Home Safety Checklist
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Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 9:21 PM
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This is what I could find on the internet, I am not an expert. Also, this tests the batteries only. You apparently have to test the "smoke" part as well.
1. Make sure you have 9-volt and AA batteries on hand in case you need them.
2. Alert family members and/or security company you will be testing.
3. Find (and map) all smoke detectors in your home.
4. Station a family member at furthest point away from alarm being tested.
5. If you are the tester standing under the alarm, you might want to put earplugs in.
6. Press and hold the test button on smoke detector. You can use your broom handle.
7. Make sure all family members understand the sound of the smoke alarm. Make sure they know safe practices to get out (this is a whole other subject.)
8. It seems batteries should be changed in SPRING and FALL.

Websites: allstate, google, WikiHow

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