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Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2021 9:08 AM
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     When I wrote about my wife's visitor at the end of her life, I started to wonder about the length of a lifespan. How is there a final end if someone already deceased comes for us at our time of dying?

     Is Death just the end of one leg of our journey?

     Is our loved one merely one step ahead, and their visit an invitation to rejoin them at the next location?




And when the years become the months…

The months will then become the days…

And when the days become the hours…

The hours will then become the minutes…

And when the minutes become the seconds…

The seconds will finally reach the end.

Like an hour glass who’s drained of sand

Time will claim yet another lifespan.


But does the journey end at the bottom of the glass?

A loved one leaves, yet there are signs

That suggest something unseen survives.

A vision smiling from the corner of the eye

A cheek caressed as a warm breeze has passed

A voice that echoes from a memory

A romantic visit disguised as a dream…

Is the hourglass one stop for a lifespan?


Does the journey continue along a stream,

Not of water but of immortal energy?

As this trip within the hourglass winds down

Like a clock that can’t be rewound,

Is that vision smiling from the corner of the eye

Telling me not to fear the hourglass,

That the visits disguised as a dream

Are an invitation to rejoin her in the stream?


Posted: Saturday, April 3, 2021 6:56 PM
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I know what I hope for those I care for.  

Lots to consider.  I won't know for certain until it is my turn.


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