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Just need to talk to my friends(16)
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 8:01 PM
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Hi everyone,

Kathy - I hope grieving gets easier in 13 months. I'm trying to keep busy but with the rain we're having I can't get outside much. I did late this afternoon for a while. Didn't feed the cows though - just too muddy. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I will then.

I need a new hairstyle in the worst way. I think I'll go to the woman my cousin goes to - she says she's really good. I've never had a manicure or pedicure. I have my hands in too many things for even fingernail polish.

Linda Dee - I'm so sorry about Ken's decline. Two weeks can make a difference and someone who isn't with them all the time can see it more than the caregiver can.

I can't remember the last time we've washed the PU - living in the country like we do just getting to the highway gets them dirty. Maybe sometime this spring.Sorry about Ken's delusions - sometimes that's hard to handle. Ray also had trouble buttoning shirt buttons. The buttons on men's shirts are so stinking little that I even had trouble.

I'm glad your daughter's home and got her stint out but sorry she was so sick. It's good that she's improving now. Did the tub bath cause the UTI?

When I fed the cats this evening, I fed Gray Lady and Sally and opened the gate so they can get out on solid ground and not be in the barn. I wanted Gray lady to go out so left the gate open while I closed another one and, of course, Sally got out - baby didn't but she was trying. Finally Sally came back and I got her in. I'll let them out tomorrow. I don't like to let new babies out except early in the day so they can adjust to all the new things a little bit.

I've never had apple wine - not much of a drinker of any kind. We used to drink a wine called Carmel which was pretty good.

When I was in town the other day I saw some place had onion plants. Guess the time isn't far away. Ray and I used to raise broccoli and cauliflower. We even had bok choy once - really pretty and so good in salads and stir fry.

I hardly ever get pansies but I think they are so pretty and cheerful. Our daffodils are budding like crazy and quite a few blooms already. The winter jasmine is recovering some from the ice and snow so they'll be back in bloom soon.

The questions about the horse are really something Leanne will know more about but - a mare is a grown female, a filly is a young female; a stallion is a horse who hasn't been castrated whereas a gelding has been castrated.

Dana - I don't like weather over 90 degrees but I'll be glad when it gets to the 70s or 80s here. Isn't 90 pretty warm for this time of year?

Sorry about your parents - I know that's hard for you. Have you looked at all of the options - some really pretty ones. I assume you're looking at Etsy Timeless Impressions. I just got an e-mail from Cheryl. She said she's received the new fingerprints I sent. The first ones I sent to her I had darkened on the printer. I sent ones this time that hadn't been and also I enlarged them so she could see the lines better. She said her initial impression is that they'd be better but she'll let me know when she has time to work with them.

Ray and I used to start plants from seeds. We had a screened in front porch that faced east and we kept them there. Started out in flats and when they got a little bigger we transplanted them to bigger containers and then into the garden. Gardening is a lot of work but really has good rewards and it's good exercise.

If I have a calf up bottlefeeding it, I call them by name and they get to know their name. If they're only up a few days, I call them by name but unless they have some kind of characteristic for identification I lose track of them. Many of our cows know their names.

jfkoc - Happy Birthday - you didn't let us know. Sorry about how it turned out but maybe you got to enjoy part of it. What's going on with Dick? You hadn't mentioned anything being wrong so it must have been sudden and not good to have x-rays done. I hope it isn't pneumonia. Let us know how things are with him. Hospice isn't always a final stage - I've heard of people being on hospice for months and then getting better and going off.

I've read more of the book today without much crying. It's really good and I would recommend it. I'm almost half finished with it already.

Linda Dee - I'm watching Dr. Pol as I type this. I haven't seen this one or the one before this. Also the next two were made in 2015. It just said the next one was the season finale. I thought the new season just started. Anyway, I watch them over and over and enjoy them.

I'm still waiting for those pictures from Leanne - maybe she can't get signed in.

I'll check in later.

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 8:12 PM
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Thank goodness she is on the mend. That sounded a bit scary.
Seeing sights of sprig. Bradford pears in bloom, red bud and weeping willow showing color, it is exiting. I am soooo ready.

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 8:19 PM
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Hi Bonnie,

You mean the Bradford Pears and Redbuds in Tulsa are already blooming? Kind of early,isn't it. When we'd go to Tulsa we came in on Memorial and the Bradford Pears were always gorgeous. The ones here on the farm are way behind that but it won't be too long now.

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 8:48 PM
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Hi everyone. Linda Dee, your poor daughter. So sorry she got so ill. I hope she can take it easy for a few days until she feels stronger again. That sounds terrible. I'm sorry Ken is declining. Seems like some stages show quick decline, then a level off period before it starts again.

Harv's voice seems to be deeper and a little gravely sounding these days. He also seems to be talking louder too. Don't know what brought that on.

I bet your pansies are beautiful. I can't wait until we can plant here.

Bonnie, glad to hear Bill is happy at day care. He's still sharp enough to tease the aides. That's cute. Sometimes I think their brains think backwards. He gripes about day care, but seems to have fun there. Harv used to do that too. He would say something was awful and it was actually something he enjoyed.

Twink, I hope you are all better today. That stomach bug was not fun. Glad you took the day off to rest and recoup. Sofie must have been a comfort to cuddle with. I hope you didn't get too much snow today.

Dana, so sorry your parents are so unsettled with each other. That has to be so hard on you to try to keep them both content. I will be thinking of you, and hoping things improve and soon. You are already having very warm weather. Wow, it's only March. Yes, Leanne gave me instructions the other night on how to start my seeds germinating. That might be my project for Monday.

Girl's night out was fun. We had a delightful dinner at a quaint little place called Goat. They had all sorts of specialty pasta dishes and also gyros and several fancy sandwiches. Was very nice. Even had home made beer. I drank a light ale which was good. Didn't want to drink much because I was driving. Anyway, fashion show was very different. Everything made from sustainable, recycled materials. Had a lampshade hat, paper dresses, plastic clothing. Lots of strange looking outfits for sure. They also had dancers performing on ropes and on the stage. Was very different, but interesting and ended up being a fun night out for all of us.

Lorita, sounds like Cheryl is being very careful making sure the fingerprints are just perfect. I like that. Shows that she cares how they look, and wants them to be special. Can't wait for you to get yours. I hope it quits raining so you don't have to fight the mud. We never did get showers. Had a perfect blue sky day today. Almost 70 in GJ today.

I have a few issues I need to call about on Monday. Everything seems to be going okay except he still doesn't have his wheel chair, physical therapy was supposed to start last week and wasn't, and I am not happy that he isn't getting showered three times a week. His hair was oily and his face and hands didn't look clean to me. I will get on them and get that changed. I think he might be saying no to them so they just let him go. I had to ask the aid to shave him the last three times I have gone to see him. That is not acceptable in my mind. I want him to look clean and neat because he was always a super clean guy. I think the aides just rush through their chores. I will be having something to say about that. Anyway, he seemed happy and was glad to see me. A gal from church sent down a box of cookies for him. Peanut butter (his favorite), and sugar cookies. Both were very good.

Have a good night. Sleep well. Hope you are ok Leanne, just busy. Joan

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 8:51 PM
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jfkoc: I hope things are better at your house. Hospice care can be a good thing, just for the extra help if you need it. I will be praying for good results for you both. Hang in there. Joan

P.S. Happy Birthday to you.

Lesley Jean
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:16 PM
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Hospice seems to be a big help for me. The nurse is great. Even though I am an RN, it is nice to have her opinion and expertise. The friendship is wonderful. We now have a great CG. It is great to watch how she relates and interacts with Jerry. Just to have a break, to do bills, clean, think, is wonderful!

Good luck and hugs,


Lesley Jean
Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:16 PM
Joined: 2/13/2013
Posts: 2965


Hospice seems to be a big help for me. The nurse is great. Even though I am an RN, it is nice to have her opinion and expertise. The friendship is wonderful. We now have a great CG. It is great to watch how she relates and interacts with Jerry. Just to have a break, to do bills, clean, think, is wonderful!

Good luck and hugs,


Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2015 10:40 PM
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Hi All, Just popped in to read and let everyone know I am just fine. Just got a lot of stuff going on (nothing bad) I have been taking pictures, but not happy with the ones I have gotten of the birds. I need to get there much earlier in the morning so I can get pictures when they are taking off to go feed. It has also been very cloudy and the birds don't show up against the clouds.
Happy Bday Jfkoc, sorry things aren't going well, we DO have your back.
Linda Dee, We are standing behind you too, with Ken's decline. Your poor daughter, hope she recovers soon.
Sandy, I could so fix that sail in no time. Glad a friend (and obviously a good one) is willing to bowl with Ron and not worry about how it is done. The tile is fabulous. I couldn't see a crack. The little birds are priceless.
Bonnie, Glad Bill was happy at Daycare, even if he was grumpy about it on the way home.
Dana, I was just looking in the mirror thinking I looked somewhat like a bulldog with my jowls. Glad we all have some.
How about the Amazing Race last night? Lorita, did you watch. Everyone talking about fresh eggs and I could only think of the thousand year old one.
Joan, Good you are letting your feelings be known about Harv's care. He must be taken care of and keep clean. Glad you had a fun evening out.
Twink, Sorry you had the bug, but glad you are feeling better.
Colleen, I have 2 horses 6 mules and 3 donkeys and I have been trimming all of their feet. I got behind when it was so cold and snowy, so now they need to be trimmed. I had them kind of staggered, so I only had to do about one every two weeks. My neighbor shoes them when needed, as I don't trust myself to drive nails.
Lorita, I am glad you are enjoying the book. Hope things dry up for you soon. It was 72 here today, but the wind was blowing so hard it didn't feel all that warm.
I will hopefully get some better pics of the birds in the morning, but will post what I have tomorrow anyway.
Hope everyone has a great evening and a good nights sleep. I really miss all of you when I don't have time to check in. I start to worry that something has happened and I won't know about it. Will try to start a lively animal discussion tomorrow. Leanne

Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 11:37 AM
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Good morning,

Couldn't post there for awhile and suddenly today it works.

We are finally having some needed rain. The temperatures have been in the high 60's with some 70's. Must be Spring.

I have been doing some yard work, cleaning up dead plant tops and pruning dead canes out of the Knockout roses. The tea roses look pretty good this year but they are up against the garage and a little more protected. Had to read how to do it but pruned the grapes yesterday. The redbud has scale so will have to find out how to get rid of it without having to pick each one off the branches.

Saturday is grandson number one's wedding. He's a Petty Officer in the Navy, so will be getting married in his uniform. Hard to believe that he's all grown up. Seems just yesterday he was a baby. Time sure flies.

Well, I bit the bullet, went to WM and bought a five day Nutrisystem kit. Lost five pounds so that was good. Never got hungry and things are prepackaged. Only had to buy veggies. Figured I needed a boost to get headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, I stress eat and am paying the price now.

Thinking of all of you and wishing you a good day,


Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 12:34 PM
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Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and the support....I know you are with me...all the time!
Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 1:27 PM
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Hey y'all! It's been snowing off & on since yesterday afternoon, but only a few inches accumulation so far. Had to run to town for potatoes. Making NE boiled dinner in lieu of just corned beef & cabbage for St Paddy's Day. (DH's Mom was Irish, & my Mom was Irish & Scottish.) Saw bunches of daffodils for sale, & thought of Joan, so I bought a few too!

Belated Happy B-day to jfkoc! Sorry to hear things are getting bad for you, & Linda Dee as well. Sudden declines are scary!

Dana, Not sure what I'd do with your folks! (Thank God mine were one at a time!) Could you get one or the other involved with a day program or companion, just to help keep them separated more? Don't know what you have going on for meds with either of them, but getting my Mom on an antidepressant & a mild anxiety med sure made her more pleasant to deal with! I learned to be quite assertive, and called PCP often with behavioral updates and changes. Good luck!

Yesterday was the first time I've been out card shopping (St Paddy's, Easter, & several birthdays - Mom's would've been Apr 13) & I didn't cry when I remembered no cards needed for Mom. Sad, but no tears. Guess it does get a bit easier with time.

Gotta run - lots to do & daylight's awastin"! Wishing all as great a day as possible! Big hugs, Twink

Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 1:38 PM
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Sitting here in the air conditioned house . . . we are 94 degrees outside and it is supposed to break some records for heat in some areas. I am at a stage in life where I do cold much better than I do heat.

SandyMac: that tile painting is just beautiful; I wish I had that kind of talent. And . . .I would love to sit outside with you at your table, under those sails, with a cool drink and just talk and laugh. I love your plant wall, it is really awesome. You have an artistic touch in you as well as being a "really cool" gal.

Well Lorita; I too love the name, Shadow. Seems to fit baby perfectly. I am glad that the milk is running and latching on is much better.

Nope; wasn't me that was wondering about the difference between a cow and a heifer; I wasn't smart enough to ask that question. But, I do know the difference between a stallion and a gelding - OUCH!

Hey Leanne; me too, I'd love to see a photo of one of your tents. Of course you are busy doing pedicures right now. I can just see that. Do they stay still for you or do you have to wrestle them around to get it done? Are they picky about the color of their nail polish? Do they talk to you braying their feelings while you are working?

Lorita, I noticed you are going right out onto the Forum and writing to Members outside this thread; that is a very good thing and you really do a good job of it. You have a lot to give to others. There are a lot of people that need help and if we can be of assistance, that is what this whole site is all about. I have spent a lot of time on Caregivers lately, lots of needs and lots of stuff going on over there.

I am waiting to see how your fingerprint jewelry turns out; I hope it is awesome.

jfkoc: I am sorry to hear that Hospice has become the option, but in a way I am heartened to know you will have more assistance in line for yourself. And, by the way, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am posting you a verse that I do a lot when birthdays come around:

In celebration of your "new" year:

"Draw a crazy picture,

Write a nutty poem;

Sing a mumble-gumble song,

Whistle through your comb.

Do a loony-goony dance

'cross your kitchen floor.

Put something silly in the world

That ain't been there before."

By: Shel Silverstein

Happy, happy wishes coming your way along with a big hug.

Hey Joanie: good for you in speaking up in firm tones regarding your husband's care. There is no excuse. Being a Supervising RN in the hospital, I noticed certain aides would document "bath refused" more often than one should see such a note. It was one way to save themselves some work by accepting that immediately or even encouraging it. Once identified, we found a way to NOT do that any more. I am glad you are strong and will do this.

Bridget - would the VA send out a bath aide several times a week to get your husband bathed? I should think they would and that would take the onus off the family as he may fight familiar faces more than he would someone in a uniform. As it is, the boys are his "kids," so he may not accept them wrestling him naked into the shower very easily. Would he soak in the bathtub any better than getting into a shower falling around him?

We got our taxes done a few weeks ago with our Enrolled Agent. We get a nice return this year which indicates we are paying too much up front; so time to adjust a little. Although, a nice return always feels SO good. I am always so glad when taxes are done. Fortunately, we do not have any complex finances, so that makes it much easier. Unfortunately, that means we are not rolling in dough, so that is the downside.

I was so sorry, in the way that we here mean it, to see that Be Strong 2's wife Jeanette has passed away. She was such a sweet lady; and her passing was very soft and quiet; she just slipped away.

The doctor decided to give me a very low dose of Toprol, a beta blocker to help control the small arrhythmia I had the other night that sent me to the ER. Sure am glad it is only 25 mg., rather than the 200 mgs. My gosh; it has made me lightheaded. I get some fatigue and me, the most "dependable" person in town suddenly finds that I hit the jackpot (oh; please, don't say "pot"), for the side effect of constipation! I eat lots of fresh fruit each meal, and lots of vegetables, eat whole wheat bread when I do, and also drink about six to eight glasses of water a day, so if this keeps me from being a, "girl on the go," the doctor is going to have to change the prescription; I'm not putting up with that. It is always something.

I have got myself on a very healthy eating plan and try to stay within the 1200 calorie range down on the low side of that. Anything less the experts say, will not be sufficient nutrition. Some days are a bit less and in the 900 range and one day I hit 1300, when I needed extra red grapes for my "side effect." Good grief; one cup of red grapes, 5 ounces on the scale, are 110 calories!!! Thanks to the computer looking up calories is easy but shocking.

I had done the Weight Watcher's thing and the "point" system is SO less threatening; calories seem much more evil than points; so I need to count calories, points let me feel like they are no big deal. As it is, WW is now awfully expensive and the leaders have to go from a script and they do the same stuff over and over and over ad nauseum, so I don't think it is going to be for me this time. However; that being said, a lot of folks do very well on their program. I need to lose a lot, so this is a long haul trek for me. I will be asking for a referral to see a Registered Dietician to get a good overview of all things new in this department.

I will get onto exercise as soon as we get the lightheadedness and med induced fatigue taken care of. With most of these type meds that tends to improve over a few weeks.

Lots of good wishes coming everyone's way, I hope your afternoon and evening go well,


Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 1:55 PM
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Hi everyone,

Linde - five pounds lost is great! I couldn't use any of those diet plans where you get the food because of being a vegetarian. About 20 years ago I lost 85 lbs. by just cutting down on what I ate. I need to get on it again but I stress eat, too. Maybe that'll get better after a while.

It's a beautiful, sunny day here and warm but very muddy underfoot. I gave the babies 50 lbs. of 20% creep and I'll go into town tomorrow for more medicated creep for them. I let Sally and the baby out this morning (should say Shadow, I guess). After they were out a while I noticed she was going all over the pasture with her mom and several others right behind her. They're always so curious about everything and running around with mom right behind trying to keep up - and the other little ones are very curious about her.

I've been trying to get a few things organized - I've really let things just kind of stack up. I've also thrown away lots of Ray's medications that there will no chance I'll take. There are things that I don't want to throw away but I don't know what to do with them. There's also his wheelchair, walker and cane plus the shower chair. The time may come when I need the walker and/or wheelchair but I hope that doesn't ever happen.

There was a board on the ceiling of the front porch that had been coming down and I finally got it nailed back (at least it won't fall down now). I'd been looking at it every time I came in and would think I had to get it done but just put it off. Didn't help my shoulder any though.

jfkoc - I hope things are better today. If you need to talk, you know how to call me. I might not be of any help but at least I could listen. When things start to go downhill, it's very hard but you know everyone here is behind you and will do anything we can to help.

Twink - I'm glad you did good buying the cards. Everything seems to remind us of our lost ones - guess that'll never change but at least it will get easier over time.

I got out the drill to fix the porch and couldn't get it to work right. It's been a long time since I've used it so I'll have to read the instructions. Also can't find all the drill bits. I had a plastic box with all of them in it and it's not where I always kept it. I know I put it somewhere so Ray wouldn't get it and lose them. I'll find them eventually. I guess I need to start in one room and look for things that are out of place.

I started to give Barclee his Medrol a while ago and couldn't find it - finally did in the little basket where I keep his and Luther's medicine. Also I've been putting away papers that I had to take to the VARO. I'll be glad when I know the weather isn't going to be cold again so I can put away coats, hats and gloves. I'm always so glad to get those things out of the utility room - makes it so much bigger-feeling and cleaner. This spring I also want to go through things in the storage building and reorganize. We've just kind of putting things in there and letting it go. Haven't gone through the freezer yet either.

I'll go to WM tomorrow and return the mailbox and dogfood. I dread going in there but I have to get that done and see if they have some caladiums. Maybe they also have their flowers, shrubs and trees out. Everywhere I look in the yard I see saplings and limbs I want to cut and get rid of. That will come later before they leaf out.

I don't know if I can fix the wheel things or not by myself. I may have to call those guys that painted for us last summer. I think the man who made them put them together before he put them up. There's not enough room to put nails in from the bottom.

I can't believe it's already almost 2 pm. - still not used to the time change. Hope everyone's having a good day. Twink - maybe this will be the last snow for you all this spring.

I'll be back later.

Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 3:14 PM
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Hi everyone: Another beautiful day here. Just finished cleaning the basement and changing beds so my daughter and two grand daughters can come next weekend for spring break. Their dad has to work so won't be with them. I'm going to pick up the girls in Copper Mtn. Saturday while their Mom and Dad go to Denver for a Garth Brooks concert. Their Mom will come back here on Monday and spend the week with us. She is giving a baby shower for her best friend who lives here, so I will get to help with that. Something to keep busy. And of course, we will be in GJ part of the time to visit Harv.

Lorita, glad you got your feed out. I bet it will be drying out today if you don't get anymore showers. Mud is almost harder to get around in than snow. You are in the fixing up mood. I have a couple of boards I need to put nails in too. These are on the trim around the bathroom door. I don't know why they have come loose, but they did so guess I'll get my hammer and nails out and go after it. Shadow is a cute name for the baby. She is kind of like your shadow, waiting for your help when she sees you. I still think that is so sweet.

Good for you cleaning out things and organizing. I need to do more of that too, but am taking a break at the moment.

Linde, good for you for losing 5 lbs. I had 5 more to lose to get where I want to be, and gained two since placing Harv at the end of January. I guess I'm not working as hard as I was, so I will have to cut back on the calories.

Jo, I hope your meds quit making you dizzy and tired. That must be hard to deal with. I hate being dizzy. You sound determined to get your health in order and I know you will do it. You and Linde are my inspiration to stop overeating right now and get myself going again. Otherwise, I could have the whole 10 lbs back on in nothing flat. Thanks for sharing your stories, it helps me get back on track.

Leanne, you are a busy one for sure. I know how you feel when you can't keep up with all the posts, it makes me worry too that I am missing something important. Guess that shows how we all feel about each other. I loved your birthday poem. Very cute.

Twink, sure hope you don't get any more snow. Sounds like you are busy as can be too. First day of Spring is next week so maybe there will be a light at the end of this winter tunnel in the Northeast.

Getting my notes together so I can be ready to let my concerns be known to the administrator at the Memory Care Center tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

Take care everyone and have a nice afternoon. I'm headed outside to prune a few bushes as soon as I fold the last set of sheets. Joan

Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 4:56 PM
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Good Afternoon, I went out early this morning to take pictures and found one old swan and the resident Canadian Geese that are nesting. I don't know what is going on. The other day when I drove by (and didn't have a camera) the lake was loaded with snow geese and swans. I will keep trying, but for now. This is what I have. Will read posts and come back in a while, I don't want to lose these. Leanne
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Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 5:09 PM
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Hello everybody, well I am just the opposite of Jo. I am taking meds to keep me from being so dizzy. I have been down for 3 days. Today is much better. I walk like a drunk. I will not drive when I am this way. I think it is vertigo. Seeing the doctor Tuesday to see if there is something wrong as I have this often.

I got 2 more chickens this last week. A rooster and a hen. I named them Mike and Molly I hope one of my hens will be a sitter so I can have chicks.

Weather has been nice but darn I don't feel like doing anything.


Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 5:36 PM
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Hi all,
I think I finally got caught up reading. So much happens in just a day or two.
Jo, I love Shel Silverstein. I was so proud of myself, when looking for a gift to take to my soon to be 6 yr old grandson in Washington, I found Where the Sidewalk Ends. A complete collection of his poems and drawings. It is as much for those who read to him as it is for him. I have read it all, now I can wrap it.
The equines are not at all thrilled with having their feet done.
Most of them stand quietly while I do them. I have a couple who lean on me and it gets mighty heavy. They are the ones that make me sore. The only one that is a real pill is the OLD donkey. All of the donkeys are old, but she is "really old" and really crabby about her feet. But, she and I have come to a sort of understanding and we get it done.
Lorita, Glad that shadow and her mom are doing good. I hate mud too. The snow is just wet when it sticks to your feet or comes in on the dogs, but mud is so "muddy"! It is warm here again today, but like Twink, we are supposed to have some snow tonight and tomorrow. It will begin as rain and will melt off quickly.
Those little handy man chores can really add up. I fixed the turn lock on the barn door yesterday and tightened up the hinges. Then I put a plain old handle on it so I can get a better hold on it in the wind. My drill bits were also scattered around, but I finally found what I needed, then when I was done, I went in and cleaned up that work bench so next time I can find what I want.
I know what you mean about putting away the winter clothes. I have an entryway full too. I will put some of them away, but some I will surely need off and on until late May. The nights can get pretty cold and morning chores call for warm clothes.
Joan, It will be nice for you to have the grand daughters for a few days and then get to visit with your daughter. Hope you get everything straightened out at the care facility.
Hi to LJ, Linde, and Judy. Good to read your posts.
I took a picture of Cal my cat and a picture of some of the guys in the pasture. The last one is of Ruby and Charlie. They all look so raggedy in their old winter coats. I can hardly wait until the horses shed and it is warm enough to body clip the mules and donkeys.
I better get my supper. Fed the dogs and now they are waiting to see if I am going to share my dinner with them.

Congrats to all who are managing to lose weight. That is a tough task.

Hope everyone has great evening. Leanne

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Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 6:44 PM
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Hi again. Just checked in to read a bit and saw someone had posted on here. Leanne, your horses and donkeys are pretty. I love the reddish coats. I can't imagine trimming all those hooves. Your kitty looks just like our Kitty. Sweet little faces they have.

You pictures of the swan and geese are beautiful. I love the look of the dry grass along the shore line of the lake. Very pretty.

Since I was out on Friday night, I'm going to watch the recorded version of Amazing Race tonight. I hate to miss an episode.

Take care and have a good night. Joan

Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2015 7:52 PM
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Hi everyone,

I'm watching The BeeGees again! Both their music and the Beatles is what I call happy music - just makes me feel good. Kind of makes me sad, in a way, because Ray liked them so much, too.

Johanna - I missed your post. I posted mine and didn't read anymore. Sorry you're so dizzy - I hate that. Hope you're over it soon.

Ninety-four is too hot for this time of year. I don't mind 80s but when it gets to 90 I don't like it. I can handle cold weather better.

When I lose weight I have to stay around 900-1000 calories and I need to write down everything I eat. You know, you're trying to lose weight along with Linde and Joan and I want to lose, too. We should get a new Weight Loss thread going and help each other. I have to quit this stress-or whatever it is, eating and start eating right again. I'm still just kind of snacking on not-so-healthy foods.

I am posting some on other threads and have been in the chat room a few times. I enjoy that - meeting people I don't usually see on the forum. It's kind of fast though. Thank you for the kind words - I hope I might be able to say something that might help someone. I've gotten so much help and good information from everyone that I'd like to be able to return the favor.

Joan - I did watch the Amazing Race - at least 45 minutes of it. My cousin called but I did see who won that part of it. Those eggs just about got me - how in the world do they have 1,000 year old eggs? They looked awful and it looked like they tasted awful, too.

I hate to walk in mud and it gets in the house, too, even though I take my boots off in the utility room. In a couple of months we'll be wishing for mud though.

I need to do a lot of fixing up, especially in the yard. That'll come later. Still don't know what I'm going to do about mowing or having the yard mowed.

It's so nice that you're going to have a visit from your daughter and granddaughters - I know you'll enjoy them so much. You know Garth Brooks is from Oklahoma - they lived in Owasso until pretty recently.

Good luck with your discussion with the staff at the Memory Care Unit tomorrow. Sometimes people just have to be reminded of what they're doing wrong so they can get it right.

Judy - Good luck with Mike and Molly and the little ones when they are hatched. I might have mentioned before that Ray and I bought 150 day-old chicks many years ago and raised them. They started laying and we sold their eggs at the VAMC where we both worked. I remember sitting in the LR floor at night washing eggs. Nothing in the world feels like washing an egg and it breaking in your hand.

I've had vertigo a few times. Once I woke up and was so dizzy I thought I had to hold onto the bed to keep from falling off. That feeling is awful. Hope you're better soon, too.

Leanne - the swan is more than beautiful and so big! Also liked the pictures of the geese. They look like the ones we have on our pond.

Freeze Lake is beautiful. I'm amazed at how different the countryside looks up there - I know you have a lot of trees in the mountains but doesn't look like too many around the lake. We're about five minutes from Lake Eufaula, one of the biggest man-made lakes. It took in hundreds of acres of farm land when they built it many years ago.

Be careful trimming those hooves - wouldn't take too much to get hurt.

I loved the pictures of Cal and Ruby and Charlie. They're all gorgeous. Is Cal the only cat you have? Wish you were close and you could have some of ours.

I know you're glad to get the barn door latch fixed. It's a feeling of accomplishment when something gets fixed, at least for me.

I think my costochondritis is bothering me again. Chest hurts and it's going into my back now. I took my BP and it was fine. I think today has been stressful for me. I also think I should listen to The Bee Gees and Beatles a lot instead of watching TV. It just makes me feel good. I saw the Bee Gees a couple of weeks ago and this is the same show but it's so good. Our PBS station is having their festival to raise money - tonight's the last night. So Doc Martin will be on later. Did you all watch Dr, Pol last night - really good.

Gotta get up, feed, take down the trash and get into town in the morning. Wish I didn't have to go.

Shadow (I like the name, too) is so cute. She came through the gate with her mom when I fed the cows. I sat in the CW by the pond probably an hour and a half and talked with my sister this afternoon after I fed. Bella and Susie laid in the grass in the sun. All of the ponds are really up after the 1.8" of rain we got. Good to go into summer with full ponds. There's lots of green grass so I don't imagine the girls will eat much more hay unless the weather gets bad. I watched Shadow and her mom. She'd lay down a while, then get up and nibble at the grass just like the big girls. I know they're both glad to be out on more solid ground.

Sorry this has been so long - enjoy talking with all of you. I'll check in before bedtime.

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 6:16 AM
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Good morning all, Bold not coming on. I seem to be at a stage, where I don't feel much like socializing, forgive me. Anyway, I babysat the two great Danes again, but this time, it was three !!! Kids are watching another friends. WAY too many ...ha

Slobber, slobber, they just all wanted to sit in my lap, needy, needy. LOL

Hopefully, it'll cool down , my AC doesn't seem to be working, I rent. My son came over yesterday, checked it out, he's talking to landlord. In the meantime, I've got a ceiling fan, one fan on Chuckie bird and a tower fan on me. It got up to 84 inside, it was ok with fans right on me. That's about as hot as I can handle inside. I'll have to go back to the way we used to do in Kansas in the 40's. Ice in front of a fan.

Loved your photo, Leanne , what a wonderful vista, open sky !!!

You've heard of "drinking to drown your sorrows"? Well, possibly we all are "eating to drown our sorrows". One of the things I ate yesterday, was a whole big can of Bushes beans, along with a couple cupcakes and anything else around. ,!

Two weeks from today is my walk in appt with SS. Will this ever be over with?? I know it's useless to fixate on it, so move on......

My son also checked the oil in my car, and filled the windshield wiper fluid for me. Little things but, I'm grateful.

I'm also watching a lot of tv that I record, and am on this I pad a lot. My dau put my on a Facebook site as she and grandson use that a lot. But I hate Facebook, a lot of crap keeps coming on, and they keep changing format.. Blah......

Just for today "we will be happy". Repeat to yourself.......roxy

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 12:13 PM
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Hi Roxy,

Sorry about the heat and non-working air conditioner. So, you grew up in Kansas - we were neighbors. It'll be hot here before long, too. Supposed to be about 80 today and that will be very warm for us, too. I think Spring has sprung here. Last week when I went to town, I used the heater in the PU on the way in and the AC on the way home. I've gotten rid of my thermals so you know it's warming up.

I know you're anxious about your appointment the end of this month but it will be here before you know it and I so hope it all works out all right for you.

I'm glad your son is taking care of some of the small things that you need to have done. That must make you feel better.

Taking care of three Great Danes must have been fun - they're so big and wanting to sit on your lap!

I think what you said could be a good mantra for all of us who've lost our loved ones recently. I'll remember that and say it every day. I'm not much for socializing now either - as if I ever was. It was really just Charles Ray and I and whoever happened to come to do something for us. Maybe we'll get better after a while and feel like dealing with things a little bit better.

I need to go into town for feed and a few things but I think I'm trying to talk myself into waiting until tomorrow. I mentioned earlier that my costochondritis is really bothering me - my back is really hurting. I have some things to return to WM and they're kind of heavy so may just go in and get feed and do the WM thing later - just hate to get dressed twice.

It was very foggy here this morning and I slept a little bit late so didn't get a chance to see the girls before they drifted off. After it cleared a bit I used the binoculars and saw all of them laying in the pasture. Saw Shadow so she made it through the night. I'm always glad to see that they're all right after I let them out the first time.

Hang in there, Roxy, things will have to get easier for us.

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 4:27 PM
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good morning all-

I have missed a lot, trying to catch up on everybody's news and photos- please forgive me if I miss somebody.

we had a birthday lunch yesterday, my son and SIL are 3 days apart so we always have one celebration. Yummy food, too much of it. Still battling 10 pounds ( or a little more), I was hoping to lose before I go visit mother in May. Got to get better at that. My daughter and I use My Fitness Pal- online or a phone app. We both find it helps us immensely to record everything we do and exercise time, and MFP tells us the calorie counts.

Roxy - good to see you. I'm sorry SS is such a huge inconvenience for you, hopefully your walk in will go well. I have days when I don't want to be social too, I think everybody is like that. My son takes care of the vehicles, too, I love it. I do know how to change a tire if need be but I like having someone else do the maintenance stuff.

Lorita- good for you fixing your porch but you need to be careful ! I know what you mean about drill bit sets- I think I have three now because I can't find some or all of them and I get more. Tools have a way of disappearing around my house, or multiplying when I'm not looking. Did you ever make the banana bread?

Leanne- love all your photos. The last on reminds me of my quarter horse (from my younger days) with the red coat and white star. I used to love the raggedy winter coat, so fluffy.

I LOVE Where the Sidewalk Ends- to this day I still quote parts of my favorites. We had a tradition when the kids were young, every time we had spaghetti, we had to say the spaghetti poem out loud before eating.

I never put my winter clothes away until like, June - because without fail as soon as I do, there will be a cold snap and I will freeze. Same when fall rolls around and I think about putting summer clothes away.

those 100 year old eggs are a delicacy in that part of the world- they are called Baloot- or something like that. Dan lived 2 years in the Philippines when he was young and his best friend has a Philipino wife- I have heard all about them. The embryo in the middle has actually started to grow the feathers- YUCK. They'd have to send me home right then. Nope. Not gonna eat it, put me on a plane back home.

Joan- I hope you get those aides straightened out- I agree that sometimes they might think it easier to allow the patient to "dictate" to them, i.e. refusing a bath, etc. It takes a special kind of person to work in long term care and do it RIGHT. Maybe the administrators are unaware so it's good for you to bring that to someone's attention. How old are your granddaughters? hope you have a great time with them !

Jo- I can't imagine 90+ degrees ! guess we will get there soon, though.

I hope your new medication is doing okay for you. Have you tried some prune juice? yum ( haha). I was forever giving Dan juice, fiber, Miralax, etc. He only "went" about every three weeks- I know, right ?!~?!?!?! of course, that worked in my favor for cleaning him.

Good for you trying to eat healthy, it is very tough to lose weight, isn't it? I'm such a snacker, love my sweets especially. If you're on the computer a bit or have a smart phone, try MyFitnessPal- it records all the calories for you, you just put in what you are eating.

Judy- good to see you again. Do you have vertigo from inner ear problems? my mother hit her head last month and is having residual dizziness. My employer ( O.T.) recommended she go to Physical Therapy and try the "Epley Maneuver"- it is a positional movement that is supposed to "rebalance" the inner ear crystals and reduce vertigo.

California Dana- I most certainly do remember the Santa Ana winds- I did a stint in the US Forest Service at Los Padres National Forest and there was a huge forest fire that summer. Those winds can just go on and on until they make you crazy ! Let's don't talk about loose jowls or arm "wings" flapping in the wind, either - lol ! I'm sorry your folks are so problematic

Twink- are you planning a big St.Paddy's day ? folks around here go to Savannah if they really want to party !

I haven't had to go buy any cards yet but our wedding anniversary date is coming up. Of course, for the past few years it went by unnoticed by Dan so maybe it won't be too hard. It does get easier with time but I think the sadness will always be with us when something reminds us of our sweetie, mixed with happy memories too someday.

Linde- good for you, 5 pounds is wonderful. Keep up the good work, it's a great start ! Was the food gross? I've been tempted by some of those TV ads but then I decide I can just make my own grilled chicken and some veggies. The hard part for me is cutting back on the sweets- right now I have all kinds of sugar free puddings and Fiber One bars stashed in hopes of NOT eating cookies and candy.

back again, I was away for a bit and forgot to close out-

my son is off tomorrow, we are going to hang out and go to Chattanooga for a bit. I think we are supposed to have nice weather again.

hope everybody has a wonderful day



Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 6:22 PM
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Good afternoon,
Well, our big snow storm fizzled and I can't say I am sorry.
It is gray and a bit gloomy, but not to cold and not a lot of wind, so...not bad.
I went to get a cortizone shot in my wrist this morning. I have a cyst on the joint, and a shot takes care of it for a few months. It started hurting again yesterday and this morning I nearly peed my pants trying to feed the animals. Luckily, I got in right away and it is already some better. Usually takes 24 to 36 hours to be good. So I didn't work on that dang tent today. I really can't say what I did.
Today it has been 6 months since Don left me. I haven't cried any more today than any other day. Just when something hits me just right. A few tears and then I seem to be able to get on with whatever I was doing.
Roxy and Colleen, Sons can be such wonderful beings. Zane came and had lunch with me and we walked around outside. Didn't do anything, didn't really talk about much, just hung out. It helped a lot. He teased about him fixing me lunch (bologna sandwiches), said maybe he got too fancy.
Roxy, I'm sure if you had 3 Great Danes wanting on your lap, you were the "under dog". One is a house full, three is a trailer load. I can't imagine the heat, but I can relate to
eating anything that doesn't move. I go through days like that, and couldn't even tell what all I ate. I don't even think, just eat.
Lorita, I hope your back is better. It is so miserable to try to do something and have you body hurt. The older we get, the harder it is to stay in shape and not hurt ourselves. Glad Shadow is doing well. Maybe by now the fog has lifted and you have some sunshine.
You asked if I was using a keyboard for my tablet, I don't have one. Just hunt and peck with the stylus. I just uploaded the info from my regular e-mail account. I can't remember for sure, but seems like when it said I needed to set one up, I just clicked on that and followed the directions. I don't think it was too hard, or I wouldn't have been able to do it. I am definitely a non-techy.
Cal is the male of two cats I have. I got them almost 2 years ago, and he is neutered and I had her spayed. She had another name, but became "babysister". They are mouse killing machines! He likes to sit under the bird feeder and dare the birds to land. When it is nice, they are always waiting for me on the back step in the mornings so they can help me do chores. Cal likes to play with the dogs and gets pretty rough.
Colleen, I love the Spagetti poem and I Lost My Head Today, but they are all a hoot.
Jo, I remembered when Colleen mentioned Prune Jce that years ago when I worked at the hospital we would give heated (as hot as coffee) prune juice to those who would drink it in the morning or late evening and it worked. . Funny, many people got so they really liked it. Just a thought. My MIL drank hot water morning and evening and swore by it.
Talked to the nurse this morning and she had also been trying to get goose and swan pictures. She thinks the few that were here moved on (only a few thousand) and the big bunch is yet to arrive. She did say before they left they flew over her house and decorated her new car. Almost like flying cows. It is really hard to wash off. That is why I don't try to take many pictures when they are flying over the house.
Joan was going to see Harv today, I hope she got things settled with the MC.
I hope you all had a good day and have a pleasant evening. Leanne

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 7:44 PM
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Good evening all. I had to spend time outdoors for a bit today. It was just too beautiful to be inside. I can't remember a March this warm. Usually it's one of our snowiest months. We got lucky this year.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement to let the MC center know how I have been feeling. I called the administrator today and she was very nice about all my concerns. She got the names of the aides and said they would be having a meeting. She also said she would call me after the meeting. I tried to be sensible and not nasty. Just told her that he looked like they hurried to get him dressed and more or less threw him in his wheelchair without combing his hair, shaving, or washing his face and hands. Also told her it feels like no one likes him enough to help him.

Administrator said he is not a difficult patient, and they have no write ups that he has been uncooperative. She is also going to speed up his wheel chair purchase and the order for PT.

My sister is going down tomorrow to check and see if he is clean and in order. We will see what happens. At least the administrator listened to me and is willing to do something about it. She said she feels like she needs to be more vigilant in making sure the aides are doing their jobs and not just marking off on the chart that all tasks were done, or that the patient refused care.

Thanks to everyone for listening to my complaints. so glad I can come here and talk through my frustrations. It's such an easy spot to land.

Colleen, the grand kids are 8 and 11. They are at fun ages, and game for anything fun. I am sure I will really enjoy my special time with them. Looking forward to their arrival. Happy Anniversary early.

Lorita, I heard Garth Brooks lived in Oklahoma. I bet he can put on a good concert. Have you ever driven by his ranch?

I think you should listen to your music more often too. I always played it for Harv, and it made me feel peaceful and happy too. Sure hope your back and shoulder is feeling better.

I got caught up on watching Amazing Race. Those eggs--almost made me gag watching them eat them. Yuck, yuck!! Awful stuff. Colleen, they would have to send me home too. I just couldn't do that task. At least the Blonde and her Dr. blind date were doing better with each other. She wasn't near as irritating as she was last week.

Roxy, you must have an overload of big dog kisses. Do they have a big yard for them to run in? Sorry about your AC. I hope your son got the maintenance crew to fix it. 84 inside is about as warm as I can stand too. I like the house on the cooler side.

Leanne, I hadn't thought about the mess the birds would make while flying over!!! Guess you need to cover the vehicles, or be prepared to go to the car wash. I wonder if the bird poop would ruin the paint if it stayed on long enough? I can see why you don't want to be outside looking up taking pictures when they are all in flight. Yikes.

Judy, I hope you find something to work for your dizziness. That must be frustrating.

Take care everyone. Have a nice evening. Joan

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 7:59 PM
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Leanne, I forgot I wanted to tell you to hang in there on this anniversary date for Don.

I think about each of you every day who have lost their loved one. I pray for peace and happiness, and that the good memories will overtake the sadness. You are all in my heart. Joan

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 9:57 PM
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Hi everyone,

Thanks, Joan and Leanne, my back is/was better. I took a pain pill this morning and put the heating pad against my back until it got better. Then, I went into town to WM to return the things and get a few groceries, then to the feed store. When I got home I put 400 lb. of creep feed in the feeder so it's hurting again. I'll lay on the heating pad in a little while and it'll get better.

I did better today - didn't cry but I still avoided the usual grocery store. I talk to Ray a lot - just like he's here.

Leanne - I'm glad today wasn't so awfully bad for you. I know how hard it was when it was two months yesterday when I lost Ray. I guess it's going to take a long time for all of us. Maybe each hurdle we get over will help a little bit. One of the hardest things for me is waking up alone and remembering that he's not here. I tell him good morning anyway - and goodnight. It takes a long time to break a 44 year old habit.

I hadn't thought of what might happen either if you look up to take a picture of the birds flying over. I remember one time while I was still working, I was walking from the canteen back to the office, outside, and a bird made a deposit on my shoulder - didn't even see him. Since they're so big I can just imagine what a mess it would make.

I know you're glad you missed the snowstorm but a gloomy day, today, didn't help matters. Maybe tomorrow will be sunny. It was very foggy here this morning but it turned out to be a beautiful day. It was 78 in Checotah today.

Do you have a ganglion on your wrist? I know they hurt. I had one a long time ago. You know the old remedy for getting rid of a ganglion? Either squeezing it very hard or hitting it with a book. The doctor I worked for tried both - didn't work so I had to have it aspirated. Never did come back, thank goodness.

I'm glad you ladies have sons that can help you and be with you - I know it's a lot of company and knowing they're part of your husbands.

I finished a sack of potato chips I bought in town today - not a big one, but it was a sack of them. Better if I don't buy things like that. I bought vegetables today so I'm going to try to start eating better instead of snacking.

I bought a tablet cover that had a keyboard with it but I don't like it. When I plan to type very much I use my laptop. What do you mean you downloaded the information about your e-mail account.? My tablet asks if I want to use my current e-mail or a new one. Maybe if I clicked on current, it would download?

Cal is so pretty - he knows eventually a bird will get on the ground. I found one of our cats sitting on the limb above our birdfeeder the other day.

Joan - I'm glad the call to the Administrator went well today. I hope when your sister visits tomorrow she'll see improvement in Harv's care and appearance.

Glad the birthday lunch went well. Now, this is your son and his wife who have the birthdays so close together?

I didn't know that the little chickens had started to develop in those eggs - how awful - and it's considered a delicacy? Yuck - I'd be on the way home, too.

I did make the banana bread. The cream cheese I had was outdated so was afraid to use it and the bananas were too overripe. So I used less mashed bananas (1 1/2) and some mini chocolate chips. Pretty good if I do say so myself. It's already halfgone.

I hope your anniversary date isn't too hard for you. Ours is coming up next month and I dread it - Ray's birthday is the same month so I don't imagine April will be a very good month for me. Spring is a little hard because it was his favorite season. The daffodils in the yard are gorgeous - they look like big bouquets. I have a ring of them around our smoke tree and they're just beginning to bloom. I'll take a picture when they're in full bloom. The smoke tree is just about gone. I'd like to dig it up and replace it but it's several years old and would be hard to do. I think I overtrimmed it two or three years ago.

Garth Brooks' place is quite a ways north of us so haven't been there. Also the Pioneer Woman's ranch is even farther away - in Osage County which is close to the Kansas stateline.

It's still very muddy here and we're supposed to have rain tomorrow night and Wednesday and be in the 40s. Spring is nice in Oklahoma except for the tornados. I noticed the other day there's water in the cellar so I'll have to get that pumped out. I've been thinking - if I had to go down in the cellar, I don't know that I could get the door opened by myself. You have to go up the steps and the heavy door is at an angle. It took Ray and I both to get it opened even with a counterweight on it. Maybe if the need arises, I'll just go into the bathroom with all the kids. It's in the middle of the house with no windows. I dread tornado season.

Guess I'd better go and read a few more posts. I hope everyone's all right tonight. I saw Shadow several times today - she's just one of the girls now. Sally's still keeping a very close eye on her though and will for a couple more weeks. She'll be going into the creepfeeder before long - they tend to learn from the older ones.

Sleep well, everyone. I'm having trouble editing posts so if I made some mistakes, sorry. I don't know if any of you are having problems with this or not but they're trying to get it fixed.

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 10:53 PM
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Hi again,
Lorita, I hope you didn't hurt your back too much today,if you could keep from heavy lifting for a couple of days, maybe it would get better.
My wrist is nearly pain free now, I will have to talk to the doctor about as pirating it
next time it is acting up. This tablet doesn't let me fix things all the time, and every time I try to edit posts I worry about losing them completely. We all just have to overlook each others mistakes.
Yes, I just clicked on use existing one, and followed the instructions.
The biggest problem I have with the tablet is it puts in words for me and sometimes they are very inappropriate. Prostate instead of possible.
I am glad it wasn't as hard to go to town today, I found that sort of thing has gotten much easier. It is waking up and forgetting for that moment that he gone, that I still struggle with.
I still have his spot at the table set. Just doesn't seem right not to include him.
No one says anything about it, if they have noticed it.
Joan, Glad you got your point across,I bet that tomorrow he will be better taken care of. But, don't be surprised in a few months I'd you have to do it again. When my military was mil the nursing home, I had to remind them now and then how she should be cared for. Some of the girls were so good, then they would get bunch of new ones and I would have to gripe. I will say, they were always kind to her. If I found her not as I thought she should be, instead of cleaning her up right away, I would get the person in charge to come and see for themselves.
The egg thing was gross I think the only reason they managed to eat them was because they really didn't know what they were, bet when they found out, they gagged!
Better get off here. And yes, the goose poop which resembles finely chopped grass only goopier, is very hard to wash off if you let it dry. Once in a while, one will hit my living room window. That makes me take action.
Hope every one has a goodnight. Leanne

Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, March 16, 2015 11:01 PM
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Hello all. I have posted today, lost one posting, and do not see the second posting. So, here I go again!!
Leanne, nice pix you shared. I know it must be difficult with this six month anniversary of being without Don.
Blessings to you!
Joan, glad you followed through with a call, to make sure Harv is getting the correct care, that you are paying for. I don't think it is cheap, for the care, but the main concern is for Harv!
Linde, congrats on your weight loss. I didn't even know they had those diet kits for sale.
Won't be long I bet and your beautiful tree will be in bloom again.

My daughter is better, she did return to work today.
Ken was wandering in the wee hours this morning. Finaly, he returned to bed and went to sleep. At 8:15, Ken got up to go to the bathroom, and fell, hitting his head. I helped him get up, and get into bathroom. While sitting on the stool he commented on the pee all over the floor (not). Even had to feel the floor. After cleaning the wound, on the back of his head, I could tell he didn't need stitches.
But, the rest of the day was not good for him, as he had many delusions.
Have a peaceful night all.

Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 9:19 AM
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Morning, everyone,

I woke up just at daylight today. Within a few minutes I could see the cows south of the house, out of the bedroom window. I saw Shadow with her mom. Now, they've all drifted off to graze a while. During the spring and summer you can set your watch by them - they do the same thing, at the same time, every day. Gray lady is bawling at me - she's waiting for her feed at the barn.

It's a beautiful morning but becoming partly cloudy. The sunrise was beautiful this morning - bright red with a few clouds through it. Wonder what a red sunrise means? The flowers are beautiful with lots more to bloom. I'd love to be able to get up to the MH to pick some of those but it's too muddy and I don't want to get stuck. It's supposed to begin raining tonight and all day tomorrow - up to 1.5" (which we don't need right now - we'll need it in July and August). It's supposed to be pretty windy so I think I'll take down the flag so there'll be less chance of the flagpole breaking. The flag is light-weight nylon and not too heavy but it still takes it's toll on the pole.

WM had bulbs of all kinds yesterday. I couldn't find a big bag of caladiums so had to buy several bags of six of various colors. It's way too early to plant but you have to get them early or they'll be gone when you're ready. They had a few flowers, roses and trees but they'll have more later.

Leanne - my tablet does the same thing with weird words in the wrong places. It's much faster to check in with it than the laptop but I don't like typing on it very much - takes too long.

I wish I could go a few days without lifting but it's every other day but that will end in mid April. We always stop feeding cubes about the 15th (this year probably the 12th). By that time the cows have plenty of green grass. They've almost quit the hay now. They eat some during the night, then drift off, come back and drift again. This may be the last we have to feed. My back's okay this morning. I want to put enough feed for two times in the CW. It's so much easier to feed out of it and I don't worry about getting the PU stuck.

I'm glad your wrist is better. My ganglion was on the top of my wrist and I can't even tell where it was now - but that was about the time Ray and I got married so a long time ago. Where in the world does time go - and so fast.

Linda Dee - I'm sorry about the bad day you had yesterday. Maybe today will be better. I'm glad Ken didn't hurt himself more than he did when he fell. It always worried me when Ray would fall but fortunately all he ever got was bruises and a scraped leg a couple of times.

Also glad your daughter is better and was able to go back to work.

I think I'll work on getting our taxes together tomorrow. I always have this idea that I'll get them done early in the year - but I usually get the paperwork to the CPA after the first of April - so why change now. If I just work on them and can concentrate it doesn't take but three or four hours. I keep all the receipts I can deduct along with notations of what it was for each month - in one book. I go through that, then always go through the check registers to make sure I didn't miss anything. Then make a list of everything with numbers added up. By the time I get into doing this I'm back in secretarial mode, doing reports again.

Guess I'd better go and feed the cats and Gray Lady. I'm going to put the feed in the CW while the cows are farther away from the house and -maybe - won't hear the PU and come down. I'm having my first cup of hot tea and a slice of banana bread so I'll finish that first.

Happy Saint Patrtick's Day to all of you Irishmen out there. I know Twink's fixing a big Irish meal today.

Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 10:33 AM
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Good morning,

Did anyone watch Dancing With The Stars last night? I don't always watch but there is a Wounded Warrior who lost his left arm and leg in Iraq. Noah was an inspiration to watch.

Lorita, glad your back is better. Having to do all that lifting doesn't help. Shadow must be fun to watch running and jumping.

Joan, hope your talk with the administrator brings change. Sometimes aides are assigned too many patients and they cut corners to stay on track. They are probably thinking Harve won't know the difference but I bet he does.

Leanne, great pictures. Montana was our playground for years but we never knew about Freezeout Lake. We spent time with the grandsons in Choteau and Bynum on dinosaur digs, Great Falls for Lewis and Clark, Custer, etc.

Hearing about the swans and geese makes me think "road trip". It's an six hour drive to Missoula, so not too far away.

Colleen, the food is not bad. They have you eating every 2-3 hours so you don't feel hungry. I decided the $40 was worth it to get me back on track. Doing the 28 day program is just too expensive.

A serving of spaghetti is not a plate full! Pasta and bread are my downfall. I do not want to be known as the squishy great grandma!

Jo, hope you get to feeling better.

Linda Dee, wishing you a better day. It is always scary when your LO falls.

Roxy, nice to have son's to help out. Hope your appointment with SS goes well . Bureaucracy can be such a pain. They obviously don't have a good grasp of things if they think there are 6.5 million people over the age of 112.

Everyone have a great day.


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Hey y'all! It's an overcast, snowy St Paddy's Day here. Yup, will be reheating Sunday's corned beef & cabbage tonight, & that will be the extent of our celebration. By the time we get out of work, drive home, & do chores, neither one of us feels like driving back to town to do anything, so we're just boring old homebodies - LOL!

Lorita, the saying up here is "Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky at morning, sailors take warning." So red sunset means nice day following, & red dawn means weather coming. Hope your back & Leanne's wrist are 100% soon! It's no fun to hurt! I took a flop on a slippery spot Sun. & have a big bump on my knee, as well as having a chunk scraped out of the heel of my left hand. (Boy, was I ever cussing, until I pictured Mom saying "There goes my Grace again!". She sure said that alot as I was always getting banged up one way or another.)

Well, we brought the bobhouse home as smelt season is over. Seems strange to have pulled it when there's still so much ice! I'm afraid Mother Nature missed the memo about Spring being here soon. Guess she's busy skiing or snowmobiling! All the sugar houses are ready & waiting for the sap to run, but we'll be needing warmer days for that!

Will check back in a bit! Wishing all the Luck of the Irish! Hugs, Twink

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Hi again,

Linde - I watched Dancing with The Stars last night. We used to always watch it but got kind of tired of it. I know one or two people on it this time so I'll watch. The veteran was pretty good - I know it must have taken a lot of grit to go onto that show but good for him! I imagine he'll stay on for a few weeks out of respect for him and his service.

Shadow is just one of the girls now. I saw her at a bale of hay this morning. She followed her mom to another pasture, then back to the hay. They stay close together and will for a while, then she'll stay around with the other little ones. Charm has found a broken wire or two in a fence and she goes through and into another pasture where we keep our bales of hay and grazes on the fresh, green grass. Smart girl.

Twink - sorry about your fall and your knee. I hate to fall and it happens so quickly. I can just imagine some of the words you used. Every time I walk by the refrigerator I see the picture of Norton and think of you. I bet you're so anxious to get your new puppy - won't be too awfully long now.

I think I'm ready for the rainy weather coming - I'll try to remember the saying, I knew about the red sunset but not the red sunrise.

I'm watching We Were Soldiers. You all have probably seen it - about the Vietnam War. Ray was in the Korean War and had PTSD so we didn't watch many war movies. Strange, though, the WWII movies didn't seem to bother him. I had a really good friend, one of the social workers, who was in the VN War. He talked about the helicopters - said he got a panic attack even years after the war when he heard a helicopter. It must have been awful. They didn't use many in Korea - just medi-evac so helicopters didn't bother Ray much.

This show is about the lst Cavalry. I thought their arm patch looked similar to the one Ray had which was the 25th Infantry - Tropic Lightning. I googled them and they're kind of similar. At our VAMC there's a really big framed picture, I guess you'd call it, that has all of the arm patches. Really pretty.

Someone nearby has sold some calves. Cows are really bawling, missing their babies. I think it's our good neighbor. He mentioned the other night he was getting some ready to go. That's always a sad time. There's a sale in Tulsa on Mondays but it starts early and you have to take them on Sunday - the sale near our town is on Tuesday. I didn't notice the bawling so much yesterday so don't where he took them.

My back is better - doesn't hurt today. I put enough feed on the CW for two feedings. The front has come through and the wind has shifted to the north.

This show is something I'm glad Ray and I never watched. It would have really bothered him - even bothering me some. I've lived with someone with PTSD so long I guess you kind of feel it, too.

We need to get this diet or weight loss thread going so we can help each other. I need some encouragement to even get started.

I'll go and finish this show - if I can. Hope everyone's having a good day. Talking about puppies, I may call about the one I hope to get a little bit later today. Also need to call to see how my cousin came through her hip replacement surgery yesterday.

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I'm considering deleting the previous post. The movie just kind of got to me.

Anyway, had a bit of bad news just now. I called about my GP puppy. The woman said she didn't know what happened; whether the puppies were stillborn or what happened to them. She said they'd looked all over the mountain for them and can't find them. She thinks they were born about a week or so ago. The mom is drying up so evidently they didn't survive. She said that dog always has her puppies away from the house.

She has another female who's in heat now and she has her puppies in the backyard. So, they won't be born until mid May at the earliest. She said if the mom is trying to wean them or biting their heads they can sell them at 5-6 weeks old, otherwise a little later. So, I won't be able to get my puppy until the end of June. She says this dog is full-blood GP and so is the father and they're both solid white. So, I'll just have to wait a bit longer.

Couldn't get in touch with my cousin either. They didn't have her listed as a patient (maybe I got the wrong hospital). I called another cousin and he's at lunch so I'll find out from him.

I don't have anything to do outside until I feed so I'm watching TV and bothering all of you. Guess I could take a nap. Shoot, hate that about the puppies - I'll have to wait an extra two months but no choice. I guess they don't have their dogs in a fenced-in yard.

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Oh Lorita, sorry you will be delayed getting a puppy! Does look like we'll be back on the same schedule though, as I don't expect to get mine before the end of June. The breeder we're using names litters alphabetically, so we're waiting for the "O" litter. (The "N" litter was born last week. 8 puppies, with N names, & when I saw they had a Norton, I admit I cried a bit. Kind of comforting though to know there's another bouncy little springer named Norton out there!)

Had another weepy spell this morning. I was getting some books from Mom's room ready to donate, & just flipping through them as you never knew what she'd use for a book mark. I found one of her notes; she'd write everything she wanted to remember down on a scrap of paper. This one read "My little girl is Twink". Well, just seeing how hard she was trying to remember my name set me to bawling like a baby! Funny how a little thing can set us off, huh? (I'll keep that note until the day I die!)

Still snowing & blowing, just enough to keep things "freshly" white. Looks like cold for the rest of the week. We really don't start to feel like Spring up here until well into April anyway, most years. Can't even plant the garden until the end of June for fear of frost! And as far as putting away winter clothes? For a few months a year, we actually hang them in the closet, rather than drape over bench by door, but they don't ever get seasonally packed away, like shorts and bathing suits do.

Wishing all as great an evening as possible! Hugs, Twink

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Good afternoon all. So far, no news from the MC about Harv's care, so won't get into that yet.

Beautiful day here. The workers are in the back of the house moving a ton of rocks and leveling out the base for our new retaining wall. I think it is going to be really stable and look nice when they get finished.

Lorita, so happy to hear your back isn't hurting today. Maybe it was caused by the weather coming in and all that lifting. Sure hope you can rest it enough to keep the pain away. I bet that was kind of hard watching the film about war. I know it is hard to watch, but sure gives us insight into what those poor military men went through. Now, maybe a good comedy is in order to keep your spirits lifted.

Sorry about the puppy. I guess we can all get excited for your little one to come in June. Can't wait for you and Twink to get the new additions so we can see a picture of how cute they are.

My SIL helped me get my email going on my ipad. Seemed like we had to jump hoops to get it accomplished. The problem for me was using Comcast for email. The ipad didn't want to connect to it, so caused problems getting it set up. It took awhile, but we finally got it accomplished. Good luck getting your's set up. I make a lot of silly mistakes just typing and not proofing, so I don't do much typing on the tablet. Too much work, and it does tend to put in words that weren't typed, and make no sense.

Leanne, hope your wrist is still feeling better. My Mom had a cyst on her wrist for years and it finally just disappeared. She used to complain that it hurt when she had to use her hands a lot. I'm working on those seeds, hoping they germinate. If not, I'll just buy a few plants. They will grow for sure. It's just kind of fun to grow something from a seed. Rewarding in many ways.

LindaD, glad your daughter was able to return to work. I hope she doesn't have another episode like that. I hear they are so painful, and then to get an infection on top of it was just about too much.

Hoping Ken feels better today too. Did he hit his head really hard? I hope not. That could cause a new set of problems for him. It's always scary when they fall. Glad you were able to get him up and see that it wasn't a huge gash on his head. Poor guy.

Linde, you were talking about a road trip. I love to take road trips and see all the country. It is so fun to see what it looks like in other areas. My road trips seem to be GJ and back for now, which is not a bad drive, and the scenery is always pretty. I always see fields of cattle and horses on the way, and always look for them. Peaceful scenery for sure.

Twink, hope your knee feels better. I know what you mean about finding notes. I have found some of Harv's that he put in his books. They are all reminders to do something, calendars with notes of what he did on each day. I found a couple with names of the kids and as he always said, my beautiful bride Joan. Touching for sure. I have also found numerous articles about Alz. He was willing to try anything to keep himself sharp. More snow??? We have been so blessed with a very mild winter this year. I hope we don't pay for it this summer, but they say the snow pack in the high mountains is average to a bit above, so hoping that will be enough.

That's my news so far today. Going out to check the progress on the retaining wall. If I get lucky enough to hear from the MC today, I'll let you know what they tell me. Have a good afternoon. Joan

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