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Just need to talk to my friends(16)
Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 6:51 PM
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Hi everyone

It's already April 1st here in Australia, so I guess my tale is appropriate.

Firstly, Graham certainly has something amiss with his bladder, so he is on antibiotics for a week. But there also was blood in the specimen, so we have to go back in a week, hopefully the sntibiotics will have done their job by then. Then they will investigate the source of the blood - if its still there. Fingers crossed that it wil have cleared by then.

Then his periodic wry-neck muscle problems have appeared again, so we had to fit in a visit to the physio last night about 5.30. At least we caught it this time while he can still move his head. We have another appointment at lunch time tomorrow, that clashes with his snooker games, but I can drop him off afterwards.

But he has failed so much physically since Christmas, its hard to understand. I don't know how much longer he will be able to stay in the present respite group, as they are quite physically active during the day. For the last week, dh has slept most of the day, just waking for an hour or so every meal time. he is still eating OK, but less.

One thing, we have started to talk about his Lewy Body dementia. Now when he has a new problem, like forgetting to shave, or dropping something, or being so shaky on his feet that I have to grab him to stop him falling, we can say "D##n that Lewy, wish he'd get out of here!" or something even more explicit. Then we can both laugh a bit.

Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 7:03 PM
Joined: 5/4/2013
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Back again

That post was so long, I decided to save it while I could.

I went back to my oral surgeon yesterday. Waited one and a half hours in his office because the pathologist hadn't looked at the biopsy materials from last week! Of course I was concerned about Graham, who had decided he was too unwell to come with me, and was home alone. I did ring him after an hour, so he knew where I was.

Finally got the results. I do have a fungus infection, so have a treatment where I squirt s liquid into my mouth, 4 times a day. Hope that clears it up quickly.

When we had vaginal pap smears looking for cancer, sometimes we were called back for another test, because some of the cells were strange, but not cancerous. That has happened in my tongue biopsy. So I have to go back in a month. Hopefully the fungus infection will have gone, and also the sore spot will have disappeared. If not, I am expecting another biopsy. If the spot is still there in 3 months time, he will remove the whole area. Not to do it will be 'cancer in 5 years'.

I could do without this, I can tell you. My tongue is still painful from the first biopsy, but at least he has now given me an anisethetic gel that helps a lot with meal times. But months and months of this ---- yuk!

Thanks for reading. It helps to talk to someone, I certainly can't share with dh anymore -- he can't even remember that my tongue is sore.



Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 8:18 PM
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Hi everyone,

It was downright hot here today - probably didn't help that I was wearing flannel lounging pants and a long-sleeved shirt but I did have the sleeves rolled up. I'm going to have to look for cooler clothes. It was 85 degrees.

Thanks, Joan, I hope Liam makes it, too. I don't know if there's anything else the vet can try or not - he's gone through three different treatments. I was out there a while ago and he was laying down but got up and walked a little bit. He's coughing so I don't know. Charm's still hanging around I the other side of the corral - she's been nursing Liam's mom. All the others are way down in the pasture. I just got back form there with Bella and Susie.

I feel sorry so sorry for my cousin. I had imagined she was in a pretty big, private room with a TV, bed and her recliner and flowers and things. I was almost shocked - she's in a small semi-private room with barely enough room for the beds and her recliner and wheelchair. She didn't seem upset or discouraged but I can tell you I would be. Makes a person think they should go with their intuitions or premonitions. She was scared to death to have the hip replacement done but her quality of life had gotten to the point she said it just wasn't living. I can't understand what went wrong. She sees her doctor tomorrow so maybe she'll know more tomorrow night.

jfkoc - if you were asking me about the dog - no, I haven't been over there yet. I plan to go tomorrow and get feed and a few things at the store where they order cases of catfood for me (better call to see if they have it, I guess). Then I'll come back by his place. I'd like to get the yard fence fixed first. Also have to get some tent stakes to anchor the yard fence to the bottom wire so Susie can't get out. She can't get back in so sleeps either in the barn or in the CW. Today, they spent most of their day with the cattle.

I looked up pictures of Red Heelers and they're just about like the Blue Heelers most cattlemen have around here - a little different color. Years ago my parents had a part blue-heeler. One of the best dogs they ever had. Mother had AD and wondered off one night and got caught, upside down in a barbed wire fence (got her leg caught in the wire). She had several outside dogs and the heeler was one of them. They went with her and stayed with her all night until we found her. You know I think they've had two part blue heelers. You see them around here riding in the back of flat-bed trucks. I wouldn't let a dog do that for anything but they do.

I always thought the dogs we used to have were Queensland Heelers but according to the pictures, they weren't. Ours didn't look like the red or blue heelers at all. 'They were blond and brown and had long hair- but guess they were part heelers. Maybe if this one works one he can help me with the cattle. They're already used to our dogs being around them.

Barbara, hard to think it's already April Fool's Day in Australia - we still have about four hours to go. Sorry to hear that Graham has hematuria but hopefully the antibiotics will take care of it. I'm glad you caught the wry neck in time. Those can really be painful. I had one once.

I hope your tongue gets all right and you don't have to have another biopsy. I can only imagine how sore it must be. Glad you have the gel to use before your meals to help with the pain. What you said about Graham talking about Lewy was cute.

I agree with you, it's wonderful and so very helpful to have this place to come to and get things out of our systems. These dogs and cats just don't talk much and certainly won't answer. At least Ray talked. I sometimes would call him a magpie because he talked so much - couldn't always understand what he was talking about but there was another human voice in the house. Without the TV on, it would be unbearable now.

I'm anxious to get the mail tomorrow - surely hope the pendant is in it. At least that will be a part of Ray I'll have with me all the time. I wish I'd cut a lock of his hair but I didn't.

I'm thinking about calling and making an appointment with my doctor to have a checkup. I haven't had a physical in years - don't need anything but EKG and lab work - CBC, liver profile, CK and CPK and for him to listen to my heart and lungs and reassure me. If I do, I'll make a list of all my aches and pains to give him so he can check it all out. I'm sure they're just the normal aches and pains they say people get after a loss because when I'm out and working I don't pay much attention to them - just when I'm in the house and it's quiet and I think.

I called Bryon about mowing our lawn and other areas. He'll do it this weekend. The grass in the yard has just gone wild - half knee high in places. The Bermuda is just now beginning to grow but the fescue and rye are going wild and the little weeds with the tiny purple flowers. I'll have to be with him when he mows and weedeats so he won't cut down flowers or they won't bloom next year. I don't think there'll be much to do outside of the yard for a while but it's getting kind of ragged looking. I've lost two Tropicana roses and don't know if I'll be able to replace them or not because they're kind of hard to find. I may put altheas where they were.

My sister got the limb out of the cedar tree. Called the guy who did the work the other day. He'll be back tomorrow to take down part of a pecan tree and cut up the wood. Seems like there's always something to do. It won't be long before I'll need to get the whole place sprayed for weeds and that west pasture mowed when it gets dry enough.

Colleen, we haven't seem a post from you in a while. I hope everything's okay.

Guess I'll get off. Tomorrow will be time to start another volume. We actually got up to page 8 this month - lots going on. Hope all of you sleep well and that includes Leanne on the train.

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