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Just need to talk to my friends(13)
Posted: Sunday, November 2, 2014 9:08 PM
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Good evening,  everyone,


I forgot all about starting a new thread on the 1st - I'd forget my head if it wasn't glued on!


The vet just left.  This morning Lucky looked lank so I tried giving him a bottle - no go.   Then I let him in with his mom and he's suck on one teat a few seconds, let it go and latch onto another one.  He kept trying at least five or ten minutes.  I thought he looked some better afterwards buy I got her in the chute to check anyway.  She was really rambunctious and I was afraid I'd get a broken arm so only got one checked - got a couple of drops.  She has five teats hanging down.  We've had several cows with six, four bigger ones and two little ones sticking out the back.  I called him to check her.  He did and four have milk and the little one just a bit.  Not much in any of them and a small udder.  He said to keep her up a few days and feed her good and maybe her milk would improve.  I'll keep trying to get him to take a bottle for a while.  Probably will try before he nurses her.


It's been a long day and a long night last night - guess that extra hour did that to me.  My sister is off on a tangent again - had three or four calls from her and she'd hang up.  The doctor's supposed to visit her tomorrow - hope she'll let him in the house.  I don't really know what good it'll do because if he prescribes medicine she probably won't take it.  We'll see.


Ray's still not eating - wouldn't eat his oats for breakfast.  We snacked some today and tonight I fixed some soup for him, mashed it up good but he took only one bite which I gave him.  He did eat his cottage cheese.  I check his blood sugar before a meal but don't give insulin because I don't know if he'll eat so he hasn't had any today, BS under 200.  


I think I'll finish the loose hay tomorrow - doesn't seem to be too much left.  I loosened what was left this morning.  We're down to three little bales so may have to put a big one in the lot.  


Ray has gotten into everything imaginable today.  I'm finding things in the wrong places all over the house.   Just found my curling iron (I don't know why I have one because I don't know how to use it) on the dryer in the utilitiy room (it was in the bathroom).  So I've picked things up and replaced them all day.


I did get the new TV's base put on and set up.  Seems good to be back in the LR with a heating stove.  Leanne - we've never had a fireplace or woodstove but someone nearby does.  I think it's the neighbors just south of us.  I smell it in the mornings in the winter when I go outside and it smells so good.


Leanne - we didn't get a  nap today - wasn't sure when the vet would come.  He was working cows and said it would be late.  Still had two more stops after this one before he finished for the day.   I have visions of putting on the fuzzy pants and just relaxing all day -that'll never happen, even on a snowy day.   I've never had the luxury of just staying inside and watching it snow and then not having to get out in it but I enjoy walking in the snow during and after it falls.


Joan - I'm glad Harv was better today - that really takes a load off.  Maybe tomorrow will be good, too.  I hope so.  


Linda T - the pictures and children were adorable.  I bet they really had fun at the pumpkin patch.  Your SIL really has a hard job taking care of two older people.  I know she really enjoyed and appreciated having a day off to just do what she wanted to or relax. 


I don't like the time change.  I know, I say that every time it changes, spring and fall.  I still haven't change the clocks -  maybe tomorrow and maybe not.  Even the cows were bumfuzzled.  Liz, Sadie and Gray Lady came up to feed their babies at the regular time - but that was an hour early so I  made them wait so they'd conform.  I should let all three pair out but it's supposed to be rainy tomorrow and Tuesday and I hate for them to be out in it.  Ray always said it was good for them to get a good bath. 


   I'll try to get a good picture of Charm.  She was so cute yesterday playing with another little heifer and running around.  Then I saw Chico and Jasper with their heads together, kind of pushing against each other. 


Tonight's the night for Doc Martin - I always look forward to that.  This  morning when I got up, it was almost daylight.  I like that but don't like it getting dark early.  Guess I'm never satisfied.


Leanne - your words are so true about how I felt.  Sometimes things just build up and it has to get out.   I always feel better after a good cry - and I've had some lately.  Wonder how  men get along with crying - I know they'd feel better too and I don't think it's unmanly for them to cry.  I don't remember ever seeing Ray cry except when his mother passed away - until this dementia.  How that does change things. 


Guess I'd better stop and take a pain pill - back still hurts.  Hope all of you have a nice, restful night.   Leanne, your dogs sound so sweet and mannerly.  I can just imagine Bella and Susie standing still to be toweled off.  Oh, when the vet came a while ago I heard a bark or two and I tried to sound really excited about who was coming - maybe it did help.  I'm so sorry, right now I can't remember who suggested that.   I think my brain is fried.

Sea Field
Posted: Sunday, November 2, 2014 9:17 PM
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Lorita,  Sure hope Lucky lives up to his name and perks up a bit. 


Has Ray pooped lately?  Sometimes Tom's appetite is off until after he drops a load.  The good/bad news is Ray is getting into things.  I would be more worried if he was real lethargic 


I too am hoping your sister lets the doctor in tomorrow.  Things do not sound very good with her.  My goodness but I don't know how you handle all the issues around you.  Hope the pain pill helps and you get some rest.



Posted: Sunday, November 2, 2014 9:23 PM
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Hi Cynthia,


You know, come to think of it, there hasn't been a really good one for a couple of days - maybe that is it. 


Thanks for the kind words about my sister.  I never in my life thought this would happen to her.  Our mother had AD and daddy had dementia and we've talked about whether or not we might get it.  I'm afraid we have the answer - but it could be something else.


I've been reading other posts and in one of them someone mentioned how nice a lot of people are.  I forgot to mention in my post a while ago that the man who helped with Lucky yesterday, giving him some colostrum, called today to see how he was.   I thought that was so nice of him.  And, again he stressed that if I ever needed anything to call him - he'd given me his cellphone number and office number.   There are good people in this world - lots of them.

Adult only child
Posted: Sunday, November 2, 2014 9:41 PM
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Oh Lorita I truly feel your back pain across these miles.  My Ma continues to have back spasms but will not use the Flector Patch her GP prescribed.  Very similar to the cold method everyone is saying, except this is a patch with adhesive, stays in place (except with all your moving around!).  I found relief immediately during tomato harvest and general land maintenance.  Maybe you could 'sleep' on it and let it do the work needed while you are at rest, nap or sleep?  It might be worth a try, they resemble a LARGE band aid and it lessens the tension of the lumbar muscles or other back issues.  Cold is the best thing for me when I'm over exerted.


Mom has been doing the 'moving things around' thing and came to me tonight saying she can't find what she's moved or where it is.  Now I have a partner to find where her stash might be!  Thank heavens I listen for the shredder when she's in this mode.  Reassured her we can find what she's looking for.


SOOO jealous of little me, Sandymac, etc of setting their tomatoes for Christmas dinner when I'm about to pull out mine in So Cal.  Still have most garden though we had 1/2" rain Fri/Sat, I believe cucumbers should only be eaten ripe in the summer, no matter where that is!


Leanne, so jealous of your wood stove.  Had one in Mount Charleston, Las Vegas, lived by that and fireplace.  Learned another way of cooking but couldn't handle the game.  Of course it was probably the gamers!


Will talk to the CO people later, Ma's calling,





Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 5:20 AM
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How is Ray doing with eating?  Has he pooped?  Whatever his favorite food is, see if he will eat any of it.  Let us know how he is doing.  Sometimes Mike just would not eat. It would make me so frustrated after I had cooked him a meal and he would just sit there and look at it. 


Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 11:18 AM
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   Well I got in last Wed Night at 1:00am.   Plane landed late, and it took me a while to find my Car.   I was so stressed about getting to the plane on time that I never looked to see what letter level I was parking on.   So live and learn.  Next time when I exit my car I will take a picture of the Letter with my Cell phone "than I cannot forget".   Well i'm very proud of myself for going on  this trip by myself, and on a plane after 40yrs of not flying.  My Doctor did give me med's but I did not even take them.   Both there and back wand up sitting with two nice Gentleman who were frequent flyers, and they were nice to talk to.   Kept my mind off it,  Plus my Son in Law set me up with head phones and my music on an MP3 PLAYER.  So I was set.

Now the AIRPORT.. nice and helpful,  but too much walking.  way too much for someone with metal in their back and eight screws.  So I was glad to sit down on the plan.   than when I got there, my Daughter took me to the Outlets , which I always love to do so she was thinking about me, but it was more walking "and fast" KEEPING UP WITH EVERYONE, and crowded. omg!   We than went to Lunch at a Stake house.  Very nice.    We than went to Downtown Disney... Lots of Stores... Little girls getting all done up with their hair and nails just to meet their PRINCESSES.   My daughter does not do that.  She brings their DRESSES and does their Hair and nails. 

In Downtown Disney we had DINNER in a GREAT IRISH place. GREAT FOOD. and GREAT Irish Step Dancers.  The Dancers came to all the tables and asked for Children to come  to the stage to learn how to do the Dance, so you know my Grand Daughter TESSA jump right for it.  I know my Dad was looking down from Heaven and was very Proud. 

The next day we were in Magic Kingdom.   More walking..  We saw a lot of Princesses.  and some rides.  I have some pictures I will try and post.  But the real great ones will come from Mark and Kate and have not gone up yet.  They just got home Last night.  

I loved having my own room, My own Bathroom, Just taking care of myself.  Great Food,   and on the Last Day my Daughter left me Shopping by myself for 4 hours.. than we had Dinner before going to the Airport.  It was Great to go, and get away.  The Boys did a Great job with Rich.   They did have to call me once when he would not go to Medical Day Care.  I had to get on the phone with him.  Than he went.

I would suggest if anyone is going there to rent a scooter. outside the park, because inside it is $75.00 to Rent, and I did not plan on spending that.

When I got home so late.   An hour after getting in Bed 2:30am  Rich got up and took me till 3:30 am to get him back to sleep.   He just talk to me like he saw me two hours before.   So I was so tired Slept the most the Day.  On Fri, I helped my Daughter by getting her Dog out of the holding place.  and setting her up at home,  than seeing her twice a day. feeding and watering.  Than dealing with food shopping, and laundry...  So I was not on the computer, just to check some family notes.. on my phone.

So I have not read much..   But I did read that you had a new Birth Lorita, so I'm happy for you.  But I'm sad that you are worried about your Sister.  You have so much on your plate.  I do hope she sees the Doctor and he can get through to her.

Omg!  I was so sad to hear about Rhonda,  Such a sweet person, and to have so much LOSS, including the loss of her Son, which was not that long ago.   I can't believe her husbands decline was so fast.

Rich has gone to Medical Daycare today.  But not too nice going.   We had the VA hosp. on Fri.    The Doctor asked him why he is so mean and nasty,  He said he does not know.   He called me a "cow and a Bitch"  before he left today.  I told him to have a nice day.   than I closed the door and  cried...   I have to go and pay some bills.    oh! Linda T.  loved the pictues.  Such cute babies in your family....You are such a giving person. to help out,  when you do it full time yourself..  My best to you all.    Lorita,  hope LUCKY,  eats more from his MAMA, and glad you have that nice Man, willing to help.  Use him... have a good day..


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Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 12:02 PM
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Hi all,  I just typed a big long winded post and lost it.  You are all probably lucky.

   Lorita, I know it is not in your nature to do nothing, but at least try to get a nap.

If you don't take a little better care of yourself, you will not be of any help to Ray or your sister.  She is like Don's mom was. MIL refused to do anything. I think she thought she could just wait and she would die before it got any worse.  We couldn't force her to do anything, but the doctors told us that sooner or later she would end up in the hospital and then it would be up to them where she could go, but they wouldn't let her go home alone.  She did fall and break her hip, and went to the nursing home.  If that happens to your sister, and it will, make sure she goes to a facility close enough for you to visit.  DON'T try to take care of her. You have way to much on your plate already.  Even when Ray is gone, you have plenty to do, and it takes a lot of time and energy to heal. 

   Dana, I love my wood stove.  It is so nice to come in from the cold and feel the heat coming from the living room.  My house is small, so if I close the door to the upstairs, it heats the whole house.  I also pulled my tomato plants, I still have a few I picked green that are still ripening.  They will be gone soon.  It makes me happy that someone is enjoying a fresh garden, even if it is on the other side of the world. So, ladies enjoy, but remember when yours are dying, ours will just be ready for spring.

   The time change has confused things here.  The donkeys were in full-out braying mode this morning, but I made them wait.  They would get 15 minutes earlier every morning if it was up to them.  The rest don't really care, as they just come up from the pasture for a little hay or pellets because it is a habit.  They really don't need anything to eat.

   We always feed what the dairy guys give their cows to boost milk production.  It is COB a mix of rolled oats and barley and cracked corn with or without molasses.

It has a lot of fat and they really like it. I even give it to the horses if they need extra.  I bet your heifer will get more milk.  Some of them it takes 4 or 5 days before they have much.  Baby is probably getting more than you think.  I bet he checks those nipples every little bit, and that will stimulate milk production. Soon he can start on creep too and that will help.

   My project for to day it to air up all of the tires.  Don hadn't done it for a long time, and with the fluxuation of temperatures, they lose air no matter what.  I also have to take the car for an oil change.  I thought about doing it myself, but looked under the hood and I have NO idea how to even reach the filter.  There is so much stuff packed in the engine compartment of the newer cars there is no room to do anything.  

   I hope everyone has a good day.  Leanne


Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 12:11 PM
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Good Day to all of you.

Bridget, I am your trip was so delightful. Your grand daughters are sooooo cute in their princesses dresses.  I bet you really enjoyed watching them in the park.  I love shopping at outlet malls.  There is so much to look through and sometimes you find a real bargin.  I also posted a few pictures of this year's Rose Festival on the last thread if you want to back and see them.  We were so surprised at how the baby enjoyed it.


 Rod is sleeping in this morning.  After the stress of Saturday and Sunday I am glad he resting.  We did get his dad to the hospital last night around 11:30.  We had tried on Friday morning but he declined transport.  Anyway, he has A LOT of fluid built up in his lungs and legs.  They are testing this morning to check the heart.  Mom is at home and actually got some rest for the first time in a week.  Dad has been waking her up every 30to 45 minutes for the past week.  Last night when SIL  called the ambulance, it was like every ten minutes.   I think SIL and I can handle this situation better than what we were dealing with over the weekend.  Three dementia patients is a lot to handle.  I am so grateful the Lord blesses with the strength to do what needs to be done.


Lorita, I hope Lucky is better this morning and that his mom has more milk.  I really want him to do well.


The temperatures have certainly cooled this week.  Nothing near frost or freezing. I love having ;my fall flowers blooming through November.  Last year they bloomed into December before the weather did them in. 


We still do not have much fall colors.  This may be one of those years we don't get much.  Just green to brown.  I hope not as I so enjoy beautiful fall colors.




Hope you all have a calm day.






Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 2:30 PM
Joined: 12/18/2011
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Hi everybody,


Just dropped in to see what's going on while I rest a little bit.


catlady - we did have some progress this morning.  I fixed one serviing (usually fix two) of cream of wheat for Ray this morning.  He finally ate all of it, after much prodding.  Also drank a big glass of sugar-free CB juice.  A while ago we had some cheese and crackers so he's eating some today.


Lucky is doing pretty well. Every so often I look and he's latched on with his tail wagging so he's getting some milk.  Leanne, I have to get some more milk replacer for Charm so I'm going to get some of that COB if they have it.  If dairymen feed it to get more milk, it should work.   I went a while ago to separate them so he'd get hungry later today and I could try a bottle but he was nursing so left him alone.   He's up and walking around quite a bit - every saw a little "buck" a while ago.   Lucy (finally named her) is quite nervous - every time she hears a noise.  The propane truck came to fill up our tank this morning and it bothered her as did the CW.  She'll calm down - the vet last night said she was nervous.


Well,  I feel like I've accomplished some things this morning.   I got the crib all cleaned out.  Ray went with me and stayed in the crib out of the wind until we took it down to dump.  Had two great big loads.  The cats don't know what to do without a lot of hay in there with them.  


I called the  people we buy our little bales from.  Talked with his wife and she said he had just mentioned a day or two ago that she better to call to see when I wanted our hay.  I told them probably 80-100 bales.  I want to have plenty to feed inside.  They'll bring it the end of the week after the rain.  Guess when they bring it, I'll close up the north end of the barn - it's like a wind tunnel in there today.


I'm doing laundry, as usual, but this time it's lightweight jackets with hoods.  That light denim jacket was getting too cool with no hood either.  I found my trappers hat and it's in the laundry, too.  


I called and  talked with Ray's NP who was going to come the same day as his brother and sister.  She said our VAMC was expecting a visit from some big wig from VA Central Office so she was going to call to reschedule.  She'll come next Monday.  I always look forward to her visits - really a nice lady and seems so knowledgeable.


The physician is supposed to visit my sister today and they said he'd call me when he got there.  So, I'm waiting for the call.  I talked with her this morning and she seemed to be her old self - listening to Bing Crosby records. 


I wanted to run into town and get the milk replacer and now the feed Leanne told me about and also to look at a new chair for the living room.  The recliner we have in there is old and  Ray has sat on one side of it so long, it's warped and not comfortable.  When we bought the one in the sunroom, we first bought a pretty leather one that was burgundy.  It wasn't very big so exchanged it for the big brown one.  Maybe they'll still have it, that was only last year, I think.


Dana - I'll look for that patch when we're in town.  Is it a cold patch?  Right now my back isn't hurting - that'll come later.  I tried my best to go straight with the pitchfork but couldn't all the time.


Had to leave for a couple of minutes.  Ray went into the bathroom and called me.  Catlady - he should eat a five-course dinner tonight - if you get my drift and I'm sure you do.


Okay, I have him ready to go to town so I'll go get myself ready after I take the clothes out of the dryer.  


Bridget - I'm glad you had a good time - I haven't read all of your post or looked at the pictures yet but I will later today.  I'm looking forward to the pictures.


Talk with you all later. 


Adult only child
Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 3:12 PM
Joined: 11/28/2012
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Lorita, glad you spoke to your sister and Dr will call upon arrival.  I'm sure that will be a relief for you.


Did you name a prior little bull Lucky because of his birthday 7/7?  Anyway maybe change new Lucky's name to Desi; then you will have Lucy & Desi.  Just a thought.


The Flector Patch was prescribed by mom's GP.  They resemble xtra large band aids, are dry and come in sealed pouches.  Upon contact with the painful area they convey cold and can be worn for 12 hours.  Here's the distributor if you get a VA script for them:


King Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Hope this helps,





Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 6:33 PM
Joined: 7/21/2014
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Hi,  Bridget such beautiful little princesses.  I'm glad you had a good time with them and your daughter.  Remember when Rich says those terrible things it is not him, it is the disease.  I know it is hard to remember not to take it personally, but he really doesn't mean it.

Linda T, You have had some  really tough days, I hope things look up soon.  I can't even imagine trying to care for three people with dementia all at the same time.  You are a saint.

Lorita, Sounds like Lucky is doing his job.  If that heifer is nervous, she might not make as much milk as she will when she calms down.  I know with Milk cows, if they get upset the milk production goes right out the window.  When my grandparents milked cows, no one was allowed to even raise their voice in the barn. Except grandpa of course!! Hope you found the COB, I would think it would be available anywhere, but maybe not.  Lucy is a good name for a heifer. 
I got to fooling around outside moving some wood and stuff and only got air in the tractor tires and one of the trailers.  I will do the truck and the other trailer tomorrow. I got the oiled changed in my car and then I took it to the car wash, it was so dirty and the kitties had climbed all over the hood and up over the windshield, then I think they must have slid back down.  It was a mess.  I hardly recognized it when I came out of the store after washing it.
One thing about living alone, I can do whatever I want whenever I want to.  I can eat when I want and what I want.  As I have said before, I miss Don very much, but I don't miss ALZ!  Hope everyone has a great evening and gets a full nights sleep.  Leanne

Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 7:33 PM
Joined: 11/3/2012
Posts: 2265

  Hi everyone.  Busy boards today.  Looks like everyone is back home and busy as bees.  Caregiver came this afternoon and took Harv out for a drive.  I had to go to two banks, and do a little shopping.  Got home and Harv and caregiver were fine.  He loves to ride, so that was a good choice.  Friday, she said she would take him out to the mall or Lowes and push him around in his wheelchair, just to get him out.  Sure does help.  He started in tonight, but his Seroquel kicked in and he is asleep for now.   I think the time away from him is helping me calm down and not be so agitated.  Happy about that.  I hate feeling that way.


 Leanne, I had to get air in my tires last week too.  The cold weather had one of them 4 lbs low and the others 2-3 lbs. low.  Seems to happen every year.  I also washed the car.  Mine was so dirty I could hardly see out the windows. 


 I am happy you are able to come and go and do what you want.  I know I will miss Harv too, but I won't miss Alz., and all the stress that goes along with the disease.  Thanks for coming back and visiting with all of us. 


 No more rain today.  I think the storm is over for us.  The guy that mows the lawn is coming Thursday or Friday to mow one more time.  I need to rake the front yard before he gets here.  The huge tree of the neighbor's is almost finished dropping leaves so will be the last time to rake too. 


 Bridget, those little girls looked so happy in their dresses at Disneyland.  They will remember this trip forever.  Loved the pictures.   So sweet. 


 Lorita, I am glad your sister seemed good today.  Hopefully she let the Dr. in to visit.  Maybe he can convince her she needs help.  Leanne's suggestion of her being in a home near you and Ray sounds good.  At least you could visit her and see for yourself how she is doing. 


 I bet Ray has to feel better today after eating good.  I wonder if he even felt hungry.


 I hope you got everything you needed in town today.  Take care of your back and rest.  Back pain can really get you down.


 Good news that all the babies are eating well and seem okay.  You are so right, there are so many good people in the world.  Makes one feel safer and secure, knowing we have someone to call if we need help.


 Dana, I hope your flowers are still blooming until December.  I just pulled mine out last week.  I cleaned out the gardens earlier because they froze, but the pots didn't look bad until last week.


 Linda T.  I also wonder how you manage to take care of all three who are depending on you.  I complain about trying to manage one who has been kind of out of control lately.   Getting more help has made me feel better.


 Just realized that I haven't seen Harv pick at his skin once today.  Maybe the medicine is finally at full speed in his body and actually helping.  We will see what tomorrow brings.


 I guess I better quit blabbing on and on, and read a few other posts.   Take care and have a great evening.  Joan

Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 8:10 PM
Joined: 12/18/2011
Posts: 13381

Hi everyone,


Made it back from town but had to do my outside stuff in the dark.  I don't like this time change - except for the mornings.


Leanne - they didn't have the COB - hardly any dairies around here.  The owner of the feed store said they used to carry some feed for dairy cattle specifically  but don't anymore.  They have each of the grains but in different sacks.  I got a fortified sweet feed that has two of them and molasses.  I think it has 5.5% fat and I forget how much protein.  I'm going to mix it with a little bit of 20% creep. 


Tonight I put three pair in the east side of the barn, Charm in the pen and Lucy and her baby in the barn.  She was ready for her feed.  He seems pretty good - didn't feel lank so  maybe he's getting enough milk for right now.  I had planned to try a bottle today - maybe I'll have time tomorrow.


We went by the furniture store - of course they didn't have the chair I was thinking of but found a good deal on a Lane recliner, burgundy leather  - really pretty.  Ray will be the one who sits in it - I like  my wingchair.  They'll deliver it tomorrow after the delivery boy gets out of college and to work and they'll take the old one away.  I was wondering what I'd do with it.  I'm almost ashamed for them to see it.  Guess I could keep it here and burn it when it snows.


My sister called while we were at the furniture store.  The doctor had just left - he didn't call me but I'll call him early in the morning and see what he really thought.  She said he examined her - BP, etc. and everything was all right.  I don't know what she told him but according to her whatever she did tell him, he agreed with.  I imagine he would have so it wouldn't upset her.  She said he didn't recommend any medication. 


Leanne - if she does need to go somewhere eventually - like an assisted living center - there are some really nice ones in the bigger town near us - 25 miles away.  It's an easy drive - both Ray and I did it for over 30 years so could almost do it with our eyes closed.  She won't go for it though.  


We went by WM and got a few things and Ray pushed the cart and did really well - only slipped a bunch of bananas into the cart.  He loves bananas but sometimes I find part of one he didn't eat - weird looking things when they get overripe.


When Ray's brother called the other day he asked if I had  gone ahead with respite.  I told him I hadn't - that things were all right except sometimes late in the evening or at bedtime I get agitated.  He said that maybe if I did the respite I wouldn't get that way.  He's probably right.  This afternoon I did need it - I've spent the day putting things back where Ray took them from.  I bought him a new blue plaid, flannel shirt a few days ago and thought I'd have him wear it today but changed my mind.  I've put that shirt and pants back on the hangers three times - he gets them and carries them around.  He's whiny tonight, too.   Wouldn't eat much of his supper but I'll give him yogurt with his crushed pills later tonight.


Joan - I'm glad Harv's doing good with the person who comes in to be with him.   I know it's giving you a good break that you thoroughly deserve.  Sometimes being with them, or anyone I guess, 24 hours a day 7 days a week can get to you especially when they have dementia.


You know I think Ray has forgotten how to wash his  hands.  This afternoon after the bathroom incident I told him to wash his hands and turned on the water.  He had no idea what to do so I pulled him over and wet his hands and put soap on them and he didn't know what to do.  I think that's when I really lost it.   I have to do better.  Maybe it is time for a little respite but I hate to do it in the wintertime - couldn't even go out and sit in the pasture.


Tomorrow and the next day I have to do some housework to get ready for his brother and sister's visit. I really like both of them so it will be a nice visit.  I hope Ray knows them and enjoys it, too.


I decided I'd have some things to make sandwiches and a cake and make some potato soup for their visit even though they said not to do anything.  Funny thing happened at WM.  I bought a cream cake and when the guy started to put it in the plastic sack, the top came off and the cake broke in two pieces.  It embarrassed him so much that he apologized several times.  I told him not to worry about it - if he'd have tried to take off the top, it wouldn't have come off.   I've never seen him there before so he may have been a new employee - poor guy.  Seems like these odd things always happen to us.


Ray's calling me again from the bathroom. I just went in and he's just sitting there with his clothes on.  He's gotten to talking  by just mumbling - not really using words.  He repeats the same word over and over - like boom, boom, etc.- if I'm busy it drives me up the wall. 


Looks like the rain is between here and OKC so it'll be here before midnight.


Everyone have a good night - maybe I'll give Ray his yogurt and medicine and let him go to bed early - maybe he's tired.  Surely seems nice to be back in the LR after spending the summer in the sunroom.  He's calling me again so I'll visit with you all tomorrow.

Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, November 3, 2014 9:50 PM
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Hi all. Busy time around here.....a good busy time.

Did you see sad hubby is back? So good to hear from him once again!

I had a day for myself Friday, so my friend and I went to a Quilt Show. Saw lots of ideas. Had a good time.

Lorita, gosh, you have so much going on! Glad Ray is eating more now.

Joan, we had low temps in the mid 20's here Saturday morning. Friday night Ken helped me bring in plants I wanted to keep. I have way too many plants. And I did give several away!

LindaT, sorry you had such a rough weekend. The pix you posted were cute!

I helped chaperone a hayride and bonfire Saturday night. Cute kids, in cute costumes. Ken didn't want to go so I only helped a couple of hours.

We had papers  to fill out, from church, about how we felt about Missions/Ministries. Ken commented how he couldn't think, and how that didn't used to be a problem. I assured  him it was okay. But, I see more of this disease taking it's toll, in so many new areas for him. Guess, no, I know that is the nat ure of this beast!

Today we got an upgrade on tv equipment. Ken followed the tech guy around, then, Ken laughed and said the guy was doing things right. I'm  glad Ken can make jokes. Sometimes, Ken tries to be funny, when it doesn't come out as funny. But, oh well!


I will try and catch up on reading tomorrow. Until then

I hope all have a restful night.


Posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 11:05 AM
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Good Morning Dear Friends

           My thanks to all of you who commented on my photo's.  I have to say they are not very good.  Kate and Marks are so much better, but have not posted theirs yet.  When they do I will be sure to get some. 

 Linda T.  I did go back to the old thread "just want to talk to my friends" and I did find the pictures of the Rose parade you posted of your Grand babies.   The little one with the white Dress soooooo cute with the Rose queens... Such an event.  I know my Grand Daughters would just love it.  All your Grand Children are so Beautiful, and I see you enjoy them like I enjoy mine.  Thank God for them,  they are like the Pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.   Who is the woman holding the Sleeping princess in the last photo.  So cute......loved them.

    Lorita when I saw Linda's photos back on the page 5..  I was able to see in the post under that, you posted a picture of chico and jasper with Ray in the CW.   Great Photo, and Ray look Good in that photo,  I was glad I got to see what the CW looks like.      Your sister has been on my mind, and I was glad to read that the Doctor was able to get in and see her.   Now you need to find out from the Doctor what he thought,  and does she need any testing done.   I'm sure that will be a problem, being you don't have much time, and she is not to willing.   So I do wish you luck with that.   If only we did not have all these Obstacles in our way,  why must we jump through hoops one after another.  We all need some SMOOTH SAILING in our lives.

     I just checked on Rich.  He has been watching TV since breakfast and fell asleep.  I do believe Medical Day care tires him.  YEA!!!  HE had  coffee and a pc of Raisin  Cinnamon "with vanilla" toast.  it is a new bread that I bought at "SAM'S CLUB".  I was so impressed with this bread, so if you have a "sam's club"  give it a try.  the name on it is

 OREGON TRAIL BREAD.  it says above the name "decadently delicious"  they are right.  very thick and hardy...  low fat zero grams trans fat.   He also eat 3 soft boiled eggs.   a fruit cup.  That is his fav Breakfast.   So he goes again tomorrow to Day Care.  Today, we will go and get his Hair Cut and to SAM'S CLUB, for supplies.

 Joan,  I was happy to hear that you have someone to take Harv out for few hours.   I was wondering did you ever look into "Medical Day Care" close to your house.  It is worth looking into, because it is a set period of time, and RN's are over seeing and are able to handle any situation that comes up.  You pick how many Days.  It could be one day a week or Two,  or Five days if you want.   I'm sure they all cost different amounts, and you should check to see if Ins will pay some,  or Medicare.

 Oh yea,  Glad you are back in your living room, watching your new TV.  When i'm done changing my Bedroom around, my Son in Law will put a new TV that we still have in the BOX on the Wall in our Bedroom.  it will be on a MOUNT that has a swivel so we can turn it to angle it some, but will not come down.  Right now we have a 19in in the bedroom, and the one we are putting in, is 26in..  One morning Rich said to me  "can you make the screen bigger?"  I said no,  but Mark can,  I will have him work on that as soon as I can.   He said "thank you".

 Oh,  Lorita,  I could not go back and read all that I missed,  So you just had one Calf since I was away, and you named HIM, Lucky right?  Now did you just name his Mom  LUCY, because she did not have a name before?     Or is Lucy another Café that was born while I was away?  Just want to update myself. 

 Have a good Day,  want to get to those Hair cuts.....


Posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 11:12 AM
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Good morning,  It is VERY windy here today.  Forecasting gusts to 75 mph.  I have just a few things that I have to do outside, so will spend the day doing some stuff I like to put off.  I have a couple of little sewing jobs, then I HAVE to clean my shop.

I have a bunch of shelving to put up, so need to make room, then maybe I can put some of the stuff on shelves and not have so many piles of this and that. I have a lot of material and strapping and misc stuff that I need, but don't use real often. If I can get that put away and organized so I can find it when I need it, I will be very happy.

   Lorita, I'm glad you found a chair you like. Don't even worry about what the delivery guys think about the old one.  You need rid of it, and don't need the hassle and worry of burning it later.  Let them have it!!  I would bet they have seen worse, and if not, so what?? I'm glad your sister is a least talking to you.  You will know more after the doctor reports to you.

I'm sure whatever feed you got for Lucy will work just fine. Particularly if she likes it.  I would bet that Lucky is getting a lot more milk then you think he is.  He probably just takes it as quick as she produces it and she doesn't have time to build a bag.

You really need to try some respite care, even if just for a couple of hours.  You could go to town and get your hair cut, or shop.  Go see a friend you haven't had a chance to visit with, or just go for a drive or walk in the park.  A little time alone will do you so much good and Ray will be fine.  If you take that first step, it will work itself out, and if it doesn't work, what have you lost?  It will just be like it is now.  Please take that first step before you get sick.  I think what you need is to go and have a massage, that will help your back and relax you.  You will be a  better caregiver and a much happier person if you can lighten the stress load.

I hope you enjoy your visit with Ray's brother and sister-in-law.

Joan, I sounds like Harv's caregiver is just what you needed. Isn't it funny what washing a car will do, mine seems almost new again.  Wonder why I let it get so dirty.

I'm off to the shop.  Have a good day. Leanne

Posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 3:10 PM
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 Good afternoon everyone.  Nice, sunny day here today.  Just finished raking the front yard.  Got a huge bag out for the trash truck to pick up today.   At least the lawn guy will be able to mow the yard.


 Bridget, I really would love any kind of day care to take Harv to, but we don't have anything in our area.  Would have to drive over an hour each way to take advantage of that, so I haven't looked into it.  None of them provide transportation either.  I am happy with the company I am using (so far anyway).  I have 3 hours twice a week.  I will see how it goes, and maybe I can add another few hours this winter.


 I am glad Rich got into the medical day care, and that you are happy with it.  It helps with some of the stress, and if it tires him out, that is a bonus.


 Leanne, sounds like you are getting cold, windy weather like we had Sunday and part of Monday.  We never did get snow in the valley, only on mountain tops.  We have one ski are officially open as of Friday.  They have had some snow fall, but are making enough to cover the ski runs.  It's always a contest in Colorado to see who can open their ski area first. 


 Lorita, I hope all is well with you and Ray.  I am praying for good news from your sister's doctor.  I hope he can be a help to her.  I think Leanne is right in suggesting you try respite.  I believe it has saved my sanity.  To be honest, it is hard to have strangers in your house, but I have found that they are all very sweet people so far, and their mission is to keep Harv happy.  I haven't had them but twice, so haven't used them for showering or house work yet.  You would realize that you need the time apart from Ray to recharge yourself.  My care givers have been getting Harv out for a drive, so if I feel like staying home by myself, that is an option too.  Sometimes it feels so good to putter around the house all by myself.  Anyway, just something for you to think about.  I just want you to know it does make you feel better.


 Guess I should have know better than to think Harv could be easy more than one day.  He has been awful all day.  I have had him outside with me, tried to engage him in what I am doing, without much luck.  Boy, Thursday, if the psychiatrist doesn't come up with a solution, I might just throw a big fit.  lol  If I were rich, I would have help every day. 


 I might get a roll of that stretchy stuff Lorita was talking about and wrap it around his head so he can't get to his skin.  He yelled this morning when I shaved him because his skin is so sore.  At least now that it is cooler, he is wearing short sleeved shirts so his arms are looking better.


 I wasn't going to complain today, but sorry, I did it anyway.  Just venting mostly.


 Got a call to make another Hospice bear.  I hope they bring the fabric this week.  Would be a nice project for Friday afternoon. 


 Leanne, I hope you got your shop organized.  That will be so nice when it is done. 


 I will check in later.  Hope you all have a great afternoon.   Going to get Harv up and out of here for awhile.   Also making pumpkin bread this afternoon so better get moving.  Take care.





Adult only child
Posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 4:48 PM
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Sorry you're having trying times w/Harv, maybe the mummy thing won't be that bad; when the grandkids see the pictures in the future, wouldn't they get a kick out of Grandpa's costume?


If you did mummy thing, how would you be able to change his undergarment? lol



Posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 5:36 PM
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 Dana:  lol   I did find that vaseline works for awhile.  Too slick for him to dig into his skin.  Hopefully the psychiatrist will help on Thursday.  Thanks for the laugh.  Joan
Posted: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 8:24 PM
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Good evening, everyone,


It's been a rainy day here and kind of windy and cold.  We've had 1.6" here - really muddy around the barn.  The UPS guy came and he said the roads were muddy, too.  When I realized he was here I went out and he was looking at some of the little bulls out front.  He has cattle, too, and said he might be interested in buying one of them because they were so pretty.  I think so, too!   I think this year instead of sending the to the auction, I'll advertise again in the paper.  I've done that before and was able to sell several that way.


I think tomorrow I'm going to let Sadie and Frosty, Liz and Ebony and Bubba and Gray Lady out in the pasture.  It's getting to be too much trouble with five pairs (counting Charm and me as a pair) up in the barn.  Tonight I fed Charm and then let the cows in to their  calves and he latched onto Sadie.  I let the cows out in the daytime to graze and the little ones stay in the lot or stall together.  I'm keeping Lucy up with Lucky.  He looks pretty good - four days old today.


Bridget - while you were getting ready for your vacation Sadie had Frosty, then Saturday Lucy had Lucky.  I hadn't named any of the heifers except Amy but as they calve I'm naming them.  We called him Lucky because  he was lucky he made it.  Took several hours for him to be able to get up and walk.  Had to have him tube-fed a little bit of colostrum.


Leanne -  I guess I'll let them take the chair.  I've sat in it today and it's pretty comfortable, just looks bad with Ray spilling things on it, but I don't have another place I could put it - it's pretty old, anyway.  I called the furniture company today and told them to wait until tomorrow to bring the chair because it was so rainy and muddy.


Ray and I took a nap this afternoon.  I'd mopped the LR hardwood floor and was tired so it felt good to get a nap.  Then my niece called and I didn't get out to do the outside stuff until almost dark.  I repeat - I don't like this time change in the evenings.  I did finally change the LR clock to the right time (but it's still about 7 minutes fast).  I also keep the clock radio by my side of the bed about 15 minutes fast. 


I have a few more things to get done tomorrow before the visit.  I'm not sure the SIL will come but Ray's brother and sister are coming for sure.   I'll be glad to see them.  The sister lost her husband two years ago but she has done pretty good - really involved in the Church and works at the Election Board.  She also goes to a yoga class and enjoys that.


Joan, I wish there was a senior daycare center close to us, too.  That would be a good option.  About a year ago, another lady from Oklahoma who lived just a few miles from us got her husband into one but she had to drive about 60 miles each way to take him.  She dropped off the board and haven't heard anything from her in a long time - TO was her avatar.  I'm glad the Vaseline helped some.


Ray ate his malt-o-meal this morning and ate at a banana.  We snacked during the day (he didn't get up until almost noon) and ate a pretty good supper tonight. 


I haven't gotten to talk to the doctor who saw my sister yesterday.  He was supposed to have called me when he got there but didn't.  I called the office this morning and the girl said because of the privacy act he probably wouldn't be able to tell me much but that she'd find out what she could and let me know - haven't heard back from her.  My sister didn't say he prescribed any medication and said everything was good.  It seems like I've already typed this somewhere - sorry if it's a repeat, maybe it's what I wrote in my journal.

I'll call again in the morning.


I think respite would help me some, too, but I don't relish the idea of doing it in the wintertime but I may anyway.  Our weather seems so unpredictable it's hard to plan anything and we don't live close to town either. 


I think I may go to bed early so I can get up early and get the rest of the things done that I want to do before Thursday.  Today when I was mopping, Ray was standing around, seemed always to be just where I'd mopped.  Maybe I can do the rest of it before he gets up.


Looks like there's a lot of new posts on other threads so I'll try to read a few of them.  Bridget, glad you enjoyed your vacation.


Leanne -hope you got your storage room straightened out.  It always seems to nice when you have everything in their own little place.  I can kind of remember those times.  I could open a drawer and get what I needed without even looking - not anymore.  Things disappear in a minute or less.  Sure wish I could find a set of Ray's dentures before his relatives come.


Hope you all have a good, restful night.

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I am back, after a 10 hour drive today on my 75th Birthday.  Gee, I am old.
Hope you want to hear about leaving B.A. For Houston.
Got up early, Bill was in good mood, left on time for Grace Living Center.  He joked on way over.  Unloaded car, went in, he pushed his walker had his meds., and brief case, he thought he might need it.  We were escorted down the hall to show him his room, had to stop at nurses station, met head nurse.  She said we will have to have your meds.  That's when the s#%t hit the fan.  No one was taking his meds, they might give him the wrong ones, or steal them.  Really ranting.  They got the head guy in.  He took me aside and said he can't go outside by himself while he is here.  I said he doesn't wander. (I didn't understand why he was worried about him leaving the building when Bill was agitated about his meds being taken away)  Anyway, back to present problem.  The nurse got him to give up meds, while talking to him she opened his dop kit and took out foot spray.  Instead of just taking it with the meds, she held it up in front of him and said we need to take this too.  That was his last straw.  He grabbed it from her and said I'll empty it first, and started spraying it in the air, and of course it was landing on the floor.  I yelled at him to stop and he did.  Then he started spraying again, that was it they said he couldn't stay.  Soooo, we left for home.  He cried, he said I know you planned this for years.  My son had said the week before that he would stay with him.  So I left him a message, unloaded dh stuff, let my daughter know and left for TX.  Go 60 miles down the road, get a phone call, I unloaded the wrong suitcase.  Had to go home change suitcases, my son was there so all was ok.  By now it is 3 p.m.  I left again arrived 2 a.m.
Got lost in the wee hours a couple of times.  Had a great time.

Posted: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 1:24 AM
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Bonnie, what an ordeal.  I don't know how you could drive for 10 hrs. After all of the fuss.  I hope you had a wonderful visit and Happy belated birthday! 



Jo C.
Posted: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 7:41 AM
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Dear, dear Bonnie; one very large hug coming your way.  I can only imagine . . . it must have been dreadful standing there, watching everything falling apart and caving in.  So glad that you did get to go and had a wonderful time.  Happy Birthday!


Well Ms. Lorita, babies, babies, babies everywhere . . . BIG ones, but babies nonetheless.  The pictures of them were so cute, they are really something and I was glad to be able to see them.  So you are the doctor and the nurse of that maternity ward; it sure is keeping you busy.


I do feel real concern for your sister and am so sorry.  From what you have written, things sound really dicey.  Does she have children?  Even though you cannot possibly take charge of her care because you are already full up to your eyeballs and then some, is it at all possible for you to somehow make even a one time visit to see her in her home in person?  I think this is important even though she has seen her doctor and a social worker; you know her best and your intuition will tell you much once inside her home in her presence. 


Also, in most states, one does not need to do a DPOA for Healthcare with an attorney nor does one need to get a notary.   In most states, it takes just two witnesses and it is done.  If sister has no children, you could get a DPOA for Healthcare form and a HIPAA Form, (that one requires no witnesses), for your state off the internet and get your sister to sign,  this will save you MUCH distress and energy in the future regarding speaking to doctors or NHs, etc. about her care as the needs arise.  I'd get it while sister can still sign.


Do you have DPOAs and HIPAA Waivers for you and Ray?  Would your husband's relatives that you like and enjoy be willing to be DPOAs for the two of you so the paper is in order?  They could be the secondary for Ray if you were indisposed and primary for you if you have no one else wanting to do this.  Wish I had thought of this prior to their visit; but they are coming today, so this is a day late and a dollar short.


Sounds like you will probably have to make another phone call to the doctor's office.  if your sister is in trouble, the doctor will probably communicate with you, HIPAA or no HIPAA.


I think there has been discussion regarding a bit of respite for you for somewhere between one and two years . . . it's a hard decision, but I think you are correct; you need to get just a little bit of time.  You can always change your mind, but it also might turn out to be the best thing you ever did.


I do feel concern on your behalf.  If you don't stay healthy, everything else falls apart.  You've been doing everything to the max for so long.  Sometimes I think the emotional/psychological wearing down is the worst part of it all.  The word, "tired" doesn't come close to describe the wearing down that goes to the marrow of the bones and into one's very spirit.  Speaking of spirits, I'd like to spirit you away and have you pampered and waited on for a couple of weeks.  If I ever buy a Lotto ticket and win . . . . .ah well.


Also, whatever happened to that, "Plan B?"  That was where all of us are very concerned because you are alone and WAY out there in isolation . . . what if something happens to you . . . did you ever get that cell phone to carry with you all the time when outside roaming about?  Also, some time ago, there was a bit of discussion about a potential plan if a "what if" unforeseen disaster strikes and, (God forbid), you should become ill or injured and cannot take care of Ray.


Perhaps just screening nearby NHs and putting your "disaster" plans in writing including Ray's prescriptions that he takes, and his allergy list, medical history and medical contact numbers, insurance and VA ID numbers and copies of cards, and writing a basic care plan and a detailed description of Ray's behaviors and limitations and how to deal with him; once that is written copies can be put into manila envelopes and labeled.


It would also be best to give a copy to a neighbor or someone nearby that you trust so it is available at a moment's notice.  In fact, you could even pack a small "go bag" to keep at home in a safe place away from Ray's foraging.  You could put an informational envelope in the "go bag" with a few of Ray's clothes that if necessary, someone could pick it up right away and get it to where it needed to go.  Just tell that neighbor or trusted person where to find the bag.


I don't meant to preach, but I guess I did; I'm sorry if I offended.  Because of my professional background, I've seen so much that actually happened to people both unforeseen and abruptly; that is my concern for you and Mr. Ray.  You are an astounding, very giving person and are amazing in all you do and you mean a lot to many of us, that's why we worry.  I think you ought to write a book about your life; a movie would be sure to follow!   Casting call for Meryl Streep!


Okay; that is off my worry list . . . perhaps some of the other Members may have some good suggestions, but oh, how I wish you could find it in your will to get a bit of respite so you could refuel and recharge your physical and emotional batteries.   


Okay; let's go eat something naughty . . . anyone got chocolate? 


I for one am glad election day is over; now all the obnoxious commercials can finally stop.  We had a bonus day this week; we got 1/2" of rain and temp in the 60's - yippee kiyo kiyay!  But that was a flash in the pan so to speak.   Doggone weather has us back in the 90's again.  Where oh where is autumn?


Our grand-doggie; our son's malti-poo (is that really a name?) has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Carcinoma.  Such a really cute, sweet little dog and my son and DIL are crazy for her.  Everyone is stunned.  A sudden lump arose on the dog's leg and it was rather large.  She had surgery and the poor dog is miserable and so are the involved humans.  Now we have to wait for a lymph node biopsy to tell where this is going.  I know it is "only" a dog, but those with beloved pets know what this means.  I so hope the node is negative.  Hate it because animals cannot speak to us to tell us what is wrong.


Getting ready for the holidays to hit us between the eyes pretty soon . . . oh goody, more obnoxious commercials.  I wish I could just wiggle my nose and have all the house done up, etc., but that will never happen.


What I need is a cook and decorator and oh yes; someone to clean it all up later.  'Tis the season whether we want it to be or not.  I'm at a stage in life where I love it, I hate it, I love it; ambivalence.  Each year, I find myself dissolved in tears for all those who are now lost.  The memories are quite dear, but also in some ways breaks my heart.  Yet, there are still joys to be had and I will find them.


One thing I love to do is to pick one person, a different one each year, to give a surprise gift to.  The person will be someone who did something really nice; usually a service person.  I have given gifts to a helper at a drive-up window at El Pollo Loco takeout; to a clerk in a frozen yogurt store, to a doctor's office staff member, to a clerk at Nordstrom; just someone not related to me by blood or friendship; a "stranger" who just went above and beyond and who do not expect to get anything.  I  try to make it a nice gift so they know how much I value their spirit, and I usually include a little note.  It is so much fun to do.  I leave the package and then go before it gets opened.  Fun to think about and the looks on the recipient's faces are priceless.  Yep; it's fun.




Posted: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 9:11 AM
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Dear Bonnie

      I'm so sorry that this has happened.   But I'm so happy that you pushed through and WENT!!!  Good for you.    So many of us, including myself would have said  at one point  "I give up".     So I hope you enjoy my Friend.    Somebody UPSTAIRS must think CARETAKERS are the strongest people on earth, because the SH&%$T keeps coming!!


 Lorita,  So happy you got a new Chair,  I think we all love to get something new, especially when the thing we are replacing has become an eyesore.  So enjoy it, and let the Man do their job and take it away,  you have enough on your plate, and a sore back to boot.   I always say,  no matter what they think of the chair,  WHO CARES,  you will never see them again, nor will they have Christmas Dinner at your house.  So let them do their job, and enjoy your new chair.   Thanks for letting me know about FROSTY..  I did not know about that Calf.   So heifer's do not have a name until they Calf?  Well are the heifer's caves that were born on your farm?   OR do you buy them from somewhere else,  is that why they do not have names?


WELL , it has happened.  and I knew it would SOONER OR LATER.  One day their was a post on the board of a caretaker who took their Loved ones meds.

  I was so surprised,  but could see how it could happen, and just hoped it would not happen to me.   Well it did.       I was out food shopping with Sean last night, while Rick was taking care of Rich.    We did a full order over 300 dollars at the Sam's Club..  which is 5 weeks worth,  so We will just need Milk, and maybe some eggs in the next 3 or 4 weeks.    When Ricks car is back I will be giving this job to both the boys to do.  JKLOC did tell me to do that, and she is right.  That would be one more thing I should not be doing.  So back to what I was saying.  We were putting food away, and I put Richie's med's by the Med cabinet counter in a paper cup.    I also put my in a paper cut but on the Kitchen counter by the sink.   I was over by Richie cup when I opened a bottle of cold Water to put in the Dog's bowl and I had some left over so I thought I would use it to take my meds.. so I picked up Richie's cup and DOWN THE HATCH.. and the water... I than turned toward the sink and saw my cup.. and than it hit me.......I was so upset.   Sean was upset.   I said Sean,  let me fix Dad's cup again, before any of this hits me.  and keep an eye on me before I get in bed..  So I got Richie's med's,  and got my PJ's on.  Took Rich to the bathroom,  and gave him his med's..  Than got him back into bed.    By this time I was feeling very "slow and like I needed to sit or lay down".    So once this was done I was able to get into bed.. I do not even remember putting the covers on,  that is how fast I went to sleep.  SO SCARY.   So I took "niacin, 500mg,  Mobic 15mg, Namenda 10mg, Seroquel 150mg, baby aspirn, Simvastatin 80mg,  Zyrtec  10mg.     Rich has gone to daycare this morning,  I would be going back to bed, because i'm still feeling very tired, but I have a Doctor visit for me at 11:15 so i'm hoping after I shower I will feel better, and more alive.   I am glad that I have the visit so I can let the Doctor know what I took so he can check me out.  SCARY...


Joan, and Lorita... I'M sorry their is nothing close "such as a day program " where you both live.   I know it would be something you both would use.  It is a shame that they have so many in one area,  than none in another area.  I had mentioned to Lorita once not sure if you read that post Joan,  But If you have a College near you, and it has a Nursing program..   Which your Daughter is a Nurse, and you can check with her on this.   They are always looking for jobs in the fields in which they will work in.  Also some College's ask them to do Volunteer work in their field.   But every college student needs money, and I find that the ones that go in for Nursing, are dedicated and hard working.   It is such a HARD COURSE OF STUDY as you know.   But these young Men who are studying to be Nurses, often get overlooked for jobs because it use to be a Women's field.   When in fact, a lot of our husbands would feel better working with or being cared for by a male.   So if you wanted to look into that.  You just notify Guidance Dpart on the College Campus, and ask where you can drop off a post for a job, and can they display it where it would be seen by Male Nurses.   I wish you both luck , if you decide to look into it.   

Lorita, not sure which day Ray's brother is coming..  but I do hope you enjoy the visit,  I know you do not get much company.   Also I hope the Nurse get's back to you with something.     Also,  do you think your Sister would allow you to have a POA on her.    If so you should get it,  because as time goes on, you do not want to be told, we can't talk to you about her.    At least if you had that.. you could show it,  and people would share with you what is going on with her.   just a thought..

Please have a good day all!!


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I  forgot to add,  one of the pictures that would not post for me the other day, was the one of me when I arrived at the airport in Florida,   Sophia ran to greet me, and she said  "  LOOK BIDDIEMOM,  THEY HAVE PALM TREES HERE"!

enjoy!!!!   I also put a picture of my oldest Son Rick alone,  and one of Rick and Rich.. I do not often post Pictures of Rick,  he is not here a lot.  he works full time.   and some facebook notes you might enjoy... 

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Jo C.
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Sorry folks, on my above message, the "bold" function lay down and died.  I tried to highlight later and "bold," no luck.  Then I tried to come back in and "bold," several times, but no luck.


Don't know why; it just did what it did, but it's working well on this one.  I'll try again later and see what happens.



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Things have been pretty crazy around here this but we are settling into a routine.  Rod sleeps in most of the morning.  Then we go to Mom's house and sit with her, cook supper, etc while sister to the hospital to be with dad.  We get home between seven to nine.  Rod is exhausted so he goes to bed shortly after we get home.   It will work for a while but it is really hard on Rod although he feels like he is "finally" getting to help someone.


Bridgett, the woman holding the sleeping baby is yours truly.  She had just gotten too hot so I took her inside to cool off while sister and mom enjoyed the garden.  She fell asleep as soon as we cooled down a bit.  One lady has if she could take a picture so she could later paint it.


Joan, I sure things settle down at your house and that you get some relief for Harv from all the picking.  I think that would be absolutely horrible to have to watch with nothing seeming to help. This disease just keeps on taking. 



Lorita, I hope you get the things completed today that want done before your visitors.  Also, I think it would be wonderful if the man would buy your little bulls.  That way you can know they are going to a good place.


I think I am going to make some chicken soup for supper night.  It is raining here today and temperatures are the lowest we have had--in the 50's all day.  That is below normal temp for our Novembers.  We really need the rain but I am learning to dread rainy days as Rod will have an unsettled day.


Guess I had better get that soup on.  Have a day of calm everyone.






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Good afternoon, everyone,


Bonnie - I just cannot imagine how you must have felt when you probably thought your long-awaited trip was about to fall apart.  I'm glad you had a Plan B and it worked.


There is no way I could drive for ten hours, especially by myself.  You sound like Ray's sister.  She has a daughter near Dallas and she drives there by herself from Pampa.  Ray and I went to Albuquerque one time and drove straight through with him doing most of the driving.  By the time we arrived we were so tired, we had to sleep a while before we could do anything.     I'm glad you enjoyed your trip  - and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Bridget - the heifers were born and raised here.  I'm sure I had a name for each of them when they were born (I always do) but because they look so much alike the names kind of fell by the wayside.   And, they were with the herd so I didn't interact with them individually the way I have since they've had their calves.  I'm able to tell them apart now - sometimes just by the way the hair on the top of their head looks or if one's hips are higher, things like that. 


I tried again this morning, for a short time, to get  Lucky to take a bottle - nothing doing for him.  I saw him latch on to Lucy a few times while I was at the barn this morning.   Leanne - you're right, he's probably getting the milk as soon as it forms.  He looks all right.


I tried to let three pairs out this morning but changed my mind.  Moms went out except for Lucy but babies stayed in.  Maybe tomorrow.


I'm taking a short break from housekeeping (not my thing at all) to fix breakfast for Ray and visit a bit with you all and my niece.   His BS this morning was 127 (took it 3x - lst time was 200+, second time 300+ and third time 127).  Couldn't understand why it would be so high.  I gave him 6 units of insulin and fixed his breakfast.  Wouldn't eat a bite but did drink his juice (diet).  Just now I gave him a Mtn. Dew and some PB crackers so maybe it's won't bottom out.


Johanna - thank you so much for your concern.  This is the greatest bunch of people I've ever known.  It seems like we all care so much for each other - maybe that's because we're all in the same boat.


I have DPOA for Ray and it's fixed at the VA so the doctors will discuss his case with me.  I'm carrying my cell phone with me at all times - just haven't gotten around to the other thing.  


If something did happen to me, the VA would pick Ray up and take him to the hospital so they'd have information about his medications, etc.  So, I think things are pretty well organized there.  I just don't know what would happen to the animals.  Specifically Charm and her bottle and the cats.  My neighbor would take care of the cattle as far as hay. 


I talked with  the woman at Physicians at home this morning.  She couldn't tell me too much but did say the doctor told my sister she would greatly benefit by taking anti-anxiety meds.  Of course she told him she didn't  need anything.   She said to talk to her and see if I can talk her into it - she'd have to call them and request the meds.  A clinician will visit in 4-6 weeks and maybe Ray and I can manage to get over there that day.  If she'll tell the person that comes that they can talk to me about her case, that'll work.   That will be the middle to end of December so it all depends on the weather and what's going on with all the animals. 


I just wish her daughter was in better condition and their relationship was better and she could handle all of this but it's not that way.


The doctor did say he didn't think she needed hospitalization now - that she was taking care of herself - house looked impeccable and all of that.  My niece had a welfare check done yesterday and the policeman said the same - refrigerator well stocked, etc.   Of course those are the groceries that were delivered a few days ago. 


If she has dementia that makes four members of my family, including Ray that has had this - so what makes me think it won't happen to me somewhere down the road.  I do hope I have enough sense before it gets too bad to get things organized.  I have long-term care insurance so that will help.  I may have mentioned to you all that there has been numerous people in a four mile radius of our house that has had dementia or AD in the past few years.  I don't know what's causing it  but it does seem to be happening. 


Bridget - I bet you taking Rich's meds really did scare you. One night when I crushed Rays and put them in pudding I wondered if I did the same thing.  His was sugar free but when I tasted mine it tasted bitter.  But, I didn't.  Hope you're feeling better now.  I'm glad you had a doctor's appointment so he can reassure you that everything's all right.


Guess I'd better go and finish up - the chair should be here later today and I think some laundry I'm drying is ready.  So far Ray isn't bothering the new TV - hope that continues.   Just remembered, I have to shampoo my hair this afternoon and it takes so long to dry - not using a dryer.  Also have to shave Ray.  I haven't done it for a few days so it will be a job especially without his dentures in.  Still can't find them.  You know, if I was a man I'd have a beard down to my waist.  Ray used to always grow a beard in the fall and then shave it off around the first of the year but not for several years.


It's chilly and cloudy here today but it's not raining.  Really is muddy around the barn though.  I don't know if they'll be able to get in the barn with a trailer with 80 bales of hay on it or not.  I still have about 1 1/2 bales left but I can always put a big bale in the lot if I need to.  At least the crib is cleaned out -  poor cats don't have anywhere much to sit - they all cluster on the two bales we have left.  They'll be glad and much warmer when there's more hay in there.


Better go and finish up.  Talk with you all later today

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 Hi everyone.  Busy morning on the boards.  Lots to read and catch up on.


Bonnie, sure glad you got to go on your respite.  You really needed that and I was impressed you went with your plan B and had a great time.  I sure helps, doesn't it.  Glad you had a Happy Birthday too.


Linda, don't wear yourself out trying to take care of everybody.  I have done that in the past too and it isn't easy.  It is nice Rod feels he is able to help out too.  I bet it is hard on him to be away from home every day.  I wish you luck and hope things all work out with all the care giving you are doing.


Bridget, I have never taken Harv's medicine.  It is a good thing I only have to take one pill a day, because I probably would make a mistake and take his.  I hope you are feeling okay this afternoon.


Cute pictures.  The boys resemble both of you, but look allot like their Dad.  Sometimes I wish I would stock up on groceries and not have to go so often.  Oh well, we are only about 10 minutes from town, so it isn't really a problem.


Thanks for the suggestion for care givers.  I just started with a new company for two days a week, 3 hours each time.  They started coming last Friday, and so far we like the two people they sent.  Nice for me to have a block of 3 hours to either do something I need to get done, or just enjoy doing nothing.


Lorita, sounds like you are ready for your company.  I hope you enjoy the visit tomorrow.  I wouldn't stress too much about the house.  I am sure they just want to see you and Ray and enjoy visiting.  


Sounds like Lucky is doing well.  I guess he must be getting enough milk, or he probably wouldn't be acting frisky.  You sound like you are getting everything cleaned out on the farm, and hay delivered so you will be ready for winter.  Glad you are having a dryer day.  This week has been blue skies and temps in the high 40's and high 50's today.  Feels good, and the sunshine helps one feel better.


I better get Harv in the car and go pick up his prescriptions.  I want to get that pumpkin bread baked today.  I will do that when we get back from town.  


Johanna, so good to see you back on here.  Love to read your posts.


Have a great afternoon.  I will check in later tonight.  Joan

Adult only child
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Lorita, you must be looking pretty stylish wearing your BOGS in the mud?  If so, do they keep you from slipping, sliding and getting stuck?  Happy to hear all critters are in good order.


Posted: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 8:18 PM
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Hi everyone,


Dana, I haven't worn the Bogs yet - guess I'm saving them for the snow.  I wore Ray's rubber boots yesterday and my old tennis shoes today.  I have rocks around the barn so I have them place so I can step on them and stay out of the mud for the most part.   We don't have rocks on our farm but it was so muddy around the front of the barn many  years ago that daddy got rocks somewhere and put tons of them in front of it.  They just went down and disappeared in the mud.  Now, they're coming back up.  Weird, but they're coming in handy.


Guess I'm ready for the company except for cleaning the bathroom and I'll do most of that in the morning after I get Ray up and dressed.  I've been using my spin mop, which I dearly love, but for some odd reason the bucket part has developed a leak right in the middle of it so guess I'll have to order another one. 


Ray has really been a pill today, not wanting to eat and getting into everything imaginable.  When the boys brought the chair he told them to get out of here.  One of the boys said we'll try or something like that.  He's the son of the owner of the store.  When they came I told them I was ashamed for them to even see the chair but he said they had seem a lot worse, in fact, this one was in pretty good shape.  It was except for the cover which was stained beyond belief from Ray spilling things on the arms. Anyway, it's gone and the new one is here.  It's not as big as the one I'm used to sitting in in the sunroom but it'll be okay. 


Lucky isn't lank so he's getting milk.  When I went out this evening he was laying in the back of the barn.   I fed Lucy and she went back once or twice to check on him but he didn't get up. I got him up and he was really limping and holding up his right front leg.  I checked them and both felt the same so I didn't find any swelling, I don't think.  A little later he was walking a little better so maybe it'll be okay.  There was only Lucy, Frosty, Ebony and him in that part of the corral today. One of them may have tried to nurse and she may have kicked at him and gotten Lucky - hope not.


The electrician called late today to say he had some time tomorrow so he thought he'd go by and get the generator and bring it out but can't install it until the end of next week.  He was going to come by and get a check for it but I reminded him we were tax exempt so I'll have to call in the morning to see if they'll accept the number without seeing the card.  If not, we'll go in Friday and pay for it.   Seems like everything's happening at one time.   I'm about ready for one of those days when everything goes right and all is calm.   Do they ever happen for a caregiver?


Still have to shave Ray and I dread it - so hard to do without his dentures being in.  I think I'll make a big pot of potato soup In the morning so we'll have that if they want something to eat besides a sandwich.  I'm going to call his sister in a minute and tell her for them not to stop for something to eat before they get here.  His brother said for me not to do one thing but you know that's not going to happen.   


I didn't get a chance to put out the creepfeed today so maybe in the morning or late tomorrow.  I don't think a person ever gets completely finished with everything there is to do.


Leanne - I'm not sure I'm feeding Lucy enough sweet feed.  I'm feeding in the morning and evening, sweet feed with some 20% creep mixed in and hay.  I'm giving her a big scoop both times.  


Guess I'd better go and shave Ray and call his sister.  I haven't had time to read much today so I'll do that when I get time.  Looks like there's a lot going on.   Hope you all have a good night.

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Good evening,  Lorita, before I forget, work up to giving her about 1 1/2 gallons of feed morning and night.  I don't know how big your scoop is.  But gradually work up to the full feed by like this time next week. That is how they do with dairy cows, and I usually feed a growing calf about 1/2 to 3/4 gallon morning and night.  For the really heavy producers and BIG cows, they feed as much as 2 or more gallons morning and night.  I'm with Joan, don't worry too much about the house.  I've always said a person should clean after company has left rather than before they come.

   Bonnie,  I am sorry but I couldn't help but chuckle about the suitcase.  After such an exhausting and stressful day, after you have gone to plan B and everything is working out and's classic!  I hope you had a great time with your friend and can do it again soon.

   Bridget, You should be very relaxed after that handful of pills.  Long ago, before Don started with the ALZ journey, he took my pills one morning.  I was taking hormone replacement (estrogen) and a small high blood pressure pill.  He took 2 pills also. I called him a work and told him and he was joking for days about getting in touch with his feminine side.  Enjoyed pictures of your son and hubby, also Grandma and granddaughter.  Thank you..

   Linda T, Hope you enjoyed you chicken soup. You make me hungry with all your good cooking.  The high here for next Sunday is only 10 degrees, so I think I will make some chicken soup of my own.  We are supposed to have our first 0 degree low of the year.  Brr.

   Jo, Sure hope your son's dog comes out of this alright.  I know they are "just" animals, but that is why we love them so much.

   I went riding this afternoon,  It was kind of windy, but not too cold.  I attached a picture of Spot.  The lady is the picture on her horse is my friend Ramona with her dog Buddy.  It was a great ride.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  most of them are of the Bird Tail Hills.  

   Hope everyone has a good night and gets a good nights sleep.  And Bridget, just because you got such a good sleep last night, don't take Rich's pills again.



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Posted: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 11:47 PM
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I enjoy looking at the pictures both of you posted.   Biddie:  we need a picture of you slow mo.  You now know what the Zoloft feels like.  Now if you could have rested up with no worries for a couple of days.  I bet your younguns were worried, glad the boys were there for you.
My son was such a help staying with Bill.  Bill found another gun while I was gone.   Ds offered to take it home and clean it up for him.  Hope that is all of them.
Bill was very happy to see me, but seemed more exited that dd would be bringing Zula over this morning to see him.   That is the tiny min pin.
I noticed last night Bill had his shoes on the wrong feet, that is a first, and the day I left his shirt was buttoned wrong, he maybe slipping again.
Thanks all for the Birthday wishes.  Even driving in the rain it was relaxing, except during the downpours.  I had fun at my sisters.
Lorita, glad your sister was doing well.  Enjoy your family visit.  
Johanna, in talking to Lorita you also gave me ideas and info.  The emergency bag is a very good idea here in tornado alley.  That would be a good one to ask your vet to keep for you Lorita.  We are all concerned that you badly need respite.
Some, maybe all family and friends are very concerned that dh will hurt me bad in an angry mode.  As bil said he could kill me in one blow, and a friend said the same thing.  They know he wouldn't touch me if he knows what he is doing.  He just isn't far enough to go to nh.  He is 5/6, happy most of the time.  To put him in a nh he would have to be drugged, and at this point in time I think it would be the beginning of the end.
Thanks for letting me think out loud.  It is soooo hard making decisions about someone's life.  Especially when he is always telling me how much he loves me.
Just have to pray

Jo C.
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Sounds like Lucky is somehow continuing to be lucky; good name.  I cannot believe how much the cattle eat - wow!  Listening to Lorita and Leanne makes  me realize what a pampered poodle I am in not knowing the first thing of how to do all they do.  Frankly, silly as it sounds, I have never touched a cow and the only time I have touched a horse was one time as a small child in a pony ring at a carnival.  I am SO out of touch with all of that and have no claim to fame on that front.


Today is company time for Lorita; I hope it is a wonderful, wonderful visit.  That in itself could be a little spirit respite.


So glad Ms. Lorita, that you are carrying your phone and it sounds as though you've done a good job getting all the paperwork and everything in order, so glad to know you have that nailed down.  I can stop worrying now.  I'm such a pain. 


Well; it sounds as though your sister is still in good stead inside her house as all is so orderly.  Hopefully this will be something that can be managed very easily. 


Bonnie; trust your instincts and keep safe.  I can only imagine how awful it feels to know that there is an element of risk from someone you have loved for so long.  May this stage be passed through swiftly. 


Ms. Joan, your aide sounds like one in a million, what a gem.  It must be wonderful to have her on board and be able to find some breathing space. What a great stroke of good fortune that was.


Leanne, have to say; your photos fairly took my breath away; talk about big sky country!  Beautiful.  One does not have to go into space to begin to glean the curvature of the earth and the vastness of the sky; Leanne has all of that in her own back yard. 


Son's little dog, Izzy, has not had a good post-op course.  She has refused to eat or drink and is only at ease when sleeping on son's lap.  He is her primary person.  They have catered to her and are handling the issues as they arise, and getting fluid into her, but what a rotten thing.  Animals, like tiny children, cannot understand and they just know they hurt and it bothers me greatly when they suffer and are unable to communicate and there is no understanding. 


Going to go to a new hair stylist today at a new shop.  I am going to go for the "works" and have a tint, good cut, and even some subtle highlights.  I noticed some hair coming out at the top front of my head and I have no idea why.  I have thick hair, but I am really beginning to notice there's an "uh-oh" going on.  Thyroid is okay, but this is disconcerting; guess I'd better make an appointment to have a check-up, it's been awhile.  Last thing I want to do is find myself bald!  Oh good grief.


Trying to keep myself current in any new studies being done with meds for dementia, but all seems rather flat and quiet on that front.  I keep hoping there will be a sudden breakthrough; can't be soon enough.


I've been busy on the other Forums too; do you know, we are now approaching 38,000 registered Members on this site?  Mighty impressive.  Good thing not everyone is posting all at once; we'd cause the Message Board to explode.


Everything we write is seen by so many thousands of people all across the nation and beyond who never post but instead choose to lurk, but they still are able to benefit from the sharing and from all of the good suggestions and information.  Great to know that.


May this be one of the better days for everyone.

Posted: Thursday, November 6, 2014 3:31 PM
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Good afternoon,


Leanne - thanks for the information.   I'm giving Lucy less than a gallon of feed morning and night but she wants more.  Also all the hay she'll eat.   I'll gradually increase - wonder how long I should keep them up?


Lucky is walking better today - I did notice when I first saw him this morning that he raised his foot like it's still bothering him some.  Guess it'll just take a bit of time - she may have stepped on him - will never know.


Your pictures are breathtaking - just like you think Big Sky country would look.     I can just imagine how it looks when there's a big snow on or a blizzard.   I'm glad you enjoyed your ride.  Sounds like your friend is doing all right after her light stroke - glad of that.


Johanna - you're certainly not a pain - just a good friend to be concerned.  We all appreciate having someone who thinks enough of us to speak up when they think there's a need.  It's gotten to be like the cell phone is glued to me. 


Ray's brother and sister have come and gone.  It's going to be such a long day for them.  His brother got up at 5 am. and got to the sister's at 6 and they made it here by a little after 11.    Ray seemed very happy while they were here - not really sure if he knew them.  Once while his brother was talking it seemed like he recognized the voice.   Anyway all of us enjoyed the visit.  They went out to see our babies and cows.  They're not country people either - said that we really lived in the country.  I do wish they lived closer so they could be together more.


Our generator is here.  The electrician brought it this morning and left it on his trailer so he'll be back sometime next week to install it.  Hope we don't have to use it this winter but it will make me feel more secure.  He said the gas company had cut his fence to get in to the gasline and left it down too long and some of his cattle had gotten out.  He still hasn't found a cow and calf and another cow.  He thinks the pair has been rustled.  The bull calf weighed between 400 and 500 lbs. about $1,000 or more.  He's going to spend this afternoon looking some more.


I may have found a dog.  The woman from the shelter called and someone in Warner has a Great Pyrenees/Anatollan Shepherd mix.  She sent me a couple of pictures and I called and talked with the owner.  They have goats and he's good with them and chickens - not sure about cats.  They got him when he was 6 weeks old.  He's jumping their 4' fence and a neighbor thinks he scared one of their show calves so they're afraid there might be trouble if they keep him.  He hasn't been neutered so they''ll take him to the shelter to be neutered next Thursday and I'll get to visit with him and see.  He's all white, about 80 lbs., good natured she says but has only been in the house when he was a puppy.  I've read about the Anatolan Shepherd and they sound kind of like the GPs.  I don't want to bring him here until he's neutered because of the two dogs that visit from our neighbors. She says he has a booming bark.


If any of you are familiar with the Anatollan Shepherds, please tell me about them. 


Susie and Bella were out all night.  When I went out to feed Charm, Susie was in the pen with her - spent the night there because she couldn't get out.  They've been running around all day which I don't like.


Ray's prowling in the kitchen.  Wouldn't eat breakfast but he's had about three bananas and just now a piece of cake - BS may be skyhigh. 


The wind is from the north today and it's kind of chilly but the sun is shining.  I have one Queen Elizabeth rose that's been in bloom for almost a week - absolutely gorgeous.  I've taken some pictures of it and I'll post one when I get them in the computer.  Last rose of summer - except the Knock-out roses are still blooming. 


It's 3:30 and I think I could stand a nap - if Ray will go for it.   I think that potato soup I didn't make would taste pretty good tonight - might still make it.


Guess I'll go and read some more posts.  

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