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Seeking recommendations for services in NYC/Manhattan
Posted: Friday, March 17, 2023 9:17 AM
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hi all. new to the boards and thankful to have found this resource!

we moved mom back to NYC (after she retired + COVID) this year. she's officially diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and anxiety/depression. doctors in her previous home (SC) said she could live independently with a little help, but in 6 months, the decline has been dramatic. a lot of it could be attributed to the stress of a move -- but she's now living alone (10 blocks from another daughter) and the two of us are trying to find services and support for her, in addition to what we can provide.

my question is - do you all have recommendations for home visits, social work case managers, or other services - either general or specifically in the UWS? we're thinking she needs a nearly-daily visitor to help with meds, meals, getting out for a walk, or remembering appointments - but we really don't know.

she tries to maintain her independence, but then things blow up (she forgets where she's going, gets agitated and angry, then upset). she remembers a lot of important things, like her address, but has a hard time remembering some details and recent information.

we're still trying to get her appointments with new doctors, etc., which is a whole 'nother topic

thanks all!

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