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BBC radio 20minutes interview with womenwith dementia
Posted: Saturday, April 18, 2015 8:13 PM
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Now in her 80s, one issue looms ahead for Joan Bakewell and others from her generation - the fear of dementia. She admits that she's becoming increasingly forgetful. Her home is decked with post-it note reminders to help her remember.
But are the annoying lapses in memory, that characterise her daily life, just a normal part of ageing, or could they signal something more serious like dementia? As she herself says - 'suppose I lose it?'.

In this programme, Joan asks what might she expect, and how should she prepare, if she were to receive the diagnosis.

Joan's search is spurred on by the news that her friend of many years, the actress Prunella Scales, has dementia. Over cups of tea at their home, Joan talks to Prunella and her husband, the actor Timothy West, about how her memory loss is affecting their lives.


found through The Gaurdian website, 30 minutes of listening in.

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