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The Question
Posted: Friday, November 19, 2021 10:37 PM
Joined: 6/21/2019
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Of all the trials that Caregivers of PWD have to deal with concerning their loved one, I think the hardest is when they are faced with a certain question....

Two years before Sandy died, her neurologist pointed at me and asked her to identify me....Sandy's response led me to learn about Ambiguous Loss.




“Who are you?”  Asked the love of my life,

A woman with the mind of a child

 Trapped in the body of my wife.


“Who are you?” She asked, again and again.

I showed her the ring that adorned my left hand

And she said she had never been wed.


“Who are you?” She asked with eyes narrowed.

I said I’d protect her from tomorrow

As she lived with confusion and sorrow.


“Who are you?” She screamed in a pitch half insane.

I said I was there to swallow her pain,

While I drowned in my own mental rain.


“Who are you?” She whispered, confined to a bed.

“I’m here by your side to hold your hand

And comfort you as a friend.”


“I love you.” She said with her final breath,

And sighed as she closed her eyes,

Comforting me as she left with Death.





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