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New here. Stressed to max
Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 7:44 AM
Joined: 6/19/2022
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I've much to say but have spent more time reading the forum more than anything thus far. I hate for this to be my first post but I feel like I have to start somewhere. I'm getting desperate.


Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 11:34 AM
Joined: 9/21/2017
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I'm sorry you are stressed, it is a big job , here are some resources in your area:



I'd ask them about meal delivery services, in home relief assistance, referral to a local elder law attorney to be sure you have the proper paperwork to manage your dad's care and to explore medicaid options should you need to place him in the future. Is he a vet? Try them also.




caregiving daughter
Posted: Thursday, June 23, 2022 9:08 AM
Joined: 11/27/2012
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In the first year or so, I used the live call number several times. I needed to let out all the anxiety and fear that I was feeling. The people that received my calls were tremendous. They are great with practical resources as well as just being an ear.
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