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The Deviousness Of Dementia
Posted: Saturday, October 24, 2015 9:24 PM
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This is just a really wonderful article.


Part of the article...

"His desperation to remain intact enveloped me. It became an assault on my senses, an assault on possibility and hope, and it made me feel that nothing could ever change.

But I knew I had to endure it. Because for those stricken by dementia, repetition is not merely a symptom but also a refuge, a coping mechanism that attempts to counter memory loss. Such loss, after all, is frightening, and people with dementia vainly attempt to impose order on their surroundings. What mattered to Mr Schecter was not my answers to his questions, but the act of communication, of following a familiar script, of engaging in normal behaviour. That was what kept the chaos at bay. And because it was my job to ground him, I became a co-conspirator in normality, or at least the pretence of normality. I wasn’t just an ear that Mr Schecter could talk into; I was a presence that reassured him of his own existence."

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