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Just need to talk to my friends(50)
Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2016 7:41 AM
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Well, we made it until December.  The year will be gone before we know it.

Bonnie, good to see your post.  Nineteen days is a long time but Sarah is holding up pretty well- trying to keep busy and keep her mind occupied.  I know it's hard.

My cousin's husband is having some type of eye surgery for glaucoma today or the doctor may just evaluate him today and do it later.  The appt. Is at 2:30 and Patsy is dreading driving home in the dark.  Wish I felt like going to drive for them.

Bonnie, I used a 9x9 dish and sprayed it with cooking spray.  I followed the recipe on the pumpkin can except I cut the amount of spices in half.  Mother always did and it's plenty spicy.  I had some last night with cool whip and it was good.

Sandy, my thoughts are with you today.  Try to keep busy.  The six month Ann. Is kind of hard.

Hope I'm up to getting into town today.  Better get out and see the girls. The feed should be here before long and the cats and Tina are ready to eat, I'm sure.

I'll be back later.

Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2016 10:22 AM
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Hi. Weather here is almost balmy but I am sure that will change sooner than later. Had bad news. The young woman my ex-husband of 31 years left me for and subsequently married suffered a massive left hemisphere stroke over the weekend and the outlook is grim. Even though I don't speak to them (I know, I shouldn't feel this way but I do) I am praying for them. They live across country and have no family closeby. I know my son is worried about his father, who is 80 and in poor health. So if you folks pray or send positive thoughts would appreciate some now. Trying to take the high road although there was a lot of mean stuff back then. Which is why I appreciated my Frank (not my ex but my in heaven LOL)  and miss him so much now.

Jo C.
Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2016 12:20 PM
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December 01; how did it get here so fast?   My goodness, we are ever so close to 2017.   We are not doing decorating this year, with the EBV I am in no position to put up or take down decs.  and even if I could hire someone in to do it, there would still be so much needing to be done by me, and that is not going to work.  So here we are at our house, like a couple of Grinches.   It feels a bit strange. 

Judith, a white tie gala - WOW!   I am dying to hear what you wore - long or cocktail length gown; shoes, accessories, etc.  Can't wait to see pictures.  What was the event, what was it like, was the room decorated?  Inquiring minds want to know!  We are so waiting to hear all about it.

Lorita, as per your question about shakiness with EBV; I have not had any shakiness with EBV, but every once in awhile, I feel a bit of up-tightness almost like a bit of anxiousness.  I seem to recall I also experienced that off and on the last time I had EBV too.    Hate this stuff.  Imagine both of us having this at the same time!

 I need to get some things going; so I have to run along.  Lorita, please do not do too much, if you are overtired the EBV will pay you back with interest. 

  Good day wished for everyone,



Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2016 10:02 PM
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 Terromari, I'll remember the woman you mentioned in my prayers.  It's very admirable that you have good feelings for  her.   I hope she does recover.

 Jo,  I'm trying not to overdo but it's hard.  I was out some this morning doing my usual things and trying to let the girls know there was liquid feed.  Then, decided I'd go into town - hadn't been for probably a month.  I'd much rather have laid down in the bed - but I did go.  Did all right but got really tired about halfway through shopping.  I had a really long list - bought multiples of most things.  I had gone through the pantry and many things were outdated so am replenishing some.  When I got to the checkout I didn't think I'd be able to get the groceries on the belt to check out -  but I did.  The young man who sacked the groceries was very good, putting the frozen things together and also the things to be refrigerated.  We had two baskets full plus the cart with the canned cat food.  He put the cat food and a lot of the other things in the trunk and we put the rest in the front so I could get them out when I got home.   I managed to do that and get them where they belonged, then sat down for quite some time.

 I'm rested now so am really glad I went today - now I won't have to do it tomorrow.   Perhaps the shakiness I think I'm feeling is anxiety.  I'm so sorry you have EBV but it's good to have someone to talk with who has and is experiencing the same thing - all of this is so new to me - never heard of it or CMV before.  Lots of questions and you known the answers because you've had it before.  I hope to goodness neither of us - or anyone else - ever has it again.

 Carol called a couple of times while I was gone, then I called her with no answer and she called me and I was out of pocket.  We finally got together.  She was calling to tell me she had talked with Karen's husband and they were waiting for the hospital to get her private room ready so they could move her out of ICU.  She talked briefly with Karen and she was pretty much out of it because of her meds.  Will probably be in the hospital 2-3 more days.

   Carol was born in the house across from us in the next section but I never knew her until I went to work at the VA.  When I was very young her family moved south of here and she went to a different school.  We know many of the same people.  There's a house south of us where a couple of really good friends of my sister's and Carol's sister lived.  They're been gone a long time and the man who runs the red angus cattle has bought the farm.  They're cleaning out all the brush, etc.  I told Carol I had a sad thing to tell her - long before anyone around here had running water or telephones, they did.  They had run a telephone line from their house to a relative about a mile away - across the top of the fence posts so they could talk with each other.  They also had a windmill so they had a pump inside their kitchen so they had running water.  The sad thing is that they have toppled over the windmill - it's laying against the house.  It didn't have the top but the structure was still there.  It's been kind of a landmark for many years - was there when I was very young so there's 70+ years, almost 80 for Carol.  Guess things never stay the same - always changing.

 I don't plan on doing much of anything tomorrow except the necessities - still have to get the rest of the groceries out of the car but no hurry on that.  Our weather's supposed to be rainy (hopefully) over the weekend and then a very cold, two days mid week.  It was cold enough last night that there was a little ice on the water this morning in the water tank.  I hadn't unhooked the waterhose on the frostproof hydrant and it was frozen but it was about 60 so it thawed out.  Going to have to start remembering to do that.  I have a quick connection on it so it's no trouble - if I can remember to do it. 

 I think I got everything on my list except oranges and toaster strudel so guess I did pretty well.  Didn't go anywhere except the store and was ever so happy when I got out of there.  I'm going to try to not wait so long next time.

 I wanted to call my cousin to see what happened with her husband's appointment in Tulsa today but I think it's too late now.   I think I'll go to bed pretty soon.  Just put out the dogs to do their patrolling.  Very quiet outside tonight.

 I hope you all have a restful night.

Posted: Thursday, December 1, 2016 11:57 PM
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You have had quite a day Lorita, hope you didn't overdo it.  Sleep well, I can tell you are getting stronger.   I will tell my daughter about the pumpkin dish.  Thanks.

Jo, just sing Christmas songs or put some on to listen too.  It will be Christmas in your thoughts.

Terrmarri, I too will keep her in my prayers.  And you too.

Everyone sleep well.


Posted: Friday, December 2, 2016 12:22 AM
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Good Morning, I should probably say, as most will read tomorrow.  I have had a wonderful few days with my husbands' relative here. He left yesterday. Today, I was invited out to lunch. So for now the party has ended for awhile.  A beautiful Tea Room with wonderful food. Judith you must check it out....Inspirational Tea Room off   Kelley in Edmund. Actually on Edmond Rd. It was new to me, but maybe you already know about it... you know me, late to the party! 

Back to Gin Rummy, but I was encouraged when others stated their lives included these games as well.  It truly is the only enjoyment LO has that is restful and relaxing.  I called regarding his meds today, as the pacing had gotten so bad. Today there was none.  This is sure a day to day deal.  I read some of the other posts and it makes my life seem in order. My heart goes out to those in the early stages, those were so hard. I don't know whether I have just settled in, but things have changed in my mind and I am doing much better than I was. The sadness is gone.  I am thankful for the days.  Since I didn't have to buy myself the ring I wanted for  Christmas, I bought a refrigerator!!!  Even before the other broke.  I was so tired of all the freezer stuff falling out. It was a side by side with freezer fall out! Lowes had a terrific sale.

Lorita sounds as if you are getting around a little better, I am glad.  Jo, I am so thankful that you can encourage her.  Bonnie you,  too, are sounding well.   I have read kind of scattered so you will have to forgive my one on one comments for this last months.   My Christmas cards are done and mailed. If you'd like one leave an address!  I did my sons gifts for his workmates today as well. I am doing better at letting LO help where he can.  

I must brag on Smart Hours, if you don't have it, please check it out.  My bill was 85$ with heat this month.... down from $300.  

Cow question... When the cows all are on the move, is that routine? hunger?  grazing? going home?   They all move together, it is amazing to me. Are they like sheep in that way???

Well, I will close. Very little time on the computer alone, so don't worry if I am MIA. I am not sure what he can read or not, as he is beside me.    I have not heard when my procedure will be....probably close to Christmas, Did get my $60,000 dollar  hospital invoice from Mays'  8 day adventure.  Medicare paid it all.   The advantages of 65 are amazing.      Blessings, sharon


Posted: Friday, December 2, 2016 6:10 AM
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Hi everyone.

We are finally getting cold weather here in S.E. Michigan. I guess I'll have to get the snowblower ready ...change oil and make sure it starts.  

Sharon, I can type away on this forum as Dick is unable to read and his vision is quite impaired.  It's nice that DH can enjoy rummy. My hubby cannot navigate anything on the computer or tablet. I wish he could as it may help him cognitively. The tracphone I bought him...he can only answer if it rings. He is unable to use the simple buttons to make a call, even after practicing. Sigh. No complaints here, though. He's happy, compliant, doesn't complain  too much anymore.  I guess I'm blessed that he is easy to care for. I just read a post on another forum where the poster vented about hating her lo. I feel for her as it's the disease and stress taking a toll on her.i hope she can get some help.

Lorita and Jo...glad you two are getting back some energy. Lorita, since you don't eat meat, do you get enough protein in you meals? All of us gals should get between 50-60 grams a day. Hard to do sometimes as something sweet tastes so much better! 

Hi to Terromari, Bonnie, and others lurking on this thread. 

Have a nice day!



Posted: Friday, December 2, 2016 5:56 PM
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Hi everyone,

 It's dark but the weatherman said today and tomorrow the sun sets earliest.  I always thought December 21st was the shortest day of the year.  Maybe the sun comes up later until then.  Anyway, the nights are long.

 I had decided I wouldn't do diddlysquat today but you know how that goes.  I did my usual things outside this morning and then watched the court shows.  Next week we'll have two days in the 30s so I thought I'd better try to find my flannel-lined pants and heavier tops.  I used the dolly and got the two boxes inside and emptied a couple of drawers and got them put away.  A mouse had gotten in the box with the tops in it so I'll have to wash them - tomorrow.   Got the pants box back in the storage building, then decided I'd put away the summer tops I wear around the house and the jeans I won't wear this winter - those things are cold.   Got them in the box and in the utility room but didn't make it to the building - tomorrow.  Also got all the rest of the groceries into the house this morning, then put them away this afternoon. 

 Even got up on the tractor to see if it'd start - it didn't so will have to jump it - maybe one of the warmer days next week.  I actually miss driving it.

 Bonnie - I think I am feeling better or getting a little more stamina but I still huff and puff when I do very much.  I'm trying not to do too much when I feel a little better but it's hard not to.

 Sharon, a herd of cattle usually has a boss cow - the one who says let's do this or let's do that or it's time to get up and graze, etc.   I think ours is Sweet Pea but it kind of varies.  It's entertaining to watch them (doesn't take much for me) - they'll all be laying around and all at once one of them will get up and the rest get up.  Sometimes they'll be in front of the house, just standing around and one will start toward one of the pastures and the others will follow.  I just checked them and they're scattered over 35 acres in the NE pasture.  I was thinking as I drove down to check them that first you scan the whole pasture to make sure there isn't one by herself (they tend to isolate them selves when they're ready to calve).  Sometimes another cow will stay closeby.  Everyone seemed fine - saw Hal standing by his mom who was laying down.  When I count them I worry more when one is missing or three or four so sometimes it takes a while to see everyone.  Guess I'd stay out an hour if I couldn't find them.

 When I call them up to feed them or for any other reason, we've taught them that when they hear the PU honk three times, it's time to come up.  Charles used to yell Come on girls! and here they'd come.  If you can get one cow moving, the rest will follow. 

 It's good that your husband still is interested in playing gin rummy.  Does he ever watch TV?

 Diane - are you ready for cold weather?  I'm not ready for the really cold stuff and we're due for a cold, snowy winter - hope it doesn't pan out.  We never shovel snow -  just enough to get out the gates - I do try to keep it swept off the porch so it won't melt and get slick. 

 I think I get enough protein - I eat a lot of dairy products and beans and peas.  I've started keeping a few hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator for snacks.  I just peel one, put it on a paper towel in the microwave for 10-15 seconds and eat it with salt and pepper.  Also like to warm them slightly, mash them up with mustard and S&P and eat with crackers.  I need to boil some tomorrow - ate the last one yesterday.

 I called today about them servicing the generator - they'll be out Monday.  It seems like it's a never-ending job to keep up with things.  Still have to get the PU serviced and make my ophthalmology appointment.  It was due in the summer and it was too hot to go and I haven't felt up to it since then.  I just talked with Patsy and hers is also due but she won't go until she feels better, too.  Her husband had an eye appt. in Tulsa yesterday.  He has really bad glaucoma and they did a laser treatment on one eye and he goes back next week for the other.  His vision is getting really bad - can't see to drive at all and she can't drive at night.  She said they got back to Haskell about dark last night so at least the traffic wasn't so bad the rest of the way home.  She lives close to Lake Eufaula - probably 15 miles from us.

 Sheena's out patrolling.  She must hear wolves because she's barking a lot.  Susie's sound asleep on the divan and Mr. Stormy is thinking about taking a nap. 

 Talked briefly to Sarah.  She had a really bad night - couldn't sleep because of throwing up all night so she was going to try to get a nap this afternoon.

 Forgot to disconnect the hose to the water tank so I'll have to watch the weather to see how cold it's going to be tonight - don't want it to freeze again.

 Hope all of you have a good night.  Judith - still waiting to see those pretty pictures!

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2016 8:09 PM
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Well another chance to visit.   Thank you for the cow information.  I love to learn things about animals.   

Diane, I don't know how much vision is there, for LO. Sometimes he comments, rarely and other times he falls asleep.  But I am playing better, so I am enjoying it more. I went out and bought lots of pansies today. They will do well in the icy weather that we are expecting and they look so pretty.  I will plant them tomorrow.   I am hoping to decorate tonight if LO remains in dreamland.  I love Christmas.  Mostly because of Jesus'birth , but I love the lights and garland in my home up and down all the stairs.  Be back

Posted: Friday, December 2, 2016 11:35 PM
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Poor Sarah, so sorry , hope and pray for a better night tonight.  Glad you are getting stronger, hope Jo is too.

I did some more Christmas shopping today.  My living room is a mess, Christmas decorations everywhere, need to really get at it.  Just no energy and creaky joints.   The Log Cabin quilt store had open house, sooo of course had to go.  The weather is beautiful. Tomorrow is pot luck at Hearts and Hands , we make donation quilts.  That will be fun.   Everyone have a good night.


Posted: Saturday, December 3, 2016 4:40 AM
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Well, it's been an interesting few days here.   Summers hit with a vengeance, yesterday was 98, but we had a southerly change, so today wasn't so bad.   Doesn't seem that long ago that I was complaining about the rain, now everything is so dry.  There are cracks in the ground, and the grass is so dry that it just crackles when you walk on it.    I went out and bought the new mower to cope with the grass, and I've only had to mow the paddock twice since winter!

I was talking to Ron's niece the other day, and we were commenting on his swearing.  She said "you know, Sandy, I don't think I've ever heard uncle Ron swear". I agreed, because he never did before.  Then she said that if she did hear him now she'd probably giggle when he did.  Next night was shower night, and every time he dropped the f bomb I'd start to giggle, because of what she said.   Didn't make the shower process any easier, but I felt better.

Last night he was in a really agro mood when he was going to bed, and after he went to sleep I was sitting up in bed, trying to read, but crying my eyes out.  So I got up, put my shoes on, clipped on my radio, and went walking around the paddock...10.30..... so picture in my nightie, shoes on without the laces done up, no glasses....and of all things to happen, the neighbour was walking too, and stopped to chat.   Tooo bad!

This morning he woke before I did, and when I woke he was half dressed, couldn't find his trousers, and when I came out to this half of the house, found he'd turned on the lamps by our lounge chairs, and was carrying around a mug from the China cabinet.

Life's a journey isn't it?

Glad things are getting better for you and jo lorita,  .... hopefully the new year will bring a new you for both

Sharon, it must be annoying for you when you can't go on line without company, but at least he has an interest....and as you said, you're getting much better at the game.  Might have to try it myself.  Still addicted to candy crush unfortunately, but am doing sudoku.  I used to play scrabble and words with friends, but that takes too much thought. Which is really bad...I'm getting to be such a drag now.

Ok, time to get him to bed...night all


Posted: Saturday, December 3, 2016 4:54 AM
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Forgot I took this photo of another greedy bird here the other day, looking for a feed.  Our kookaburra comes every morning and night, but yesterday this sulphur crested cockatoo came in for a treat too.  They don't come all the time, but I give in and feed them when they do.
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Posted: Saturday, December 3, 2016 10:35 AM
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 Sharon, I hope you get your pansies planted today and that you get some rain.  When I woke up I looked at the radar and the rain was just SW of us - guess it still is because it's not raining. 

 I went out to do my things and decided I'd drive the CW to check the girls - got kind of chilly.  I was out there at least half an hour - kept coming up one short.  I checked all the pastures and couldn't find her.  I'm always afraid one will be trying to calve and in a place against a fence where I can't see her.  There's lots of vines and things in the fence rows and they're black so don't show up very well.  Never found her so came back and got the PU.  Finally got the right count.  They're all moving and it's so hard to count especially when they're quite a ways apart.  Now I can relax for a while. 

 Bonnie - I haven't talked with Sarah yet - don't want to bother her in case she went back to bed when Todd left for work.  I hope she's better today.  Sixteen more days until her surgery - all of us will be glad when that's over and she's improving.  She has a long road ahead of her but she'll make it. 

 I've never been to a quilt show but I bet it would be fun looking at all the pretty designs.  There used to be a quilting show on TV that I liked to watch.

 Hope you have more energy today and your joints aren't creaking so much.  Do you take glucosamine chondroitin?  I should be taking it but I'm taking so many vitamins right now to give me energy that I rattle when I walk already. 

 Sandra - I love to see pictures of the exotic animals and birds you all have in Australia.  The cockatoo is gorgeous.  All the birds I see around here are sparrows, mocking birds, cardinals and woodpeckers.  The other day I saw two different sized woodpeckers in the elm outside the kitchen window.  One had a red head.  In the winter we have a lot of cardinals - the grayish-brown, but very pretty, females and the beautiful red males.  We also have scissor-tailed flycatchers (the Oklahoma State bird) and an occasional roadrunner.  I don't know the names of the others.  Right now we're seeing a lot of geese going south I guess.  Our neighbor east of us has his land plowed and they're landing there.  We have ducks on our pond but so far no geese.  Sometimes they land on the other side of the pond to rest and get into the water to play and drink.

 It still seems strange to me - you mentioned that you had some south winds and it cooled you down a bit.  When we have south wind, it's normally a hot wind - our cool winds come from the north. 

 I haven't done one bit of shopping for Christmas - only buy something for Sarah and Todd, Scarlet and Logan and my sister.  I like to get fruit of some kind for Scarlet.   I ordered a set of six big mugs from Ree Drummond from QVC but they're still on waitlist.  I wanted to give them to Darwin and Donna for being so kind to me.  They're been on waitlist for at least six weeks.  She had the big opening of her store in Pawhuska a few weeks ago so maybe most of them went to that.

 QVC has free shipping today so I'll watch that and see what I can find. 

 Better go and finish my hot tea before it gets cold - well, then I could have iced tea, couldn't I. 

 Sandra, I did want to mention that Charles also cussed a lot - words he'd  never say in front of me before.  It seemed he could say cuss words much clearer than others.  Years ago one of my uncles had a stroke and the same thing applied to him.  Strange.

Jo C.
Posted: Saturday, December 3, 2016 2:05 PM
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Sandy, I have been laughing SO hard; great big belly laughs . . . . the story of you in your nightie, unlaced footwear, etc. walking at night out by the paddock to calm yourself, and along comes the neighbor . . . . of COURSE that happened.  Had you been in your street clothes, no one would have come along.  Thanks for the big laugh.   Precious!  With my luck, if that were me, I would also have been braless, unshaven legs, and my hair standing on end.  Thank goodness you have a sense of humor are very much a down to earth person.  On the more serious side, I am sorry for the behaviors your husband is directing your way.   No matter we know it is the dementia speaking, it still hurts and wears us down like all get out.   One great big hug is being sent special delivery to the big down under and into your mailbox.

Bonnie, I wish I had you next door; you always make me feel good when I read your posts.  Good idea about the Christmas music; I just so much miss people and the color of the season, etc.   My friends all moved far out of state and it has been long enough that we have lost contact; also, a few friends have passed away.  I have one friend who I talk to often, but her husband has been ill with one thing after another, though she is in state, it is too far to visit and she is up to her eyeballs in alligators and that is that.

 I wish three of our four kids had not moved out of state.  Geeze, I'll be the only person left in Ca pretty soon.  I am originally a Northern Michigan, (UP) gal; or as they say, I am a "Yooper."  Our youngest son and DIL live in the next county over and we do see them from time to time as can be, but he is a peace officer who is working double shifts and many days off; mandatory overtime becoming an issue because the police are short handed and crime has never flourished more.   I hardly know who we are as a society any more; the only thing we can do is be kind and helpful to others and take care of our own lives.

 Bill was going to put up outside Christmas lights no matter what.  He kept saying that week after week.   He then had the big day finally scheduled.   By end of that day he just looked at me a bit chagrined and said that his back was killing him and his hip was acting up and he wasn't going to even try.  Okay; that matches the inside of the house, it is the "nothing doing Christmas," we will just go with the flow this year.  I swear, next year, by Halloween,  I am going to try to find someone and pay them to help with the big tree and then not turn it on until the day after Thanksgiving.  At least it will be up!  Talk is cheap; we'll see what happens.

 Funny, even during all of the heavy duty caregiving years, I still got the decos up and did all the care management stuff, etc.  Now that I am no longer hands-on in the carers job, I am all at sixes and sevens or whatever.  And of course, Misters Epstein and Barr are still wooing me.

Lorita, that was one whole lot of activity the other day; a marathon any time much less during EBV living.  All that shopping; I can only imagine how topsy turvy that must have felt.  I would have been listing sideways and hanging onto the cart like a drunken cuckoo.  Good you left stuff in the car to take out later so you could save some energy and get your feet up.  Does feel good to have the cupboard stocked though, doesn't it?   Glad you have it done and in place and you can feel at ease on that front.   

 I wonder, and please don't get me wrong, I am definitely not trying to tell you what to do, but do you ever think about down-sizing with the critters a bit?  Not getting rid of all of the animals, but just cutting down the size of the herds of cattle, cats and dogs?

 That would keep you going longer, and if you do have an unforeseen event happen, etc., (look at the unexpected EBV), then things would be more manageable if you have to back off for awhile.  Just wondering.  Right now, there are so many creatures completely dependent upon you, and if there were less in number, it may conserve the well-being of the body and spare you some of the multiples in worries.  Being seventy something is not the same as forty something and it takes a toll.  Just thinking (and worrying about you a bit.)

I still want to hire a hand for you and have him do all the stuff you have been wrangling, (but did not win the lottery yet); there is a whole lot that comes up, it doesn't end - but that is life on a ranch or farm.   It is there 24/7.  I am SUCH a wimp - darned city girl.

Yesterday, the every other week cleaning lady came.  I made sure things were picked up so she could clean without working around stuff lying on table tops, etc.  It was so nice when she was done.   Bathrooms sparkle, floors clean and shiny, vacuuming and dusting done, and the kitchen all shiny too.   It smelled so good.  (Love the smell of cleaner and furniture wax.)  I am truly and deeply grateful.  How I wish you would do this Lorita, at least while you are dealing with EBV.  It is amazing how good one feels when it is done.  No way could I have done all of that. 

 I would like to hire someone to come help me clean out closets, the walk-in needs to be emptied out, I am NEVER going to be that small size again with a lot of the clothes hanging in my closet, and the stuff is taking up so much space.  Perhaps this spring I will ask the cleaning lady if she is willing to give me a hand; paid of course.  I am getting to a stage where I want to have the inner workings of the house cleaned out.  If anything happens, then my LOs would not have to try and figure it all out.

My DIL is having more labs done and she is to go back to the doctor in two weeks; the blood pressure is finally up a bit more, and she is to begin to be more active, but she must monitor the BP every few hours as well as her blood sugar.   Hopefully the labs will tell what the causation of all of that is.  Hopefully no more ER runs.

DIL saw the Mikasa Christmas china and loved it.   "Some day" she decided she would buy the dinner plates and some serving pieces.  Well; on Black Friday, it was knocked down way, way, way low and then she got another 25% off.  So she sent for 16 dinner plates and a few serving pieces.  (Google Mikasa and look at the Christmas dinner plates - get them on the magnify setting to see the tiny holly details), they are really beautiful.    I think I am going to get her the salad plates and a couple of serving pieces.  They are still marked down but not as low as on Black Friday.  It will be fun to surprise her. 

Christmas. the out of state teen grandchildren are now far too difficult to buy gifts for as their tastes change and it has become so difficult to know what to do.  The adult kids also are difficult to buy for.  So starting this year, we are doing what we always said we would never do; we are going to send each a check.  Then they can buy what they wish or better yet; add their gift to a savings account.  This really does feel odd.  I'm a big one for wrapping gifts creatively and used to love it.  However, last year, we spent over $300 in shipping presents, that is ridiculous.  We also spent a fortune in wrapping paper and ribbon too, so we will save all that fuss and bother and with money, well; one size fits all.  That saves 14 packages plus, plus.   I am sending a gift to a 92 year old friend and that will be that.  With what we did not spend, we can donate more where it is needed.

  Time for me to get going, please all take good care of yourselves and soon we will see Judith in her gala finery, that will be lovely.  Can you just see us all at a white tail ball?  Those poor folks would never be the same. 


Posted: Saturday, December 3, 2016 4:00 PM
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Hi - back again,

 You all should see some of the garbs I wear around here.  Yesterday morning I kept on my gown and put over it a long, stripped, summer-like robe with my plaid fleece coat over it along with my trappers hat and rubber shoes.  Luckily, I didn't see anyone.  Now, I wouldn't go out in the pastures at night on foot or maybe even in the CW because of the panthers being around.  But, you're right, Jo, if Sandra had been dressed, no one would have come close to her.

I just finished watching the Big 12 Bedlam Seriesi College football game, Oklahoma State University playing the University of Oklahoma.  OU won - really a good game - it was raining some during the game.  It's been drizzly here all day - not a good day to be outside.  I've lain on the bed watching TV and napping a little bit the whole day.  Stormy was up here part of the time.  He's so happy he's learned how to get on to the bed.

 Jo - a housekeeper would be wonderful but I'd have to clean the house first or she'd run the other direction.  Housekeeping is not my forte but I've never let it go like I have the last three months.   It seemed when Charles was here and I was caregiving I got a lot more things done than I do now - even before the EBV and CMV.  But, it would be so nice to have everything clean and neat.

 At least your husband had good intentions about putting up the lights.  I always kind of enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree but hated like everything taking it down.  I have a little Santa Claus that Karen gave me years ago and for many years that has been our Christmas decoration - haven't even gotten it out yet.  I didn't send out Christmas cards last year either and probably won't this year either.

 I did order a Cuddle Duds set for Sarah for her birthday - January 2nd but was too late to get one for my sister for Christmas but there's still time. 

 I still haven't gotten quite all the canned goods out of the car - maybe next time I'm out that way.  The clothes I brought in and will have to launder are still not done. 

 That grocery shopping trip was almost too much.  I needed to get a couple of birthday cards and envelopes but didn't even take time to do that - and they were in the same store - really just forgot them.  I'll try to go a little more often so it won't be such a big deal.

 About downsizing - thank you, Jo, for your concern - I do appreciate it.  I have about the average size herd - 24 is all I have now.  But, it really doesn't take much more time or effort to feed that many as it would half that many.  However, Ricky told me cattle were up some, at least in Tulsa, so after the first of the year I may sell the three or four young bulls and maybe even the heifers - that'll take care of about a third of  the herd.  I couldn't sell any of the cows - that would be like selling your kids.  I've seen every one of them born and they've lived their lives here and I hope they can until their end.  I only have four dogs - little Barclee who has to have eye drops  - couldn't give him up and I finally got my Great Pyrenees - and, of course, Susie, couldn't give them up.  I only have five outside cats now.  Still haven't gotten them back to the barn for the winter and two inside ones.  One of them is the tuxedo cat who had a badly infected eye a few months ago.  It had to be enucleated and he's fine now. He does get outside occasionally and it scares me - the dogs don't tolerate anything in the yard.  I found him crouched down beside a chair on the front porch last night.  So, guess I'm stuck with the animals.  I do mean to ask our vet if something happens to me to find good homes for the dogs - I'm sure he will.  I got Susie from him and also Sheena and he told me where to get Stormy.

 I saw the little squirrel playing in the althea outside the bedroom window today.  There's also been a lot of birds flying around.

 I talked again to Sarah a while ago.  She sounds good but is in pain.  She says when she feeds herself through the tube, it comes back out - she's afraid her stomach has collapsed.  Can that happen?  I told her to go to the ER if she got worse.  Todd's over at my sister's house seeing what he needs to reroof the house.  He's already had panels delivered for the stockade fence around the back yard.  She says he's so excited and scared at the same time.  He's never spent money for a home and also having to do so much to renovate it - fence, roof, some of the plumbing and fixing the ceilings that are cracked from earthquakes and I-44 which is very close to the house.  My sister says when you sit with your feet on the floor you can feel it vibrate from the traffic.    Sarah said she did get some sleep last night so that's good.  I know how he feels - when Charles and I got married we lived in a duplex for a few months, then decided we'd buy a travel trailer and move out to the farm.  It scared me owing for the trailer - only $3,000 but aside from the car I bought when I started working I'd never owed anything.  Then in a few years we bought a 14 x 70 mobile home and that scared both of us.  We were raised to not owe anything if at all possible.  Still don't - really bothers me to owe for anything.

 The FedEx guy (not our regular one) came a couple of hours ago and stopped at the yard gate. I opened the door and told him to come through - the dogs were in the house.  Some of them are afraid of them.  When he came the other day they were barking and rearing up on the fence so I took the box over the gate.  I didn't hear him drive up at all but Stormy did and warned me that someone was outside.  Good boy!

  I'll stop for now - didn't mean to write a book.  Hope all of you are okay today and those who need rain are getting it.  Wish we'd get a good one - our ponds are lower than I'd like going into the winter.  Some people are already having to water their cattle with city water.

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Sandra, the cockatoo is pretty.  We usually see robin's, cardinals, finches, red-headed woodpeckers, blackbirds, chickadees and wrens. I saw a big turkey in our yard two years ago. Whatever it takes to blow off steam...even if it's in your nighty!

I usually play Words with Friends with my cousins and also play candy crush.

Sharon, that's quite a savings on your heat bill. Smart Hours is not available where we live.

Finally got up Christmas wreaths outside and planning to put up tree tomorrow.  

I think I'll try to get Dick in the shower tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest. Since I bought the heater to heat up the bathroom, he doesn't seem to be as resistant. I can't  shower him everyday but doing good  if it's 2x a week. This past week was a rarity as he had 3 dr appts, so 3 showers. He doesn't swear but complains a bit.

Jo, the Mikasa Christmas dinnerwear is pretty. I have several serving pieces of the Lenox Christmas China, but no dinner plates. 

We are going to a Christmas concert with our cousins in two weeks to see the Michigan Philharmonic orchestra .  It's at a small venue so it will be easy for Dick. Ill Volo is coming to Michigan again, would LOVE to go, but he can't handle The Fox theater...too dark, too big, and almost overwhelming. 

HHave a nice evening everyone. Maybe we'll hear from Dana, Joan, and others who are MIA.


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Such good reading!  Its' late again, so Good Morning to most.   I stayed up until about 2am the night before and did the Christmas tree, garland, lights and ribbon going up the stairs. Oh, do I love it.  Every year we pick a couple colors to deco with.  I think I mentioned, this was my year. I picked gold, a light blue and beige...It doesn't sound too good but I loved getting all new stuff and leaving the all every year by year tree stuff in a box.  The tree has only a few balls on it so it is not too distracting. Lights are all white and small. LO thought it was good. This  was my LO very favorite time, he often bought all the children their gifts and I never saw them before Christmas,  I often complained about that. Now, there is not even a thought about any of it. But he is relaxed and not stressing as much as he was last week.   I made lots of cookies today and practiced frosting them.   LO came in before dinner and ate about 20 !  I will have to hide them from now on.  I did get some to a neighbor before they were all gone. 

I used to play the word games, but I ended up using the little cheats where you need a word and type in your letters and it tells you a word you never heard of and will never use again, but then you win the game.   I thought I might learn some new words.... I am too competitive to just use the knowledge in my head I guess.  I  think I enjoy Gin, because it is some skill and luck of the cards. 

I want to send out a challenge .   A Holiday one.   Please put $20 bill in your pocket to give to someone while you are out.  I always ask God to point out the right person. I am always surprised.  I just let them know they are important to me.  Reactions and the way I feel afterwards is beyond wonderful.   As often as you can, this time of year.  Bonnie I am thinking of you and Lorita and Sandy and others facing this season missing someone. I am thankful for the presence of my husband.  Odd, while others hear the swearing, I have not heard a bad word from him since this began.  Prior to this they were present.   

The bird was beautiful .  I love my little one. The cardinals always bring a smile . My dear friends came today,  The hubby of my late best friend and her sister, What a pair. Smiles ear to ear.  Then we all cried , then we prayed and they were on their way to a party. Life is an adventure.

Lorita, you sound like me with my kids, and hubby..  I have people lined up to take them if I should pass away, in the meantime I will keep them till they haul me out!  I feel like the bible says, 
"As your days, so shall your strength be."  That means that till I am done, I am in the adventure of this life, to the fullest.  

Well, I too, have rambled, but it is a delight knowing, you, like me, have the time to sit , read and enjoy peering into someone else's life for a few minutes. Caring for my family is a daily adventure. I had to explain why "Mother Nature" is a myth. Not a real lady sitting up in the clouds determining how windy to make it.   Some of the 'adults' at my son's work place have added their knowledge to my sons' already active imagination. 

Blessings today and always.  sharon

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Sharon, what a lovely post.  You certainly have the peace of Jesus within.  


Posted: Sunday, December 4, 2016 12:06 PM
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 It's cold and damp here again this morning.  We actually got .5" of rain - surprised me but every drop counts.  Again, I had a hard time finding everyone - Hal was missing this time.  I checked two pastures two or three times and couldn't see him anywhere.  Finally started back to another one and there he was with all the others.  I guess he was laying down somewhere.  I thought he must be all right because none of the moms were upset.  He's not staying as close to mom now and all of them watch after him.  Tina, as usual. was ready for her feed.  Penny, the heifer with horns, came up but I didn't let her in.  I'm afraid she'll fight with Tina for the feed and get a horn in Tina's eye.  The girls have come up now and had some liquid feed and are laying down now.

 When I was feeding the cats and Tina I saw a beautiful red Cardinal - guess it's time.

 Sandy, I agree, Sandra sounds as if she is at peace with everything.  It would be great if we could all be like that.  Hope you're doing all right today and your weather isn't too bad.

 Sharon, the colors you selected sound pretty.  I wish I had a third of your energy to get things done.  I was tired when I got back in even though I didn't walk too much.  Susie went with me and rode shotgun coming back.  All three of them are sound asleep in the LR now.  Sheen's back is completely brown from getting wet and laying in the dirt.  She'll be clean as soon as she dries off.

 Watched Vermont on Aerial America this morning - such a pretty state.  There's still a few I haven't seen but so far am not seeing where they're going to be on.

 Sarah called this morning.  She sounded pretty good.  She said she had dreams about her mother last night.  She was murdered in the late 90s and she was trying to remember the exact date.  We had so many deaths in our family from 1995 to 1999 it's hard to keep them straight. 

 She said Todd was completely soaked when he got home last night.  He'd been out in the back yard of my sister's house cutting saplings in the fenceline so he can get the stockade fence up.  Maybe he can rest a bit today.  There's so much there to get done before they can move in.  Sandy, I e-mailed Scarlet what I planned to do but haven't heard back from her.  She's slow about reading e-mails.  I would like to talk with Joe in the morning.  Sarah has a doctor's appointment on the NE side of town tomorrow and she wants to get the quit claims done while she's over there and before her surgery.  Only two more weeks now.

 I'm watching another show I've found that I enjoy "Alaska: The Last Frontier" - there's another one "Live Free or Die" that I also enjoy.  I seem to watch very few of the regular sitcoms anymore.

 Nothing planned for today.  The guy's coming tomorrow to service the generator - which I hope I won't have to use this winter but I want to know it's in good working order just in case.

Something woke me up at 1:30 this morning and I couldn't go back to sleep for a while so watched a couple of TV shows, then woke up again a little after 6.  I'm kind of sleepy now so may have a nap later.     Everyone, have a nice day.

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cudos for taking the high road, it's called KARMA!

Hugs to you Surfergirl
Posted: Sunday, December 4, 2016 7:50 PM
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Hi everyone.

Thanksgiving was a special time or my family.  We enjoyed the rental house.  It was big, with plenty of beds and lots of open space for us to hang out in.  Harv seemed to enjoy the daily visits, and the kids were anxious to visit him every day.  It was a blessing to be so close to him.  The hot tub and theater were entertainment for the kids every evening.  They all wanted to know if we were going to rent that house again next year.  I guess they don't realize we have to pay to stay there.  

Our oldest son had a knee replacement 4 weeks ago and did too much too fast.  He tore all the muscle off his knee.  Had to go back into surgery for repairs, and can't bend his knee for 6 weeks.  The surgery was the day before Thanksgiving so they had to stay home.  He's not a happy camper, but is doing what the doctor tells him. 

One son and DIL came back here with me until Thursday.  They flew out mid afternoon, and the house was empty.  I sure miss them, but I'm enjoying the quiet for now.  The house cleaner comes tomorrow to clean.  I got sheets changed today and picked up, so am ready for her to clean.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  No one is coming here for Christmas, so I'm not putting up a tree.  I'll put out a few decorations and a wreath.  That will be enough for me.  

I'm still reading to catch up.  Still praying for all on here not feeling well, and for prayer requests.  Lorita, Sarah will soon have her surgery behind her.  I hope she can stay calm until it's over.  Hopefully she will feel better and be able to live her life without all the pain.

I'll be back tomorrow.  I just wanted to say hi to everyone and catch up on what's going on with everyone.

Have a good night and rest peacefully.  Joan

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Morning all....another fun day yesterday in this house of cards.   I went out to the area where Ron spends his day to check on him, and he was holding a glass with white stuff clinging to the sides of it, plus has dribbles of the same white down his chin.  I smelled it and then tried to identify the smell. Finally realised it was Slate Sealer from the bucket that was left after I did the floors.  Naturally I panicked and rang the poisons information centre first, but while I was on hold had a closer look, and realised that he'd thrown it out on the ground, plus I read on the side of the bucket to give him water, which I did..    I spent the rest of the day monitoring him, but I'd say that when he tasted it he spat it out and threw the rest away.

Needless to say, all bottles, buckets, containers of any liquid in the garage or carport have disappeared .  Life's certainly not boring is it.......he's up, so better get breakfast on the go


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Oh Sandra, what a scare!  I'm glad you had the "warning" and time to get things locked away so it can't happen again. 

Never a dull moment is right! 



Jo C.
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Omigosh Sandra, what a basket full of tribulations you have had lately.  I am so glad he is okay.   You are surely earning "stars in your crown."  Hopefully he cannot find too much more to make one's hair stand on end.   You are a very strong and wonderful woman; I'd like to be like you when I grow up!  Have you done any more painting lately?  That certainly is one marvelous talent amongst several that you have.

It is good to hear from you Joan, and good to hear about that wonderful Thanksgiving.  It sounds as though a great time was had by all.   I cannot believe how fast Christmas is getting here and your plan sounds like a good one.  We are not having our tree this year either secondary to the EBV.   How I wish I could twinkle my nose and up it would go, but alas. 

Our beloved Grandson's unit will be deployed to the Middle East in two days; gads, I can't believe how this has made me feel.  I found myself with tears in my eyes last night as I was recalling some of the sweet, sweet little boy years; so many gentle memories.  He was initially supposed to be there for seven months, now I hear that it will be a year.  Prayers of course for safety for him and everyone else too, and plans to send LOTS of cards, letters and some boxes of goodies from time to time.  There are multiple sites I saw when I Googled "gifts to send to Middle East deployed," or some such words.  So many do's and don'ts and SO many suggestions from those who are already deployed in both hot and cold areas, so much I never would have thought of.   Good to have ideas for things really prized.

Our granddaughter at Oregon State University called, she is sounding so very grown up, she is in the middle of multiple finals and is in a state over her statistics test.  I so remember that; advanced stats and quantitative analysis nearly ran me over, but once done one never has to take those classes again.  Thank heavens.   Seems like yesterday, but here I am, spring chicken long gone and many, many miles traveled and journeys taken that I never could have foreseen; dementia being one of them.  One never knows where the road will take us.  How wonderful for those younger who have life's road long and ready to be traveled to new adventures ahead of them.   It makes me smile when I realize how most of us do not realize how much we should have stopped and deeply appreciated those days when we were in the midst of living them, but now in hindsight we have 20/20 appreciation recall.  Such is life.  

I got onto Amazon and looked up Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments and found a plethora of them; 187 pages.  I ordered two for my DIL who loves the Radko ornaments and she will get them in a couple of days and be surprised.   She still is symptomatic and is having more labs run to check thyroid, pituitary and adrenals; sure hope they find out what is going on, she is supposed to return to work the first of the year which will take her through the post-op period, but this other stuff is not related to the surgery, so we shall see. 

Two weeks until Lorita's, Sarah's surgery, we are all hoping for a wonderful outcome and that all will be so much better for her.

 How are you doing this day, Lorita?  With the EBV ups and downs, one never knows what each day will bring around.  Me thinks we need a magic wand to be waved over us and make us all set again.  If that happens, I want it to also let me be thinner and everything back together again in its correct anatomical position.  And for my hair to always look great and for my eyes to suddenly not need cheating granny glasses anymore.  Sigh.

So many on the forum seem to have a ramping up of problems and behaviors with their LOs.  It seems like the going into different seasons seems to make things a bit more; well, MORE.  Of course that may just be an illusion, but it seems that things  start percolating when seasons change and things are a bit different.   Perhaps that is unsettling in a way as temperatures and other things change and it gets darker earlier.

 How funny to know that when we are entering winter and all that entails for wherever we live, but that Sandra "down under" is in the midst of a very, very steamy hot summer.   Talk about odd feeling Christmas's, Santa must be wearing shorts and flip-flops!

Our electricity has had a hiccup.  One section of our kitchen has an outage for several outlets.  Of course it happens to be the outlets for the large refrigerator and microwave.  EEEK!  DH tried to figure it out and it is nothing to do with the outside box or whatever.  We called the electrician yesterday afternoon but have not heard anything back as yet.  Hopefully he gets to us soon.  In the meantime, we have heavy duty extension cords going to other outlets so the frig and microwave can still work.  Just hope no one trips over the cords.

 Well . . . guess I'd better pull up those boot straps (what the heck are those anyway?) and get going, this has got so long that the posting police will be after me.  Have a good day everyone and may the day truly be good to you.


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For you, Jo   

 And, yes, I still manage to get to painting.  My wonderful DIL, she of the blue hair and tattoos, comes and stays every week so I can go.  I give her a bit of pocket money, which she always tries to refuse, but I just tell her that it's not from me, it's from Mr Turnbull (our prime minister).  I get a fortnightly carers allowance from the govt and that pays for my carers.  I'm actually in the middle of doing a couple of snack bowls for Christmas and the design is very similar to the Mikasa ones you mentioned. Bit rougher, but similar  

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Thought I'd give you all a little rest from me today.  I've been busy and tired.  Jo- must have overdone when I felt better.  The battery's about gone on my tablet.  I'll post more tomorrow.

How much snow did you get, Sandy?

Posted: Monday, December 5, 2016 7:44 PM
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Guess it's a few days since I updated you with news. 

I continue to visit Graham regularly. It seems that he spends his free time roving the corridors, looking for 'Barbara' or 'my wife'. He is now wearing a small armband which sounds an alarm when he gets too close to the front door, I guess in case there is no-one in the foyer at a crucial moment. he goes there to look for my car in the carpark.

He is continuing to slip. I found that he is writing himself notes, as if he fears what is in his future, and wants to remind himself.. "I am Graham ****'", and "Barbara and I are husband and wife". Yesterday for the first time, when we were talking about family, and I mentioned the name of our interstate DD, he looked confused and asked me to explain how she fitted into our family. But then he named both her husband and son. Crazy memory. There is a wheel-chair bound man who shares his meal table, and try as he might, Graham just cannot remember his name.

I had my first cataract operation 7 days ago -- seems longer than that. I have had about 6 or 7 operations, some quite major,  before without problems, but this time I WOKE UP in the middle. In fact I felt everything as it happened, and it was really painful. But as soon as the new lens was in place, the pain must have stopped, and I went straight back to sleep. I had always been a bit doubtful about stories of folk waking up during operations, but now I know it can happen, it happened to me!

I spoke to the surgeon the next day, and while he did not make a strong response to my story, he assured me he would record it in my notes. He did ask why I did not tell him during the operation, but I could neither move nor speak. Not a pleasant feeling. I will be asking him to use extra anaesthetic drops in my other eye when I go for the operation next Monday.

I had upsetting news yesterday. I have been using the same pcp for about 25 years, and she and I have become quite close friends in the surgery. We have worked together through my many health problems, and though her rather messy divorce. She is younger than I am, and I had no plans to look for another doctor. But now I have been told that she has cancer of the pancreas, one of  the types with the very lowest survival rates. You know you are getting old when your doctor is dying before you.

I am not going to see Graham until Thursday, when the NH is having a Christmas Party lunch, family invited. Then in the evening, our Retirement Village is having our Christmas Dinner, with all the trimmings. I will need loose clothing on Friday.

More soon, blessings to all, and lots of (((ehugs)))


Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 1:16 PM
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 Joan, so sorry about your son's knee.  Seems like when we feel a little better, we overdo and it sets us back.  I now it'll be hard for him not to bend his knee for so long but hopefully he can do it and be better.

 Sounds like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I always think of what a neighbor, my mother's age, said once to  me about her holiday company.  She said she loved having them with her but the best part of the whole time was when she saw the last car's  tail lights turn the corner leaving her house.  I grew up with her children and played basketball with one of her daughters.  She got alz. and finally had to move in with one of her kids.  She and her husband and my parents were best friends - only lived about a mile away.  I miss knowing she's there.

 Seems like so many people who used to live in this area have moved away - bigger farms taking over.  But, that's the way life goes.

 Sarah had an appointment with her anesthesiologist this morning.  He was going to do some tests to see if she's able to withstand the surgery.  I haven't heard from her yet but I hope things are all right.  I told her last night when we talked that two weeks from then the surgery would be over and she'd start her recovery.  She and Todd are busy trying to get things ready for the surgery and working on getting started on fixing up her grandmother's house.  Maybe that's good for her - keeps her mind off things.

 The guy came yesterday and serviced the generator.  I really hope I don't have to use it this winter but it's good to know it's there if needed.  The weather's saying we may have a little freezing rain and/or snow the next two or three days.  It was fairly nice when I went out this morning but while I was out the cold front came through.  I was prepared - put on thermals, top and bottom, jeans and sweat shirt, two pairs of socks (I wear two pairs all winter except to sleep), trapper's hat, fleece coat and gloves.  All of that felt good.  Cleaned out the water tank where the cattle loaf and filled it, fed cats and Tina and let the cattle through to go to the meadow if they want to.  They spent the night there and I was able to see all of them in the garden when they came up to eat liquid feed.  When the guy delivered the feed the other day, Penny came up to see what it was and she was looking at one of the licks and I turned it so some liquid feed would come up to show her what to do.  This morning she was really working over one of the licks.  Doesn't take long for them to learn. 

 Yesterday,I took a box of summer clothes out to the storage building and brought in my thermals and sweats and washed and put them away.  Did two loads of laundry yesterday - need to do the bedlinens today but will probably wait until tomorrow to wash them. 

 Sandra, I'm glad Ron didn't have any ill effects from what he might have swallowed.  I had to alz proof the house.  I found Charles spraying things into his mouth and tasting things he shouldn't have.  That included coins, washers, etc.  I'd find him with something like that in his mouth.   You're right, never a dull moment.

 Jo - prayers from here for the safety of your grandson and the others.  I know how you'll worry about him while he's deployed.  I don't know if I could handle that or not.  My friend, Karen, had two sons deployed  at the same time.  She handled it well.

 How proud of your granddaughter you must be.  I'm sure they do grow up really fast.  Where does the time go?  You're so right about us not thinking how great things were when we were young.  At that time we thought life would go on in that manner from now on - no thoughts of things to come.  It would have been mice if we could have known what we know now - or  maybe not.

 Thank you for the kind words about Sarah.  All of us will be so glad when the surgery is over and she's on the road to recovery.  She'll never be completely like she was before physically but if she can be without pain it will be so wonderful for her.

 I do think I may be feeling somewhat better.  I do a little bit too much and the next day I'm not so good again.  It's so odd, when you're sitting or laying down you feel like you can get up and do anything - and when you do - back comes the EBV and CMV.  I'd just like to be able to get out and work like I used to do and need to do now.  That goes for the housework, too.  I've somehow gotten into the habit, at least the last two nights, of awakening a little after 1 a.m. - no trouble going back to sleep, thank goodness.  I guess I haven't gotten used to the time change yet because I'm waking up about 5 - guess that comes from waking up at 6 all summer. 

 Are you beginning to feel better yet?  I wish you did have that magic want to wave over us and everyone else who has this "stuff".  I laughed when I read where you wrote  "Me thinks".  I used to have a supervisor who said that all the time.  I think it's cute.

 I think you're right that the change of seasons can bring changes in people's health.  I know when I worked at the VAMC we always had more patients with ulcers bleeding out in the fall.   It's the same with cattle.  When the vet was here to treat the cow's foot a while back her nose was running and I mentioned it.  He said that it was the change of weather so I guess all living things are affected. 

 I hope you get your electrical problem corrected soon.  Glad you had the extension cords handy to keep things cold.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to get another deep freeze or not.  The one that quit working is still in the same place.  If I do get another one it will be smaller - probably don't need it for one person.

 Boot straps - maybe those are the loops on each side of the top of the shaft on cowboy boots to help you pull them up.  There's also one at the back of rubber boots and on the tops of the Bogs I bought and haven't worn yet.  Hope it's not cold and snowy enough to wear them this winter. 

 It does seem strange to me that our girls in Australia are heading for summer and our winter is on the way.  At least during our winter, we can enjoy pictures of their beautiful flowers and birds.

 Barbara - How sweet and how sad at the same time that Graham knows something is wrong and he's trying his best to hold on to what he can to remember - brought tears to my eyes when I read what he was writing.   I hope the time doesn't come when he doesn't remember who you are.  I had a couple of times, very briefly, when I didn't think Charles knew me but he remembered quickly.  For the last two or three years he never said my name even when I'd prompt him (except one time he said it while he was watching TV).  I believe that he knew me and who I was.  He always called me "honey", hardly ever Dixie except when he needed my attention and he was in another room.  It hurts like the dickens when your loved one doesn't know you.  I went through that with my mother.  Charles and I would go see her and for five or ten minutes she wouldn't really know who I was - but she always knew Charles.

 About your waking up during your cataract extraction.  The same thing happened to my SIL when she had her second one.  I don't think she was ever completely asleep during either one but she knew more of what was going on during the second one and told them she didn't like that.

 Just had a call from Sarah.  She just got home.  The anesthesiologist was very concerned - her pulse was high and BP very low.  She isn't getting any nourishment - whatever goes through her tube or liquid by mouth comes back out - either through the tube or by mouth.  The doctor's going to talk with the surgeon and see if he can't do the surgery sooner.  She's also lost more weight so they gave her an IV to get a little bit of nourishment into her.  She said to tell all of you and pray that he can do the surgery sooner.  Really scares me.

 Sorry to hear the news about your doctor, Barbara.  I have a friend who lost her husband and seven months later lost her son to pancreatic cancer.  Bad diagnosis. 

 Sarah said she'd call me as soon as she hears from the doctor's office.  I'll let you all know as soon as I hear from her.  Prayers, please.  She said to thank all of you for your prayers and concern.

Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 3:05 PM
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Good afternoon.  I just came in from a walk.  The cold front is here.  It was 17 degrees when I went out, and 21 an hour later when I got back.  My fingers were the only thing that got really cold.  Guess I need my warmer gloves next time I'm out.  I had a cup of Tazo chocolate/mint tea to warm up.  All you tea lovers need to try it if you like mint and chocolate.  It is delicious.  My daughter told me about it.  

Sandy, glad your dh didn't drink anything poisonous.  I had to hide things too.  Harv was trying to eat and drink everything.  Even the remote to the tv.  I'm glad you're still painting.  My sister had her first opening at a gallery to show her paintings, journals, and quilts.  She felt so honored.  I'll post a picture of her elephant off my phone later.  I loved that piece.  She got the artistic talent in our family.  My mom and grandmother were both very artistic.  Kind of wish I had some talent, but I don't.

I used to take the trash to the curb in my pajamas until I got caught by one of our male neighbors.  Never did that again.  Haha

Lorita, I'll put Sarah on the prayer chain early, and pray for earlier surgery date.  Bless her.  She's a trooper through all of her problems.  Will she be able to eat anything after she heals?  I cant imagine not eating.  I love to eat.

I hope you get rested and can feel better soon.  Jo too.  I'll be so happy when you two post that you had a good week and were able to do whatever you wanted without getting so tired.  

I worry about son's knee too, and if he will get full range of motion after all this.  He's only 50, so maybe being younger will help.

Jo, I'll keep your grandson in my prayers too.  We had one son in the military too, but he escaped having to be in a dangerous place.  Thank the Lord.  Congrats to your granddaughter.  You must be so proud.  I hope today is a good day.

Barbara, I'm sorry Graham is declining.  Harv used to write similar notes as reminders of what my name is and that I'm his wife.  I found several tucked in his books and on his calander he wrote on.  Now I look at the calendar and it brings good memories of when he could still write.  Try to save the notes if you can.  You will cherish them later on.

We are expected to get 6-8 inches of snow later tonight through tomorrow.  It's going to have to warm up to snow.  It's only 25 now.

I've gabbed long enough.  Guess I ether get to the post office and run a couple of errands.  Take care everyone and stay warm.  Hi to all on here.  Have a great rest of your day.  Joan

Posted: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 7:59 PM
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Hi everyone,

Sandra, what a scare...glad you got rid or locked away anything Ron may drink that he shouldn't. We have to have eyes on the back of our head! Dick will pick up anything in a cup or glass and drink...even if it's not his. 

We had our bible class brunch this morning. Almost 100 of us with wonderful casseroles, fruit and desserts of all kind.  I had a little bit of veggie casserole, fruit and GF cookies (I made).  We each received a beautiful embroidered bookmark that one of the ladies made and a little bit of bling - a pretty bracelet. It's nice getting to know the gals in our group...I think there's 14 of us. Our neighbor came over, actually he let himself in as he has a key, to help Dick get ready to go out for breakfast. Dick didn't want to go this morning, but he changed his mind when the neighbor talked him into going. 

Jo, prayers go up for your grandson to stay safe. It's so hard when it's one of your own going overseas. 

Barbara, waking up during surgery is awful. I've heard of this happening where one can feel the pain but are unable to let the dr know. So sorry Graham is slipping. It's hard to watch the little things they can no longer do. Dick can no longer write his name. He tries to practice but gets so frustrated when any attemp is illegible.  

Lorita, you've been a busy gal ! I know Sarah's surgery can't happen soon enough. She has suffered for so long. I'll continue to pray for her. 

Joan, so sorry to hear about your son's knee. That pain is awful. A friend had stem cell injections in his and it relieved 80% of the pain from arthritis. Isn't it amazing what can be done today to fix what's ailing us. Yikes...6-8 inches of snow! We're supposed to get a couple of inches on Sunday night. I never got around to starting the snow blower. Maybe tomorrow.

Another busy week, but no dr appts! I have  a couple of students, have to take Lucy to the vet for shots, cleaning ladies come Friday morning, so Dick and I will go to the grocery store while they clean. So thankful I found them! A friend is stopping by afterward, so maybe we'll go out for lunch. 

It's been raining for a couple of days and I think that's why I've had a dull headache. It must be the low atmospheric pressure causing it. 

Hi to all who logged on to read. Have a nice evening.










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Hi everyone,

 It's cold here today and going to be colder the next two days with morning highs in the low teens.  I'm not ready for that yet.  The atmosphere is dry  here so probably won't get more than a few flakes of snow, I hope.

 The girls are really enjoying the liquid feed.  They were out there when I woke up this morning but before I could get dressed (takes ten minutes with all the clothes I put on) and get out there, they were on their way to the MH so had to go up there.  They've come back down for a few more licks and to lay down for a while.   Had to run ( I assure you I didn't run - drove the PU) to the mailbox to mail a few bills and letters and have been inside since. 

 I've talked with Sarah a couple of times - she hasn't heard from the doctor yet.  She called about 4:30 yesterday and talked with an assistant who told her she had to be in tip-top condition to have the surgery and if not it might be postponed.  She's trying to get in touch with the doctor today. 

 Sandy - monkey wrench thrown in by Scarlet.  Waiting for a call from Joe.  So, for now some things are on hold.  Todd has the fence panels and can't get them put up until he gets more permits if we go one way.  Stress Sarah doesn't need.

 I was busy yesterday but not much so far today.  I have moved into the LR and walked a little extra this morning to try to get my energy built up a little bit. 

 Quiet day here - always seems that way before we get bad weather.  I dread the cold, north wind.  So glad I got the barn ready last week. 

 Better go and see what I can or can't get done.  Really need to call my cousin - yesterday I got a tickle in my throat and couldn't talk to her very long.  Susie and Stormy are asleep on the divan and Sheena is watching me type.

 Be back later.

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picture of the elephant
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 Joan, the elephant is beautiful!   What is it made of or is it painted?   I wish I had some kind of talent, too, but I don't.

 You asked if Sarah would be able to eat after the surgery.  The doctor says no more food.  She hasn't been able to eat for over a year except a cracker once in a while or a taste of something.  She says she doesn't get hungry except when she smells Mexican food.  I can't imagine not eating either - I know it must be hard.  Now she can hardly even drink tea or coffee or water.   She is a trooper but don't know how much longer she can go on like this.

 Just had a call from Carol.  She finally got to talk with Karen.  Still in the hospital and on lots of IVs.  She has some kind of drug resistant infection so she'll be there a few days more.  I won't call today - did three times yesterday but no answer - probably sleeping.  Karen told Carol that it's snowing in KC.  Hope it stays there.

 I need to call Sarah to see if she's talked with the doctor yet.  I just can not imagine them not calling her back and letting her worry.  





Posted: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 11:31 PM
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Looks like there's quite a lot of snow up north.  Hope it stays away an least for now.  

Just watched the best show on the Smithsonian channel about polar bears.  Even Stormy went over to the TV to watch- maybe he thought they were relatives.

Sleep well!

Posted: Thursday, December 8, 2016 10:31 AM
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Good morning, dear friends.  Have been reading along but I just don't seem to be able to post.  It's hard for me to type out my thoughts.

I have been so down and yet I do know that I'm not alone.  The tears I couldn't find for seven years have come in buckets.  I feel sentimental listening to Christmas music which gives way to sadness.  The jewelry commercials are the worst-"one diamond for your best friend, one for the love of your life".  I know he won't ever buy me another gift, let alone something like that. The thing that got to me most is that he dozes all the time, taking little notice of me and not making conversation, but when my son called and he heard his voice he perked up and had an animated conversation.  I feel like chopped liver!  My kids are busy or emotionally unavailable.  They are all coming for Christmas- it will be a few days of absolute chaos and then too, too quiet.  But I'm trying to put on a happy face And do some cleaning and decorating.

I need to call the health department to see about getting some help to bathe him.  I have been trying to wash him in the shower.  He doesn't understand directions and I end up wet and frustrated.  I suppose I could get in with him, but I don't really want to get undressed hours after my shower and get wet again.  Suggestions?  I am also starting to feel uneasy about leaving him in the morning when he is sleeping but I would have to pay someone out of pocket to come. 

The weather here is bitter, -17 when I got up. We had about 1 1/2 " of snow.  I have a shoulder injury of some sort.  Going to the doctor today.  They called a while ago and asked me to run over and get an x-ray this morning.  They had days to ask me to do this - aggravating!  Have a good day and,as my dad would have said, smile, dammit!  Sherry 

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