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ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION: Tips for Covid-19 & Residential Care Communities
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Posted: Friday, March 27, 2020 7:55 AM
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COVID-19 Tips when someone living with dementia resides in a residential care community

Many families are navigating uncharted waters as they are restricted from visiting family members in long-term-care facilities. While it may be easy for family members to understand that precautions are necessary, it can be painful to be cut off from family members who may not understand the restrictions. 


The CDC has provided guidance to facilities on infection control and prevention of COVID-19 in nursing homes. This guidance is for the health and safety of residents. Precautions may vary based on local situations. For more information, visit CDC guidance to healthcare facilities

  • Check with the care provider regarding their procedures for managing COVID-19 risk. Ensure they have your emergency contact information and the information of another family member or friend as a backup.  

  • Do not visit your family member if you have any signs or symptoms of illness.  

  • Depending on the situation in your local area, facilities may limit or not allow visitors. This is to protect the residents but it can be difficult if you are unable to see your family member.  

  • If visitation is not allowed, ask the care provider how you can have contact with your family member. Options include telephone calls, video chats or even emails to check in.  

  • If your family member is unable to engage in calls or video chats, ask the care provider how you can keep in touch with  care provider staff in order to get updates. 

Remember that additional support is only a call or click away through our 24/7 Helpline at 800-272-3900 and this community.

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