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Activities at Home
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Posted: Wednesday, April 8, 2020 11:44 AM
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Activities at Home:

Purposeful activity preserves our sense of usefulness and self esteem. Healthy activity provides structure to our days and increases a sense of accomplishment and dignity. It can increase our feelings of connection, togetherness and contentment and decrease our agitation and restlessness. Since we may all be feeling a little cabin fever, now seems like a great time to talk about in-home activities.  Activities that work are safe and play to strengths and preferences. These vary widely so here are some ideas to try--or serve as a springboard to even better ideas:

  • Personal care: Bathing, shaving, dressing, washing and styling hair, a hand massage with scented lotion, a manicure or pedicure

  • Housekeeping: Dusting, sweeping, wiping down counters, laundry

  • Mealtime: Preparing food, cooking, eating together, doing dishes

  • Creative pursuits: Painting, drawing, coloring, playing an instrument, listening to music, watching an online or televised concert. 

  • Physical: Taking a walk in the backyard, playing catch or frisbee, doing stretches or yoga poses, using the bottom stair and a couple cans from the pantry for a step and hand-weight routine.

  • Social: Coffee or tea with a family member, phone or video chats with friends and family, playing cards or board games, looking at family photo albums or home videos.  

  • Spiritual: Prayer and meditation, singing a hymn or listening to faith-based music or readings, watching a religious service online.  

What are your favorite activities?

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