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Just need to talk to my friends(16)
Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 5:20 PM
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Just a quick check in. No storm damage apart from the sail, thank goodness. The large branch that I thought was in the garden is actually the other side of the fence, so no problem there. Noticed a house with a huge branch through their shed roof on our walk this morning. Our gum trees (eucalypts) are famous for dropping branches. There is one particular species that they call "widow makers" because branches break off for no reason

Ron is having a lovely time picking up bark and small twigs in the yard. Keeping him very busy.

Yes Linda, I do paint china. The piece I broke was a new technique incorporating a photograph that I wanted to try. For some reason 3 plates cracked in the kiln...never happened I then changed the design and did it on a tile, and that's what I dropped. Son has said he's glued it, I'll pick it up today and see if it's OK If not I'm going to be verrrry busy for the next few days, as it is for a friends 70th birthday. Next Tuesday. I'm determined to do it now I've had so many goes. Got my pigheadedness going. ­čść

Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 8:20 PM
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Good evening all.

Just finished reading all the posts. Leanne, your dog story made me laugh. I can picture them fighting over the ball. Just like little kids. Are you about finished clipping hooves? My back would be out by now if I had to do that.

I found cotton burr at the garden center in town a few years ago. It is used to keep soil soft and provides fertilizer to the soil. It sure enriched my soil in the flower beds.

Dana, hadn't thought about rolling pots for tomatoes, but that is a really great idea. Think I'll look for those, along with the watering bottles Leanne used for hers. I usually plant them in the flower beds but they take up so much room, I don't want to do that anymore. It was cooler today, so I decided to hold off on working outside. There's plenty of time ahead for that.

Linda T, how did Rod do today at Day Club? Hopefully you both had a nice break from each other and are both relaxed and tired from a good day.

Sandy, you have been having a bit of bad luck lately. Sorry about your shade sail. I hope your plate glued back together looks like new and you don't have to repaint it.

Lorita, I hope all went well today, and that you are finished with that task for good. I also hope the rest of your day was relaxing and you enjoyed being in town.

Nothing else to report from here. I did finish up the three bears for Hospice so will get them delivered or picked up tomorrow.

Have a great evening, and sleep well. Joan

Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 10:02 PM
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Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 10:20 PM
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Linda T, we too are working on Daycare. Bill went today for 4 hours, he enjoyed it, no calling the police or banging and kicking the door today. YEA. We will try it again Friday, I am hoping to leave him all day next week.

Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 10:52 PM
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Hi everyone,

Gosh, I have a lot to catch up on.

Dana -I didn't see the show about the Yellowstone caregiver but that reminds me of that scary show about the caregivers of a hotel somewhere in the mountains during the wintertime. I'll think of it in a minute.

I'm going to watch The Amazing Race this week - sounds like everyone's enjoying it.

I'm glad you got your parents' fingerprints to Cheryl. There was one heart for two prints - is that the one you got?

Twink - Thanks, the baby is doing great. We're going to have to name her. This afternoon, she and Sally were out in the lot and she was running and jumping around. I may let them out tomorrow - lot's kind of muddy.

Glad you got your aunt's eaves salted down. I couldn't get used to that. It gets cold here but usually doesn't last a long time. It was warm enough here today for shorts, almost. I wore a sweatshirt and jeans (no thermals today) when I was out after I got home and I got pretty warm.

Joan - I'm glad you finished the bears for Hospice. You know I have a really soft teddy bear Ray and I bought a long time ago. Barclee used to love to play with teddy bears. I found it a while back and I have it on Ray's pillow and sometimes I hold it and hug it - kind of comforting.

I've never heard of cotton burrs being used for fertilizer. I guess that's the same thing we call cotton hulls? I think they use them for mulch here - cotton seed meal for cattle.

This evening when I went out to feed the cats, the baby and her mom were in the lot. She was on one teat and had drained it and was restless so I helped her get on another one. She'd drop it and look at me. Finally got her on three of them. She am do it by herself but if I'm around, I guess I'm supposed to help. I gave her the first milk she had so guess I'm kind of her stepmother.

Linda T - I'm glad the first baby was easy, too, at least for me - don't know about Sally. Her eyes weren't red so maybe it was easy..

Glad Rod's doing good at Day Club - that will help you - you'll be able to get some respite or "me" time. Enjoy it.

Sandra - sorry about the storm and your sun sail. I guess that's the same thing as an awning? Don't you wish you were close to Leanne so she could fix it for you?

Sorry the plate was dropped and broken. Maybe it's okay after being glued. I had a lot of trouble a few days ago getting logged in, too. Took a couple of days but finally was able to get back in. Frustrating, isn't it?

Glad you got to enjoy a visit with your friends. Gave you a little bit of respite time.

Judy - you got locked out, too. That's happened to me also. The last time I couldn't get logged in, they sent a new password but it didn't work. Renee called the next day and I asked if I could use my original password and she fixed it so I could. I was really glad of that.

Sounds like you're going to be busy this spring with the weddings, graduation and the new grandbabies.

Leanne - If the cotton burrs Joan talked about is what I think they are, it's what holds the white cotton. The ends of them are as sharp as pins - if you aren't careful or don't wear gloves you can really get hurt if you're picking cotton - pulling bolls isn't so bad because you pull the whole thing instead of just picking the cotton out of them. Been there, done that.

I did get everything done at the VARO. The guy I was going to see had been assigned late yesterday to a Vets Ctr. for a meeting today and wasn't going to be back until 2 p.m. but another man helped me. He completed all the paperwork and made necessary copies. Thinks I'll get DIC instead of pension so that will make a big difference in how much I get. He says it'll take two months minimum - after that I can get the tax exemption things in my name. I'll send in the government life insurance papers tomorrow and then wait. I'm also going to have to return the hospital indemnity drafts. They made them out to Estate of my husband. I couldn't deposit them without opening an account for the estate. Since I wasn't the executrix I'd have to go to court to be appointed. I called the insurance company and told them the problem and they're going to reissue them in my name since we both had the policy. Always something.

I think it's great that you can measure and make covers for things. Wish you were close so I could get a cover for the lawnmower and Trimmer Mower. I'm glad you enjoy doing the sewing and I bet there's a big demand for covers that are well made as I'm sure yours are.

Sounds like you've been as busy as a cranberry merchant today - hauling branches, fixing the horse trailer lights and Pearl and Spot's hooves. I still say I bet that's hard work. I imagine you'll rest well tonight.

Sorry about your aunt. Is that a four hour trip - one way? I hope your mom does go - maybe you and Zane can trade off driving so it won't tire you so much. I bet you'll enjoy seeing all the cousins - shame it has to be for a funeral.

What's wrong with your tractor? Is it in the shop? I'm going to call the guy who worked on ours. I moved three hayrings this afternoon and put out one bale of hay and it didn't seem like ours had any power and was as slow as molasses. However, the hydraulics worked. They told me it had water in the hydraulic system a while back but the weather's been bad so they haven't come to fix it - they have to drive it to the shop - about five miles. For some reason their insurance won't cover them hauling it.

Sounds like Trixie and Daisy had a lot of fun with the ball - Trixie decided it was hers because she found it. We've bought balls and all kinds of toys for Bella and Susie and they tear them apart. However, we did buy one heavy one with a handle of some sort on it and it's still okay. I know they play with it because I find it in different places in the yard.

I did get the flagpole fixed. I got the PU as close as I could but still couldn't reach high enough to put the flagpole into the pipe so I stood on two anaplas blocks and finally made it. This flag is 4 x 6 instead of 3 x 5 so had to move the grommet fasteners, too. It's flying or will when we have some wind. I'll just have to remember to take it down when the wind's strong or it'll break the pole again.

I'm glad your grandpa wasn't in the cabin when the grizzly was on top of the house - that would have been scary - at least for me.

I know you're enjoying seeing the little calves run and play. Watch them about sundown - they just run and play with their little tails up in the hair. I saw ours running that way this afternoon. It was really warm and the cattle thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. They went again to the NE pasture to graze - I imagine this time will be the last hay they'll eat this spring. I think they're probably getting green grass already where the water's been standing.

How big are swans? Much bigger than geese? We still have several geese on the pond.

I'm so sorry this has been so long - just had to catch up. I wasn't much in the mood to post yesterday but did read all of them. Today's been better but I don't think I'll ever get used to going to town by myself - with that empty seat beside me. I did pretty well today but when I called the insurance woman this afternoon before she hung up she said she was sorry and she said to tuck away the beautiful memories. That got me - seems like when someone says something nice like that, it makes me cry.

Today was Roxy's SS interview - wonder how that went? I hope she's finished with that and gets her SS soon.

I'll get off now - probably moved us to page #4. Sleep well, everyone.

Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 11:03 PM
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Hi again,

I tried to edit my post but it gave me an error message. Anyway, it took a lot longer than a minute to think of the name of the show - and I had to use google, to boot. It was The Shining with Jack Nicholson. Probably the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 4:14 AM
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Lorita, in answer to how the SS "telephone" interview went???? To make a long story short, SAME as before, read my post on page 2, I have a "walk in" appt now on march 30th, at a town 50 miles from here, I can drive the back roads to get there. No sense weaping and wailing and knashing of teeth!! I have to pull myself up...........
Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 7:11 AM
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Morning Roxy,

Did they say why you had to go in for an interview? I don't know much about SS so can't imagine.

You"re right-it won't help things to be too upset about it.but I know you are and so would I be. Seems like nothing goes as we'd like.

I stopped by out little town's library yesterday to see if they had any books by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and lo and behold they had one--and it happened to be the one I wanted .-On Grief and Grieving. I was surprised because thought they'd have to order it. I hope it helps. When I worked in Social Work Service she was very popular-heard the social workers talking about her a lot. We'll see.

This morning I was organizing things from yesterday and found a coupon I just got Monday for 10% off on everything at tractor supply. I didn't take it thinking that probably wouldn't go there.
I did and would have saved more than 10 dollars. Things like that bothers me. Maybe I'll call and see what can be worked out.

Roxy, how are you doing? Does it seem to be getting better? I can't tell that it is for me too much. Some days and hours it may be but then there's a thought or something and tears erupt, especially if someone says something consoling to me. Like the insurance woman yesterday. She was so nice. She said take care of yourself and tuck away all those sweet memories- and that caused tears. Maybe this book will help some.

Better go and feed the cats. We may have showers today and tomorrow so may keep the baby up. I'll be back later.

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 9:13 AM
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Lorita, "you can't fight city hall". I made a walkin appt. as I got nowhere with the two "phone apps" that the natl phone #. Had scheduled for me. From the "local" office:

I received no calls from local office, yet when I do talk to someone at 800 number, the records show that "they called", as no answer each time!! I've explained previously what happens when I try to call the number listed on the one letter I received.

I have made every attempt I could, can't rehash this any more. What's the point!!

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 9:37 AM
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Good morning to each of you, my friends.

Roxie, I am sorry you are having so much trouble with SS. I can relate. I had been trying to get medicare using spousal benefits. Finally I just gave up on the online stuff and called to make an appointment in their local office. Had to wait 2 months for the appointment. What did I learn? "Oh you can't do this online but it won't tell you that." Anyway, I am waiting now to receive a letter of approval and my card. Should be here in May. I hope it all works out for you.

Rod liked Day CLub yesterday. Said it was good to be out doing something. He slept most of the afternoon after he got back. The ALZ Alliance asked him to be in a commercial for a day care center that is opening in Tyler. We do that this afternoon. They said it would take about 2 hours. That is a long time for Rod so I really hope it works out ok

Leanne, I am sorry about your aunt. I do hope you enjoy seeing your extended family. We do the same thing about seeing each other only at funerals. We always enjoy catching up with each other.

Lorita, I have been wondering what you are going to name the new calf. I can tell you are enjoying her meeting the world. I think it is funny how she wants you to help her with the teats if you are around.

Rod is upset that the tire is flat on his wheelbarrow. He was getting upset that I was not taking him seriously. Just between us, I had the dickens of a time figuring out what he was talking about but eventually understood. I told we would take it to Tractor Supply next time one of the boys was here with a pickup. Well that wasn't good enough. So I got out the bicycle air pump and tried to air it up. Of course that did not work but it did cause Rod to believe that I cared and would help him get it fixed. Don't know what he will do with it when it is fixed.

Oops, time is getting away from me. I must go. Hope you all have as good of a day as possible.


Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 1:17 PM
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Hi everyone,

Roxy - you're right. If you can't get anywhere with the phone interviews, it's time to see someone in person so you can look them in the eye. I'm sorry you have to travel so far but maybe using backroads it won't be so bad. Good luck with the interview - the 30th will be here before we know it - it's already almost the middle of March. So hard to believe. It's 8 weeks for me today.

It's been a busy morning. Our vet called on his way home last night about 10 p.m. He's just been covered up with work - working til midnight and getting up at 5 to start all over. He said he pulled three, I think, breech calves yesterday. Seems to be quite a few of them this year. I sure hope we don't have any.

Anyway, he was here by daylight to put out the hay for me. This may be the last to be fed this year. Girls don't seem too interested in the hay so I'm sure they're getting some green grass somewhere on the farm. I think I'll let them into the meadow - I'm sure there's some down there. I'll do that when I feed tomorrow.

Then, the liquid feed guy came. He has to get close to the feeders to pump the feed in and almost got stuck. So, he only got to fill one feeder. It has some caked-up feed in it so doesn't hold a full feeder. So he'll probably have to come back next week to fill both of them.

It was really pretty and sunny here a little earlier but now it's clouding up some. They having a lot of rain down in Texas moving up the Arkansas/Okla. stateline. I'd just as soon we not get any this time around - things are so muddy. The western part of our State is where the rain is needed.

The flag is flying and looks so pretty. Remember, I told you all that was one thing I vowed to do is to keep the flagpole up and the flag flying for Charles Ray.

Colleen - I sent the fingerprints to Cheryl and she'll probably get them today or tomorrow. Hope they're a little more defining.

Linda T - I'm glad Rod's enjoying Day Club. That makes it easier for you, too.

About the wheelbarrow. Can you take the tire off and take it in to be fixed? I think we can take ours off but never have had to - yet. I have a little fiberglass or plastic one that has two small wheels on front that I use all the time. Much easier on the back. I use it to bring in cat and dog food and groceries - this morning bird feed. We've had it for years and I backed into it once and cracked the bottom but it still works.

Not sure about the name for the new baby yet - I was thinking about Susie - but that's our black dog's name. What do you all think? This morning I fed Sally in the hallway and her baby came out and went all the way around the barn to lay in the hay in the sunshine. Sally came out after she ate and had no idea where she was. I'd already found her and told Sally to follow me and she did. I took a picture of the baby nursing - she usually gets a bath at the same time but the sun was in the camera so that one didn't take. Also took one of her laying in the hay. The shadows in the pictures are the pipe fence. Hope I got them small enough to post.

I got up at 6 am. (really 5) so I think Barclee and I will take a nap this afternoon - I hope nothing else is going to be going on today. I'll be back later.

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Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 1:34 PM
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Good morning, well almost afternoon,
It is warm again today, nearly 60 degrees but a lot of wind. It is snowing or raining in the mountains, but not spilling out past the front. I would like it to dry up a bit here, but the weather does what it will do and around here, we should never cuss the rain.
Linda T, I am so glad that Rod enjoys day care and then sleeping all afternoon gives you nearly a whole day of respite. I hope he does well when he "stars" in the commercial. Two hours is a long time, but I would hope that they are experienced with dementia patients and will work accordingly, with plenty of break times. You might be able to temporarily fix his wheel barrow tire with green slime. It is sold at most hardware stores. Just squirt it in and air up tire, then make sure it is pushed around enough to spread all around inside of tire. You would probably be just as well off to measure that tire and buy a replacement, if you do, get one of the solid ones that can't go flat, most times they come with wheel attached, so just have to take off old one and put on new one. They cost a little more, but not having another flat tire makes things easier. If doing something with the wheelbarrow keeps him busy and gets him some exercise, it will be well worth it.
Roxy, It sounds like going to the office in person is your only choice. Be sure to take a copy of his SS card and yours, also your marriage license and if he was married before, any info you have. Same thing if you have been married before. Also a death certificate. They need the info on prior marriages, because you could be able to draw on former husbands SS and former wife might be able to draw on his. One thing about going, it should be taken care of all at once. True crying and wailing won't do any good, but I know I would want to do some kicking and biting!! Good luck.
Sandra, I don't think pig-headed is not all bad. It can sometimes end you in a pot of soup, but also gets things done. Hope the plate can be saved.
Bonnie, It is good that Bill enjoyed day care, hope he continues to, so you can get away for a while.
Joan, Good you got the bears done. A nice teddy bear can be so comforting. I found a new pattern on line yesterday and sent for it. I think it will work better for the bears I want to make then the old one I have used in the past. I can make a pattern for a backhoe cover, but have had no luck making one for a teddy bear. Did you get your long keeper tomato seeds? I picked some up at Walmart (of all places) the other day. Will start them in the house soon.
I did a number on my back yesterday. My hips are fine, but trimming feet on two equines in one day is obviously one too many. Will have to be good today and hope I am better tomorrow. I better find some exercises to strengthen my lower back so I don't keep hurting it.
I still have 3 mules, a horse and 2 donkeys to go, but will do just one a day as soon as my back is better.
I am going tomorrow morning to help Zane move a couple of mattresses around. I don't think that will bother me or at least I hope not. It is the bending over that gets me.

Lorita, I have seen pictures of people picking cotton and it makes my back hurt just thinking about it. The closest I have come is picking lint off of something. Not too hard on the back.
I'm so very glad you got all of the VARO stuff behind you. It is good that the insurance company will reissue the checks so you don't have to go through so much rig-a-ma-roll. I still find sympathy hard to take. It just seems to turn on the tears sometimes. The book may be a big help. Let us know. If it is a good thing, maybe I will try to find one. Maybe if you adopt another small dog, you could take it to town with you so the seat isn't empty.
Dogs can be wonderful company even in the car.
I went to Choteau yesterday and my tractor is done. They replaced the radiator and serviced everything. Replace a couple of hydraulic hoses. Sonny will pick it up for me next week. He is busy setting up a pivot in the next county. It will be good to get it home. If you have water in the hydraulic fluid, it has to be drained and refilled, then has to be pumped so all the air is out of the lines. It may also have water in the gas or diesel. You can put in a can of heat, or sea foam, if it is water that should take care of it.
When I came home, I drove past Freezeout Lake, it is the bird sanctuary. A lot of snow geese were already there, probably about 1 or 2 thousand. Often there will be 50 or 60 thousand a bit later before they head farther North.
Also saw some swans. I plan to go back this afternoon and see if I can get some pictures to share. The swans are much bigger than even the Canadian geese. They are unbelievably huge. I hope I can get some pictures of them.
Good that your flag is flying again and the baby is doing good. She thinks you are her grandmother. What baby doesn't want Gma to help her out.
It will be 4 hours each way to the funeral, but the roads are good and it is all good highway. I could stay over night, but I feel I am asking my neighbors to do my chores a lot in April and don't wish to add more. I will probably get Ramona to come and let the dogs out once during the day.
I put a heating patch on my back before I sat down here and it has loosened things up, so I guess I will go sew for a while. Then will see if I can get some goose and swan pictures.
I truly hope everyone has a great day. I will try to check in later. Leanne

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 1:40 PM
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Lorita, We were posting at the same time, the baby is beautiful and looks so healthy. Good looking cow. Baby is so sweet there in the shadow of the fence, maybe that would be a good name. Shadow. Had a grey horse named that once.
Hope you get a nap. I'm sure that Barkley really needs one.

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 2:51 PM
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JUST CHECKING IN FROM NJ........ I do try to catch up.. but if I read to much, I lose my time to post something. FRIST.. I want to say Congrats on the 'new Calf".. LIKE Linda T.. what is her/him NAME?
i'M SURE we are all LOOKING FORWARD to Spring. I know I am. My Arthritis is so bad this year, I think it is due to all the ICE, and very cold weather. Also dealing with Rich. Remember, he went to the bathroom on his own for so LONG.. as my Son's say.. "well Mom we had a good run"... i HAVE to agree. He now wears pull up's. and still on occasion goes into the Bathroom to pee, and Does it all good and wash hands... BUT, he has had one accident at Day care.. where they had to clean him up. and Last night was my turn. All I want to say is I smelled something, and invited him in the bathroom to get ready for bed. But as I was changing the clothes out. I saw how bad it was.. I just used some force, and got him to step into the TUB.. which we all know Rich hates to do now... and I used baby wipes, and than SHOWER, SHOWER, SHOWER.. well he called me every name in the book, he punched me in the chest.. my Arms bruise easy, because I have so much Arthritis, and I take a blood thinner, I can hit my Arm in a store or on a food cart, and it will turn RED, or sometimes bleed. I have thin skin there from Sun damage, and when it gets hit, all the blood rushes there. WELL, I had no marks when we started the shower, but when we were done... I had to take a picture of my Arms, so I will remember. I wanted to collapse when I was Done.. I think I will get him in there only once a week, and wash good in between...UNLESS,, I had a mess like last night, Than he would have to shower. My boys were right by the door.. and saying, just say the word MOM, we will come in.. Not that much room in there, and I wanted to just keep going, to get it done. but I really should have let them take
over. He does not do this at Day Care, It is only me and the Shower... SO THANK GOD FOR DAY CARE.. AND THE VA NURSING HOME.
in THE PIC BELOW, you will see a Caring Father and Husband, But in the last two pic was were my Arms, after last nights Shower.
Also there is a pic below of RICH.. holding a photo of "him and my Daughter Katie" when she was 3yrs old. She is kissing her Dad". So the pic he is looking at is in this group as well. He was waiting for his bus, and I was scanning pic, so I showed him the Picture, and he looked, and than he LAUGHED AS ONLY RICH COULD DO.. he has a deep chuckle. Matter of fact , because we do not hear it often anymore, Sean does it for us, because he sounds so much like his Dad.. " I LOVED hearing the laugh, but when he said " that's my Katie".. MY heart sank. "because he does not know Katie, when she is standing in front of him". I than said, who is with "your Katie?: He stared for a long time, than he said" I do not know, but Katie should not pass herself around like that" ?????? He looked at this ,little Girl, and knew it was his Daughter, BUT he did not know it was HIM in the picture, and all of a sudden, he did not like her KISSING.. any Men... HE is LIVING IN THE PAST..
iN CLOSING , I just wanted to say.. Jfkoc, I love LUKE'S name, and so glad he is doing well.
Also, I'm looking forward to hearing about the puppy coming to Loritta's house.
I know it has to be done, but I have had so much paperwork, mailing and faxing since Rich got his 100% I have made it to the Tax office, they said it will be approved next month, so it prob will not start until May. Also someone from VETERANS AFFAIRS called me, due to questions I had about the PACKET I received. BUT, and maybe Loritta can answer this, or if any others know. He said to me that the comp, that my husband receives CAN ONLY BE USED FOR HIM!!! However, WHEN I spoke to his VSO who is also 100%, he said I can use it for anything. I told him I wanted to use some of it to put OIL in our tank, for heat.. THE Vso, SAID it can be used for that. However, the one at the VETERANS affairs office SAID "NO".. So i'm very confused. It is not like I booked a ticket to Alaska?? I want to half full the tank so we have Oil to start out with in Oct. In case our house does not sell??
Their are certain FOOD ITEMS, that Rich likes.. so do I use two different DEBIT CARDS, when I go food shopping to show what I bought for Rich?? This is Nerve racking.. also I have had to let repairs go on our home. Like our back Stairs have some wood that needs to be replaced.. and than painted. I always hire someone to do a "OUTSIDE CLEAN UP". after the winter.. Than my Son's cut the grass the rest of the Summer. I cannot do these things due to the metal in my BACK.. and if my husband was not sick he would be doing it???? So What is the best way to handle this, So I keep within the Rules? ANYONE, who knows It would help me out.
Oh! Bonnie, so glad the 4 hours worked out.. You said something about calling the police "911" well does he carry a "cell phone"? Because if he does, you should take it from him, when not looking.. if he has it as he is getting on the bus, or if you are driving him, you just ask if you could see it, than leave with it... He will get over it.. Rich had a little flip phone, but than he lost it, I never replaced it...All right. Please know that I think of ALL OF YOU.... Leanne, I did not read your DOG story, but now that I know there is one.. I will be sure to go back and read it. Also Linda T , your program also sounds nice, and i'm glad he is enjoying it. Well off to continue... Hope to be back soon.. always
Bridget OH, pictures number 7 and 8 WOULD be my sore arms.. wanted to let you know, maybe some do not want to see that...
NOW i will ADD,, two more from SEAN'S BIRTHDAY PARY.... we all enjoyed, espiceslly my Grand Daughters...little party animals... Oh ! I too watch AMAZING RACE, and SUVIRVOR, and Dr. Pol and JUDGE JUDY.. and the GOOD WIFE, but now we have a new channel.. IT IS CALLED Dog/TV.. my dogs love it, I love it.. so when i'm working in the house, I just leave it on.. it has MUSIC, birds singing, water falls.. Dogs playing outside... It is relaxing.. TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT..

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Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 5:13 PM
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Good afternoon everyone. We are still having warm temperatures, but a little overcast again today. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend. Just came in from a meeting with the landscaper to build a retaining wall in the back of our house. The original owners built a wall out of rock, and over the years, it has slipped and is at the stage of crumbling. I thought I better make that my project for this year before it falls down completely. It's a good thing it is only about 30' in length, because it is proving to be a bit expensive. I don't have much of a choice since I can't build it myself. It sure will look better when they get finished.

Leanne, I'm sorry, I forgot to send my condolences for your aunt. I hope you and your Mom and Zane have a nice day together, driving to and from the funeral. Seems like most of us are alike in that we are together with family more for funerals than weddings. It will be nice for you to see your cousins again and catch up with each other.

I need to get my peat pots for my tomatoes and get them started. I'm excited to see if they actually grow. I wonder if I am mistaken that the cotton burr has fertilizer in it. I think I had a couple of different bags of stuff I put on the flower beds a couple of years ago. I am wondering if one was the cotton burr and the other was a fertilizer? Who knows??? All I know is that the soil was so moist and soft, and the plants took off growing like crazy. I'll check the bag when I go to the lawn center to pick some up.

I hope your back feels better this afternoon. I bet the bending over and standing in that position, holding up a heavy donkey leg for a long time did you in, not to mention using the tools to cut their hooves. lol I probably wouldn't be able to stand up or walk if I tried that. You are stronger than you think. Glad your tractor is in proper working order. Now you can get started with your Spring chores around your place.

The bear pattern I have been using is called Carol's Zoo (Carol's Bear). It is really a simple pattern and easy to sew. I'll post a picture of the one's I just finished.

Lorita, glad you can check the VARO appointment off your list. That has to feel good to get that done. Sure seems to be a lot of paperwork to get through, but happy for you it is now finished.

Your pictures of Sally and her baby are so cute. I just love those little ones. They have such sweet faces. I love hearing that the baby still wants you to help her get latched on when you are with her. That is a precious picture in my mind.

I bet it was nice to get your flag pole back up with the flag hanging. I'm sure Ray is proud of your ability to fix the pole and fly the flag again.

Bridget, I am sorry you have beat up arms. Those bruises look like they hurt. Please be careful when you have to bathe Rich. Maybe next time you should let the boys help you. I sure hope the VA gets the rest of your paperwork finished up so you can get Rich in the home. I have to tell you that it is so different going to visit them as their wife instead of their care giver. I have a different kind of peach now. Kind of bitter sweet because the home doesn't do things for Harv like I would, but he is still happy and seems well fed and content. I am having to let the little things that bother me go, and just be happy that Harv is happy.

Guess I better get the laundry folded and put away. I'll check in later. Have a great rest of the afternoon. Joan

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Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 6:40 PM
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Te lined, the Bears are so cute, good job.
Bridget. OUCH, please be very careful if there is a next time, the pictures are so tender. Bill doesn't have a phone. At home he has to ask do I push this or this?( red oe green button). They had a phone out for the patients if they want to use it. I didn't think he knew 911 any more. The new place also has a phone, hopefully he will leave it be. He talk to the other veterans, enjoyed it. Said the 3 men he was talking to were hard of hearing. I laughed to myself as he is about 75% deaf. Hearing aids help but not really well. We go again tomorrow.
Bridget about the comp. I was under the understanding we could use it for anything. A portion of it is for the spouse, he would get a smaller amount if he were not married. Hopefully someone will come on that knows more than I do.

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 6:51 PM
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Hi all,
Bridget, I'm sorry you got so beat up trying to help Rich. The little girls are so cute and easy to see that Gpa loves them. Don got so he couldn't think of his kids grown, they were only little kids, or sometimes teenagers.
Hope things move along so Rich can get in to a home soon.
Joan, The bears are darling! My back is better this afternoon, I decided not to go and sit in front of the sewing machine, moving around seemed to loosen my back some. I baked a couple of kinds of cookies and paid my bills. It started to rain about the time I was ready to go and take goose pictures, so no sense in going now. Maybe in the morning before I go to help Zane.
What are you going to have a wall made with? Everything is so expensive. We had some concrete poured a couple of years ago and I could hardly believe the price. Hope it turns out the way you want it.
When I start the tomato seeds, I put a few more than I actually want to start between pieces of damp paper towel. Put the towel inside a zip lock bag and put in a warm place. Check every few days, and put the ones that germinate in peat pots. They will continue to germinate for a week or so after the first ones start.
Thank you all for the comments on my aunt passing. She had a good life and passed quietly. What more could any of us ask for. I still don't know when the funeral will be, there are lots of grandchildren scattered all over the country and a daughter-in-law (her husband, my cousin, died about 3 years ago) in China. I know she is coming.
Dogs are still arguing over that darn ball. Trixie has had a rubber fish (89 cents at walmart) for the last 4 or 5 years. She carries it around and squeaks it. Dinah is not allowed to touch it. Trixie has a fit. That is the only thing they have ever fought over. Dinah has learned and doesn't even look at it. I have given them toys that immediately get chewed up. Don't know what the criteria is for a keeper as opposed to a chewer. I believe they understand more about how I think, than I know about how they think.
I better find something to eat. The cookies that I HAD to taste need something good for me mixed in.
Hope everyone has a great evening and gets a good nights sleep. Leanne

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 8:35 PM
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Hi everyone,

Well, no bold tonight - seems to come and go. Many times when I try to reply to a post, another post comes up in the Add Reply block. Don't know why that is - another thing is I get an error message when I try to edit sometimes. Maybe this site maintenance tonight will take care of some of our problems.

Bridget - don't bathe Rich anymore by yourself. Let those boys of yours do it. Your arms look so painful and I know they are. These men, even though they're not well, are still strong. No use for you to get hurt. Let the other men in the house take over the chore of bathing. I enjoyed all of your pictures - Rich looks so happy in so many of them with the kids.

I'm glad you all think Sally and her baby are cute. They really are. Sally is so attentive - always talking to the baby. You know that communication starts before they're born - one way to tell a cow is about to calve.

Linda T - how did the commercial go today? I know Rod must have been really pleased to be in it.

Joan - the teddy bears are so cute. I never attempted to make anything like that - I bet it's not easy.

I'm glad to get the flagpole and flag up again but it surely did a number on my right shoulder. Guess it was trying to balance the tall pole and get it in the pipe, mostly with my right arm. My shoulder is really sore - didn't bother me last night but about noon today it kicked in. Theragesic being used a lot today.

I'm glad to get the VA stuff done, too. This evening my throat is a little bit raspy so hope I didn't catch anything. I heard people sneezing and the man who was helping me said there was something going around the building. I used my own pen to sign the papers and tried not to touch anything - then used hand sanitizer and simply saline as soon as I got back in the PU. Have I already typed this? Sounds familiar - maybe I wrote it in the journal or told my sister. If it's a repeat - sorry.

I let Sally and the baby out in the parking area on solid, dry ground today and she laid in the sun most of the afternoon. When I went to feed the cats, they came into the lot and baby wanted help again. She's concentrating on one side and I moved her to the other one and got her latched on. I let the girls go down in the meadow tonight where I'm sure there's green grass.

Bridget - you can use Rich's compensation for anything that's needed. Doesn't he get the benefit of the heating oil? When we had our interview when I was being rep payee I gave them a list of expenses and he said to use that account for everything. I do have a feed account and used it for feed and anything I found to be iffy. I used his rep payee account for the generator, too. I don't believe there's any restriction on compensation - I never heard about it. With rep payee I did hear if it was something over $1,000 you needed approval but I didn't do that. Don't worry about it.

Leanne - I'm glad you didn't do any more sewing today - your back needed to rest. If you're like me, you get started doing something and think "just a little bit more" and keep going - too long. Wish I had a few of those cookies - bet they're really good. I had a baked sweet potato (in the microwave) and Move Over Butter for supper - haven't had that for a couple of months.

Your dogs playing with their individual toys is cute. They can get really possessive about some things. I don't see our dogs playing with things much but I know they do - they're in different places and I know the cats aren't doing it.

I did get my nap this afternoon - woke up and the TV was on so I went to sleep for over an hour. Then, I couldn't remember if I'd fed yesterday or not. Had to look at the calendar. If I ever lost my cellphone, calendar or journal I'd be up a creek - I write everything down so I'll remember or be able to look back and find it. I fed out of the CW and Bella and Susie went with me - and to the mailbox. They're so cute, they have their places - Bella beside me and Susie on the outside. They also like to ride in the PU.

I hope it's not raining there in the morning so you can get some pictures of the geese and especially the swans. Are they very far from you - I don't remember.

When I was at TSC yesterday, they had fruit trees and flowering trees already on sale. They had a couple of weeping willows. I debated about getting one of them but I still can't decide where to put it. It's going to have to be where the cattle won't be able to get to it. I have an old althea out by the hydrant by the corral and when the cows are in there, they like to rub on it - have completely torn it down to about three feet tall. I'll wait to see if it comes out this spring before I take it out and replant. I'm thinking of transplanting some altheas down by the main gate. We have so many of them in one side of the back yard and they're so pretty I hate to cute them down. I really need to get out and do a lot of pruning on them. Everywhere I walk I see limbs that need to be cut, especially the ones growing over the corral fence. Lots of work to do later on.

I've read some of the book - didn't have much of a chance today. So far it's good - making me cry some. I didn't realize she was so near death when she and the man wrote this book. Today it was talking about anticipatory grieving for someone with a terminal illness like MS, ALS or AD. She says some people go through the five stages of grieving before the loved one passes away - and then some go through it again afterwards. I don't believe I went through it beforehand - guess I was kind of in denial (first stage), so maybe I did. I knew what the final outcome would be but just kept pushing it away and trying not to think about it. Maybe we all have done that. I think the book will be good - I do know the social workers thought her ideas were correct. It's almost like one of those books you can't put down when you start to read it. I don't know of anything I have to do much tomorrow so maybe I'll get a lot of it read.

I dreamed of Charles again this afternoon during my nap. I can't remember what I dreamed though. It seems like I dream of him a lot lately. My sister says she still dreams of her first husband sometimes.

Bonnie - I can just imagine how the conversation sounded between those four men who were hard of hearing. The whole room probably heard the conversation. I'm glad Bill is enjoying going there and being with other men. It also helps you.

We didn't have rain today but it says there's a 70% chance tonight and tomorrow. Wish it would miss us. The feedstore is closed tomorrow - their daughter is getting married in Texas so I'll have to go in Saturday morning for medicated creepfeed. All the five little ones are finally eating out of the creepfeeder - Charm, too.

I'd better quit before I bore you all to tears. I took some soda and aspirin a while ago and may take a couple of Alka Seltzer Plus before bedtime. I surely don't want to get a cold. Maybe a zinc lozenge, too. But, they make everything taste so weird.

Sleep well, everyone. Bridget - no more bathing Rich for you - it's getting too dangerous for you. I'll probably check in again before bedtime.

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 9:43 PM
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Hi, I'm using my tablet,so excuse mistakes. I was just looking at the paper and they have an article about Freeze out Lake and the birds. It is just a mile or so from my house as the crow flies. The last week in March is usually the peak of migration for Swans and a snow geese. The amount of Snows is between 150,000 and 200,000. The Swans number from 7000 to 8000. I knew there were a lot, but didn't know it was that many. They often fly over my house when they are headed out to feed in the stubble fields. They make so much noise you can't believe it. Seems like it takes 20 minutes for them to finish passing over sometimes. Then, all of a sudden they are gone. Some stop on their return trip in the fall, but not in the great numbers that come in the spring. Hopefully, I can get some good pictures tomorrow.
Yes, Lorita, I have a bad habit of pushing it. Always think I can do everything and then I pay for it.
I do believe that I did a lot of mourning before Don died. I was always very much aware of how the disease ended, and I mourned some each time he progressed farther into dementia. I don't know that it has made it any easier, but I was not surprised by his passing. I knew that I was loosing him a little bit each day.
I better get ready for bed,I always need to read for an hour and since the time change,it has been more like two, so need to start an hour earlier until I get straightened around.
Hope everyone has a pleasant evening and gets a good night's sleep. Leanne

Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2015 10:13 PM
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Hi Leanne,

Are you using a keyboard with your tablet? If not, you did great. It seems so time-consuming to me to use the stylus but haven't tried the keyboard. I ordered a table cover and it had a keyboard but the cover didn't fit my tablet.

Have you learned how to use google and/or e-mail yet? Mine says I have to set an account but I haven't called yet to figure out how to do it.

That was an interesting article about the snow geese and swans. I can't imagine that many swans. We used to have a lot more geese pass through here than we do now. What about a picture of the swans or geese flying over taken from underneath - bet that would be something. I hope you can get some good pictures so we can see them. I absolutely can't imagine how they must look. Is Freeze Lake very big? Do any of the swans or geese ever overwinter there?

I'm about ready for bed, too. I'll watch the weather - supposed to have rain tonight and tomorrow.

I mourned when Ray had each decline, too, but still thought the end would be much further in the future. I remember reading somewhere they no one ever recovered from AD or dementia - that was hard to take - but it's true, however, we want it not to be. I don't know if it would be better if we knew how much time was left or not. As it is, you just don't know from one day to the next - or in our case, from one hour to the next. It's a hard thing for a person to live with - the one with the dementia and the caregiver.

Sleep well tonight and enjoy the warm weather.

Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 6:01 AM
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Hi everyone
Lorita, have you named baby yet? The photos were so cute.....I agree, Shadow would suit her perfectly. My shade sails are a covering over our outdoor area....which used to be our swimming pool! I'm putting up a photo of them. Including the ripped one. The area they cover is about 36' x 18'. I stepped it out

Leanne, glad you're taking it a bit to watch that back and shoulder.. How amazing your lake must look with all those snow geese and swans, hard to imagine from here. We don't have water on our place, but a friend round the road has a dam and he often gets black swans and pelicans on it, but only two or three. Though one day as I was driving by there were about 6 pelicans, and all in a circle, head down, bum was gorgeous but of course no camera with me My other photo is of our dear little lorikeets, a type of parrot, which come to drink at our bird bath every day, and these two have just started coming up to where we sit. They were only about 6' from us when I took this photo, and earlier they were on the table right next to us, eating our biscuits. This is the first time any have come this close.

Had a visit today from an old neighbour, then finally painted the back room where I mended the wall after I broke it.......not sure if I like this colour either.....Why don't they look like the colour chart on your walls?

Got the painted tile from my son....I'm not happy with it, but a couple of friends said that they can't see the crack till it was pointed out to them, so I will give it to my friend and tell her what happened. I may still do another for her later. The photo is of her mother, who will be 98 in May, and the scene represents what my friend remembers from when she was in Germany...the mountains, the forest, and the wildflowers that she picked for her mother.

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Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 6:23 AM
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This new system won't let you edit, so I'll try again!!!

We went to the bowling club for dinner tonight, because I didn't feel like cooking, and Ron was happy to go out for a little while....and it was nice, because there were a few people he could talk to. We even caught the courtesy bus so I could have a couple of wines and not worry about being breathalysed on the way home. One of the bowlers came up and said that he didn't work on Mondays andTuesdays, and he would be happy to have a game of bowls with Ron, and it didn't matter when he wanted to finish. I nearly broke down in tears in the middle of the restaurant, because he is not an old friend, But then again, not many are now...most of the old ones have either died or moved on!

Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 7:36 AM
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good morning -

it has been drizzling for several days now and the wind has been blowing all night. I think we are expecting some stormy weather today.

Sandymac- I love your yard ! I would love to have some sails like that over my deck- it gets quite hot here in the Georgia summer sun. Your tile painting is beautiful and the crack is barely visible- your son did an excellent job of repairing it. That was so kind of Ron's friend to offer him an outing- I hope you take him up on his offer to have some "me" time for yourself. I can just picture Ron picking up sticks and leaves. After Ronald Regan died, I read how he loved to clean the pool for hours, so his Secret Service detail would throw leaves into the water when he wasn't looking just to keep him busy. So when Ron needs something to do, you could always put out some sticks in the yard !

Joan- your bears are adorable ! are they difficult to make? are they for hospice patients to keep or hold for comfort while they are there? I hope you don't try to fix a rock wall by yourself, that could be quite a job.

Roxy, it is astounding how much trouble you are having with SS- I hate it for you. Maybe mine being so quick and easy was a fluke and NOT normal- or maybe because I can't collect Dan's social security until I'm older. No idea, but it still should NOT be that hard for you I hope your walk in appointment goes much smoother and you don't have to sit and wait for hours.

Bridget- the girls are beautiful and I love the photos of Rich. Your arms look painful, it's so easy for people to bruise with some medications. You should definitely let your sons do the bathing- I finally stopped fighting with Dan about bathing because I didn't want either one of us to get hurt. You need to be safe.

Leanne- I'm like you, get stuff done and then pay for it later. You sound like you have so much going on with the sewing, gardening, and farm work. I'm really wanting to get some sewing done, I have all kinds of repairs and projects piling up but I just don't have the space in my bedroom to spread out and work on stuff. As soon as my adopted family gets moved to their own place, I will get started. I have never started tomatoes from seed, I always buy the little starter plants. Some years we have good luck with them and other years not so much. My son likes to grow peppers and tomatoes to make salsa and other things. We have to plant in raised beds as my soil is very poor and rocky - and not level. I had not heard of solid wheelbarrow tires, mine goes flat occasionally. I will have a look for one at Tractor Supply. How many horses, mules, and donkeys do you have? do you ride them all? We grew up with a horse but used a farrier, I can't imagine doing that much hoof work.

be careful on your long drive to the funeral. Your mother and Zane are going too? do you share drive time on long trips?

Lorita- what a sweet baby- have you named it yet? I hope your cold didn't get worse- I have used zinc lozenges in the past but you're right, they make your mouth taste funny. I ALWAYS use my own pen everywhere I go and lots of hand gel. Also I wash my hands vigorously each time I get home from town.

I always have a flag flying, too, but mine hangs from the house. Our sweet caregiver/ nurse friend bought Dan a brand new flag last Christmas because ours was getting faded and she knew how much he cared about flag etiquette. Once we were sitting in an office doing some business with a sales person and Dan finally told him their flag was faded and torn and he would not discuss anything further with him until they took it down.

I think a lot about the stages Dan went through and I still am surprised at how fast he went. Even when hospice started in September I kept thinking we had a long ways to go. I don't know whether I would have wanted to know in advance how long I had with him. Weirdly, I always had December in the back of my mind but I think I really only began to accept it when he completely stopped eating and drinking.

Linda T- so, you are married to a famous TV star - lol! hope the filming went well , maybe they will air it nationwide and we can all see him It's wonderful that he is liking his Day club. We don't have anything like that here.

It's sad when they get fixated on something and won't let it go. Whenever Dan wanted something done I knew I had to stop what I was doing immediately and take care of it for him or I would get no peace. I guess that is a pretty common symptom. I didn't know that someone can't apply for spousal benefits online, I will have to remember that for the future. I have about 5 years to go before I can apply for the earliest benefits, hopefully I will remember something that far away

time is getting away from me, I have to leave for the pool. After water exercise class I must run into town for a few errands so will not be back home until this afternoon. I think we are supposed to have storms all day so I expect I will be driving in the rain and getting wet each time I get out of the truck. Oh well, it's just water.....

take care my friends, hope you are all well. Stay safe-


Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 12:56 PM
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Hi everyone,

Sandy, the photo tile is beautiful. You're a very good painter. I can't tell where it was broken at all. What a great gift that is.

The picture of the little birds is so pretty. They look like they're about twice as big as a parakeet - is that about right? Do people ever keep them in cages as pets?

I also love your wall of plants. I think that is so unique. Are the pots hung on hangers so you can move them around if you want to? It looks like the biggest one is a staghorn fern - right?

I'm glad the man had a bowling game with Ron. I think our emotions are so close to the surface that any bit of kindness really gets to us. I know it does to me.

Colleen - we're having a gray, drizzly day here, too. I guess really more than drizzle - the weather just said the little town south of us has some flooding in their streets. We really didn't need rain right now - it was just beginning to dry up a little bit. But, like Leanne, I hate to complain about the rain - anytime. Oklahoma has been in a drought for two or three years. We're not in the eastern part but the western part of the state and part of the panhandle is in severe drought. I wish we could somehow save the rain until we need it in July and August. The weather woman just said Spring officially begins next Friday.

Our daffodils are full of buds and have quite a few blooming already. I haven't checked on the biggest one at the MH yet - too muddy to get up there now.

I woke up at 5 am. and turned on the TV and watched until almost 7. It kept saying the rain was getting closer so when it was about five miles away I got up and fixed the cat's food. When I got to the barn, the baby wasn't up yet but when I fed Sally she got up and came up and latched on for breakfast. They're in the barn now out of the rain. The rest of the girls are up around the hay and feed - they're all okay for now. The little ones are about out of medicated creep so getting some of that's on my agenda for in the morning.

I didn't develop a cold - don't know what was wrong but I'm okay this morning. Usually the incubation period for a cold is about two days so guess I missed it - thank goodness.

That's a sweet story about Dan and the flag. I know the flag means a lot to any American but much more to anyone who was in the military - at least that's the experience I've had.

Hope your water exercises went well this morning. I think we're both in the same weather system right now - it says it covers most of the states east of Oklahoma.

I'm still reading the book but couldn't get too far this morning - maybe it's the weather or whatever - made me cry too much. But, I am going to finish it.

I called our neighbor and his wife and talked with them a little while this morning. I enjoyed the little visit with them. He's been clearing a fenceline for one of his neighbors so he can build a new fence between them. He also talked about how muddy it was - like he was driving on the Bermuda grass and that was keeping him from getting stuck.

Leanne - I called this morning about our tractor - they'll come and get it early next week and take it in. He said it had water in the diesel and it doesn't seem to have much power and sounds different to me. Seems like men just don't notice the sound of things like women do. I could tell Ray the car or PU sounded different and he said he couldn't tell any difference.

I need to call about the GP puppy to see if they know when he'll be born and also the Animal Shelter or maybe I'll just stop by on the way home tomorrow.

I'm going to make some banana bread this afternoon - couldn't find the recipe but I'll use the one on the box. The bananas are in the refrigerator and are coal black but I think they'll be okay.

This is the kind of day you could just crawl into bed, cover up and sleep but I don't think I will - maybe a nap. Barclee enjoyed that yesterday.

I'll be back later. Roxy, hope things are better today.

Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 3:04 PM
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Hi all. I thought I would check in now so I don't miss out on the news. My good friend and I are taking our daughters to dinner and a fashion show tonight. The fashion show should be interesting, because all the outfits are made of strange things like duct tape, paper, plastic, etc. It should be interesting. I'll let you know. Anyway, fun for the four of us.

Leanne, the bear pattern is really simple, and I have made one in a couple of hours. They don't take long. Just 4 darts, pinning together, and sewing together. Stuffing is always fun, and a little added decoration adds to their character.

Colleen, our Hospice asks for volunteers to make the bears for their clients who have passed. The family provides their loved one's clothing, and we make keepsake bears for them. I didn't know anything about this until my Mom passed, and they offered to make bears out of her clothing. I feel like I'm giving back a little bit, and they really do make a nice keepsake. The one's in the picture were made from a flannel bed sheet that a family's mother had on her bed.

Leanne, we have decided to reconstruct the wall with a man made stone that comes in 17" x 5 " blocks. It is the cheapest method, and I think it will look quite nice. Cement is almost out of touch expensive, and even cinder block is more expensive because they have to fill all the holes with gravel. He said that logs work well, but with all the tie ins to keep them secure, it comes out more expensive. Guess I'll just bite the bullet and have them use the man made rock. It is in the back of the house, so doesn't have to look perfect.

Colleen, I couldn't rebuild it myself. My back would be broken for sure. Too much heavy work for me. I hope you enjoy your swim and running errands today, even if it is in the rain.

Sandy, what a beautiful yard you have. I love the wind sails. They look comforting and cozy to me. Your tile painting is beautiful. What a keepsake for your friend. I love the way you painted the flowers. So natural looking. The little birds are beautiful. What a treat to have them visit every day.

Lorita, I hope your shoulder is feeling better today. We all have to be careful with heavy projects. One little mishap seems to land my back in stiffness and pain. Sure glad you got the pole back upright. Hopefully it will stay put and not cause anymore work for you. Did you get everyone fed today? I hope all the hay and liquid feed are full so you don't have to feed anyone but the barn cats tonight.

I hope your reading goes better today. Sometimes those books are difficult to read. I tried to read some on Alz. in the beginning, but had to put them away because they made me even sadder. I never did read them. Just thought I would take it a day at a time and not worry about what was ahead of us. I learned most of my tips and got advice on this site, so didn't feel I had to read about it too.

Bonnie, glad dh is enjoying the company of other veterans. Funny how they think they don't have a problem, just everyone else.

Leanne, I will try your method of germinating seeds. Hopefully I'll get some going. Thanks for the tip. Don't know why I'm so excited to get planting this year, but I am. What a nice article your paper wrote about the geese and swans. I would love to see the flock in full flight. I bet that is noisy, but also beautiful to watch. Can you imagine what the pond looks like when they are all floating on it.

In the 50's today and overcast. We are supposed to get a bit of rain tomorrow, but not much, then on to a beautiful weekend.

I guess I've gabbed on long enough. Have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Joan

Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 4:01 PM
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Hey y'all! Sunny and 30* here, but expecting 5- 10 inches of snow tomorrow. A bit of melting has happened but we still have plenty of snowbanks taller than me. Guess it was my turn for the stomach bug - used a sick day yesterday. Sophie & I lounged around napping and watching tv, so she was pretty happy about it!

Leanne, I too forgot to send condolences for your aunt. Sounds like she had a good, long life! I have 1 great aunt left; she's 94, & she and her husband are both sharp as tacks AND getting around great. Sure hope I take after her!

Lorita, I had to laugh as I forgot to use my Tractor Supply coupon this week too! Left it right on the kitchen table! Phooey!!!

Bridgit, I have to agree with everyone else: let your sons shower DH. It will keep you from getting banged up, and they will feel good that they can help you this way.

Linda T, I'm so glad Rod liked day club! It was such a relief for me when my Mom decided she loved going to the Holiday Center. Gave her a purpose, and a place of "her own" to go while I was at work.

Joan, the bears are too cute! Hope you have a great "girls night" out!

Hoping everyone has as great a wknd as possible! Will check in if I come to town for anything. Hugs, Twink

Posted: Friday, March 13, 2015 10:26 PM
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Last night Bill spent about an hour trying to convince me he could stay by himself, he has so much work to do. Even this morning same thing. When we got to the daycare he joked with them and was happy camper. One aid even came out and said she told him her name was Heather what was his name? He said it isn't Heather, and joked with her. He got in the car to go home and started griping on, and on, till I finally said are you going to gripe, and gripe all the way home. He did an immediate about face and was happy and talking nice. He tried to tell me he ate cold pizza and corn for lunch and trying to tell me the word pizza, he said. That wrecked he had the other day and he couldn't. I finally figured. The other day was really a month ago, I ordered pizza and the guy wrecked on his way to deliver it. It was about 25 out. Ahh well it is a long time till he goes back on Monday, hopefully.
The plate is beautiful and I didn't see a crack. Had not heard of thoses sails before, just awnings.
Bridget, I also agree, let the boys do it. What happens if he hurts you bad, then the boys have both of you to care for. Hopefully they will get him in Vineland very soon.

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:00 AM
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Hi everyone,

It's still drizzly here this morning and will be most of the day. It had rained .8 when I was out last evening and it was so muddy then. I was going to go in and get some medicated creep for the calves today but can't. I may put 50 lbs. Of 20% til I can get some Monday.

Think, I hope you're feeling better today. I know Sophie enjoyed having you home with her. I called TSC and they said I could bring in my receipt and coupon and they'd take care of it-but by Sunday. I probably won't though-25 miles away and our roads are too bad.

They just mentioned it's only one month til taxes are due so I'm going to have to get things together soon.

Joan' I'm sure you girls had a wonderful time last nights that did you good to get out.

I didn't read anymore of the book yesterday-may try it today.

The wind was blowing so hard when I was outside late yesterday that I took down the flag- surely don't want to break the flagpole again.

I woke up a couple of times last night-last time at 4 but went right back tosleep and didn't wake til 8.

Bonnie, so glad your husband is enjoying daycare-that makes it easier for both of you. It's sweet that he jokes with the staff. Ray used to do that, too.he was very extroverted.

Had a nice,long phone visit with my cousin last night. She and her husband have had pneumonia and are just now getting better. Odd that both of them had it at the same time.

I'm checking often to see if Leanne has posted pictures of the geese and swans. She may be having problems getting signed in.

Well, I imagine the catfood is soaked up so better venture out into the mud to feed them and Sally and check the girls. I'll be back later. Have a good Saturday.j

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 10:39 AM
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Lorita, sorry you are feeling so down.. I have read that it takes approximately 13 months for the 'grieving process'... There are many dates to get through - anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, etc..
I can only suggest that you keep yourself busy and try to get out and about and do things for YOURSELF.. try a new hairstyle; get a mani/pedi; buy a new outfit..... put some rum in that coke.
as they say, time heals all wounds. All the best to you.

Linda Dee
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 12:51 PM
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Hello from the Ozarks. I gave up on reading and decided to just post.
We have had a very busy week. Everyone at church last week was very shocked at Ken's decline. We had not had church for two weeks bc of ice/snow.
The Neurologist app't was Monday, 9am. Ken almost fell in the parking lot, and did fall out of bed at 3am Monday. Dr changed Clonazepam to Lorazepam. Withing on new medication to arrive.
Had to go to town again on Tuesday. Car was so dirty!! Waited until all errands were done, so car could air dry driving home. I manually washed the car so I could get up under wheel wells, etc to get salt and road chemicals off. On the way home Ken started with delusions....did/do 5hey put gas in car when/while one washes it? How much gas did it take?....on and on. I just went along with his ideas.
Wednesday was church breakfast, Ken knew enough to order a breakfast sandwich, due 5o hand tremors. Last night was youth fund raiser of Spaghetti Dinner. Not any 2ay Ken could eat spaghetti in public. Pastor did call this morning to see why we didn't attend, which was nice. People just do not realize what Dementia patients contend with.
Most of the time now Ken cannot button the buttons on his shirt. Or when he goes to hang a shirt up.
So as mine and Ken's journey gets rockier, I am even more thankful for all and each of you dear friends!!!

Linda Dee
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 1:22 PM
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Sandra, liked your photos. Loved your 0lant wall. Is that a Stag horn Fern I see there?
Leanne, you sound so busy, but I think that is good!
I do not like the time change either! Just wish it would stay daylight savings all year, forever!!
Lorita, glad baby latched on to Sally, and that Sally has milk. Baby sounds like she is quite intelligent to look at you, to help her nurse, each time! I like the name Baby, but I think she will become your Shadow.
Twink, still no fresh eggs around here. At least no call from my eggman. I forgot to look, for fresh eggs, when I went to Amish store yesterday. I did buy broccoli, cauliflower plants. And some beautiful Pansies, in three colors. The blooms were huge. Planted pansies as soon as I got home.
Hope your FiL improves, and you know definitely what was going on.

Sandy the wine I made is Apple Wine. It is so clear that I am impressed with it! Still haven't shared with any friends, as I am afraid they won't let the wine mature.
How are things going at your house? Let us hear from you, please!

Joan, glad you are getting to visit Harv. Great that you thought to do a video. Has Harv's voiced changed any ? Sometimes Dementia patients voices do change. I have noticed Ken's is changing and sometimes it doesn't sound like him at all. Mostly, it was when he left a voice mail. But now he can't use the phone.
JUDY, sorry you had such a time getting back with us, but happy you did, finally!

Lorita, Dr Pol tonight!

Was it Johanna that ask about a cow/ heifer difference? How about telling the difference between a mare/filly and stallion/gelding?? Just for some more farm talk.

Have a nice remainder of the weekend. Calm, quiet, soothing, warm weather and sunshine!!

Adult only child
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 1:50 PM
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Hello all from very warm sunny CA, pushing 90* today. Lorita, I'm not sure if I want to have parents fingerprints in the same type of locket. They haven't been getting along very well and the last week was horrendous! With or w/out the full moon or the gibbons moon! I'm thinking I'll have to separate the prints, sort of why I'd like to separate them now. Shadow is a great name, she does shadow you and Sally. Did you call the babies by their names early on so they know who they are and come when they're called?

Bonnie, had the same type conversation w/Mom. She started gripping while griping and I firmly had to tell (ask) her what was the issue. Watched the tension in her hands release, then she was able to calm down. They focus so specifically it's hard to follow all the body language. Biddie, you understand; you can physically see what's coming. I vote the boys tag team Rich, why should you be injured? You've been able to utilize all resources, why not your boys. Perhaps Sean will have more insight, hard to tell, he's such an insightful young man.

Sandymac, love the outdoor wall. Thought it might be too hot for staghorn ferns in Aus; does the brick keep moisture in?

Hey, posted more but it kicked me off,


Adult only child
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 2:51 PM
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verse 2 from CA Dana, Sandymac, is the outside brick? Wondered if Leanne might concur to try a lace up job (including grommets) to fix the tear? Might make a cool looking shade.

Leanne, always looking for pix of MT. How magnificent the birds must be, breathtaking. With our drought the birds mostly outnumber the number of humans converged on the lakes; most 'lakes' are reservoirs so no human body contact. Fishing is ok early AM hours. Joan, want a new passion hobby? Start raising plants from seeds. Been at it 30+ years, so relaxing and nurturing. My focus becomes strictly on the seedlings; what a get away! Leanne gives great step by step info any novice would have success with. Colleen, you remember the Santa Ana winds, holy smoke (w/out fire smoke) were they blowing here in 'our valley'. Made me feel like a dog in the back seat of a top down convertible, cruising down the coast, hanging my head out! Didn't realize I now have jowls.

Twink, what would you have done with my folks in this stage? Positive day to all,

CA Dana

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 4:56 PM
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It was I who asked about the cow/heifer and am looking forward to the answer re: the other animals.

Bad stuff going on here. Called in home health with xrays Thursday. It was my birthday so I knew something would hit the fan. We may bump up to Hospice next week. Big girl panty time. about a pic of one of your tents?????

Linda Dee
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 5:59 PM
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Oh JFK! I am sorry that it is time to possibly have hospice! Stay strong Friend. Warm thoughts, strength and endurance to you!

Those other terms have to do with horses.

My youngest daughter that had to have the 10mm kidney stone removed, also had to have a stent. On Tuesday after daughter got in from Alanta, to Kansas City, and got home, she was to remove the stent herself. Which she did. What the surgeon failed to tell her was; Not to take a Tub Bath!! On Wednesday morning, daughter, started running a high fever. She could not go into work. Dr started her on oral antibiotics. By Thursday night her temp was 103.0. Daughter had to go to ER to meet surgeon. She had severe UTI, had to have IV antibiotic and is now on the mend!!

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