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Beyond a doubt.(1)
Jim Broede
Posted: Friday, February 17, 2017 9:56 AM
Joined: 12/22/2011
Posts: 4714

Call me. More an introvert than an extrovert. I turn my thoughts more inward than outward. Don’t know if that’s a good trait. Or bad. Probably doesn’t matter. It is what it is. Doesn’t matter whether one has blue eyes or brown eyes.  Or whether one is right-handed or left-handed. Anyway, I’m inclined to believe. That it’s better to be an introvert.  Because I want to connect to my spirit. And I have the notion that the spirit is the interior portion of my being. Can’t prove it. Yes, there’s so much that I can’t prove. Beyond a doubt. Instead, I speculate. Take educated guesses. And mostly attempt to believe what I want to believe. Might as well.  Sure beats not believing anything. Used to be that I was a thoroughly Doubting Jim. Even doubted my own existence.  Wasn’t until I started to fall in love. With someone. Or something. That’s when I finally believed in something. Beyond a doubt. --Jim


Posted: Friday, February 17, 2017 1:30 PM
Joined: 8/6/2015
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I can't resist.  I am an extrovert, brown eyes and right handed.  My Spirit is absolutely in line with me. Wow, I get in the grocery line and am told many times to help someone pay for their groceries or pray for them.  I love it. 

However, I struggled this am as my 20 year old, who just finished his first  week working in a year or so,just texted to tell me the spare little plastic thing he has been driving on, finally busted...7 months, I think that must be a record for a plastic spare.  He did say he had a ride to work, but he needed a tire for sure now.    I just sent him a thumbs up reply.  I know he is shocked.  But since he doesn't like my advice, I am not offering to help...  boy, is it hard.      Maybe because I am older? I did question adoption at 45!    too late. 

Today I am deciding to have a great day. I painted my toenails red!  First time for me as I have always been a 'picker'.  Now I have long toenails and fingernails.  I have finally grown up at 66.  Must be my new circulation.   Hubby was laughing at my toes today... he was glad I didn't paint his!

Since  I have attention problems my thoughts are all over the place... I suppose this is a good example of that. 

Have a great day Jim.

Posted: Friday, February 17, 2017 2:28 PM
Joined: 1/23/2017
Posts: 914

Ahhhh, Jim and Sharon. You are insidious . There I was in the shower mulling over an area of thought that has bugged me for a long time, and I had decided to frame it in a new topic. Now you two post this stuff, and it's me who can't resist.

The thing I was thinking was the number of times in our lives when the correct action is decided by analog thinking. The gray area. And then, how many decisions are quantifiable . Something either is or it is not. Below 5, bad. Over 5,ok. But what if the number is just 5 ? I looked outside this morning and the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Good day for a walk in a T-shirt. Go out, and brrrrrrr.. The wind is blowing and the temperature is cold. Bad day for a walk with just a T-shirt.

But how cold is too cold ? When is my coffee too strong ?

I was on a jury once, and there was one guy who kept wanting us to look at  the " preponderance of evidence. " Sounds good, except that there was very little real evidence.

Now I see that once again, I have gone off my topic. Maybe I never was topic. I never know with me, which is why I think that Musings is the best venue for my thoughts.

With poetry and song, I can usually keep on target. In most other things, my target gets lost in my meanderings.

Well... At least I can say I am left handed. For most things. For guitar I am right handed. I also can say with assurance that my eyes are some color, but I never can remember. I really can't say what color eyes any of my friends have.

I think I'll go work on my poems. Play a little guitar. Maybe sing.

Above 5 : Extrovert.

Below 5 : Introvert

Me : 5

 Did I pass the test ?


Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2017 9:41 AM
Joined: 5/21/2016
Posts: 1695

Hi, you roped me in too! I am naturally an extrovert, forced into introvert type activities due to caregiving responsibilities. I am right handed with green sparkly curious eyes. My spirit is okay though at times a tiny bit overwhelmed with having to take on so much to do. I do respect all that the *quiet ones* the introverts have to offer, and so somehow introverts clump around me. 

I'm big on musing being one who wrote constantly unremittingly unstoppably since reading Anne Frank's diary when a pre-teen. I love words and turns of phrases and writing which transports.

Have a great day, Jim, Sharon, chrisp1653 and the other forty or so people reading this so far.

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