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Just need to talk to my friends(1)
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 11:49 AM
Joined: 12/18/2011
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Hello, everyone,

Well, it's February. Maybe this will be a better month for us that January was. It couldn't be much worse.

It's cloudy here this morning, not too cold - about 40 - but the north wind is howling so the wind chill is low. Supposed to get colder as the day goes on. Today is the day I'm supposed to feed the girls but if it's not sunny by afternoon, I'll wait until tomorrow.

For some reason, today is a hard day for me. I reread the posts from the middle of last month and maybe that's part of it. I'm so grateful for all of you and humbled by all your wonderful posts showing concern and love for both Ray and I. We are, indeed, like a family. Although we've never met, we're close.

catlady, I hate the word "widow", too, with all my heart. The first time either I said it or someone I was talking to on the phone said it, I literally broke down. It still doesn't take much for that to happen. I have to try to get out of this feeling though because I know Ray wouldn't want me to be like this. He's say "it's all right, I'm fine now, we'll be together again and I'm there watching over you for now".

He wasn't the type to let things bother him too much. I think I did the worrying for both of us - thus, my gray hair and his still, mostly dark brown hair. Maybe he did worry and it just didn't show. I tend to show my emotions. Maybe because he was part Indian he didn't so much.

catlady, as you know Ray and I didn't have children either so I'm alone here except for some cousins, all my age and older and not in good health. I'm sure Ray's sister, especially will keep in touch. His brother doesn't like to talk on the phone, just like Ray.

I also find it very hard to go places where we enjoyed going. I won't be eating out, at least, until my friends are better (one with the flu and another in an auto accident and in rehab for goodness knows how long). But, there's WM, where he loved to go. I won't be going there much - and McDonalds. I can do without that completely.

I'll call about the puppy today but may wait until Spring. He needs more attention than I'd probably be able to give right now - but, again, he'd be a comfort to me - I could keep him in the house for a while. I remember how happy I felt when I first saw Prince. See, I can't even make decisions now. I guess that goes with the territory.

I'm so sorry for this sad post. February is a new month and we should look forward to it. Spring is coming along with new life. If our warm weather continues it won't be too long before daffodils, tulips and roses start blooming. I also need to cut back the clematis so they'll be pretty this summer.

I may make some potato soup today - or not. I froze most of the vegetable soup.

Leanne - I'm glad your night out turned out well. Is it something that you'll do often?

I'd kind of like to take a class in tai chi or even yoga if there was one nearby. My SIL in Texas goes during the spring and summer and thoroughly enjoys it. Several years ago they had a series of classes on Tai Chi on TV and I recorded them but I don't have my VCR hooked up. Maybe I'll look into that. I do remember that after the first class or two I was so very sore - using muscles I wasn't used to using.

I've just watched the men's finals of the Australian Open and I'll watch the Super Bowl later today. Ray and I watched sports on TV all the time - not the same watching alone though.

Everyone, try to have a good Sunday. I'll be back later today.

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:01 PM
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Well another month has started. Today is my Birthday (64) I feel so old and depressed. Bill doesn't buy gifts nor my sons. It is just another day older living with this terrible disease. Bill is off his Alz meds and most of his depression meds. He is not falling around now and I keep him as clam as possible so he can have good days.

Lorita you will know when the time is right to get a new dog. There is no need to hurry with any decisions.

Have a good day all.


Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:17 PM
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Happy Birthday, dear Shirley,

You've been such a dear friend to me over the years, I do wish I was close enough to celebrate your birthday with you. We could have some good times. Shirley, you're still a young lady - I'll be 73 in June - now, that is old.

I'm glad Bill is doing fairly well off his meds. I always tried to keep things as calm as I could with Ray, too, but occasionally we would have an outburst. I always told him that we argued but we always knew we loved each other anyway - and we did.

I know what you mean about birthdays and any holidays. For the last two or three years Ray didn't realize there was anything special about the days. I'd tell him and he'd forget in a little while so for us, too, it was just another day.

Maybe you can make yourself a birthday cake - or pie. That's what I always did until the last few years. I can't remember the last time I made a cake. I'd have to eat the whole thing, now, if I did, and I certainly don't need that.


Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:27 PM
Joined: 1/12/2012
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Dear Shirley-- I hope you have a happy birthday on this dreary day - enjoy a special treat for yourself, maybe some chocolate ?

myDan was never good at birthdays or any other holiday celebration- even before the disease took his brain . I got used to it, sometimes I'd just make a celebration on my own and maybe let him participate- haha.

Lorita- I think I have only actually said the word "widow" once- I just can't get my head around it yet.

I looked up yoga classes this morning- yikes, it was expensive. I have a DVD but it's not the same. I'm thinking of going tomorrow to the senior aquatics center ( all indoors) and signing up for some water aerobics, I can do that 3 times a week for 6 months for $99- that seems reasonable. They say exercise is good for depression , releases endorphins or something like that.

Do you start a new post at the first of every month? that's a great idea, I was beginning to wonder how many pages we would get up to. I'm sure I have missed information trying to read over all the past pages for January-

Big (((hugs))) Shirley and hopes for a nice birthday-


Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:39 PM
Joined: 12/18/2011
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Hi colleen,

I hope the water aerobics works out for you. It wouldn't for me - I can't swim. I do have a friend who will be 91 in April. She has pretty bad arthritis and goes to the local Y to swim three times a week. She loves it and says if she doesn't get to go her arthritis is much worse.

I try to start a new volume each month but way back when we first started this thread, I didn't and it got really hard to get to the end - was getting that way this time. We had so much activity during January with all our losses and problems. This volume says #1 - I sent them an e-mail to see why - should be #16. I went back to the thread for January and reread some of it. I'd love to copy some of it but just too long. Everyone was so extremely nice and thoughtful to me and the others ladies who lost their loved ones this past month.

That's a word I'm going to avoid. It makes me cry - guess it brings home the reality of it all.

I hope the water aerobics works out for you - or you could come and help me feed the cows and sit up nights during calving season. Wouldn't it be nice if we all lived closer together and could do things like that?

I think today is going to be another lounging day in bed. It's very windy from the north here today and even though we have new windows and insulation it's much warmer in the bedroom on the south side. Hope no one shows up (rarely do) because I just have on Ray's red fleece pullover and my thermal underwear pants.

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 12:45 PM
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Hi again, Shirley,

I wanted to post a reply to you and your post came up so I deleted it on the message space - hope it didn't delete it on the thread.

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful those roses are on your avatar. Is it a picture you found or are they your roses?

Last fall I posted a picture of the most beautiful Queen Elizabeth Rose (last rose of the summer). Do you all known the petals are still on that rose - dried up and hanging down but they're still there. There's also some new growth on the bush. I'm anxiously awaiting new roses.

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 1:54 PM
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Good afternoon from snowy Illinois. We have at least 12 inches if wet heavy snow on our driveway. It was like wading inset cement when I went to find the newspaper. (Not that I've ever done that). I don't know if my neighbor can handle it. Rich keeps asking if we have a snowblower. We do but he can't handle it anymore. I told him we are not going anywhere today so he told our dog we're not going home. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Shirley, I hope you have something to make your day a little special, even if it's just some "me" time.

Coleen the water aerobics sound like fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Lorita, I'm sure you will have many days you feel blue. Especially when the sun isn't shinning. When you were able to get out on those nice days you seemed to feel a little better. Soon Spring will be here and we'll be looking at the gardening thread. It's probably many pages back. We'll bring it back up. Watched Too Cute today, the had darling GP puppies.

Hope you're feeling better Linda Dee.

Enjoy the Super Bowl.


Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 2:37 PM
Joined: 8/19/2012
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HELLO EVERYONE FROM NEW JERSEY, SUPERBOWL SUNDAY.... so my Son Sean is excited that it starts after he returns from work. THANK GOD we have 3 TV's.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY.. I started to do my own thing for my Birthday when I was still working. I never worked on my Birthday. I love to flee market, and shop for Clearence, bargins.
So I would always go to the Doctor and get a note, for a sick day, and off I would go. When my Mom was alive I would go and get her, and we would be gone the whole day, and than have dinner. LOVED IT. After my Mom passed, I did it alone a few years. Now my Daughter takes off work, and we spend the whole day together, than have dinner. The Boys might get me something when I return. YOU ARE YOUNG,, i'm 61yrs old. aside from Arthritis.. i'm good Thank God.

Thanks for starting a new page Lorita.. I can never catch up so I can post. NOW, I saw this morning that you got rid of some calf's.??? is that right Bubba is gone? I hope you still have Liam? I did not even see a pic of him yet.. I hope you keep him FOREVER... OH! I WAS always big on Thi chi.. Check with your local HOSPITAL, they always have a class. Ours here was $10 a class. I loved it, because you would move every muscle, but no one asked you to get on the floor. Ok below I will list some pic of Dogs in Oklahoma...
THERE WAS AN ADD ON CRAIGS LIST. for 8 week old Anatolian/Pyree.........Puppies..GUTHRIE, OK
the phone number is 405-315-4700.. charging $200 per pup.. I will try and post pic in order
GREAT PYREN PUPPIES. $100 DEP. BUT 800 IS THE COST. #405-820-2559
ENGLISH MASTIFF PUPS.. 800,00 COST. 405-568-1690
all in OKLAHOMA..... all have phone numbers.. if they don't have what you want, they might no someone who does. PEOPLE WHO HAVE DOGS.. KNOW WHERE TO FIND OTHER DOGS. all so cute....
Ok, I'm looking for Joan, what is the latest and how is she doing??? I have to go pick up my son. Be well my friends.. hope to be back soon.

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Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 2:41 PM
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Sandy - all your snow has come to western PA - a good 12 inches and still snowing. I didn't try to go to see Jim today - roads are terrible.

There have been so many losses this past year. I just makes me realize that there are no happy endings coming my way either. When I saw Jim yesterday, it was late afternoon, and he was sundowning badly. I usually go late mornings, so I hadn't seen that for a while. He doesn't know where he is or why, got his restraint belt open and tried to stand up (He hasn't been able to stand or walk since June.). He thought our son was his grandson - he's just totally lost in dementia. Our out-of-state son called, and I cried to him. This is so terrible for me, but it has to be so awful for him. This is the tenth year of his illness, although there were signs of it before that. Now he can't walk, is in diapers, eating (or not eating) pureed food. He can't string together a coherent sentence, has no memory at all. Jim was a tall handsome guy who was extremely intelligent. He was an electrical and then nuclear engineer. He had an amazing sense of humor, and that's all gone. He wants me to take him home, but he doesn't know where that is. And he yells.

I didn't mean to sound so self-pitying, but this is a blue weekend for me. Sometimes I just need to vent a little. Sorry. Carolyn

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 2:48 PM
Joined: 3/19/2013
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Hello from sunny, single-digit northern NH! Just got dug out from Fri. snow and expecting another tonight!

Linda Dee, Glad to hear you are feeling better! Bath and Body Works Kitchen Lemon antibac hand soap works on fish smell!

Joan, Happy all is going well for you and Harv! What a relief!

Happy Birthday to Shirley! Congrats to Hhelen on the new home! Sandy, sorry to hear you are buried in snow too!

Leanne, glad you are getting out a bit! Hope all of you girls do the same! I am well-versed in eating out alone, and just being by myself as my exH was an over-the-road trucker. Spent 10 yrs of seeing him only 2 or 3 days a month, so I got to be really good company for me! It does come with time - sometimes too much though, as I had a hard time adjusting to having a full-time husband this go round - LOL!

Wishing all as great a day as possible! Hugs, Twink

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 3:15 PM
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Don't we hate the words 'dementia/ Alzheimer' and the word 'widow'... In any language!
I remember writing about the sound of the word 'widow' when I began my new 'civil law' identity. For me, it has the sound of scratching nails on a blackboard.

Lorita, I think most of us today are doing absolutely nothing... a complete day of 'siesta time'... And, lounging around in our Pj's waiting for the game to begin. I've already started munching.

My team will win and will lose... I will be cheering for whichever team carries the ball, inflated or not, to the end zone! It is difficult for me to watch sports. I get too excited. I have to close my eyes.
My favorite sport is baseball... more my pace of living .

Colleen, go and do those exercises... As you wrote, we need good hormones for the brain. Lorita, Leanne, and some of the other ladies, already do plenty of body movement carrying bales of hay and/or whatever! The rest of us are sedentary people. We need to get up and shake the butt. When you are alone at home, play the music you like, and dance... free yourself! Dancing is excellent exercise. Try it.

Popcorn and beer are calling, gotta go.

May the best team win!

Carolyn, I've just read your entry. So painfully sad. I am so sorry. A soft big hug for you from all of us.

Mrs. Braxton
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 5:04 PM
Joined: 9/12/2012
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Hi. I hope it's okay if I join you. This caught my attention on being a widow.
I had not thought of it like that. Being sad bc I was now alone. I was married for 25 years and asked for a divorce. My ex married a widow. We all know a lot of the same people and several family members are married into Karen's family. My ex husband. She is wonderful. My point is she is a widow so she is Good, I am the divorcee, Bad one. The aftermath has been hard for me. So Karen gets invited to all her in laws events. I don't get invited to my ex in law stuff. I like lots of his family. It is a doer spot for me.
I am remarried yes, and I thought when my DH passes I will be a widow and Good. Hmmm never thought about how sad that will be.
Here's an interesting story. Our son ( me & ex). Married my ex & new wife's daughter. Yes can you believe it. We all do well.

I love how all you girls have been such a support to each other for years.
Have you ever talked about meeting somewhere some day ?
Ok I live in Mesa outside of Phoenix. Super Bowl frenzy here . Lovely weather

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 5:11 PM
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Hi again,

Just about time for the game. I decided even though it is as cold as kraut I'd feed the girls so they'd have something besides hay and liquid feed in their tummies tonight. I swear they can tell time. I was very quiet going out the backdoor and as I came around the house, they were going toward the barn (I feed behind the barn but they go through the corral}. Charm was, of course, going into the barn for her feed.

It only took me about 20 minutes to feed the cats and the cows. Part of that time was spent chasing the tarpaulin that blew off the feed on the PU. I saw everyone and they're okay. Charm and two little ones were in the barn so I went back and fed them.

Carolyn, I'm sorry you're feeling down today. This darn disease does that to all of us if we just think about it. There's no way out but we have to not think about that. Maybe Jim will be better tomorrow when you go. Maybe it's best that you do go in the mornings and that way you don't see the sundowning (bad thing).

w/e, I've munched all day. I think after while I'll make a cheese sandwich, open some pork and beans and eat some more fritos. The bed has been full today of me, Barclee and cats - only four of us on the bed now. The baby one (Tico) is cuddled up with Barclee.

Does anyone remember who won the Super Bowl last year? From what I just heard maybe it was the Seahawks. I like them but my team, The Ravens, didn't make it this year. I hope the commercials are really good this year - I always like the one with the Budweiser horses.

Tomorrow is trash day and I hate to get out so early but I have bills to mail so I'll get out and feed cats and take it down before 9:30. Remember, Doc Martin tonight. I missed it last Sunday so had to watch Thursday night.

I hope everyone enjoys the game. If you don't like or understand football, maybe the commercials will be worth the time spent watching.

I feel somewhat better after being out in the cold air. Now, Twink wouldn't think it was cold here and compared to NH it isn't.

I did call about the GP puppies. They're all gone - BUT, she said the mom was in heat last week so a new litter will be ready, I imagine, in 4-5 months, late May or early June - should be just about right. She got my number and I have hers so I'll keep check. OR - maybe a GP puppy might show up at the shelter before then - who knows?

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 5:25 PM
Joined: 1/31/2015
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I am new only my second day on here. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and let you know that is how it is at my house too just another day. As alone as I have been feeling going through this with my husband Bob I see I am not alone and there are others that have birthdays or any other gift giving time of year that it doesn't happen for you. Once again Happy Birthday to you and hope you have a Bless day. God Bless prayers are with yal
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 5:57 PM
Joined: 7/21/2014
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Good early evening to all,
I'm glad nearly everyone is munching and watching the game. I baked Oatmeal cookies and then some Chocolate Chip cookies. I have to bake a few more things.Have to pay for having my horse clippers taken apart and the hair removed. Also have to deliver baked goodies in payment for putting together the log splitter. I like this sort of trade. Love to bake, and if I don't give most of it away, I would be VERY fluffy.
Lorita, I'm sure the girls were glad you decided to feed the pellets. I know they can tell when it is time. No one is sneaky enough to fool them.
I don't know how often I will go on girls nights out. I enjoyed it, but it is all in how I feel that day. I am trying to do things and I think it helps me feel better. Just kind of playing it by ear at the moment.
Shirley, Happy Birthday. I know that special days make us realize how alone it is with Alz. Carolyn sorry your day is sad, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Hi, Mrs. Braxton. Enjoyed your story, come back and visit us.
Bridget, It's been a while. Hope things are better on your end of the world.
Twink and Sandy,It's not real warm here today, but only have about an inch of snow. I used the broom to clean the sidewalks and car. Didn't even have to touch the shovel.
w/e, I also am rooting for the winners, who ever they may be. Hadn't thought of popcorn, believe I will make some.
We will have popcorn and beer together, but apart.
Colleen, Water Aerobics sounds fun. I don't think it really matters what a person does as long as they do something. I know I feel a lot better when I get out and move than I do when I just sit around. Does help to occupy the body and let the mind roam.
Lorita, I think you are right, about early to mid summer will probably be perfect for a puppy. I also dislike the word Widow. I'm not sure what word or words I will use to describe myself, but it won't be Widow. Perhaps Independent Person, or something else maybe.
Better go and watch the game someone must be winning. Leanne

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 6:06 PM
Joined: 12/30/2013
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Hi! Super Bowl time. I'm not actually a fan (don't tell my work colleagues) but I've got my bases covered...from Ma..moving to Wa.
Ok Cmak, chicken wings, guacamole and blue corn tortilla chips, mushroom stuffed with seafood stuffing. ( went to the grocery store and bought ready made).
And Shirley , I made you a birthday cake...from scratch. I used 1/3 recipe and made a little cake. It's cooling now. I'm going to "frost" it with chocolate and coffee ice cream. Then I will put a candle on it and light it and sing happy birthday to you at exactly 8pm. Anyone want to join in?

No school tomorrow. 12-14 inches of snow. So I will relax tonight and correct papers tomorrow.

I've been trying on the name, widow. Not too bad 4 months later. If I say "Harold's widow I feel like I am still his. Also it validates this reality. Sad, yet honorable. Don't think I'm ready to hear it out in the world yet, though.

Carolyn, you can tell us your sorrows anytime. It isn't self pity it is the truth and you have to let it out. Oddly hearing each other's struggles and sorrows helps us all.

See you all at the birthday sing along at 8pm...I hope you can hear us, Shirley!

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 7:41 PM
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Colleen, I go to arthritis exercises at our YMCA three days a week weather permitting (only it is not permitting so much lately) In our state we can take community college courses for free on a space available basis but register the last possible day. That is pretty interesting. I have taken maybe eight different courses since LO has been in the facility. I won't be called a widow because we never married. I was married a long time and my ex wanted something a bit younger so he ran off. That was a good thing because then I met my love. I thought by having someone a few years younger I would have him longer. Oh well, oh well! But we still have our time together, just not like before. And we still kiss but he does not hug me like he used to.and I miss that dreadfully. He gave the best hugs. Take care. We are supposed to have snow and ice tonight and tomorrow. My cooler is in the kitchen and I will put some cheese and hard boiled eggs and yogurt and juice in it before I go to bed, and I have bottled water and water to flush with and flashlights and a battery radio so I will be ok and i did check out the chat room last night and it was interesting. May check it out later tonite. Also made chocolate chip cookies when I got home from the NH.
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 9:21 PM
Joined: 12/18/2011
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For those of you who did watch the Super Bowl - can you believe that??

Whoever made that call should be put in the outhouse. My goodness, Seattle had that game won. With a running back like they had and they tried a pass? Unbelievable. Oh, well, can't lose sleep over split milk, I guess, but I feel sorry for whoever did call that play.

terromari - remind me where you live, please. I remember an ice storm we had a few years back. We were out of power for two weeks. We lost everything in our freezer. One of our neighbors put things out of their freezer in a box - outside. That saved things for a while, then because they had a stove to cook on, they cooked everything. I hope your ice storm doesn't materialize.

I hate ice storms. We've had three terrible ones since 2000 and I don't want another one.

About the commercials for the Super Bowl. My favorite was the Budweiser one about the little dog and horses. They're always so cute.

I'm going to have to get the cats out of the bedroom - there's six on the bed with Barclee and I. I only let Phoebe sleep with us and she hasn't done that since Ray's been gone. I think she misses him. They say cats are one-person animals but she loved both of us the same.

What did you all think about the half-time show? Not my kind of music and I don't even know who Katy Perry is. I'm really out of the loop.

It was a good football game though but such a weird ending. That will be talked about from now on.

Hope you all have a restful night. Tomorrow is another day.

Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 9:25 PM
Joined: 12/30/2013
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Um....yay Pats. Can't help it. I'm a New Englander.
Posted: Sunday, February 1, 2015 11:18 PM
Joined: 8/19/2012
Posts: 2333

ok, i LIVE IN "eagle" country, But I love the Ravens... DUE TO "JOSEPH FLACCO'. QUATERBACK. . If you just look at his eyes and you know. WHAT A DREAM BOAT.. He is a JERSEY BOY, he still has two younger brothers who are here following in his footsteps.
Loritta, i'm happy you spoke to the lady, and you can look forward to a new litter....Did you like any that I posted in my last post. they are all in OKLAHOMA..

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Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 12:08 AM
Joined: 8/13/2013
Posts: 802

Hi All. I continue to feel better, but now Ken has that dry raspy cough! I ask if he wanted to go to the walk in clinic, but of course, he did not!
We watched the Super Bowl. Ken had a bet with our oldest daughter, and he won. They bet every year, but he lost two yeas in a row.

Lorita, it is snowing here, and wind chill is in single digits. I have not been away from the house since last Wednesday. Will go to the body shop tomorrow for estimate and order parts, from when I backed into utility pole while daughters were here. Long story, will not go there.

Ken has really stumbled around today. Worries me he might fall. Tried to get him to use a cane. But, no, of course not!

I am trying to get things caught up from when I was down all last week.
We did not go to church this morning. No services tonight. I think about 75% of people, at church, have this crud!

Roxy, bless you! Check back in when you are up to it.
Joan, what a blessing, that things are working out for you, and Harv! So good to hear from you.

Jfkoc, I did read the article you suggested on LBD. Sounds so much like Ken. But, not all of the time. Guess each person is just enough different, not too match 100%. Has Dick had his pacemaker battery changed? Ken has had his changed one time. Should be due again, in about two and one half years. I said if Ken was deep in the throes of AD, I would not do batteries, but I know I will. I just wish the Lord would take Ken before the last stage of AD. But, not my decision. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, blessed be the name of the Lord.
Leanne, did you see what Twink used on her hands, for fish smell? I have not written it down yet, but I will! Sometimes I know AD is contagious!

Helen, good to see a post from you. Do you think y ou would ever want animals again? The pictures of your goats, from long ago, we're so cute! I cannot imagine never having a pet of some kind, but, vet bills can sure run up in a hurry! We do not have any humane services to help us, like they do in Kansas City, not even a Senior Citizen's break.
Well, here it is Ground Hogs Day, 2015! My bulbs just continue to break through the ground. So, come on Spring!!
Have a restful night all. Ken is up so need to see what is going on.
I will be back late Monday, to check in.
Linda Dee

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 7:30 AM
Joined: 1/12/2012
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good morning all-

yes, the Superbowl was on, but I had a book. I only watch the commercials. There weren't that many really good ones this year, I didn't think. AND changed to Downton Abbey at 9 !!

Hhelen- we had chicken wings, curly fries, cheese stick & oven fried pickles ( store bought), sausage & cheese w/ crackers. Also I made a cake- yum !

Lorita - it's uncanny how the animals just know, isn't it? I could go out to see my horse anytime, but when it was actually food time, he'd come running to the fence !

Angela- welcome ! I'm a newbie here too, but I'll throw that out to you !! my mother lives in ShowLow, my niece & family in Tucson. I LOVE Arizona !! If I didn't have my kids here in GA, I might move !!

Lorita- that's the second time you've mentioned beans and cheese at the same time. Did you know there is a favorite British food combo : toast, beans, cheese, and bacon. Toast or broil- yum !!!

4-5 months might be just about right for you a new puppy- warmer weather would be easier, wouldn't it?

Carolyn- sorry you are having a down day, sending you a big (((hug))) and warm thoughts for a better day tomorrow

Foxytxn- glad you are here ! I know exactly what you mean about our LO no longer recognizing special days - my Dan was like that BEFORE he got sick, I guess I was used to it. Still sad, though.

Leanne-- save some chocolate chip cookies for me !! I am the world's biggest chocoholic - no meal complete without some !! lol !

LindaDee- I'm glad you are feeling better, too bad Ken has it now. That crud really gets around, doesn't it? I hope he feels better soon and doesn't get TOO sick with it...

Roxy- I have a "cheat sheet' in front of me as I go- my poor brain just cannot remember all I want to. I suffer from FBS, aka Full Brain Syndrome. Something new goes in, something old has to go out- no more room !! lol !

well, you all have encouraged me, so I am going in about an hour over to the aquatic center and try my first water exercise class since high school !!! I had to rummage out in the attic for my swim suit, but I have it on under my jeans & sweatshirt, no makeup, did not run on the treadmill this morning. After all the junky food last night, I HAVE to burn some calories today, so no changing my mind !!

I'll check back later and let you all know how it went !!


Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 11:00 AM
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Well, bold isn't working for me this morning - guess it's too cold. WC temps here this morning were in the single digits but it's sunny and not too much wind. I did have to cut ice on the water tanks but the axes were handy.

I thought the game last night was good except for the last play - interception. Helen, I really didn't care who won the game but that last play was so dumb. I can see why they probably called it - thinking they would think they were going to run the ball but...

Bridget, maybe next year our Ravens will get in. I think Flacco is cute, too. I used to really like the Eagles when Cunningham was the quarterback. We also used to like the KC Chiefs - went to several of their games. Anyway, the game's over so on to other things.

I don't have anything particular on the agenda today except I think I will complete some of the insurance forms - some kind of insurance we've had for years where they pay for each day of hospitalization. I'm still waiting for information for that from the VA. I think I've found the pictures I want to send to Ray's brother and sister with the exception of having copies made of the one I have in the china cabinet.

Guess I could do the dishes (you all know I hate that) and make some potato soup. That would taste good in this cold weather.

Helen - your house in Walla Walla sounds so cute. Many years ago we had a Chief Social Worker who came from Walla Walla. That was really fast - just buying it and getting it rented in no time. Moving from one coast to the other will be a big change but I know you'll be glad to be close to your kids.

Bridget - I liked all the pictures - puppies of any kind are adorable. Guess that's why we've always had so many dogs. I think the timing on the puppy will be just about perfect unless our weather gets hot early. Maybe one will turn up at the shelter (probably not) before then. One never knows.

I ordered medications this morning from the ophthalmologist in OKC for Luther and Barclee. I have to give Luther 1/4 pill and eye ointment every day, Barclee - eye drops daily and I'm giving medicine to Tico and Simon for colds, also some eye ointment for Tico's eye.

I'm finding that I don't have a lot to do lately. I'm still doing the same things outside that I've done for years but not very much inside. Another thing - very little laundry and this morning I only had two sacks of trash, the biggest part of which is cans from cat and dog food. I think I mentioned we use throw rugs on our wooden floors. This is something they always say elderly people shouldn't use because of falling but neither Ray or I have ever had problems with them. He was always straightening the rugs with his foot because the cats keeps them messed up. Now, I find myself doing the same thing.

I do need to change the bed linens today and wash them but I won't wash Ray's pillow slip. It'll stay on his pillow as long as I need it to, along with his picture and stocking cap.

I'm wearing his red fleece top. When the weather gets warmer I'll have to find something cooler. Still don't know what I'll do with all of the clothes. When the weather's warmer I'm going through the clothes we've stored in the building and do something with them. We have a freezer out there (not working) where we stored sets of mother's dishes when we moved down here. No need for them either. People tend to hold onto things. I remember mother had her dad's overcoat and he passed away in 1941. I think we finally disposed of it when we had some work done on the house in the mid 90s. I still have some of her clothing from 1996.

Linda Dee - I think that raspy cough that Ken has holds on for a long, long time. I'm glad you're feeling better. It's been over four days since I've been in town so guess I avoided sickness. I don't expect to see anyone this week except maybe the vet if he needs to put out hay and, hopefully, the plumber to hook the generator up to the propane. Maybe I didn't even need to get the generator. I got it because I didn't want Ray to be cold or without warm food if we did have a power outage. It doesn't matter about me.

I tried to watch Doc Martin last night but went to sleep and missed the first 25 minutes of it so I'll watch Thursday night. I'd like to see a good movie on TV but lately there hasn't been anything worth watching.

I hope all of you have a good Monday and didn't get too much snow. It's supposed to be in the 50s here tomorrow and upper 60s by next weekend.

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 12:56 PM
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Well, the snow Sandy sent to Carolyn has now been sent to me! 5 inches so far - will let you know the total when it is done! Seems like my truck has not been out of 4WD for well over a week now - big sigh!

I am not a football fan but did go to camp with DH to watch the game with the boys. They are all happy with the outcome, even DH who bet on Seattle. His reasoning was that if Seattle won, he would win some money, but if New England won, his team would win, so he figured it was a win-win situation. Kinda makes sense I guess. He did exclaim that it was the best $50 he ever lost - LOL!

Our Superbowl menu was pepperoni/cheese/cracker tray, hot wings, pigs-in-blankets and sauteed venison bites. Yum!

The extreme cold is finally getting to my girls! Have a respiratory icky going through my henhouse and have lost 1 hen so far. Am on day 3 of medicating with Vet RX drops, and chores are taking alot longer than usual. Hope we can get it cleared up soon!

Wishing all as great a day as possible! Hugs, Twink

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 1:36 PM
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Hi everyone, sorry Carolyn and Twink. We didn't mean to send more snow. The fact is, we got 19 inches with drifts 3 ft. Casey is having a hard time negotiating his way to the back yard. We couldn't handle any more snow, so we had to send it your way. Cold but sunny today. High 15.

Linda D sorry Ken caught your cough. I guess when we don't go anywhere or see anyone we don't catch any colds or flu. That the advantage of being a full time caretaker.

Lorita did you get any rain as this storm passed through Ok? I had to laugh at your bed full of cats. I'm glad you may find a GP in spring. Are they good helpers with the cows?

Just reading about all the baking of cookies makes me want to do the same. It seems like a good day to do that. Rich wants a cake though. He likes chocolate. Coleen you know I'd eat more than he does. Leanne, it seems you are baking something every day. Makes the house smell good.

Helen wow from one coast to the other that's quite a big change. Sounds like a good way to start over. I hope you get everything handled quickly so you can be close to your family.

Welcome to foxy, you'll meet some great people on the forum. Sorry you have to be here.

Hope everyone has a peaceful day.


Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 3:38 PM
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Hi all: another note to say all is still doing well. Harv is so happy here. Makes me so happy to see him this way. I don't think he even knows now he just got here. He's back to joking around and teasing the aides. We are so blessed. Activities are over so will check in again soon. Hugs an d thanks for your support. Joan
Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 3:51 PM
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I am so glad that Harv is doing so well. My Bob is also doing very well in his memory care center. He's pretty far along in the disease, but he seems to like it there. They keep him busy all day, and he seems to like the others there. When I was there yesterday, a woman who's in stage 6, was telling my husband she thinks about him all the time. She wanted him to sit by her and watch TV with her which he did. I surprised myself by being glad Bob has a "friend" he enjoys there. Actually, there's another woman who also seems fond of him too. My husband is still a handsome guy--gorgeous blue eyes and has all his hair. These two keep him company and it's wonderful for him. It makes the burden easier for us if our loved ones are content.
Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 4:42 PM
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Good Afternoon all,
First, welcome Foxy, you must have been posting at the same time I was last night. Didn't mean to not give you a welcome.
Linda D, That crud is awful. Hope Ken can kick the cough soon. Also hope the back of your car heals up nicely.
Joan, A big sigh of relief for you. So much worry and then it turns out so well. I am so glad.
Colleen, Hope the aerobics go well. It sounds like it would be fun. Not supposed to be hard on the joints.
I also LOVE chocolate. I made raisin bread with sunflower seeds today and brownies. My neighbor and his wife were here. He loves anything chocolate, so I sent most (I kept some for me) of the brownies and a loaf of bread home with them.
Twink, Sorry the girls are not feeling well. Losing a hen after the ones you lost to the weasel, must leave your hen house a bit empty. Will you get some replacements in the spring? I bet you are sick of the snow. It is sunny and 40 here today. Will get some more snow tonight and tomorrow, but only a few inches. Then back up to 50 degrees.
Terromari, I hope the ice storm didn't materialize. We haven't had much trouble losing power here for the last 10 years or so. Before that it seemed we were out all the time. I have 2 generators, so I can plug in the deep freeze or refrigerator long enough to get them cold so I wouldn't lose the meat etc in them. Also can plug in the pumps so I can water the horses and donkeys, flush toilets and refill my water cans etc.
Helen,Sandy, Bridget, hope you have a good day.
Bjjca, I am glad that you don't feel slighted by your husband having friends at the nursing home. It is good that he feels that much at home and the girls are hanging around. There are always more women than men it seems and they get a lot of attention.
Lorita, You may have to get another bed so you have a place to sleep. That many kittens would be a busy lot.
I know what you mean about not having much to do in the house. After Don died, I cleaned everything just for something to keep me busy. Then I kind of started filling my days with other stuff. Now, I clean my house when I have to, pretty much like I did when Don was here. The laundry is the biggest change. I was always buying laundry soap, now I have 2 jugs and that will last me for 6 months or more.
I cleaned up the kitchen after my bake-a-thon this morning and put some chix and noodles in the crock pot. I guess I will start my taxes, certainly not my favorite thing, but getting started is always the worst.
Hope everyone has a gentle evening and gets a full nights sleep. Leanne

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Glad Harve is doing well. When LO was first at the current facility I was told he cried when I left him at the supper table. Now he seems more accepting. I tell him that I have to run to the store but that I will see him later and I ask him if that is ok and he says Yes. My heart still breaks that I don't have him here but I know I could never give him the care he needs so I just have to get over it. But it is not as easy as it sounds.
Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 4:57 PM
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Shirley, oh to be 64 again. LO would still be here at home with me if that were the case. I will be 75 in less than two weeks. Very scary.
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You all sent snow today, then it sleeted, now it is snowing and blowing and I don't know when it will stop. I baked cookies over the weekend and have been eating them. The dog is doing pretty well. I gave him some of my chicken soup and I bought a cup of dry dog food that you moisten with water, it has brown rice, and he really liked it. I have a little more, and a bit more soup, and am going to cook some chicken strips and give him some. Just when I think he has taken his last step he is up and walking around and begging for food and of course peeing on the peepads. Such is life. Hope I will be able to get out to see my honey tomorrow afternoon. We are really getting zonked. Was in the chat room the last two evenings and it was fun--nice to have someone to talk to that late at night. Be well. Hope I can get out tomorrow because I want to get more chicken soup, more of that dry cup of dog food, and I will need more pee pads. Watched quite a few episodes of Sex in the City marathon today as well. Figured since we still had power why not. Take care.
Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 5:16 PM
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Hi everyone,
I tell ya I'm about tired of this cloudy cold weather, does wonders for depression.
Spring is coming maybe this month will be good to us.

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015 6:54 PM
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Hi everyone,

This is getting to be a habit with me - I type a reply, somehow hit the wrong key and it disappears. Oh, well, I'll try again.

Leanne - thank goodness we have a king-sized bed, however, all the cats seem to want to lay on my feet. Barclee lays on Ray's side but during the night he moves over against me. But, I'm glad he's there - cats stay in the LR at night.

I always dread getting started on taxes, too, but once I've begun, it's not so bad - doesn't take that long to get things together.

Do the other animals seem to miss Julie very much? I know you do - takes a while to get over that after you've had them so long.

You are really industrious making so many cookies. I have some packages of sugar cookie mix in the pantry that Ray bought but if I bake them, I'll eat them so I'll try not to do that.

I did make the potato soup today - with some grated carrots in it. Tasted pretty good.

It's been cold here today - barely made it to freezing and will be cold tonight because it's already clear - the moon is really pretty - full moon tomorrow night. I'm sorry all of you up north and northeast are having so much snow - I just can't imagine that much snow at one time. I hope we don't get any more this year.

Bjjca - a couple of years ago someone else made the comment that their husband had gone into a NH and there were a couple of ladies that always wanted to sit next to him. I also think it's nice that he's made friends and is doing all right.

Joan - I know you feel so much better about your decision to place Harv - knowing that he seems to like it there. That will make it so much easier for you.

terromari - I'm not sure I'd like to be 64 again - that would mean we were just about ready to begin this long, hard journey again. I'd rather go back to 44 or even 54, if I had a choice. I'll be 73 in a few months and that seems scary to me, too.

I didn't go into the chatroom last night but the two nights I was there I did enjoy it - keeps you hopping to keep up.

I haven't done much of anything today. Can't seem to get started on anything. I did finish up the last of the thank-you cards and paid some bills so I'll have to take them down to the mailbox in the morning.

I may watch The Bachelor tonight. My sister watches it and says they're supposed to be in Santa Fe tonight so thought I might see some pretty scenery. jfkoc - do you still have your place in Santa Fe?

I cut ice on the water tanks this morning and what they didn't drink was frozen again this afternoon. The dog's water refroze in a couple of hours. I ran some more in the water tank in the loafing area but the cattle have gone to the NE pasture so it'll be frozen by the time they come back up.

Bridget - I think I mentioned to you that Bubba did go to another home. Liam is still here with the other four little ones.

Guess I'll get off and maybe play some poppit. For some reason some times I can play it on my tablet and other times I can't.

I'll check in later tonight to see what's happening.

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Well I'm going to try and join in again. I have a heck of a time keeping track of who everybody is.we are having crappy weather here in Nova Scotia. Snow ice rain snow again supposed to turn to rain and ice pellets. I hate this part of winter!
I started aquacise a couple weeks ago and it was cancelled tonight. Our son,wife and 3kids live with us until their house is finished,near us,so I have to take advantage of the freedom. All our kids live nearby so We have lots of support
I'm so glad to have found you bunch of great people!๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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Hi Michelle,

Welcome - I'm glad you joined in again. We've all been here so long we're kind of used to each other but I have trouble remembering where a lot of us live.

I was in the chatroom a night or two ago and there was someone in there from Nova Scotia - can't remember her name.

It seems like all of you all in the north and northeast this year are having lots of snow. I have a cousin who lives in Cape Code and he said they had 30" of snow a few days ago. We don't have much snow here in Oklahoma - mostly ice. Occasionally we do have snow - once a few years ago actually had about 20". We were snowed in for a few days. Our house is a quarter of a mile from the main room so it happens occasionally. But, that time, even the main room was snowed in for a few days.

We've really had a pretty nice winter here - had 3" of snow last November but so far that's all - just some really cold weather off and on.

I'm glad you have family close by - that will be a big help to you. Ray and I were married almost 44 years but had no children. His relatives live in the Texas Panhandle and my one sister lives in Oklahoma City so except for a few cousins we were alone. I lost him January 15th and it's very lonesome. We live on a farm and have cattle and lots of cats and dogs so I'm never alone but not much conversation from the animals.

Again, glad you joined us again. You'll get used to everyone, just jump in when you have something you want to say or ask. We come to this thread to visit and support each other. Everyone here on the forum is wonderful. I don't know what I'd do without all of them.

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