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Just need to talk to my friends(16)
Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 5:40 PM
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Hi everyone,

Can you all believe this is the first day of March? Time is flying by and yet it's standing still for a lot of us, too. It's been a hard year for many of us with a lot of hard times to come, I'm afraid.

Sorry I just now got around to starting this new volume. I see several have posted on the one from February and also Johanna on the one I brought back up from January. I'm almost finished rereading it and then I'll let it go - maybe that can be a sort of closure on that horrid time for me.

Roxy, why don't you take half of one of your Xanax tablets and see if you can get a full night's sleep. We need our uninterrupted rest to help us heal. I can sleep the whole night most of the time but I've never gone to bed or sleep very early. I put off taking one of my pills too long today (I don't take one everyone and some days I need two of them). They're very mild but it does help me immensely. I've been spending a lot of time in the bedroom, in the bed, watching TV. I mentioned that to my cousin the other night and she said I should watch that - it could leave - or could be - some depression. So, I'm trying to stay in the LR.

We still have quite a lot of snow on although it warmed up to above freezing today and a lot of it did melt. Now, it'll get good and muddy. Our vet and I just fed the girls four bales of hay and the loafing area is kind of mushy. His cattle are in the height of calving season. He has several every day and has lost several to the cold weather. He said he went to a new place he's leasing last night - only about 20 miles from his home, to check on his Hereford cattle (heifers) that are calving. It took him two hours to come and go. He went the gravel roads and said it was just like driving on a frozen pond. Normally it would have taken less than an hour. I imagine the roads are muddy but I've seen several trucks driving on them.

Johanna - for a long time we did have a Recipe Gang thread - don't know what happened to it. I think your idea is good. I have such a hard time finding things. I didn't get around to making the banana bread today - just not in the mood to do anything but sit.

Roxy, I sat and looked out the window at all the snow today and thought to myself "this is the first snow I've been through without Ray for the last 44 years". That started the tears. I even wondered why it was worth going on without him, sitting here by myself without anything to look forward to (except the puppy in May). My medicine helped me get my head back on straight along with being outside a while. Try a little of your medicine and see if it helps. Sounds like we're in about the same place.

Johanna - this has been a terrible time for the last several months - so many lost loved ones and so many of us grieving. Maybe by spring those of us who are in the midst of this sadness will find a little bit of happiness with the new life in spring.

Dana, welcome to our thread - some have called it a "party line". You mentioned you had lived in Muskogee County - which town if you don't mind me asking? I don't live in Muskogee County but very close. It's a very pretty part of the world - except when we have this awful snow and terrible ice storms. If you're not too far down in Texas you're probably having some snow and ice, too. Just saw on the weather, there's more expected.

Shirley - Happy Birthday, dear friend!! Sorry the day is almost over and I've just now wished you happy birthday. I hope you're doing well and enjoy your day.

Twink and Leanne- I've been wearing my Bogs! Thought it was time to try them out and they're great. The only problem I have is getting them off. I can get the left one off okay but a while ago had to use the boot jack to get the right one off - and that's only wearing one pair of socks. They really keep your feet warm though. I noticed the feed store where I bought mine had theirs on sale three weeks ago - looks like they put them on sale a little bit early.

The wind spinners are slowly spinning - that's the way I love to see them. Early this morning they weren't even moving but the wind's from the north now and they look nice. A while ago when I was coming through the yard gate I noticed a piece of metal laying by the gate. When the men put in the generator and ran the line to the propane tank they had to cut back a lot of the winter jasmine and move some wheels and things around. The piece of metal was a shepherd's hook we'd bought years ago. I haven't seen in several years. I think I'll try to get it into the ground and put a couple of hanging baskets on it or maybe a couple of hummingbird feeders.

Sorry, this is getting long but I also just remembered that I ordered a tray of succulents from QVC a couple of weeks ago and I saw on my e-mail that they've been shipped. We have some flat rocks in front of the front and back steps and I'm going to put them between them and see if they'll grow and bloom. I don't even have good luck with Hen and Chicks so they may not make it.

Weather just said freezing rain tonight and in the morning and again Tuesday and Wednesday with some snow - then warmer weather. Poor little daffodils are still in bloom. I brought one in a day or so ago and it smelled so good when it thawed out.

Okay, I'll stop for now and read some more threads. I'll check in later tonight before I go to bed. Leanne - how do you like your tablet? I still haven't gotten my e-mail account set up on it or google - but, odd thing, I can click on google and ask a question verbally and it'll answer, many times verbally. Still can't play poppit on it but I did a couple of times. Can't figure that out. Hope you like yours.


Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 6:00 PM
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Hi Dana,

Just read your post to jfkoc on Friends (1). That was last months and when I started the one for March it says #16.

I know Haskell very well - we go through there on our way to Tulsa - it's only about 15 miles from us - it's just the second town north of ours. You're right about Bixby - you can't tell when you leave Bixby and get into Tulsa. I remember years ago when we used to go to Tulsa, you could tell them apart and we said then that sometime you wouldn't be able to.

Glad you decided to join us. So, if you're around Dallas you are getting bad weather there, too. Spring will come - sometime. There's another thread you might like - Gardening Gang. Lots of people contribute and I've learned lots from it.

Lesley Jean
Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 6:15 PM
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Does this mean Spring is here? I hope so. I just let the dogs out. They quickly did their thing and came right back in. It is a nasty, cold, icy, cold rain. UCH!

Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 7:52 PM
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Lesley Jean - you mean because it's March? I don't think so. We have had some of our biggest snows in March - when it's just below freezing. They don't last as long as earlier in the winter but still bad.

Linda Dee - you posted on the February thread about the wind spinners. Thank you - they're really pretty in the sunshine when it brings out the bronze in them. They had colored ones but I thought these were pretty. They're about six feet tall. I like them when they're just spinning a little bit. There's two rows of spinners and often they go opposite directions. I'm still looking for a vertical spinner. I moved them from the place I originally put them (picture taken in the summer) and put them on the north side of the house where it wouldn't be so windy.

The picture of the bales of hay was taken facing NW - it was snowing but in the distance you can see the meadow. It was warm enough today that almost half the snow melted off of them but there's still a lot there and on the ground. Our house faces east toward the big, sort of ice-cream shaped pond. The sun comes up over the pond and it's beautiful. I've taken so many pictures of it - I'll post a couple of them sometime. We have beautiful sunrises, really in all seasons. I remember taking a picture once of the sunrise with snow on the ground. I'm especially fond of them now because Charles is facing east toward the sunrise and we can see them together - of course, he's here instead of there in Ft. Gibson. At least I like to think that.

Are you going to order the elephant ear bulb from the same place as last year? I think I'll wait until Lowes or WM has their trees and then find a pretty weeping willow for Charles. We've had several of them over the years and for some reason they don't seem to thrive out here - probably a little too cold. Probably should plant it on the south side of the house - if I can find a place. It would be really cold down on the pond. We used to have willows down there but not weeping.

Well, I've talked too long again - but you all are who I have to talk with except for my sister, dogs, cats and cows. Boy, the cows and two bulls were really frisky this evening when we were putting out the hay, jumping and bucking. I think they thought I was going to give them cubes again - but that's tomorrow. Have to go into town for more of their feed and to return the Beneful and get some Taste of the Wild from Atwoods for Bella and Susie. They're having the best time playing in the snow. Tonight, in addition to their food, they had beef jerky and some banana bread I had in the freezer. They're in their house out of the cold now.

Joan - I'm sorry Harv isn't feeling well and is kind out of sorts. I hope he feels better in a day or two. I think it's so odd that you're in the mountains and not having snow like we are out here on the plains. I hate freezing drizzle and we're supposed to get some tonight and tomorrow morning.

See you all later. Decided to go ahead and post the pictures, one is of a storm cloud.

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Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 7:54 PM
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Hi. It is snowing AGAIN here today. I got up to see my LO this morning for an hour and then he went to lunch and I left because of the snow. He was sleeping while I was there. It hit me all of a sudden, stupid me as he would say about himself, that now I see the extent of his decline over the past several years and how close I may be to losing him. I hate this disease, but I love the man so dearly. Pup is doing well. I will post more later.
Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 7:59 PM
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Shirley....very late Birthday wishes....hope you had a nice day.

Luke continues to improve...and that is the extent of the news from Lake

Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 8:35 PM
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Good evening. Seemed like it took forever to read today's posts, had to jump back and forth to get everyone's.
Our storm isn't supposed to hit until tomorrow morning, so I got out extra hay for the donkeys and filled their shed with fresh straw. Made sure the horses and mules water was working and couldn't freeze and filled the heated water dish for the cats. I was running a little low on cat food, so went to Great Falls. Good excuse to visit my mother and pick up cat food and salad fixings at Sams club. Brought in lots of wood and stacked some more by the back door. Only supposed to get 4 inches of snow, but the wind and cold will be the worst. North winds gusting to 45 mph.
Lorita, I'm glad you finally tried the bogs. I have to take mine off with the boot jack. I have done it for years and don't think it has ever hurt them. I Do love those wind spinners. I really haven't done much with my tablet yet, because my router decided to die. I got it to pick up the internet at Zane's the other day, so I know it is the router. I ordered one from Staples, it should be here tomorrow. Zane says it is just like his phone so if I have questions he can help me. I'm sure I will have questions. I can't plant anything that I worry about freezing until the first of June. Sometimes I plant earlier, but always end up covering stuff and sometimes lose it and have to start over. Our growing season is very short.
Sandy, I have been going to ask, What kind of dog is Casey? I had an airdale mix that looked a lot like him many years ago. Loved him a lot.
Linda Dee, Ken must have wanted you to know he remembered you divided the hamburger, just couldn't find the words. I will have to try slow roasting my beef. I still have most of a half of steer in my freezer. I better give some of it away or it will freezer burn.
Roxy, I take Xanax at bed time a lot. When my mind just won't shut off, it lets me sleep. I take a very low dose and when I have gotten a little farther down the road with my new life alone, I will quit taking it. Not being able to sleep just makes things so much worse.
Dana, Welcome. Sorry you need to join us, but glad you made the choice to do so.
Sandra, I get so frustrated when I lose a post. Seems almost personal! Like the site does want me to post. I bet your little mini is nearly lost in her 2 acres. You may have to mow a little to help her. Do you have green grass year round? You may need a whole little herd to keep it mowed. I keep 3 donkeys on about 2 acres and they never get it totally eaten down. That is with 6 months of winter. Good job, entertaining SIL's. Brownie points are never a bad thing.
Twink, You are definitely having a bad one. Bet spring will be twice as sweet. Frozen chicken dung is not easy to clean up. It doesn't even chip very well. Makes you wonder how anything can be so hard. I think fisherman are a little bit nuts by definition. Particularly ice fisherman, but that is just my opinion. Stay warm and try to keep you head above the snow.
Joan, Sorry Harv is so miserable. I don't blame him for being cranky. I am too, when I don't feel good. He is probably weak from the stomach bug. It really wrings even young healthy people out.
Terromari, It is tough when you notice decline in a LO. We all know how this disease ends, but we all tend to think it is a long way off. Keep your chin up and love that puppy.
Jftoc, Glad Luke is improving. Your weather certainly isn't. Good thing to look out the window at.
Hi, Leslie Jean and Bonnie. I was wondering about Johanna just yesterday. Finally found her post back on the end of January. Glad you are all checked in.
Hope everyone has a good evening. Stay warm and stay safe. The roads are terrible most everywhere. Leanne

Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 8:38 PM
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Hi again:
I've been catching up on reading. I'm glad, Lorita, you started a new thread 16. Your pictures are beautiful. One thing about living in the mountains and valleys, we don't see pretty sun rises or sun sets. We have them, and see the color high in the sky, but have to drive down valley if we want to see the beautiful sunsets. Your pond is very pretty, especially with the sun rising behind it. Thanks for sharing.

Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 9:32 PM
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Just wanted to say I can't wait for Spring, and hopefully will be able to have a nice long visit with my LO tomorrow after class. I just uploaded a picture of the new pup She is a sweetie, a real blessing.
Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 10:19 PM
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Hi all,
Lorita love your pictures especially the sunrise. It looks so calm and peaceful. We have a friend that takes beautiful pictures of sunrise over Lake Michigan. Can't see any from here. Like the spinners, I saw them on QVC and was tempted.

Leanne, Casey is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He doesn't get groomed like a show dog would, too much brushing. Linda Dee has a Wheaten also and Terromari said she did show Wheatens in the past.

Joan I hope Harv recovers quickly. It's miserable being sick and I'm sure it must be harder for our LOs.

Terromari your pup is darling. How much will she weigh when ful grown?

I brought the recipe thread up for Johanna. It's getting long but it would be a shame to loose it. So many great recipes.

Rich is up again, need to close. Have a good night.


Posted: Sunday, March 1, 2015 10:28 PM
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Hi, again,

Just had to comment, Terromari, on Keisha. She is beautiful - you can just see the sweetness in her. I see one little tooth and I think that makes her look even cuter. Do those teeth bother her? I hope you have a really nice visit with your husband tomorrow. Enjoy every minute you have with him.

Leanne - sounds like you have everything under control for the upcoming storm. I don't mind the cold so much - it's just the wind chill that's so bad. This morning it was cold but no wind so it was pretty comfortable with all the clothes I had on. About noon the north wind got up and it felt a lot colder. How much snow are you supposed to get this time? When you have animals, they're your first concern. I feel so much better now that our girls have all the hay they can eat and lots of dry hay for them and the babies to lay on if they don't go into the barn - and they won't unless it's falling weather or very cold and windy. Looks like I'm going to have to get three or four one hayrings for next winter - these are pretty old and are rusting and coming apart. Maybe I can buy them from Atwoods and they'll deliver them. Otherwise, have to haul one eat a time. I'll get them already assembled. I absolutely hate to put them together.

Joan - thank you - the picture doesn't show very much of the pond - it's really long and bigger at one end. That's the one where Ray and I would go and sit and watch the dogs play late in the afternoons. We had it deepened a few years ago and I seeded the new dirt and it took. Someone had told me you couldn't seed with Bermuda grass - but it worked. Did that pond on both sides and another one just north of there - both did really well. I hope Harv is better tomorrow.

I'm kind of disgusted. A few months ago I ordered Taste of the Wild dog food from - the price was only a dollar or so higher than Atwoods so we didn't have to fool with carrying it in. I just checked and it's gone up six or seven dollars so guess I'll be getting it at Atwoods. It's $21. higher than the Beneful and a little more than a pound less in the sack. But I surely don't want to feed our dogs something that might hurt them, especially after talking with the vet about it. Why in the world would they put something that would be harmful in the dog food?

When I was looking for the pictures to post, I found the cutest one of Ray sitting on the divan with his bottle of pop beside him. He was smiling and his eyes were sparkling. I may post that one later. Made me so happy to see how happy he was.

Roxy, take a little bit of Xanax - we all need something from time to time, for a while. You need more sleep.

I'm watching the weather and the map has almost every color you can think of - for winter weather watches, rain, snow - everything. It's supposed to be 58 here Tuesday but a 40% chance of rain. To be in the 60s by the weekend - and sunny!

Okay, I'm finished for the night. Going to watch a little more TV and hit the hay. I bet the girls already have.

Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 7:15 AM
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good morning all-

we did end up getting about 4" of snow on Wednesday, so went outside right before supper to play a little bit. Thursday morning it was tough to get out of our neighborhood- lots of hill with curves. My son just spun his tires and slid until we convinced him to wait 2 hours. He was so worried he would get in big trouble for not opening the store ( Staples) on time. Of course, the supervisor calling him and telling him he HAD to go to work was sitting in hotel room in Florida at a meeting. We are so NOT used to driving on frozen stuff here in the south, it's pretty sad people want to put dollars ahead of safety. Anyway, he finally made it about 10:30- snow was already turning slushy by then. That's what we love about our snow- it usually melts off the roads the next day- sorry northerners

I headed to the senior pool Friday about 9:30 - it was not open- what the heck? the roads were fine ?!?!? I found out later they opened for the afternoon but by then I had gone home.

I ended up working at the office on Saturday, it was the first day that the therapist could get there and we hate for patients to not have at least one appointment in a week.

Had a nice day yesterday, lunch out with friends and then shopping with my daughter- we love to go look at clothes at Goodwill and can always find some good stuff !

Lorita, you photos are beautiful. How you must enjoy all those pretty colors. My house faces sort of northwest, but I can sometimes see pretty sunrises from my deck if I go outside. And I would love to see that picture of Ray, please post it !

Dana- I'm fairly new here on this thread too, but I have been very graciously welcomed and I hope you feel warmly welcomed as well. It's nice to talk about "normal" things here-

Joan- how is Harve doing? It's so sad when they don't feel well, I hope he bounces back quickly. Dan started leaning to the side a lot, too, mostly when he was sitting down or propped up in bed. He always leaned forward when he could still stand or walk. I hope and pray this illness doesn't worsen Harve's decline

Terromari - cute picture of Keisha, I can almost see the mischief in her face ! I'm sorry about your DH, they do sleep more and more. Dan was sleeping up to 18 hours out of every 24 by about 6 months before he died. Once he was bed-bound he slept even more- except of course, when it was my bedtime, then he would talk to the ceiling for a couple of hours- makes me smile now but not back then. It's so hard to watch them slowly fade away. I 'm glad you have Keisha to comfort you-

Leanne, it sounds like you are always so busy ! how is Zane, you said he had been back for counseling and was doing better? are you able to install the router by yourself? I am very technically challenged, but all the "kids" help me, the boys are both Staples Easy Techs so I have "in house" tech support- yay ! also my nephew and his wife both have computer degrees , we get their assistance when the problem is too hard for any of us ! I see you, Lorita and Roxy discussing sleep meds- I've never had any prescribed but about a month ago I was tired of waking all night long so now I take a couple of benedryl at bedtime. Like you said, it helps my brain turn off and I think I don't wake as much during the night. I guess we will all get used to this new life alone eventually.

Sandy- I love the picture of your furbaby - what a beauty !

I know I've missed a lot of you- jfkoc, Twink, LesleyJean, Roxy, Bonnie, Shirley- hello to all. Hope all of you in snow country are safe and warm, I'm sorry you have to deal with the terrible winter weather for so long. Hopefully spring is just around the corner-

got to head out now, I'm going to take trash to the dump site (since I didn't do it yesterday) on my way to water exercise class and then I will have to come back and catch up on my "real" work before going in tomorrow.


p.s. what are Bogs?!?!?

Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 8:03 AM
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All of you. Winter. Hardy people are going to laugh! I'm freezing to death here in s. calif! I turn on the gas stove/oven to 420, roast my veg's and to warm up this space, me and Chuckie bird are cold, it says it's 65 in here, shiver, this condo does not have dual pane windows and the AC/heating ?? Is not efficient for heating, just goes and goes, laugh, of course my AGE must have something to do with it! I swear, I've got on as many layers as when we lived in cold weather country....

I took half Xanax slept, but still woke up twice, but was in bed longer. I also live in a condo, so the littlest noise wakes me somehow, I'm getting hard of hearing, but not in the middle of the night! It seems...

Going to cook up one of my "meals on wheels" casserole, etc for son and DIL this week, as they both work long hours, and it gives me something to do...

Grief/mourning, then sobs that seem to come up from the very depth of my soul/gut......different than crying....
But then, I work thru it. Roxy

Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 8:57 AM
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The weather is on and on Wednesday it's supposed to be 25 with freezing rain and/or some more snow, then it begins to improve and warm up. It's just about freezing here this morning. There's lots of snow still on here. I have to go to town to get some dog food - wish I didn't have to. I wait so long to go that I have so much to do, it tires me out - six places to stop; dog food and mailbox to return, wind spinner (defective) to return at the PO, buying feed and catfood (dry), picking up canned cat food and going to WM and the Dollar Store. I may just do what I have to, today and make another trip - probably won't though.

Colleen - I'll be glad to see the sunrise again - we haven't in quite some time.

Ray and I used to go to Tulsa pretty often and sometimes we'd go by their Goodwill Store. Sometimes you can find pretty good things. I don't even know if our nearby, larger town has one or not. You said your son works at Staples. We used to have one and a few months ago I needed to go there - and it was closed! We do have an Office Depot but I liked Staples.

Glad you finally got some snow and got to play in it some. I like snow if it doesn't stay on too long - this has stayed on too long for me.

Ray had begun to lean toward the side, too. When he was in the hospital especially, he'd lean to the left against the bedrail - didn't do it so much at home.

Colleen - Bogs are an insulated, waterproof, high shafted boot. The ones I have says they'll keep your feet warm to 40 below (hope it never gets there). I'd always worn warm boots but they weren't tall and weren't good in mud or snow - and also wore tall rubber boots and my feet froze. These are great.

Roxy - I'm glad you slept better. Go ahead and take the Xanax before bedtime and you'll sleep and feel better. I haven't had trouble sleeping but most nights do wake up once but go right back to sleep. I try to stay up pretty late. If I don't and watch TV in the bedroom I usually go to sleep with the TV on and it wakes me up during the night.

Sorry you and Chuckie Bird aren't too warm. Our LR stays about 68 but I wear thermals and fleece and flannel-lined pants. Barclee and cats lay on a rug right in front of the stove. I also keep a soft-heat electric heater in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. They keep the chill off and are quiet. I'm tired of cold weather - but it will be hot before long and we'll be complaining about the heat.

I know what you mean about the gut-wrenching sobs. Sometimes I get to feeling sorry for myself, alone from now on and it gets downright scary. I don't like living alone. I dread going to town to the stores today. I had a hard time in the grocery store the last time I went - over two weeks ago. Everyone tells me it gets some better but there will always be that big, empty space in our hearts. But, guess that's to be expected when you've been with someone for over 40 years and suddenly they're gone.

I just saw on the news that the time-change is this weekend. I always dread that - takes me a while to adjust. I like daylight in the mornings.

Well, I think the catfood is soaked up so better go feed them, put the feed out of the PU into the CW and check the girls and run water for them. I don't plan to go to town until afternoon when it's warmed up some.

Everyone, stay warm. Spring's coming!

Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 11:40 AM
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Good morning,
It was pretty nice here early, but now the snow and wind are bearing down and it is miserable. I fed everything really good this morning. No one should be hungry and if they are full and out of the wind, they will stay warm. I'm sure the donkeys won't poke there heads out of their shed until the storm is over.
Lorita, Somehow I missed you post with the pond and sunrise pictures last night. They are beautiful. Do you have fish or something in the ponds to eat mosquito larva? Around here, if there isn't something to eat them, ponds are mosquito heaven. I hope you have a good trip to town. When I get stuff like your hay rings or corral panels, I have them delivered whenever possible. Seems so much easier. I know hay rings are a b**ch to put together. I have four of them that I seldom use, but it took Don and I one whole day to put them together. Glad you like your bogs. Mine were a little big, so I put a felt insole (about 1/4 inch thick) in mine. They fit good and the insole makes them even warmer. I have worn them when it was 30+ below zero, and they do keep my feet from freezing. Can't say they are always "warm", but that is asking a lot.
Terromari, Keisha is so cute. I'm glad you got her. Something you needed now. She will pay you back many times for giving her a loving home. Hope you get a good visit with DH today. It's hard when they start to sleep so much.
Sandy, Casey is beautiful. I am not at all familiar with Wheaton terriers how big is he?
Roxy, When you are cold, you are cold. Temperature really doesn't matter. It is all in what you are used to. Hope you and Chucky are warmer today. A good nights sleep makes all the difference. Dr. told me that if I took 1/2 a Xanax before bed and woke up during the night unable to go right back to sleep, it was ok to take the second half.
Also, I used to use benedryl like Colleen mentioned. It helped me sleep and cleared up my hay fever at the same time.
Colleen, I bet the slick roads were a mess. No one is prepared for them. Up here, we have snow tires and chains. The road crews get out and sand the icy spots. A huge percent of people drive 4-wheel drive vehicles. Sorry your son had to get out and go to work in such conditions. I love to shop at Goodwill. We have 3 such stores in Great Falls, and one in Choteau. I love the one in Choteau, it is run by the group home. They send their members to Special Olympics with the proceeds. Everything is priced cheap and being in farm country, I find a lot of stuff to wear outside. Don't mind getting a 50 cent T-shirt greasy. But, I find a lot of nice clothing too. I figure I can buy stuff and when I am tired of it donate it back. Just took a big load of clothes that I had here for Abby when she came to stay. It was easier than having her carry things back and forth. Zane is starting to get through her other things now, and when he is done I will take them to goodwill. He is doing well going to therapy. I don't think anything will be quick, but at least he isn't so despondent. Glad you got out with your daughter.
Yes, I can hook up my router. I have learned to do a lot of "tech" stuff, because it is a long way to Staples from here. I do shop at Staples, but mostly on line. The grandkids have taught me most of what I can do. If I get too stuck, there is a woman about 10 miles from her that is an honest to goodness tech-geek (self-professed). I do occasionally call her.
Joan, Are you going to get this cold and snow after it leaves here? I don't think we are going to get more than 4 or 5 inches of snow, but with the wind it is going to drift pretty bad. Then should be up to 48 by Friday. Crazy March weather!!
I better get out my vacuum and clean up the house. Between the dogs and me, we have drug in a lot of leaves and hay. I think Dinah should be about naked as much hair as is she is losing. I will brush her good before I even start on the house.
Hope everyone has a good day and stays warm. Drive safe. Leanne

Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 11:52 AM
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Roxy...I understand that kind of comes from our very primal is soul wrenching. I believe that it is somehow also cathartic. Have you found yourself standing and rocking back and forth?

Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 1:46 PM
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well, I'm back -- have a few minutes between work and laundry loads.

Roxy, I'm ALWAYS cold, too- I'm from California and never much got used to really cold weather. I have a closet FULL of hats, scarves, gloves, and lap quilts - that seems to be the "go-to" gift for me among my friends and family- lol ! I keep the house about 67-68- it's too big sometimes and I try to save money.

yes, I have times when the grief just comes out of nowhere, something will remind me of Dan and the waves just hit me. But as you say, we gotta work through that process- dozens of times a day something will make me think of him. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I smile. Someday there will more smiles than tears.

Lorita- I think I would like some Bogs ! it doesn't really get cold enough here to warrant them, though. I do have some fur lined, lace up rubber boots that I wear if it gets really cold & wet, but they are fairly cheap.

The boys told me that Staples has bought out Office Depot/ Office Max so it's really all the same company. They get tickled when a dissatisfied customer threatens to take their business to Office Depot, since it's really all the same

Have you ordered your fingerprint pendant?

Leanne- I've taken things back to Goodwill, too if I get it home and it doesn't fit or I change my mind. My complaint about our store is that they don't separate by size. Which means if you want a pair of jeans, you have to find the tags on Every. Single. One. When we were school age, my mother would take us to the local thrift shop for summer play clothes- like you said, who care about 50 cent clothing. We could get as dirty and torn as we liked playing outside all summer long. I sure do miss those days !

I wish I had the room ( and money) to get a half steer these days. We used to do that when we lived in California and had a huge freezer. I have a hard time paying grocery store prices for a good roast or steak. And when the heck did stewing beef chunks get so expensive ?!?!? it's like $6 / pound here - I always thought of stewing chunks as bits of leftover stuff. I have a really delicious recipe from England that uses stewing beef, but I sure can't make it much at those prices ! I like to put my roasts in the crock pot all day at low temp, they come out so tender.

Have you thought about a memory quilt for Zane- out of the clothes he's going through? I made one once many years ago for a friend's sister. I'm thinking of making one for myself from all Dan's Harley T shirts and I have a friend who wants me to make a pillow from a special shirt of someone who died recently. I haven't made one before but it doesn't look too difficult ( on Pinterest ! )

think I will go fold laundry and check the mail box- BBL ( be back later )


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Well, I couldn't make myself go to town - it's cold, kind of windy and seems like it's getting darker - so I stayed home and shampooed and rolled my hair. My hair looks like a country singer's hair, now. Alberto VO-5 will have to tame it a bit.

I found a place online -, where I can order Taste of the Wild dogfood cheaper than I can get it at Atwoods and you get 20% off when you set up a reorder schedule, and no postage for orders over $49. I'll probably do that - they say you get it within 2-3 days.

Also, our cases of catfood didn't come in last week and won't be here until tomorrow or Thursday. I have enough until Thursday - just short on cattle feed but maybe tomorrow I can make it in between showers and get that.

I had a call from Lescher's today. They received Ray's death certificates and wanted to know if I'd come and get them or should they send them. They'll send them and Friday I'll go in to see the ODVA Service Officer and get the VA stuff done. I know that's going to be hard and it'll be so hard to look at the death certificates. I have copies of his hospital summaries from the last two admissions and I can't even read them. I found the picture of him that made me smile and I'll post it. It was taken sometime last September, I think. When I took the picture I didn't get the hat - it was a red and black plaid one that he wore quite a lot.

Colleen - I did order the crooked heart pendant, 7/8" and sent the fingerprints last Friday, I think. I can hardly wait for it to arrive but I know it'll be a month at least.

Leanne - several years ago we stocked the big pond with bass and some other kinds of fish. It already had perch and some bass. But, a few years later we had a terrible drought and a lot of it dried up so I know we lost some of them. There are fish in it though because we've seen them jumping late in the evenings. Ray used to be a big fisherman but it's been several years since he even thought about fishing. I always liked to fish with a bamboo pole - seemed like a whole lot less work. We even bought a little boat one time to use on the pond. I never went out in it because I'm afraid of water but Ray enjoyed it.

I'm glad Zane is doing better. I'm sure it'll take a long time - for both of you. Taking care of the clothes is a big step - one I haven't been able to take yet - at least in the closet. I have boxed up his lounging pants and t-shirts from the chest of drawers. Closet later.

About the sleeping - when Ray was in the hospital last Christmas the doctor said I could give him some Melatonin. I bought some but never used it because he really didn't have trouble sleeping. That might be something you all could try.

Colleen - I had no idea what had happened to Staples. I wish they'd kept their store instead of Office Depots though. I guess they kept that one because it's close to Arrowhead Mall in Muskogee. Staples was way out by Lowes but to me that was more convenient.

It's a little bit warmer here today but I don't see much melting, however, I have heard some big pieces of ice fall off the house (metal roof) - I was blaming the cats for getting into things until I realized what it was.

Gosh, I didn't realize it was so late - it'll be time to feed the girls in a little while - unless I put it off until tomorrow, then I can feed tomorrow and go into town Wed. or Thurs. for feed. Supposed to be better weather after Wednesday. I can't go when it's rainy because the feed will get wet - done that before. They seem to be contented licking the liquid feed and eating and laying on the hay but I bet at 4 or 4:30 they'll be out front waiting for their feed. If they are, I'll feed them today.

I'll be so glad when we get some sunshine - I'm tired as I can be of cloudy, cold weather. We've had a pretty good winter until last month. I just cannot imagine how awful it is for everyone up north and northeast. Leanne, how long is your storm supposed to last?

Okay, I'll be back later. Better order that dog food. I took some things out of the freezer for the dogs to go along with their canned food.

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Hi, friends. Snow that fell last evening was plowed this morning so I got off to class and then got to see my honey. He was awake, we went to therapy where they exercised him then to bingo for a couple of games and then to bed and I watched TV with him. It was a good visit and I was not as down as I was yesterday. Keisha is full grown as far as I am aware. The shelter said she was twelve months, and she is 11 lbs. She still has a lot of puppy behavior but goes to the bathroom outside or on pee pads, and is very affectionate although high energy. It will be good when this snow and ice is gone so I can walk her. I have a large piece of yard that I fenced with round rail and weld wire, but it needs some repair and cleaning up. I have a local guy who does a lot of work for me and I think I will have him give me a hand. More later. Going to run to the chat room, Early day tomorrow as I want to visit with honey by 9:30 then have to leave to pick up my grandson by 1 We are supposed to get more crap weather tomorrow late day as well into Wednesday.Stay warm. I tried to use the roof rake but it was hard to get the snow down with all the ice, and of course I am not as young as I used to be. I just hope I don't get water damage when it thaws. I am planning to replace the roof this year and heard I can get a 6' ice barrier instead of the 3', and I think that would be a good thing to investigate.
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Forgot to respond to Lorita. Vet said teeth are ok. There are two that look like extras but he said they don't appear to interfere with her chewing or cutting her lip, and they sure don't keep her from eating. So I think I will let them be.
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Thanks all for the warm welcome.
I enjoy hearing of everyone's activities and thoughts on this awful winter and plans for spring.

Here in north Tx we have been cold for 2weeks straight & last week was nasty! Snow & ice Monday and again Thursday. Of course it melted in a day, at least off the roads. We have dense fog tonight. It's suppose to warm to the upper 60s tomorrow then maybe some sleet again on Wednesday. It's crazy!! Our average high right now is 65 but we haven't seen much of that.
Well maybe next week. Spring is officially a little under 3 weeks
away. Yay!!!!!

Loritas, not sure which town you're closest to but I am familiar with the area. I went to a lady's beauty shop she had at her home in Boynton, and went to Checota on occasion. Also Coweta. There use to be a one way tressle bridge over the Arkansas river to get into Coweta. You had to wait if a car was coming before you entered or somebody had to back out. I really disliked that bridge and was soooo glad when they took it down & put in a two lane one. And I loved to go to Porter every year for peaches- usually early July. We picked out own, usually 2or3 bushels, then froze them and made jam and pies and fresh peach ice cream! Yum!! Wonderful memories!

There is an orchard about 30 miles from us here we like to visit now but they don't allow u-pick. And we can't use that many any more anyway, just the two of us. We have dewberry vines here on our land and put in some thornless blackberry and raspberry bushes last year. I hope they will take off and do well. The raspberry ones don't look too good right now. The drought may have killed them.

And I have passion vines. They make the prettiest flowers. If I can figure out how to do it I'll send pics. Mine don't bear fruit. Wish they did. I love passion fruit smoothies.
I guess you can tell I'm eager for spring like everyone else. I've rambled long enough. Bob just went upstairs to bed. I better check to see if he remembered his pills.
Warm thoughts, Dana

Lesley Jean
Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015 10:47 PM
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We had a small taste of Spring today! The sun was shining bright and it was almost warm. There was a lot of red Robins in our yard. I could here birds singing so beautifully. the snow is melted and the puddles are drying up. I think there are buds on the tree outside, in the front lawn.
Wednesday, we are to have a mixture of rain and sleet. It is going to be really ugly! And my car wipers are broken. I need to get the car in tomorrow. I hope they can fix it right away and it won't cost a lot. I got an appointment for the morning. So, they will have a full day to fix it...if they have the parts!

Linda Dee
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Hello All. Ken is in bed, and I am unwinding. Lots of the snow melted today. But, like some of the rest of you, we are to have lots of nasty weather on Wednesday. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, for the weekend!

Lorita, the pictures of the sunrise were gorgeous! I am NOT ordering, the new Elephant Ear bulbs from the same place as last year. I am ordering from Brent and Becky's Bulbs.
I have a call into them, they will call me tomorrow.
I have found the weeping willow trees are a very soft wood and will have lots of debris. They are so pretty though and worth the clean up.
I am SO ready for Spring, like so many of you. I am promising myself I will only have a few containers of flowers. As Ken continues to decline I find I have less time for any thing else. He is priority, but I am trying to be realistic.
Ken is now not being able to say words he wants. Tonight he ask for syrup, but I knew he wanted salt. Guess 49 years of marriage has its advantages. I was able to complete his sentences for him, at one time.
Good night all.

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Lorita, like the pic. Of Ray, he looks happy.
Our snow is gone on this side of the street. Wednesday is supposed to be bad again, Spring where are you.
Tomorrow have an appointment with physicristrist(boy, I can't spell that). Anyway get his meds checked so he can make it through daycare, hopefully.

Linda Dee
Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 9:26 AM
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Good morning all. Temps are coming up and the snow is melting, but it is still slick.
Lorita, the picture of Charles Ray is very good, and he looks so happy!
I did get a call from Brent and Becky's Bulbs this morning. Guess what, their giant elephant ear is a tissue cutting and NOT a bulb. Just like last year. So, I will nor be ordering it. I haven't checked my elephant ear bulbs and the cutting for the Thiland gigantic elephant ear yet. I have them stored in brown paper sacks in the basement.
I hope you get to town before the ice on Wednesday.
Joan, I hope Harv is feeling better by now.
Terromari, your Avitar of Keisha is darling. She looks so loveable!

Sandy, I noticed your Avitar was a picture of Rich? Is he as tall as he looks?
The weather says you will get Wednesday's Junky Weather!
I am afraid we will go from one extreme to the other. I hope not, as I so enjoy Spring!

I have a busy day, so need to get going.
Take care all, try and have a good day.

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Charles (Ray)
His presence loving, serene, warm.
His smile refreshing spring water.
His eyes a sanctuary...
Love's sanctuary.

What a lovely image. The beauty of a beloved forever smiling at you.
A ruby. A treasure, indeed!
Dear e-friend, thank you for sharing with us your Charles' sunshine!

Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 10:48 AM
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Good morning, nasty weather today with snow, freezing rain and now they say we will get rain then cold again. Lorita I can't wait to see our daffodils poking out, actually I would just like to see the ground without snow. Hopefully since March came in like a lion it will go out like a lamb.

The pictures you posted are beautiful, you have a knack for photography. Charles Ray looks happy, content and well cared for. I hope you made it to town and got that chore behind you so you can get it off your mind.

Leanne I'm glad Zane is continuing with the councilor. It seems he's moving forward. Even if it's just a baby step at a time. I hope your weather has improved. Casey is a medium size dog, weighs about 52 lbs. right now he's a fur ball, he needs a haircut.

Today Rich and I have been married 53 years and Thursday Rich will be 73. We've been going "steady" since our junior year of high school.

Colleen, I'm glad you finally got your snow. Once a year sound good to me. Are your house guests looking for new digs? You said they would leave by June.

Terromari Kiesha is really cute. I would like a lap dog to cuddle with. Casey is very aloof most of the time. Definately not a snuggler.

Tink I hope the crazy weather stops and you get a break from the cold and snow. It's rough when you have to shovel the roof as well as walks and driveways. Your poor chickens won't remember what the ground feels like.

Welcome Dana, I hope you will post often.
Bonnie I hope the appointment goes well. Daycare would be a big help
Johanna if you read this I brought up the recipe thread for you.

Linda Dee, Rich is 6'1. He doesn't stand as straight as he did before but I'm 5'1.

I hope everyone has good day.


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Hi all, I will just say hi and catch up later. Harv is feeling better. Got home Sunday and got sick with the stomach bug. Feeling a little better tonight so hope it is on the way out. See you all on here tomorrow. Joan
Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 8:26 PM
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Evening, everyone,

Bonnie - is the psychiatrist you all are going to see at the VAMC in Muskogee? The one Ray saw is wonderful - hope it's the same one.

I'm glad your snow is almost gone - just in time for tomorrow. Says there will be rain, freezing rain, sleet and then snow. I'm ready for spring, too. At least my daffodils are still blooming and look so pretty.

Terromari - I'm glad Keisha isn't going to need to have her two little teeth extracted. She looks so cute and mischievous like she is. I bet she really likes to cuddle. I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your husband. I know that makes you feel better.

Dana - looks like you're going to have some more bad weather tomorrow, too. I'm ready for spring just like everyone else.

If you went to Boynton and Checotah, you passed right through our town - you might have blinked and missed it. It's just about 6 miles south of Boynton. I like Checotah - has just about everything we need - a couple of good grocery stores, Atwoods, a big WM, a good feed store and a few restaurants, McDonalds and Sonic. What more could a person want?

I know the bridge you're talking about. I think it's the one that years ago when we were going to a ballgame (many years) it was so narrow the bus hit the side of the bridge. Really way too narrow.

One of our pastures has lots and lots of blackberry vines in it but they have thorns. We also have some in a few of the fence rows. I used to pick them and make jam and cobblers. But haven't for a few years. I found I had diverticulosis and so did Ray but I developed diverticulitis and that did away with the berry seeds. But the cobblers were really good. I hope you have good luck with your thornless ones.

You mentioned you have passion flowers. We have them on the fence of our driveway and on the south yard fence. We've always called them wild apricots. At least that's what mother called them. She said when she was little she ate them. I've never been brave enough to try that. How do you make the smoothies and at what stage? Ours have big, walnut sized fruit on them.

Lesley Jean - hope you got your windshield wipers replaced. Nothing much worse than needing them when they're not working. I just remembered the wipers on the Jeep don't work either - had forgotten that and I don't have any at all on the windshield of the CW.

Thank all of you for the nice words about Ray's picture and the pictures of the sunrise. I don't remember why Ray was so happy but he seemed to be. I love to take pictures of the sunrise and I've taken them of the full moon when it comes up over the pond and reflects in it - they don't turn out so well.

Linda Dee - glad you found out about the elephant ear before you ordered it. I'd love to see the bulb that take those cuttings from. I imagine they're huge. Are you going to try to find another place or maybe yours made it through the winter and will thrive this summer - hope so.

w/e - I love what you wrote about Charles Ray. You have such a way with words - I just love to read your posts. I hadn't thought of it as Ray smiling at me - but he was. The picture I have sitting on the table by his recliner is just like he's looking at me, too. I talk to that picture a lot. His big, brown eyes just sparkled when he was happy. I'll never forget that.

Sandy - Happy Anniversary - just got around to reading posts a while ago. Hope you and Rich had a happy day. Fifty-three years is a long time - you all must really be soul mates. I've known Ray 53 years but only married almost 44. Tell Rich Happy Birthday on Thursday. I'll be 73 in June so we're the same age.

Colleen - if I remember correctly, you had goats and posted a picture of some little ones that were so cute. Today, when I was waiting at the feedstore for them to load the feed, a PU with a trailer pulled up and he had goats in it. I got out and looked at them. He'd just bought them at our local salebarn. It looked like he had probably a dozen. There were two milking goats, mostly brown. He said he paid $300 for one of them. Also bought a pair but paid less for the pair than for the one milking goat. He had two or three that were small. I think all of them had horns except the milking goals had been dehorned. The little ones were so cute. I know how you must miss them.

I did go into town today. I got dressed and saw a truck coming and it was the electrician. He got the generator hooked up so I didn't get to go until a little after 11. He said the generator will take care of the house, storage building, carport, barn and all three security lights. So, I'm ready, but I still don't want ice.

I did much better in town today. I didn't go to WM or the grocery store where we usually went. Made it to Atwoods for Taste of the Wild dogfood to tide them over until I get what I ordered. There seemed to be a lot of grain-free foods - mostly Diamond brand. Have any of you all tried that brand? We use Diamond cat food all the time and they do well on that. I did ask the feed store owner a year or more ago if he could get the Diamond brand grain-free food and he said he could. Looks like it might be a little cheaper than Taste of the Wild.

Like I said, I did much better so think I'm improving. Didn't cry on the way home or didn't almost lose it in the store. Of course, it had been three weeks since I'd been to town. I think I got enough that I won't have to go for another three weeks. But, I have to go to the VA Regional Office Friday to get the VA things taken care of. I dread that and seeing the Death Certificate. Just another of the hard steps, I guess.

Leanne - I did today what you did a couple of days ago to get ready for the cold and bad weather. I put feed in the barn so I could feed the little ones inside but didn't get any creep put into the feeder but it's not empty. The girls tried their best to convince me that this was cube day. I did put feed in the back of the CW so I could feed out of it tomorrow. If it's going to be really bad late tomorrow, I'll feed earlier in the day.

I did discover one thing when I got dressed this morning. I'm going to have to go on a diet! I haven't been eating right and what I did eat was certainly the wrong things. Someone a while back talked about the w....'s ten pounds. I think I have at least that many extra. The grocery store had lettuce for 99 cents a head so I got three - salads from now on and, sorry to say, no banana bread until I get rid of the extra pounds.

Just heard the dryer buzz so better go and get the comforter out - probably will need it tomorrow night. Hope all of you had a good day and sleep well. I may check back in before bedtime.

Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 9:17 PM
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So glad I don't have to get out tomorrow, glad you went today Lorita, from what they are saying, it is really going to be bad.
Went to the Doc in Tulsa, he is over on 11th st. Didn't know they had a VA building there. Bill was really doing well today, he got a 23 on his test. dr. Said that was pretty good, that a 14 is severe. He gave him prescription for Hydroxyzine, 10 mg. hopefully it will help him at daycare. I plan to try it again, with meds. He didn't think he should be left alone anymore, he could start wandering. That has been on my mind a lot lately. He had an eval. for his PT, he was acting like a teenager, he really had a good day. But, doesn't really want to go to daycare, I refer to it as Senior Activity Center.
Happy Anniversary Sandy and Happy Birthday to Rich. If I wait till Thursday I will forget. Short memory here.

Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 10:11 PM
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Hi Bonnie,

Glad Bill had a good day at the Tulsa OP Clinic - makes it easier for you. I'm glad your appointment was today instead of tomorrow - they have so many wrecks in Tulsa when the weather's bad and icy.

The Clinic has been there a long time but I do think they moved it from where it was originally - not sure. I've been retired for 20 years they opened it several years before that. They also have one in Vinita and Hartshorne.

One thing I forgot to mention when I posted earlier - in the mail today I got a jury summons. This is the first time I've ever gotten one. The paper says if you're over 70, and a few other things, you're not compelled to serve. I'll call tomorrow and tell them how old I am and that I've recently lost my husband and don't feel capable of sitting on a jury. Maybe that'll do the trick.

Still doing laundry - needed to dry some thermals - probably will need them tomorrow. After this load dries, I think I'll go to bed and watch TV a while before I go to sleep.

Lesley Jean
Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 10:41 PM
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I have been called to jury duty more times than I can recall, for both federal and local county. I have been told, every time that you need to return the paper or card to them, indicating why you can't serve or if there is a time you can't. (I requested that I not be called during a certain time frame as I had 10th grade parent student conferences and they were state mandated for every student. The complied and called me the next 6 month period). So, don't be surprised if they tell you to send the reply back.

Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 8:00 AM
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Hi everyone. I wrote a "checkin" post last night and manage to have it disappear. So I will try again this morning.

We are still in big-time decline; both cognitive and physically. He needs with cutting up his food but doesn't want me to help. That is frustrating. I have started cutting up food for both of our before putting them on the table. That helps a bit. Perhaps, even more uncomfortable for me is that he just declines food, including some of what are his favorite foods. He is getting lost in our home which is a one level w/three small bedrooms and open concept kitchen, dining, and livingroom.

We are so ready for spring. Up until about 2 weeks ago, we have had a mild winter. The last 2 weeks have been cold along with a wintery mess. You have to remember that we are used to wintery weather one day, melted the next and warming up the next. Rod does not handle cold well at all. I have been trying to keep a fire going for him in the fireplace. That is a job!

Ever since Rod found out I was having some health problems, he has been a helicopter. "Do you need anything? Can I get you something" Such is really sweet but he cannot do any of the things he wants to do. He just doesn't have the ability to follow even the simplest of instruction no matter how he wants to do it. That is just more stress on me.

Lorita I loved you pictures. They made me smile and I really needed that.

Better go. I am taking Rod to the Day CLub for the first time today. Hope that works out well. Because it is his first day, I must stay with him.


Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 9:37 AM
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Linda T- looks like you all are going to have some bad weather today. It's raining here but it's turned to sleet and snow in Tulsa so it'll be here before too long.

I just came in from feeding cats and checking the girls. I put feed in the stall for the little ones last night - all five were in the barn along with several of the cows and probably the two bulls. The rest were still out eating hay but by now they're probably in the barn, too. Even Bella and Susie were in the stall with the calves. I guess now they're barn dogs - they stay out there a lot. I put some more feed in the manger for the little ones so they won't have to go out. Hopefully, later today I'll be able to feed them - but not in the rain. I don't mind feeding in snow.

You all may remember that some months back I mentioned that Bella was afraid of the cows - well, now both she and Susie love them - they'll run up to them and give them sugar - not really the kind of help you need with the cows but at least they're all friendly.

I'm so sorry for your husband's decline - I know how hurtful that is to you. I also cut up Ray's food for him, too. And, just like your husband he started to not want to eat foods that he'd always liked. His last two weeks all of his food was pureed but even then he wouldn't eat much of it. It really bothers you when you can't get them to eat. My grandmother always felt that whether you're sick or hurt, if you'll just eat something, things will be okay. I guess I've always kind of felt like that, too. It does get to the point where you just have to let them eat what they will - not my way of doing things - but that's all you can do. Is he still swallowing his medicine all right? The last month or so I crushed Ray's pills and when he was in the hospital it was even hard to get that down him so most of his meds were discontinued. Just enjoy your time with him and offer food often. Have you tried Ensure or something like that? Ray would sometimes drink that with chocolate sauce in it, also ice cream and pudding with cool whip on it.

Lesley Jean - I just called the Court Clerk's office. She asked if I was over 70 and when I told her I was, she said I wouldn't have to serve - but like you said, I need to write my birth date on it, sign it and ask them to take me off the list so I won't get more summons - then return it to them. Okay, one more thing off the list.

I need to call today to cancel one of our insurance policies - the one that pays so much per day when you're in the hospital. I won't need that - who would it pay? I'll have to go to the Tax Assessor's office next week with papers I'll get from ODVA Friday to take care of my property tax exemption. I hope we can get all the VA stuff finished Friday. It's supposed to be in the 50s - I just want to get some of these things finished.

The cats are running amuck this morning - sounds like a herd of elephants running and playing. Most of them are going outside when the weather warms up.

Didn't sleep too well last night - my legs ached. I guess that was from getting in and out of the PU so much yesterday, probably 15 times altogether and it's really high so if you're not used to doing it much, it can make your legs ache. Finally took a pain pill about 3 am. and then slept until almost 7.

Guess we need to bring the weight loss thread back up again - or start another one. Anyway, I've started my diet this morning. I've gained five pounds since January so I don't weigh too much more than I did but it's in odd places - I look kind of like the Michelin Man or the potato woman that Leanne talks about.

I don't think I'll do much today - just try to stay warm.

Linda T - what is the Day Club? Hope your husband enjoys it - how long will you all stay?

Guess I'll go and read some more posts. I haven't noticed one from Bridget lately - maybe I just missed it.

Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 9:52 AM
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Hi again,

Our rain has now turned to sleet. Everyone's inside the barn or storage building. Wonder where the little birds go when it sleets. Maybe it'll turn to snow before long. Just saw a new thread from Bridget.

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