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Just need to talk to my friends (155)
Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 4:21 AM
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Good morning

Lorita have a Honda CRV.  It has been a very good car.  Everything was ok, just routine maintenance needed.  Always get new wiper blades.  So didn’t cost me too much.

Ron when my dad was living he always had a car and a truck.  My mom doesn’t drive and so always had a vehicle available.  Thought about getting a second car when he died, my BIL suggested it would be cheaper just to rent a car if I needed one for some reason.  So that is the route I have taken.  That has been at least 19 years ago and have not had to rent one yet.  So definitely glad I went with that option.

They are giving rain the next few days and then much cooler weather.  We need rain badly.  Hopefully we will be provided with some.

Got a little more of garden cleaned up.  Still a bit left to do.  Few leaves starting to fall.

Lorita know the cattle are company for you.  Understand why it is hard to let go of them.  Mike would probably leave them there, so they could become like your  grandchildren.  You could enjoy them and then go home and leave the responsibility to Mike.

Will clean up some more in garden if doesn’t rain, otherwise guess I will take it easy.

Ron was hoping you would continue to get good sleep.  Sleep is good for us.  

Take care everyone


Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 2:30 PM
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Good afternoon Friends!

Sara, hope you are getting or going to get rain. We got close to 1/2" yesterday. Grateful (but we could use more). It's cooler today, in the 50s this a.m. and now 72. Sunny, and a very lovely day. 

My sister and her husband are getting ready to move to another state. They are downsizing as well. We met for lunch in a Mexican restaurant. We had a good meal and good conversation. I will miss her! I won't see her again for a long time.   Given she is downsizing, she gave me Grandma's mantle clock. Ron opened the back of it, deciding to try to get it going. He got it going but not with accuracy. There was a handwritten note in the clock indicating that it was purchased by my great-great grandparents in 1868! Wow! It is a beautiful clock. I remember it sitting on Grandma's mantle. I will try to take a photo of it soon and post it.

Lorita, you are such a hard worker. But it is ok to slow down, if that will give you more peace and make life easier. I cannot imagine lifting all the feed, etc that you do. Do you feed your girls the hay that Byron cuts in your meadow - or do you sell the hay?  Hope you can get the issues taken care of with the computer and the A/C. Seems like there is always "something," always something to deal with. 

Zetta, Ron, Judith, Nicole - thinking of you all and hoping things are going ok. I know you are busy and I know some of you have health issues. 

Sara, I found the following from USA Today about the J&J vaccine. Good news!

Johnson & Johnson released new data Tuesday showing a booster dose of its vaccine given two months after the one-shot vaccine provides 94% protection against moderate-to-severe COVID-19 symptoms.

J&J, citing three studies of the vaccine, said the booster shot offers 100% protection against severe or critical symptoms, the company said in a statement. A booster dose given six months after the single shot provides even more protection, the company said. The results are in line with data from studies of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Goodbye for today. Happy Autumn!  Beth

Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 2:42 PM
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 Ron, sorry you worked too hard and almost got sick.  The thing for you to do is REST today - all you can.  I know what you mean about hating that we're not able to do the things we used to do when we were younger.  I can tell the difference in just a year.  I think part of my problem is my feet - Morton's Neuroma - which bothers my balance.

 Glad you like your car, Sara.  We've never had that kind - we did have a Toyota PU once and once only.  We've had different kinds of cars and PUs and our favorite PU is a Dodge RAM - we've had two 3/4 ton ones.  Not the easiest riding ones but powerful.  We had a new Silverado years ago and it was just like riding in a car.  We've always had two vehicles since we moved to the farm - just about have to out here, especially when both work and different shifts.  We've always said that even if you have four vehicles, the time will come when none of them work.

 Don't work too hard in the garden, Sara - there's plenty of time to get it all done. 

Our weather today is beautiful - it's 74 right now with a north wind.  It was 66 this morning - almost needed long sleeves.  We didn't get any rain though and we really need some.  We had green grass in the yard until Bryon mowed, now it looks like it's all dirt - and so dusty.  Parts of far NE Okla. had 2" of rain last night.

 Got some business taken care of this morning.  Called Ricky to see when he could mow.  It's so dry that I'm getting concerned about fire - there's tall weeds in the garden just south of the house so I want them gone.  He said he finished baling hay yesterday (baled 7,000 bales this year) and they were hooking up brush hogs today.  He'll come tomorrow and mow.  I won't get everything mowed, just the garden and south of there where the hayrings are and in front of the house - two hours worth at least.  I told him I'd keep the girls in the NE pasture out of his way.  I closed gates this morning after they went in and opened the north lot gate so that's taken care of.  I'll be so glad to get that done.  Maybe next spring we'll be able to spray.

 Decided since I felt better today, I'd make pancakes (we've always called them hotcakes).  So, made a double recipe of buttermilk pancakes.  First time I can remember making them since Charles has been gone.  I used to always make them on Sunday mornings.  When we had so many  Queensland Heelers and poodles I'd triple the recipe and after Charles and I had some I'd break up the others and put some syrup on them for the dogs.  They loved them.  Stormy and Sheena had never had them but after the first bite they were hooked.  I froze the rest of them to have for breakfast later on.

 FedEx just delivered the things I ordered Sunday night.  The young man who has been delivering the last couple of years has been moved to another route and will only deliver here when the girl is off.  She's a little slip of a thing and she said she has to load her own truck and then take the boxes to the houses.  We had four boxes and she didn't have a dolly so she used ours.  I hate for her to have to handle those big Chewy boxes but maybe the dolly will help.

 Sara - I need new windshield wipes on both the car and PU so I'll get that done when I have the car serviced later this fall.

 Ron, I'm thinking about taking a nap.  Maybe you can talk Lou into taking one so you can get some rest.  Would be really good if you could make that a habit with her - only takes a couple of times to get the habit made.

 The hotcakes were so good - did I mention I had to have a shortstack?  That's what I always ordered when we ate breakfast in a restaurant.  I like room temp. syrup so always had to tell them that or I'd get warm syrup. Stormy and Sheena liked them with syrup and butter. 

 Made pumpkin-spice muffins yesterday and froze those so I'm set for breakfast for quite a while.  Hate to have to get up and fix something to eat.  I need to go through the two refrigerator freezers and take out things that don't need to be in there so I'll have room in one for things from two when they redo the floor.

 Hope all of you are well today.  Judith, do hope the kidney stone isn't giving you a lot of pain.  Still drinking that water? 

 Jo, hope you're continuing to improve day by day - just takes a long time to get over things.  Sounds like you went through quite an ordeal.  When do the avocados get ripe?

 Are all of you planning on getting the booster shot when it's available?  I heard this morning it might be available by Friday.  If so, I'll get mine next week if our health department has them.  Won't get my flu shot until mid to late October though.

 I just ordered Windows 10 for senior dummies.  Maybe I'll understand that.  I did use the one for Windows 7 quite a lot. 

 I turned off the air conditioner and opened the north windows this morning.  Feels so good for it to be cool.  It was 99 in Tulsa yesterday and the heat index here at 8 p.m. was 95.  We have double windows in the dining room and I have thermal drapes on all the dining and LR windows so when Stormy hears something he goes to the dining room window and pulls back the drapes and looks out and barks.  You wouldn't believe how dirty those windows were this morning - really hard to clean because there was some kind of film (from his nose probably) on the window.  I need to wash all of the windows but that's for another day - or year.  No one sees them except me when I pull back the drapes so guess it's all right.

 Zetta - hope you're having a restful day.  Just watched about three hours of Gunsmoke - now I'm on to The Waltons.  I know Sammy and Molly are keeping you company - hope they're still getting along. 

 Joan - hope you're all right.  I bet your weather is really getting cool now.  Don't you love fall?  A lot of our leaves are turning brown and falling off - the front yard is full of Southern Magnolia leaves.  The Royal Empress trees are full of buds and some blossoms are falling off as they bloom (only last one day) and smell so good.  I saw golden rod blooming down by the mailbox a few days ago - so guess Fall is almost here.  I imagine the trees in your area are beautiful.  We went to Albuquerque one October and the trees were gorgeous on the way down from Taos - forget the name of them but the leaves were yellow mixed in with pine trees.  Just remembered - Aspen.

 Fall is my favorite time of year but it also makes me sad - guess because things are either dying or going to sleep for the wintertime.  Guess another reason is because we always took a trip in October (made use of a three day weekend with some time off).  Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a beautiful, small town when the leaves have turned.

 I'd better stop - just taking advantage of opening and using the laptop.  Always afraid it'll come apart when I open it.  Maybe, Judith, I'll open the new laptop box and see what it looks like.  I know it's an HP 17" like the one I have and have had since 2009 - just hate to have to learn something new.  The tech guys promised it would only take a few minutes to change things over.  Didn't you tell me they can make Windows 10 look like Windows 7?

 Okay, that's enough.  Ellen, hope you're well.

 I googled my name last night and was amazed at all the information it showed - birth day and age, religion, political party and phone number - also other names I could go by and other people at this address or that I'm connected with - only one other family in this area with my last name so they listed them.  Try it and see what it shows for you all.

 See you later.


Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 3:26 PM
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Lorita....good. Open the box and make friends with your new computer. I turned to google/drive and search when I lost some stuff in windows 7. I installed the same on my windows 10 and it looks and works the same. 

I think it is important to think through how  you want your new computer to function. Then it can be configured. You probably used internet explorer. I think it may have been replaced by Edge.

Dick's closet is now empty! Now that does not mean that the clothes are gone. I got a clothes rack from the Container store to hang his stuff. I already have my things from another closet hanging on anothe rack. Now I can put my summer stuff in one closet...winter in another. I will end up with some racks but they fold down to nothing and family can borrow. My mother always had a rack she used for getting ready for a trip.

The jackpot was a Winchester 1890 rifle in two pieces at the back of Dic's closet,  My grandson was beseide himself.....he knew that there was a gun somewhere. A little dissapointed...he thought the Uzi Dick kept under h is bed in Laos was in the house.

Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 4:07 AM
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Good morning

Beth know it makes you a little sad your sister is moving.   Would enjoy seeing a picture of the mantle clock.  My grandparents just had the things they needed to survive.  Do have a big churn that was one of theirs.  It was one of the things that helped them survive.  They churned and they made kraut in them.  My one grandmother sold things she preserved to make a little extra money.

They gave quite a bit of rain during night and today.  Have not looked to see if we got any during night.  Just looked at radar and to me it looks like what we have had a lot of lately.  Rain runs on either side of us but we don’t get much.  We shall see.

Thank you Beth for the info on J&J.  Looked it up and happy to see the info.  All those different numbers get a little confusing.  Just know Shane Crotty who I feel is knowledgeable said several weeks back that J&J needs a boost.  Think he feels Moderna and Pfizer are still ok at the present time.  Guess it is about time to get the flu vaccine too.  Will try to get that done in October sometime.

Lorita glad you felt like cooking yesterday.  

Lol I googled my name.  Very little showed up.  Part of it was accurate and part wasn’t.  Had my age as 85.  Had a inaccurate family member, and my mom and one sister listed.

Ate the last of my apple butter today.  Just about time to make some more.

Hope each one of you have a peaceful day


Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 6:55 AM
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Good morning from Louisiana! Cant believe it's 58 right now and high for today will be in the low 80s. Enjoy it while I can!

Last night I decided to just leave the house like it is for our company! This morning I got up at 3:30 and haven't stopped, still need to vacuum and wash guest sheets. I believe I'll wait until early afternoon on the bedding and have my brother help make the beds. I dread the hardest part of the day and that's giving Lou a bath. She hates getting in the water and I usually just sponge bath her but I need to wash her hair and get her squeaky clean. I've been using that foam on her hair and it works pretty good but still not as good as a good old head scrubbing. 

Tired already but after company arrives I dont plan on doing anything. 


Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 11:43 AM
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Enjoy the cooler temps, Ron and Sara. Cooler here today too. It was 47 this a.m. and will get up to 78. A good day to work outside, which I did. 

I took a picture of my great-great grandparents' mantle clock, purchased in 1868. I always remember it sitting on my Grandma's mantle. That makes it special. It's not working properly, it does work to some extent. My husband opened it up and messed with it after viewing Youtube videos. Inside it says, "Warranted Good" and "Seth Thomas." It is so pretty, even non-working. And we probably don't want it ticking in our living room because we already have a grandfather clock ticking in there.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 12:08 PM
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BethL, your great-great-grandparents' clock is beautiful!  You are so very lucky to have it.

Weather here in Virginia is cooler as well.  Expecting rain showers most of the day.

Finished my afghan for one great grandson (Marshal the Fire Dog on Paw Patrol cartoons) and am starting the next which is CoCoMelon....such  

Hope everyone has a day full of joy!

Marie who loves kitties

Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 1:26 PM
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Beth...thek clock is wonderful...such beautiful wood

Jo.....shoe source

The tour today wennergyt well. It always gives me energy!

Rescue mom
Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 3:02 PM
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That clock is beautiful! That plus the family connection is priceless.

Not much happening here, but a question for the cat owners (I’m very new and inexperienced). Are cats bothered or scared by thunderstorms? I know a lot of dogs are (one of mine was until he became deaf), but cats?

We had a really big bad and very close thunderstorm yesterday, and the cat seemed very agitated or nervous by it. We have storms almost daily this time of year, brief power outages etc.,  but this one was more electricity and right over us, than most. They do not bother me, so kitty wasn’t “reacting” to my reaction. Nor is the dog bothered by them. But kitty seemed definitely distressed. Not running around freaking out, but…distressed. Somehow I thought cats would not be bothered by that.

I got my flu shot yesterday as usual, and my arm is sore and very tender today. Not sick, just muscle sore. I do not remember that happening before, but I think it has a LOT to do with the person who gives it or how well it is given. No big deal.

Anyway, I had to wait about 20 minutes, and while I was there, there was a constant, nonstop stream of people wanting the vaccine booster. The workers refused, politely, saying you had to have another major  condition, like cancer treatment or transplanted organ. Big stuff. They kept telling people will would be “a few weeks, nobody knows” before it’s generally available, and even then, over 65 first. 

I just thought it was interesting that so many people wanted it, and the store stuck  to the rules. I’d imagined they’d hand it (booster) out pretty freely if people asked and said “oh sure I’ve got cancer” wink nod,  But it wasn’t like that, at least in my little moment. But the workers said they’re swamped with booster requests. Meanwhile, I was the only person who got a flu shot….

I also had a doctors appointment about my recent labs. But when I got there, no lab results. It’s been 11 days since they were done, and the analysis usually takes 5 days. The lab told the doctor (I was there) they are running behind because of so much demand. Like everything else now, I guess. Be nice if they checked whether labs are in yet before you go to hear them, but I know the docs don’t work that way. (Cue another sigh). At least I picked up some of the worlds best gumbo on the way home! And it’s cloudy outside, so I can pretend it’s cooler.

Continued wishes for Jo’s healing. Glad Judith is doing ok with hers.

Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 4:32 PM
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Hi all,

Uncle's oncologist requested a full body bone scan and a CT with contrast. Of course he won't drink the contrast, nasty stuff!!!

Hopefully he will be able to tolerate the bone scan. If he can't I'm done trying to make him have tests. It won't matter if the prostate cancer has spread, we are not having any chemo or radiation treatments.

I've told my cousin he will then be placed on hospice at home. It's too much to get him to appointments, plus he's incontinate. 

I've asked home health about a hospital bed, still waiting for this to be approved. 

Uncle needs work on his teeth. The oral surgeon needs clearance from his primary Dr and his cardiologist. Of course he has to go in and been seen at the office. Then he will have to have anesthesia to pull 3 teeth (can make the dementia worse) then a month later he needs to have 2 visits for deep cleaning.

So much going on.


Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2021 4:02 AM
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Good morning

Lorita hope a computer issue is what kept us from hearing from you yesterday.

Rescue mom don’t have any experience with cats.  A lot of people on here do, so someone will probably come along with an answer.  

The clock is very nice Beth.

Marie your grandkids will enjoy those afghans.  Use to crochet and knit them but haven’t in a long time.  Found it relaxing when I did it.

Nicole sorry you and your uncle having such a rough time.

We got 3 inches of rain yesterday.  It was just a nice rain all day long.  We really needed that, thankful for it.

Hope each one of you have a nice day, take care

Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2021 8:39 AM
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Just a very busy morning. Laid down for n30 minutes that turned into a 21/2 hr. nap. Then had to catch up. By then maintenance had begun. I'm fine. Just came in from feeding Tom and Jerry and checking the girls.  It's cool, wore a light fleece jacket that felt good..

Ricky mowed and it looks so good.   Really need rain. Happy for your 3" ,Sara. Need to call Ray about buying 60 small bales of hay. He just baled south of us.

Back later

Iris L.
Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2021 6:10 PM
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It's 4 pm, I've been waiting for the plumber since 8:30 am--he told me he got called on another call and forgot about me.  This is the plumber recommended by my HOA.  He wants to come tomorrow morning.  My brother's plane will arrive tomorrow at noon, so I won't have a lot of spare time.  I am very frustrated!  The leak is dripping a lot and I have to keep emptying the bucket.  Deep breaths! 

I could not log on today after the monthly website maintainance.  I had to call tech support and they helped me.


I probably won't be able to post much while my brother is here.  


Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2021 6:52 PM
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 Hello cobbers, from down under.

Sorry not to have written for a while but I have been quite busy. My book is published here, and from next week should be available as an ebook on Kindle. I will let you know when that happens. Because I paid for the publisher to do most of the work, I am responsible for selling it, so am busy promoting it in all the ways I can think of, both face to face with friends, and also with contacts on the internet. Because it is a history of my childhood, it’s mostly interesting to the older generation who share some of the memories. I will have to keep promoting it for quite some time — months or even years. Phew.

 DH continues to deteriorate, he had 2 falls during the last few days. So far no broken bones, but has a cut on his face. When I visit he is either very sleepy, or in the toilet. I have stopped trying to get him to the toilet myself, after he almost fell while I was doing it. The carers are younger and stronger than me, so I will leave it to them. He knows me, says he loves me, but has very little other memories. But still loves his food, is starting to lose weight. As we all know to expect, but still not easy to see. Next month, it will be 5 years since he went into residential care – almost a lifetime, it seems.

  Covid is still causing problems here. My state is doing quite well, but 2 of our neighbours have serious spreads. Our governments regularly close the borders between the states, and check people as being vaccinated and uninfected before they are allowed to cross the border. Keeps us safe, but causes anger. When there is an infection, we go into lockdown, must stay home except for food shopping and visiting a medical appointment. And always wear a mask in public. Some businesses are closed own as well. There are protests in Melbourne today because the building industry has been shut down. But it seems that most of the protesters are really anti-vaxers, or anti lock-down, or just young men with too much male hormone, looking for an excuse to get into a punch-up with police. Idiots.

Hope to visit more often in future.. Barbara



Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2021 7:52 PM
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 Iris, sorry about your frustration with the plumber.  Seems we plan things to be done when it's best but there always seems to be a foul-up.  I hate waiting for a repairman to come.  They give such a long time span and you have to be there - just in case they show up and sometimes they don't, as in your case.   Hope he gets there early in the morning so you can pick up your brother on time.   Hate dripping faucets.  There's something going on with my kitchen drain, too.  It leaks a bit, under the sink, when too  much water goes down too fast.  I don't want anyone in the house so I'm coping with it - not hard, just another thing to contend with.

 Barbara, sorry for the decline.  It's hard even though we expect it but when the time comes we're just not ready. 

 Seems like the virus is everywhere and not getting much better. Sounds like your Country is doing the right thing.  For so long everything was really good down there, wasn't it?   Our State is having close to 2,000 new cases every day.  They're still having ballgames and festivals with very few people wearing masks.  How do they expect us to get through this without everyone doing the right thing.   They've okayed the booster for people who have had the Pfizer vaccine - at least for people with autoimmune problems and people over 65 but not for people like nurses and teachers. Don't understand that.  For people over 65 you can get the booster six months after your second shot.  I got mine on March 30 so will try to get the booster the end of next week or the next.  Still don't want to get the flu shot at the same time but will get it for sure.

 Beth, the picture of the clock is beautiful.  What wonderful memories you have of that clock and the people who owned it.  Something to treasure for sure.  I have my grandma's clock that she purchased probably shortly after she got married.  She was born in 1876 so it's pretty old, too - not as ornate as yours for sure but I treasure it just the same.  Where would we be without memories.

 Beth, glad your weather is cooler and that you may be getting some rain.  Wish we could - it's so dry here and the drought is closing in.  We've had more rain than most in the little area where I live but it's very dry.  

 How nice that you're  making those beautiful afghans.  I'm sure they'll enjoy them.  I never learned how to knit or crochet.  My MIL crocheted and was going to teach me but we were never together enough for that.  I really don't have the patience to do something like that now so guess it worked out all right.

 Judith, glad the tour went well.  Were there many people?   Still haven't opened the "box" and gotten acquainted.  After I type this I'm going to leave the laptop open on my desk in another room so the cats won't get on it.  I think it'll be all right for a while if I do that - just still a bit too much going on right now. 

 Have been able to mark a few things off my to-do list.  Ricky came and mowed and things look so nice - wish I could have the whole place brushhogged but it's not worth the money - frost will get the weeds in a few weeks.  He mowed the MH yard and all around the fences in the east pasture - along the road.  Glad he did that.  He mowed the garden and south from there where the weeds were so bad and around the hayrings.  The girls happened to be in the barn so I closed the gate and showed him where I wanted him to mow around the barn and north and east of it so it looks better, too.  That's where I feed in the winter - north of the barn.  He also mowed some north of the house where there's some hay.  The guy who bales can't mow there because of the type of mower he uses.  I drove down the mailbox late yesterday and the driveway looks so good - he mowed on both sides of the road and around the hay that's still down there.   Like I said before, looks like someone lives here now.

 Called Ray this morning to see if he's selling hay - he is.  So, he'll bring some small bales when he gets time - no hurry.  Hopefully, next month I can have the rest of the barn cleaned out and a new gate to the pen made and doors for the cowshed and a couple of shutters repaired.  I won't close the barn until late October or sometime in November.

 Nicole, sounds like you have your hands taking care of your uncle and his doctor's appointments.  Dental appointments are hard for dementia patients.  I can remember taking Charles for a couple - really hard to make them understand what the dentist wants them to do.  Good luck with the CT Scan - another hard thing.  Hope your weather's cooling some, too.

 Ron, glad you decided to not keep doing housework - but I know you were laying there thinking of what you wanted/needed to do so got up and got it done.  I'm the same way.  Glad your weather is cooler, too.  When is your birthday?  If I missed it, sorry - but Happy Birthday.

 It's a beautiful, late summer evening - very still and not too hot - it's 77 right now.  I'm already in my gown and have on a CuddleDud's light-weight sweater.  I've been wearing it off and on the last couple of days.  Tomorrow it begins to warm up again and will be close to 90.  We've had way over 100 over 80 degree days this summer but only about six in Tulsa.  I'm tired of summer and wish we'd have a long autumn but that doesn't happen very often.  Guess now I can start dreading winter.  Never satisfied for long at a time.

 Sara, I laughed when you said Mr. Google said you were 85.  I've often wondered where they get all this information.  They had my age and DOB right but had other people living here besides me - only one other family with my last name in this area so they were all living here, according to him.

 Rescue Mom - none of our cats have ever been afraid of thunderstorms that I noticed.  Stormy isn't afraid of thunder either but Sheena is (those are the Great Pyrenees).  Sheena can hear thunder before I do and she'll come and lay beside my feet - even at night she'll come and lay next to the bed.  I talk to her and tell her it's just potato wagons rolling but she's still on alert. 

 Glad the people were doing what they were supposed to about the booster shots.  I think this will be an annual thing for us just like the flu shots - but that's all right if it keeps us and others from being sick.

 I'm watching QVC as I type this and they're showing a Joan River's shirt that buttons up a little way in the back, as well as the front.  I have one that buttons that way and just love it - I unbutton one button in the back - the shirt is pretty long.  They're having clearance but everything seems to be gone in my size before I get the call made.  That's probably good though. 

 Cleaned the range today - how in the world does it get so dirty - I have a mirror behind it that looks like a window and my goodness, couldn't see out of it - almost.  Put a lot of the spatulas, whisks, etc. back in the pantry and changed containers for them on the stove just leaving what I use most often.  So, of course, the next thing I need will be in the pantry in the other container.  I use mostly spurtles to stir with - mine are wood and I really like them.

Marie - I know you've posted since I have but I can't get back to your last post.  Hope you're doing well.  How many cats did you say you have?  Seems like I don't sit down without at least one either being on my lap or beside me.  Sammy's beside me right now and Kitt is laying on the hassock in front of me.  The other night I was in the recliner and three of them were in it with me.  Good thing I love cats.  Tom and Jerry are the black and white outside cats.  I've fed and watered them every morning for three or four years, at least, and they still recoil when I try to pet them.  Sometimes when they're eating they'll let me touch their back without recoiling. 

 Guess I'd better stop and try to proofread this.  Hope all of you have had a good Thursday and will have an even better Friday - cool weather for those of us who have had hot weather and lots of rain for everyone who needs it. 

 See you tomorrow.  Sleep well.

Posted: Friday, September 24, 2021 2:13 AM
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Hello friends

As I warned, my ebook is now available on Amazon Kindle. It's called The Redgens of Redford, with Redgen being my family name, and Redford the name of the farm. Has stories of farming in Australia in the 1950s, and photos of me and the rest of the family back then. Author name Barbara Randell.

Price is about $6 Australian, and should be much less in US $$.

Would love to hear what you think of it!




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Good morning

Barbara congratulations on your book.  

Iris is there a valve you can use to shut off the water to whatever is dripping when you are not using it?  Hope you and your brother have a nice visit.

Lorita your sink leak sounds like the one I had.  Dealt with it for a year due to pandemic.  Got it fixed this spring, the seals needed replaced.  You are vaccinated, you have a KF94 mask, it is still nice enough to have your windows open.   Think this would be a good time to get your sink fixed.  

Lorita we may not need a booster every year.  We will just have to wait and see as research evolves.   If I understand the virologist and immunologist correctly, with the current flu shots our immune system does not develop long term memory so why it is only effective for a period of time.  With Covid it appears our immune system is developing long term memory so time will tell but we may not have to get a yearly booster.  May just need one ever so many years or possibly never.  We will just have to wait and see, we can hope.

Didn’t do much of anything yesterday.  Was a cold wet day.  Think it is suppose to be a little warmer today and sun is suppose to shine.  Maybe by this afternoon will be dry enough to clean up some more of the plants.

Hope each one has a peaceful day, take care

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Another beautiful morning but we'll be in the 90s again soon.

Opened the WM boxes and wiped down things. Waited til the dried and brought them in.

Congratulations on your book, - sounds like my kind  of book.  It is on my Amazon Fire tablet kindle but I've never used Kindle so not sure how to do it.

Sara, hope you get some yard work done today.  So happy for your rain.  Still not ready to have a repairman in the house ., soon maybe


Back later.

Jo C.
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Lorita - took a long time to be able to get on this Thread, and then took a very long time to be able to get into a "reply."   Wonder if the update has affected number of pages being able to be easily used.

 The clock is really beautiful, Beth, and so unique; what a treasure.   It must be wonderful having that bit of family history in your home.

 Dear Ron.   Too much!  I used to run myself ragged when company came - all beds made up fresh, (seven of them), house cleaned to the nth degree and bathrooms fluffed and powdered and special stuff brought in and special groceries bought and cooked really good welcoming dinner and baking - wore myself out.  But then I got more ahem, "mature."  Knees rebelling.  So; I put folded clean sheets on the foot of each bed - my guests made their own beds; fresh towels put out, and catered in first night's dinner.   Saved me so much energy and angst; worked well and everyone was fine with it.  So much more relaxing.   May possibly even keep Lou in better stead without all the extra running about going on that can be unsettling.

Congratulations on your book, Barbara; that is a lovely achievement.  Sending best wishes for success.  It sounds as though it would make a good movie!  Can you imagine?

Jfkoc, terrific that the art museum tour went well; I can well understand the poitive energy that makes.  

Iris, what a disappointment with that plumber - that was not good business on his part.  So hope he is out early and fixes things so you do not have it on your hands with your brother's visit.  Hope you have a really lovely time with your brother.

Lorita, I think our smart and savvy Sayra is spot on.  You have good weather for open windows and doors at this time, you have good masks, I think she is right in that this is the time to have that leaking pipe fixed before winter sets in and makes things much more difficult or even having a larger problem develop with a much bigger fix needed because things got worse.   You can even make the request for a plumber who has been vaccinated and request he/she wear a mask while in your home due to your being in a higher risk category.    That should be able to get things done with a very reasonable degree of safety.

Well; CT of abdomen shows I have "dust" from the kidney stone on my right side - still must drink beaucoup water, (64 - 70 ounces per day - I measure it so I do not fool myself),  and try to move about more to get it jiggling downward and out - will not be painful as it is "dust."  Hard to move about as freely as before  - knees are dreadful so must plan and push myself.  Will need to have another CT Scan in about six months.  Geeze; thought it would all be over and done with - creepy, sly kidney stones - they are very stubborn.

 I did some online shopping this morning and enjoyed doing it.   I was running out of Hallmark greeting cards and I do not want to go into the store for obvious reasons.  Turns out Hallmark has a wonderful online store with terrific detail in their cards and easy to use.

 I spent a lot, but got birthday cards for adult kids, grandkids, thank you cards, sympathy cards, thinking of you cards, anniversary cards, etc.   Was able to get much magnified detail of each card with a description so choosing them was easy.   Will get them in mail soon along with the gold Hallmark labels.

 I have done this once before and it worked so well - they come in a really nice sturdy box so the cards are in pristine condition when they arrive.   I will now have enough cards for the coming year.     If you need cards and do not feel like going to the store to buy them, it is worth giving it a try.  One can have pickup at the local Hallmark store or have them mailed - I chose mailed to the house and since I ordered over a certain amount, there are no shipping charges.

Having crockpot porkchops tonight, it has been a long time since we have done that.   Do love the crockpot, I need to get some more easy crockpot recipes.   We are in the low 80's today; such a nice difference from being up in the high 90's and low 100's with humidity.  Hope it stays this way now.  We are now seeing the smoke from the northern part of the state, it hangs over L.A.  We keep the house closed up with the AC on which keeps the smoke out; still not as bad down where we are.

Poor Louisiana grandaughter and family.  Husband's truck is totaled, homeowners insurance is low balling the house which is no longer livable and must be demolished including furniture which is covered in muck.  They are having to move in with a relative with the kids doubling up in one room, and grandaughter and husband looking for a camper or trailer to rent to sleep in right outside the house due to lack of bedrooms.  Entire town is wiped out - mud is very deep and found to be highly toxic as well as dreadfully bacterially contaminated even from overflowing sewage and dead animals - still no electricity.  It is a nightmare.   And . . . what a surprise, government agencies fighting over who is responsible for what and nothing being done at the people level.   I do not know how they are going to recover from this - it will be months and months.

Goodness; we are in the last week of September; seems as though this month has flown by.  October looming.  Cannot imagine any children will be trick or treating considering the risk.   We will not have our lights on for that; just not a good year. The poor children, so much being missed.

 May this be a good weekend coming up for everyone.  Sending warmest thoughts and lots of hugs to all,


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That clock is everything- so pretty.


My mother's part-Maine Coon cats is terrified of storms. Mom adopted her at the ripe old age of 10 when her people got a job offer in Hawaii. She previously lived in coastal NC and survived several major hurricanes and is very troubled by thunder, lightening, heavy downpours and loud wind. This kind of surprised us as she is otherwise fearless.

The fancy pet boutique here suggested a Hemp Oil supplement which we put of freeze-dried chicken breast ahead of storms. It seems to help her a lot. I buy the chicken breast packaged for dogs as it is much cheaper on a per unit basis. The stuff is pricey but it's been really nasty this past summer and we're just now starting a second bottle. 

Pet Releaf Oil 100 Dog & Cat Supplement | Dogs & Cats Rule - Newtown (

Another option would be a Thundershirt. They do market these for cats but I don't feel like the cat's comfort would be worth the hours spent in the ER having my wounds tended to. 

Feliway is another product line that might help. They sell phermone based products (spray, diffusers and collars) that are supposed to help cats chill out. My friend uses these for a couple of her more neurotic adoptees. 

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Jjust noticed my crumb cakes were delivered yesterdsy. I went down to the mailbox and they were in the mailbox. Probably delivered about noon yesterday. Do yoh all think they're still safe to at after being in a metal mailbox about 30 hrs in about 80 degree weather?
Posted: Friday, September 24, 2021 6:56 PM
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No?  Probably not- they will replace them. Better be safe than sorry.  Thanks, Judith.

Is this the Day?  Happy Birthday, Ron.  Have fun this weekend!

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Good morning

Happy Birthday Ron.

JoC so sorry about what has happened to your granddaughter and her family.  Hope things work out for them someway.  Know this is hard.  Hope your granddaughter is feeling better physically.

Beautiful day yesterday.  Got a little more cleaned up outside.  Got my yard fertilized for the fall.  Made some beef and noodles.  Turned out good.  Made a chocolate cookie, after 8 minutes you take them out and put half of a marshmallow on top.  Bake two more minutes.  When cool ice with chocolate frosting.  They turned out nicely.

Think it is suppose to be a misty day today.  Hopefully I can still get a little more cleanup done.

Take care everyone

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Littleme, I got your book on Amazon and Read the whole book yesterday.

Very good book, I enjoy reading about history of families and what they went through to survive and have a great family.

Happy Birthday Ron, hope you enjoy your family visiting.

Loritia stay safe, When will the weather start getting cooler there. It is 49 in SC this morning. Leaves have started changing.

Bill can hardly walk now. The bone cancer is eating his carlidge. I have a scooter for him to ride to get fresh air when he is able. 

I got my covid and shingles shot. Doctor said I need it because if I got sick who would take care of Bill? 

Going back to Florida For the winter. We have no cases of covid in resort. Home health came and gave shots to anyone that needed one. Mask and distance are the rules.


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