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Body Mind vs Brain Mind
Posted: Monday, May 12, 2014 9:40 AM
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I worked many years with people as a massage therapist who specialized in chronic pain, illness, hospice. Had access to learning from Osteopaths about the Body Mind and how thoughts and emotions are often expressed or blocked in the body tissues, and learned how to help people release these emotions, face them, and understand them. Healing of some kind usually happened, it was common sense work.


My work was always based on 3 core principles:

1. the Body is always working for your own good.


2. an illness often occurs, or an injury becomes chronic, within 12 months of an emotional trauma


3. the body, when given the opportunity, will tell what it needs to be well through a symbolic message, translated by Brain and spoken in words.


 I was a translator for body language...the body allowed to have a voice


Regarding dementia plaques and tangles theory, since they are found in brains of people with no dementia and some dementia brains have none, it seems to my non scientific sense that they occur to provide a buffer or protection against what causes the mental decline and brain shrinkage, not the cause of it.


Inflammation short term is beneficial to a healing process, long term inflammation prevents healing. Long term anger produces toxic levels of cortisol which damages organs, long term sadness releases other chemicals that can weaken the immune system. We know our bodies possess a phenomenal healing arsenal of instant chemicals and energies. We can access that inner pharmacy, healing energies.

An old baseball player's shoulder never healed until he went back to the day it occurred and remembered being shamed on the pitcher's mound and left my office swinging his arm freely after 40 years of gripping pain. 

 One asks the heart if it is in need of mending and what does it need to do that. Heart ACHE is real, recent science has shown what humans always knew intuitively that our gut has a mind, the solar plexus speaks when danger is near, we feel our hearts "open" and "close". There is muscle memory, tissue memory, cell memory.


This tidal wave of dementia does not come from nothing. The worst that can happen by listening to our bodies and asking 'what do you need to heal? where is the wound?' is we'd lower the stream of toxic chemicals caused by festering trauma, physical  and emotional, and live more freely.

 So I have lately wondered if the human life is so out of balance with nature that Alzheimer's disease may be a result of that, and the new wave of being present with a dementia patient, quiet, calm, present is what is being called for to heal the global toxic emotional environment.

Maybe we appear to  people operating from their brain minds to have disappeared, been eliminated by dementia - but I wonder if our BODY MIND has become more acutely alive, more in tune with the nature of life? I feel more aware physically of a different reality that might not be available to The Unafflicted.

The process of becoming present for a person with dementia alters that brain centered person's life for the better forever, in every circumstance, long after the patient has died.

Speaking Alzheimer's is a foreign language easily mastered by some, impossible for others. not to judge this. But we are still in here, in our Body Mind and when we speak to Brain centered people in symbolic form it is very accurate and poetic whether they get it or not.

I cried one day while at a family gathering and my silent Father in later ALZ came to my side and flagged my Mom in distress. he spoke. "Some one has been mean to her on the playground." He had sympathetic tears in his eyes. Our past problems dissolved in that moment.


The body never lies. When it is screaming or crying or smiling and content it is always eloquent and honest. Heal what you will, dose yourself in happiness. Long live the Body Mind.


love to all


I know I have been wordy posting lately - difficult to be concise. Sorry if it is work to read through these thoughts.

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