was raised on and this is ready in 5 minutes.


I took the Snickerdoodle Bread recipe and adapted it a bit to make a cake. Check out the recipe thread.  It was wonderful.



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    Happy Valentine's Day to all! I was hoping for chocolate, but so far all I've gotten is snow, & a sore back from shovelling! It's still coming down up here in the Great Northwoods so we're at 15" so far. Spent 1 1/2 hrs shovelling this AM & will have another hr or so to do after work - joy!

   Lizella, loved your post! I remember the 100# bags all too well. Also have a not so fond memory of a power outage during Spring thaw several years ago when I was bailing water out the basement window just as fast as I could go, trying to keep it from getting more than an inch or two deep. What a soggy mess! (But, like you, I wouldn't trade country life for anything!)

  Hope everyone has as great a day as possible! Hugs, Twink

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Good evening everyone,

Lizella - thanks so very much for the information about the Westminster Dog Show.   Ray and I watched a lot of it today - especially the Best of Breed for the GPs.  They were so very beautiful - every one of them.  I think I only saw one or maybe two that were all white like Prince.  I have to admit I did shed some tears (couldn't help it) watching them and thinking about Prince.  I think they're the most gorgeous dogs even if they do shed.   I'm still thinking about a puppy this spring  - don't know for sure.

We fed cubes today but I didn't lift the 50 lb. sacks today.  I split the sacks and they weren't so heavy.  A lot more trouble but if I do that a few times maybe it'll help.   I'm sure it is the muscles because there's no low-grade temp like I had with diverticulitis last summer.  It'll just take time.  Lizella, there's no way I could lift a 100 lb. sack.  I have to bear-hug the 50 lbs. ones.  I can just imagine you at 5'2"(?) lifting 100 lbs. - no wonder you had to visit your chiropracter.  I've never been to one but my doctor is an osteopath.  Seems like that's the only kind I've ever used.  They're great.

Bella was limping quite a bit this afternoon - her left shoulder.  I got afraid she had dislocated it squeezing out of the place where she got out when she was smaller.   I called the vet and Ray and I took her in shortly before 5 p.m.  It was a shoulder strain.  He told me that don't have sockets like we do so it wasn't dislocated.  Gave her a couple of shots and some pain pills.  By the time we got there she was walking better - guess she'd been lying down and was stiff when she got up.  Went on into town and got the four cases of canned cat foot.  Now we won't have to go into town until week after next.  
Suits me just fine!

At the vet's office there were two beautiful bouquets of roses that some of the girls must have received - yellow and sterling silver.  At the store a young man was buying a dozen red roses - lots of men standing around waiting to buy something.  At least I got to see some beautiful roses.  So, the fact that Ray is doing all right, is up and around and able to go to town with me and enjoy it and tells me he loves me several times a day, will be enough.   Before this dementia got him he used to give me beautiful flowers and nice things.  So, I've had my time.

We got home in time to watch some of the curling - Russia vs. USA.  Sadly, the USA lost.  Curling is on again at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow so I think I'll get up and watch it.  Again from 4-7 p.m. the next few days.  

Cynthia - the picture you found for me was cute - don't I wish I looked like that!   Knees are too bad to lift from a squatting position, I'm afraid.  

Received the last of things I ordered online - a box of Malt-0-Meal.  The box it came in would have held a dozen boxes.   Linda Dee - the idea about using the flattened boxes around the liquid feeders and water tanks is pretty good.  If we were using the creepfeeder I'd use them there.  I've used lots of feedsacks and they do help for a while.

The weather today was beautiful with the exception of the high winds.  Supposed to be 67 tomorrow.  May get another round of cold weather by next weekend but the weatherman assures us it won't be as bad as what we've been through.   Found some more daffodils coming up today.  Yesterday I noticed the big round water tank that we quit using last summer because of the holes in the bottom.  If I had a place in the yard, in the sun, to put it, I'd plant tomatoes and a few vining vegetable in it.  

Linda Dee - I may have told you I made half a recipe of the Molten Lava Cake.  We still have plenty for tonight.  I think next time (and there will be a next time), I'll use half Splenda and half sugar.  Even with the Splenda I get an aftertaste - or maybe it's my imagination.  Anyway, it was delicious.

Abigail just came out to visit with us a bit.  She has stayed in the bed with those babies all the time except for a few, brief  times.  The babies are growing.  I may have mentioned that our brown cat had her babies but they're in the hay and I can't find them.  I'm going to name her Amber - can't keep calling her "the brown cat".  

Sorry this is so long - just got carried away again.  Again, thanks, Lizella, we so enjoyed seeing the beautiful GPs, and thanks, too, for the support about the muscles.  I should own stock in Theragesic (good stuff).  I've used the heating pad today and last night before bedtime and it has helped, too.  Need to lose weight and do some Tai Chi to build those core muscles, jfkoc.

Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014 8:00 PM
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Good gosh, I didn't realize it was soooo long.  I apologize and will do better next time.
Sea Field
Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014 8:56 PM
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Has anyone heard from Marj McCarthy lately?  Seems like forever since I saw a post from her.  I'm hoping she is ok.
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Lorita...I pulled that iliacus muscle..threw up all the way to the ER where I passed out onto the waiting room floor. Several shots later one of them took hold and home I went. I think they gave me some muscle relaxers but never needed them. How about seeing a Dr for some pills.


Generac here...natural gas powered. I am not going for days w/o power and that is what happens storms and tornados are the culprits.


Hope everyone is sick bay is recovering. The snow and resulting falls have caused too many problems.


(Of very little interest) I used to curl when I lived in Chicago. Loved it. I told Dick that while we were watching and we both laughed when I said I would like to play way could I get back up!!


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Good evening,


jfkoc - I know that muscle hurts when it's pulled - I've pulled both sides - the pain goes from top to bottom but not all at the same time.  Sometimes it really, really hurts at the side of my waist.   I think Ray may have muscle relaxants but I'm not sure what kind they are or even if we still have them.  In the past I've taken relaxants - I was taking Norgesic once for cervical neuritis and it relaxed me so  much I could hardly breathe but I can take Norflex.   I've been taking 800 mg. of Ibuprofen a couple of times a day - sometimes it helps the pain but not always, hopefully the anti-inflammatory part will work.


Not trying to be nosey but if you don't mind - was the Generac generator very expensive? I think you said it runs on natural gas.  If we got one it would have to run on propane even though we have a natural gas line running through our property.   I guess now it is time we begin to worry about tornadoes and bad storms.  I dread that.


I think that's great that you used to curl.  It does look like so much fun.  With my bad knee I couldn't get down to throw the stone, much less get up.  I got up at 5 this morning and watched for a couple of hours and then went back to bed.  I'm watching the USA play Sweden now - Ray decided to take a nap.


I've been busy all day doing laundry and dishes plus the usual stuff so I'm about ready to quit for the day.  Luther is still going - not much change.  I got a tube of Nutri-Cal to supplement his diet until he begins to eat better.   Abigail stays in the bed almost all the time with her babies.  She moved them to the linen closet in the bathroom.  Last night I heard one of the babies screaming and went in and Ray was holding a kitten with Abigail very upset.  I didn't know what was going on so I got it from him and then couldn't find the other one.  It was under a chair in the bathroom.  I guess he saw the kitten and picked it up but I didn't know that.  Then, I put their bed in the closet and closed the door almost all the way.


Hope everyone is doing all right - I think it's snowing up north again.  Our weather today has been pretty nice - fairly warm with a cool south wind.

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I do not mind your asking at all. I met with our electrician who helped me decide on which one to get. I ordered it myself and they delivered it close to where the pad had been poured.


I wanted enough lights to get around the house from bedroom to kitchen, freezer, frig and heat (2 units) A/C.. The way our house is wired (circuits?) almost the whole house is on the generator.


In addition to cost of the generator there was the cost of the attaching to the electric board and running the gas line. I am thinking it was @ 5K total. If we had only one story the machine itself would be smaller, the gas line the same and maybe a little less on the hook up. I imagine one could do well putting out 3.5K


I think what pushed me to get one was the last time the power went off all we had was a tiny flashlight on my key chair. The stairs and oxygen prn clinched the deal.




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Good morning,


It's a pretty day - 35 degrees early this morning.  I got up at 5 a.m. to watch curling.  Ray got up at 7.  I actually went out to the barn to feed the cats in my gown and robe - didn't realize it was only 35.  After what we've been through I guess my thermostat is wacky, anyway, it didn't feel cold to me.


jfkoc - thanks for the information about the generator.   When we'd really need one is during an ice storm - spring storms not so bad.  They've sprayed and cut back trees to the point it's not much of a problem.  Ours is an old farmhouse, one story, so no stairs.  Ray isn't on oxygen either so that's not a problem.  We've been through ice storms when we'd be out of power for two weeks at a time - it would have been wonderful to have had electricity, at least so we could have something warm to eat or drink.  I'm going to give this some serious consideration.


Did you curl on a team or just for the fun of it and how long?  I bet it really made you sore when you first started.  I've enjoyed watching it so much this year.  We got really interested in it  few years ago  - now Ray's not paying much attention unless I make him aware of it over and over.


How's Luke?  Haven't heard you mention him lately.  Luther's about the same.  I tried to give him his Baytril this morning and he wouldn't swallow it so I crushed it and gave it to him and that made him sick.   I'm afraid he won't make it.   Bella's getting around all right but she still limps - need to give her the pain pill.





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I curled on a team in high school and must admit a great part of it was social.


Luke continues to be wonderful ad no more seizures. I am supposed to video his breathing "spells" on my telephone. Lots of luck having the cell phone next to me when it happens.



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Good afternoon,


Hope everyone's okay today - not much activity.  It's very windy here today but fairly warm.   I've been doing laundry, shaving Ray to get ready for his NP visit tomorrow and shampooing my hair.   Not much going on.

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Update on Phoebe:  she was to the vet this morning, she had only gained 5 oz. (6.6) she used to be 9lbs.  Her bloodwork showed numbers down.  Dau. Is going to give fluids once a week, see how that works.

Dh is not feeling any better, has been in bed the last hour.  Has been coughing a lot,  hopefully will be better tomorrow.  Does pneumonia hit them harder than it would us? I don't want him to lose ground over it.  Just concerned.


Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, February 17, 2014 8:03 PM
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Good evening Friends.

Uneventful weekend at my house.

Bonnie, I am sorry about your dh having pneumonia. I hope he might be doing better tonight. And Phoebie doesnt sound like she has improved much. Always something.

I didnt make the Lava Molten Cake Sunday, but I did make it for the Ladies Group today. It was a big hit!  I brought one small serving home, just enough for dh.

I got the pathology report, about my foot surgery, all margins were clean. Go to dermatologist again in July.

Weather here today was beautiful!  Windy, but not too bad.

Hope all have a good, restful night.

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