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Contented Demntia book and training for a good life - super helpful info
Posted: Friday, July 17, 2015 8:33 AM
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People living with dementia can be easier to understand and live with once you get informed on what we are experiencing and how to react to bring peace.

There is HOPE and a METHOD -

"There is no doubt that elderly people with Alzheimer's are more likely to suffer from psychoses, depression and anxiety when compared with their peers without this illness. Psychiatrists tend to assume that the greater proneness to confusion and mental illness is neurological, a biological correlate of the brain damage entailed by Alzheimer's. They are wrong. What makes them mentally ill is the way sufferers are managed. .....

Once you realise that the only significant disability of Alzheimer's sufferers is a lack of short-term memory and that there is good evidence their long-term memory is usually working until the end of life, life-long wellbeing is very feasible. If carers develop a profile of the individual patient's favourite old memories, they can create a kind of happy Groundhog Day.

Applauded in past appraisals by the Royal College of Nursing and the Alzheimer's Society, the Specal method (Specialised Early Care for Alzheimer's, described in my book Contented Dementia), has three simple tenets: don't ask questions; never contradict the patient; and learn to love their repetitiveness. Try them – thousands of carers and patients all over the country are already gaining relief from doing so. As Lord McColl, a shadow health minister, stated in a recent House of Lords debate, Specal "is the only management method which seems to confer contentment".



A new perspective, a light to shine on things, please read when you have time some of the info through these links. You will find life greatly improved.

We do not disappear, we are not lost, we are waiting for help living with a brain malfunction. We want people to understand the only treatment is to be supported with knowledge. We want those who care for us to enjoy life, and us, again.

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