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  • User Pam57 asked: 10/20/2016 10:05:30 AM | Care Options/Transitions

    My moms dog had to be removed from the Assisted Living facility and then she was moved to memory care where she can''t have her dog. Do we keep the dog and bring it for visits or is this making more unhappiness when she has to say goodbye?

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  • User SoCal Dude asked: 10/19/2016 2:54:22 AM | Symptoms/Behaviors

    My mother has been experiencing Alzheimer''s sleep disorder for at least 4 years now. I have conferred with her GP''s and her Neurologist''s about sleep aids. All of them concur that she should not be administered barbiturates so they prescribed an anti-anxiety pill for her to take at bedtime. This is not working and never has! She will drift off to sleep within thirty minutes when the medication is first prescribed (we''ve tried several) but then she develops a resistance early on and we are back to sleepless nights. Does anybody have any suggestions or solutions that worked for you?

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    • User Mimi S. replied: 10/20/2016 8:17:03 AM

      You will get more anwers by reposting this on the caregivers section of message boards.

  • User kimdv asked: 10/18/2016 6:41:51 PM | Family/Relationships

    Should you remind your loved one they have alzheimers

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    • User Mimi S. replied: 10/20/2016 8:18:19 AM

      For what purpose? If they are beyond Early Stager, the news will most likely upset them. I can''t see any purpose.

    • User Ms.Allen05 replied: 10/18/2016 11:56:02 PM

      No, I don''t think so, but that is depending on what stage they are at...

  • User AnaR asked: 10/18/2016 11:39:46 AM | Safety Issues

    i am looking for a good safety gadget that includes GPS and emergency button, any ideas on best one mom can use.

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    • User beachblonde91 replied: 10/18/2016 3:15:17 PM

      I really like this GPS wearable: It not only tracks where they are going but it can also let you program their routine and will let you know when they have gone into an unfamiliar area. Another thing that I like about this GPS is that it lets you listen in while they are wearing it, so if you leave your mom with a friend or aid you could check in periodically and make sure nothing fishy is happening.

  • User Mara B asked: 10/18/2016 10:35:52 AM | Symptoms/Behaviors

    My father doesn''t sleep well, and is up a lot of night. However, his mobility is also not so great, so he is a fall risk. Does anyone have suggestions for helping him sleep through the night? We are trying to keep him up all day and get him tired by
    exercising, but it doesn''t seem to work.

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    • User Bentley6 replied: 10/18/2016 5:36:27 PM

      Hello Mara, my mom who has dementia was also not sleeping through the night and it had cost me sleepless nights as well. Talked to her doctors and they started her on 12.5 mg of Seroquel and she is sleeping through the night so far. You might want to speak with your dad''s doctors to see what they think about starting a med before bed. Good luck.

  • User Muel8192 asked: 10/18/2016 1:33:00 AM | Symptoms/Behaviors

    My neighbor''s mother moved in with her family approximately 7 months ago. We live in a neighborhood that is suburban and thankfuly pretty darn safe, but the mother has some sort of dementia and kind of wanders around the cul-de-sac during the day. Up until about two months ago this wasn''t really a concern for me, but since then she has been bringing my mail from my mailbox to my front porch (left unprotected from wind or rain) and sometimes moving my garbage can and recycling (not always all the way up my driveway) just an hour or two after they have been collected. The garbage isn''t a big deal although the combination of the two really freaked me out at first, but i am concerned about my mail. I know that just asking her to stop isn''t going to help, but I don''t have the money, nor want the inconvenience of dealing with getting a p.o. box and switching all my mail over to it. Any suggestions?

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    • User Mimi S. replied: 10/20/2016 8:20:18 AM

      You mst tell the neighbors. The mom apparently is no longer safe at home alone.

  • User apycwilson asked: 10/17/2016 9:32:21 PM | Legal/Financial

    Does anyone knows what can be done? My mom is probably in her second stage of Alzheimer. I have a brother-in-law who has lived (leached) with her for many years. Recently, I retired and moved back to try taking care of her and found he has cheated her out of a lot of money and cheated on my sister. Of course, he claims he would not do it again and that all the money was her wish to take care of him. She said no before. Now she claims I am the reason why he would not spend time with her and is constantly upset and distrustful. I presume I can just walk away as I do not need her money. But, it gores me that all his children are hovering around to pretend they care and hoping she will change the will to further benefit them. At what stage is one consider not having legal capacity? Any suggestion as to what I can do?

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    • User Mimi S. replied: 10/20/2016 8:21:25 AM

      I''d suggest speaking with a Certified Elder Law Attorney ASAP!!!!!

  • User pjpwarren asked: 10/17/2016 6:37:26 PM | Safety Issues

    Mom was diagnosed with MCI almost 4 weeks ago. Neurologist said he would prefer her not to drive. the report said to "continue to refrain from driving" well, she hadn''t refrained from driving since no one had told her not to drive. how do you continue to do something you never started doing?? Both my brothers had flown into town for the dr visit. Mom cried when the Dr. said not to drive, but by the time we got out of the visit and to lunch, she said no one had said she couldn''t drive and we talked with her all afternoon even showing her the report... she refused to accept. the next day we took her car away and discussed bus already provided where she lives, and cabs,, she will have none of it. it has almost been a month and she goes between accusing us of stealing her car, and trying to control her life... to accusing us of taking the keys and threatening to call a locksmith to make a key (for a car that isn''t in the parking lot). this weekend she has threatened to contact an attorney to get to the bottom of this.. I am SO SAD... well today I received no driving letters from both the doctors, but im sure this will not work with her either, She is very defiant and stubborn. I get it . it SUCKS!! but she has no friends nor hobbies, and now she cant even get out of her condo to shop. She has refused to let comfortkeepers come, because as soon as she finds her car she can go shopping. one of my brothers has POA, and we hate to contact DMV to pull her liscense, but she had been getting lost running errands and was gone 7 hours one day and couldn''t tell e where she had been,, she is insisting no one ever said she couldn''t drive.. even when I took her to her GP and he told her not to drive... What do we do???

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    • User Mimi S. replied: 10/20/2016 8:26:05 AM

      You do what you know must be done.1. Contact state DMV. Some states will disclose reporter, but it must be done. The getting lost confirms she should not be driving. Get rid of car. Local neighbor or friend who is able to park car where it cannot be seen. Yes, it''s hard. I lost the family home I was supposed to get but it had to be done and I have no regrets. The person was a threat to herself and others on the road.

  • User Eleene asked: 10/17/2016 6:17:03 PM | Symptoms/Behaviors

    What can I say to get my husband to cooperate with me? What must I not say? How do I stop him from wanting to sleep all of the time?

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    • User Mimi S. replied: 10/20/2016 8:28:28 AM

      From your library ask for a copy of any book by Naomi Feil with the word Validation in it. Read and begin practicing. Provide activities. Don''t ask if he wants to. His reaction is similar to a two year old''s: No is the first word e says. ignore it. Just lead him there and participate with him.

  • User DLVS asked: 10/17/2016 11:36:51 AM | Symptoms/Behaviors

    My parents have been together 60 years, their relationship has been dysfunctional and trust issues, but have stayed together, now in their ailment, and failing health; she is demonstrating jealous and distrust when caregiver is there. Everyday, she tells me something is going on between my dad and the caregiver, states she is going to leave, they are talking behind her back, yet none of this is true, as my father is incapacitated due to stroke and cannot walk and it is exhausted trying to be patient and has gone silent with my mom. I have tried to change the conversation to more pleasant thoughts, distract with activities, but she is obsessed with his past behaviors believing it is happening again. She hates that the female caregiver comes daily, she doesn''t allow her to touch or do anything to help him, her , cook or clean while she is there during the day. They are in need of 24 hr. care, which my brother and I are covering as best we can morning and evening, with caregiver 8 hrs of day, partly due to cost. How and what can be said or done to change this daily banter of anxiety and bitterness my mother obsesses over? Appreciate any suggestions. Its emotional effect is hard when hearing it all again, and again, given witnessing the turmoil as a child.

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    • User Mimi S. replied: 10/20/2016 8:31:34 AM

      It sounds as though the possibility of Assisted Living is not there. ? Is there any type of Adult Day Care in the area? Local Aging Office activities? Something to get her out of the house as much as you can. Do consult with your local Aging Office and Alzheimer''s office about possibilities in your area.

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